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 my brother and I had difficulties aquiring the handcannon in the mercenaries 
missions but after a few days of practice and devotion we finally got it and it 
only took 3 days.

first off get used to the feel of the merc. missions and be able to fight under 
pressure. Also to win you must face difficulties and fears. And finally give it 
your best, I will give you the specifics of each level with each character.

Notes: 1. you will die many times but dont loose heart I tried only a few times 
to get into the rhythm of the mission levels. 2. Every character has their own 
special moves for killing enemies and their own weapons too. use that to your 
advantage. 3. every level has its own miniboss that usually kills you in one 
hit (excluding the jj's). The parasites that come out of their heads appear at 
random. on the castle level 

Enemies: 1. ganados the basic goons of the game they are the islanders, the 
zealots, and the villagers 
2. special zealots they are in purple skirt like clothing and have scythes that 
if you are not careful you may be decapitated.
3. minibosses (bella sisters) as long as you stay away from them and dont let 
them get too close you will be fine. stunning them and chucking a grenade on 
top of them is your best  bet.
(Garrador) he is very difficult to kill but incendiary grenades and frags 
should stun him, constant bullets should put him down or throw grenades at his 
(jjs) they are the only minibosses that are not a pain in the @$$ to kill you 
can usually use a powerfull weapon to stun them, the way you know when they are 
going to attack is when they lift their minigun up and grunt. also if you have 
a crowd of regular goons following you and you encounter a jj they will shoot 
through the goons just to hit you.
(Dr. Salvador A.K.A mr crazy chainsaw goon) first off these peeps look hard but 
they are easy, shoot them in the leg to stun them if they are stunned blast em 
in the face or chuck grenades they are not fast enough to dodge them so they 
usually step on them. Use the fact that they are slow to your advantage. In the 
waterworld level I encountered one when I opened a door and if you can shoot 
them in the back with a powerful weapon they wil almost always get off balance 
giving you more time to blast em.

The Village: the easiest level the basic thing to do in the village is to get 
supplies fast and hunker down in the two story barn with the ladder. also if 
you start loosing goons to kill then walk around the village to conjur up some 
more. but now for the specifics.

Leon: his blacktail is effective when you shoot them in the leg areas or the 

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