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Beat the game and submit to Ocelot's torture. Choose the Stealth suit from your menu 
on the next game and no one can see you except the bosses.
Get The Bandana
Beat the game and don't submit to Ocelot's torture. To use the bandana pick it from 
your menu and shoot while you have the bandana chosen, you will have unlimited ammo 
for any weapon.
Wear a Tuxedo
To get the tuxedo beat the game twice on the same memory card slot. After you beat 
the game for the second time and start playing again you will be wearing the regular 
water suit but when Snake removes it in the elevator he will be look like James Bond.
Defeating Psycho Mantis
Simply put your controller into port two. By doing this Psycho Mantis can no longer 
read your mind, and he gets confused, then you can shoot at him and he won’t dodge 
the bullets. Now shoot him every chance you get.
Extra Smart Psycho Mantis
If you have played any other Komami games and have saved them to your memory card 
Psycho Mantis will mention them when you first confront him. (Note) he doesn’t 
mention every Konami game only certain ones.
Different Color Ninja
To make him his suit different colors, just beat the game twice and when you 
encounter him after you fight Revolver Ocelot his suit will be red and blue.
Box Traveling
You can use the boxes to travel to different locations by getting in to the back of 
the Cargo Trucks and use one of the 3 boxes. When you do this soldier will walk by 
and see that there is new cargo and dive to another location. Each box goes to 
different places. Card Board Box-A takes you to the Heliport, Card Board Box-B takes 
you to the Nuke Depot, and Card Board Box-C takes you to the Snowfield.
Shoot The Rats And Ravens
If you have beaten the game about 30 times like me it gets pretty boring. So how 
about just going around and shoot the little innocent animals. I can't remember 
where they all are; The rats are where you fight Sniper Wolf for the first time on 
the second floor of the tower. The ravens are on the cargo elevator before you fight 
Vulcan Raven for the second time. You can use about any weapon on the ravens but you 
have to use the PSG1 on the rats.
C-4 Trick
When you get some C-4 sneak up behind the soldiers and stick it to their back, then 
get away and set it off. It is easier to do with the Stealth Suit.
Get Nikita Early
Go to the third level and then go back to the second by going through the air duct, 
and go in the cargo truck were the Socom was and the Nikita Launcher will be there.
Getting The Camera
You have t play until you get the level six key card. When you get it go back to the 
hallway you took to get to Revolver Ocelot at the very end of the hall the wall is 
hollow also and you can blow a hole in it. There are two rooms that you can enter 
with the level six card. The room closest to you has the camera.
Camera Ghost Pictures
To see the hidden ghost figures take pictures of the following locations and you 
will see pictures of the development team. To view them, select the 'Album' option 
at the main menu.1. Kojima: Otacon lab (the picture frame to the right) 2. 
Matsuhana: Hallway of corpses (outside Otacons lab) 3. Sato: Comm Tower A (roof 
destroyed by a Hind D missiles) 4. Nakamura: In Meryl's blood pool (where she is 
sniped) 5. Shinkawa: Deep in Sniper Wolf's hallway behind the second pillar 6. 
Uehara: Edge of elevator (the one were the ravens are) 7. Negishi: Sewage waterfall 
8. Mizutani: When fighting Metal Gear 9. Korekado: Men's restroom 10. Sasaki: 
Picture frames in the Commanders room 11. Sonoyama: Torture machine 12. Toyota: 
Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse 13. Kozyou: Behind the watertank-like 
structure in the Canyon ] 14. Shimizu: Wolf dog cave (first crawling point) 15. 
Kaneda: The mirror located in the Women's restroom 16. Fukushima: Heliport, looking 
out to sea from cliff 17. Takade: Ninja room, glass edge 18. Fujimura: Elevator, in 
the Comm Tower B complex 19. Shikama: Electric floor 20. Kimura: Metal Gear 
underground base, tip of of Metal Gear's railgun 21. Kobayashi: Rock in canyon 22. 
Okajima: Maggots of the real DARPA Chef in cell 23. Nishimura: Next to Baker's 
corpse 24. Mukaide: Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle 25. Onoda: Where Baker is tied 
up 26. Kitao: Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse 27. Yoshimura: Dead end of air 
duct 28. Hirano: Elevator (Comm Twr B) deep in the shaft of top level 29. Muraoka: 
Water in cargo dock 30. Ishiyama: Heliport top of building 31. Ito: Inside elevator 
to tank hangar 32. Jerem Blaustein: Sniper Wolfs corpse 33. Yoshioka: Bridge on the 
third floor of the blast furnace 34. Mori: Lowest point of elevator (Comm Twr B) 35. 
Kinbara: Dark area of stairs 36. Tougo: End of boiler room (in Blast Furnace where 
the stem is) 37. Makimura: Hidden armory store room (behind the weakened wall) 38. 
Kutome: Observation room 39. Tanaka: Heliport, sleeping soilder 40. Shigeno: 
Heliport, security camera by staircase 41. Yamashita: Tip of nuke warhead in nuke 
storage room 42. Kobayashi: Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief 43. Scott 
Dolph: Way down in the dark from the walkway between Comm Tower A and B 
Good Wolves
There are two ways to make the wolves not bite.1. Go to the cave and kill all of the 
wolves except for the little one, then go shoot Meryl and quikly get under a 
cardboard box. The puppy will pee on the box, and from then on when you go to the 
cave equip the card board box and the wolves wont bother you.
Warp to area 15 (Underground Passage)
You will need the level 100-card game shark trick to do this but it’s really worth 
it. Activate the code, then go to the tank hangar go up the elevator to Basement 1. 
Right when you get out of the elevator go to the door to the left of the elevator by 
using your level 100 keycard. The screen will turn black and you will skip all the 
way to the torture scene. 
Make Mei Ling Mad
Keep calling her without saving and she will get mad and stick her tongue out at 
you. This is a list of most of the items in the game, it tells you about the items 
and where you can find them in the game. Item 	Description 	Location 
Cigarettes 	Calms your nerves while shooting the Sniper Rifle and can help you 
detect lasers. It also takes away your health while smoking. 	Have them at 
Binoculars 	Lets you zoom in and out to view far away objects up close. 	Have 
it at beginning. 
C-Box A 	Transports you to the heliport when you get in the back of a cargo 
truck. 	1st floor of the tank hangar. 
C-Box B 	Same as Box A but takes you to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building. 
	B-1 of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building. 
C-Box C 	Same As Box's A&B but takes you to a different location. 	In 
the snowfield where you fought Sniper Wolf. 
Thermal Goggles 	See lasers, and Psycho Mantis. 	1st floor of the tank 
Night Vision Goggles 	See in the dark. 	B-2 of the Nuclear Warhead Storage 
Gasmask 	Filters most of the gas from being inhaled 	B-2 of the Nuclear 
Warhead Storage building. 
Body Armor 	Helps you from taking in damage. 	Blast furnace. 
Ketchup 	Use it so the guard outside the cell will think its blood. 
	Otacon in the cell 
Stealth Suit 	Makes you invisible. 	Otacon at the end of game, if you submit in 
the torture room. 
Bandana 	Gives you unlimited ammo while you wear it. 	Meryl at the end of 
game, if you don't submit in the torture room. 
Camera 	Takes Screen Shots. 	To the right were you fought Revolver Ocelot, 
through another hidden door (LV.4 card). 
Ration 	Restores Life. 	All over the place. 
Medicine 	Medicine for your cold if you catch one. 	B-1 Nuclear Warhead 
Storages Building. 
Diazepam 	Keeps you from shaking while using the PSG1. 	Caves, B-1 NWSB, and 
the snowfield. 
Pal Key 	Emergency override card for Metal Gear Rex. 	Meryl in the Girls 
Card Keys 	Opens locked Doors. 	Bosses and friends 
Time Bomb 	Blows you up if you don't get rid of it before the timer runs out. 
	After not submitting to torture and in the Sewage drain. 
Mine Detector 	Detects mines. 	1st floor of the tank hangar. 
Mo Disk 	Have the secrets and plans of Metal Gear Rex on it. 	President 
Rope 	Use it to go down the roof of Tower A. 	Tower A just before the run down the 
Hanker chief 	Has the sent of Sniper Wolf on it so the Wolves wont bite you. 
	Otacon in the cell 
Suppressor 	Silences the Socom pistol. 	Next to the airlock (LV.1 Card). 


Main Objectives

 1. Infiltrate the nuclear disposal site, and determine the nuclear launch 
capabilities of the terrorist and prevent a launch at all cost.

    2. Rescue the DARPA Chief and the Arms Tech President. Both are being held as 

It all started with a man called Big Boss. He was considered to be the best warrior 
ever, anyway since he was the great warrior the armies wanted more great warriors so 
they took his genes and created two twin brothers. Ones name was called Solid Snake 
and the other was called Liquid Snake. 
In the Outer Heaven Revolt Solid Snake killed Big Boss, (his very own father). Now 
years later some terrorist had a plan. The plan was take over a base in Alaska that 
was building a secret Black Ops Project called Metal Gear Rex. Metal Gear Rex is a 
huge walking battle tank witch is designed to with stand outstanding blows and can 
launch a nuke that is undetected by radar and satellites. 
The terrorist want Big Boss's preserved body so they can make more great warriors to 
fight in battles and if there demands aren't met they will launch the nuke from 
Metal Gear Rex and kill millions of people, but the good guys don't want to give 
them the body. That is were you (Solid Snake) come in, they want you to make sure 
they cannot launch that nuke. 

Some characters:

Ex-FOX-HOUND member. Single. IQ 180. Speaks 6 languages fluently. Expertise in 
parachuting, SCUBA diving, free climbing. "The man that makes the impossible 
possible". The man who made the name FOXHOUND known worldwide through his actions 
during the OUTER HEAVEN Crisis. Since, he spent "rehab" time in deep Canada but was 
then brought back by Campbell to take part in the UPRISING OF ZANZIBAR, completing 
an infiltration mission to bring down the military state of Zanzibar. After the 
death of Big Boss, he went back to his solitary life in the Twin Lakes area in the 
Alaskan mountains. He talks about these peaceful days to Meryl. He lived in a log 
house and picked blueberries and salmonberries just like the wild animals around 
him. He was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which he got 
through the two chaotic missions. The abnormal experiences and trauma in the 
battlefields bring about illusions as well as guilt, causing him mental confusion 
while in solitude. He indulges in dog sleigh races to try and forget everything. He 
was preparing for the world's longest and toughest dog sleigh race taking place at 
Iditarod. Note: The race starts on the first Saturday of March. A 1,688 km (1,049 
miles: Alaska being the 49th state) race between Anchorage and Nome with 60 
contestants from all over the world.
 	She is Campbell's niece. Joined FOXHOUND the very day of the terrorist act. 
Born in a house of military tradition, from her childhood days she has trained 
herself to become a soldier. She¹s never fallen in love, for she was raised as a 
soldier. Her meeting with Solid Snake and the subsequent mission in Alaska makes a 
big impact on her view of life. Being a woman, she can still handle a gun with only 
one hand. She is a genetically superior soldier but with no real battle experience. 
Only simulator experience like other Genome soldiers. Side info: Received minor 
genetic treatment to not fall in love. However, begins to be attracted to Solid 
Snake. Also begins to doubt the military/soldier world.
 	Ex-Commander of FOXHOUND. Though already retired from the armed forces, he 
has been called out because there was no other commander who could get in touch with 
Solid Snake. Accepted this mission in order to save his niece Meryl. Though civilian 
now, he shows up in a military uniform wearing a beret. Before entering the "former" 
FOXHOUND, he served in the US Marine Corps, Green Beret and Delta Force. In 
Foxhound, he was assigned to X.O. of the unit for his strategic planning 
capabilities and his battle experience. After the death of Big Boss, he discarded 
the code name system in the unit, and had built up the "new" FOXHOUND making full 
use of various hi-tech equipment including reconnaissance satellites. After being 
discharged, serves as special instructor of the Marines Boots Camp. Friends with 
Master Miller. Called to persuade Solid, but does not know of the true story at all. 
Was against the FOX-Hound’s introduction of genetic treatment and steps down from 
Commander post. After Campbell left, the commander less FOXHOUND returns to the code 
name system. Gives orders from the nuclear submarine Ohio
 	She is in charge of the communication data processing in this operation. A 
student of MIT. Her nationality is China (Wanting), though born in the U.S.; she 
grew up in a Chinese Town. Specializing in the image and data processing operations 
of spy satellites, she also developed the new communication equipment and radar used 
by Snake in this mission. She was initially influenced by a fighter plane pilot 
movie and is fond of the Air Force. Participates in the ROTC program at MIT to 
become an officer, but gives up due to the lack of talent. She has poor vision and 
must wear corrective lenses. Has an inferiority complex due to her poor vision, but 
this also adds to her motive to develop a new radar system that would assist one's 
vision and thinking abilities. Was scouted by the military for her expertise in 
image and data processing. Works together with the technicians neither at NOR in 
Fort Mead and ENPIC in image processing and electronic and communication espionage 
with the use of spy satellites. Not good at dealing with people. Learns what "real 
espionage" and "communication between people" are through dealing with Solid Snake. 
The CODEC used by Solid Snake, codifying satellite communication system, anti-wiring 
coding, digital real time burst communication, sonar-utilizing radar, etc. were all 
developed by her. Normal communication (10s of seconds) instantaneously codified, 
compressed and transmitted in a burst (1 microsecond), received real time, 
unscrambled, and decoded. Incomparably more innovative than the conventional anti-
wiring frequency scrambler. Made possible a 24-hour system unaffected by weather, 
integrating information from high altitude reconnaissance satellites and low 
altitude reconnaissance planes. She saves all information data in this mission and 
manages the communication systems.
 	The medical chief of FOXHOUND. A beautiful woman, she is half Japanese and 
half Indian. In charge of gene therapy and gene strengthening. Her staffs 
affectionately call her "Doctor Naomi" and not "Doctor Hunter." She had formerly 
worked at ATGC. The name of the firm ATGC comes from the first letters of the 4 DNA 
bases: adenine thiamine, guanine, and cytosine. In charge of the upgrading and 
maintenance of FOXHOUND members. Every half year, she integrates a newly discovered 
Soldier gene through "gene therapy" to all members and conducts additional 
programming. She discovered a spreading gene that could be used as a vector and 
contributed to the field of gene therapy. She also came up with the modern gene 
targeting method. She is also doing research for the cure of symmetry-ism (a 
disease), which is caused by gene therapy. She has spent a lot of time in Japan and 
now speaks Japanese fluently.
 	Survival instructor. Contacts Snake via codec and gives information on 
survival and on battlefield strategies as well as hints. 
 	ArmsTech METAL GEAR Project chief engineer. Wears glasses, and has a 
friendly nature but he is a weapon development genius. He did not attend school but 
studied through the Internet and matriculated at MIT. Earned his PHD at an early 
age. Earned his bachelors and masters degrees at Princeton -- a genius too young. In 
his college years, he put together a program to solve the year 2000 digit-changing 
problem in computers and drew major attention as the savior of the computer world. 
Came up with the idea but earned no money from it. Note: Today's Internet was 
started among researchers in DARPA for communication purposes in 1969. It is so 
ironic that Otacon got into college and lost his job as a criminal due to the 
Internet developed by DARPA and then being involved in this time's DARPA-related 
incident. Loves Japanimation (Japanese animation). His nickname "Otacon" comes from 
the "OTAKU CONVENTION" which is a fan event of Japanese animation held in the US, 
and of which he is a regular participant. He joined the METAL GEAR project for his 
love of robot animation.
 	Due to the radiation, people still suffer from thyroid abnormalities, 
sterility, and other symptoms. Although treatment has continued, cancer diagnosis is 
not conducted, and proper medical treatment is not given. She refers to nuclear 
fallout as the "invisible war transcending borders and generations." She detests 
nuclear weapons and prays for the abolition of all of them and joins the Pentagon. 
She is against the nuclear deterrence theory, which prevailed after World War 2 
(during the Cold War), an opposed strategic arms reduction proposal such as SALT and 
START and sticks to the idea of total abolition. "What is necessary for the 
continuation of mankind is not the reduction of nuclear weapons but its abolition." 
She served in the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and then in the NSA (National 
Security Agency) and was associated with a number of top security matters. The end 
of the Cold War deprived her of her position in the government organizations, just 
like other military analysts (who were referred to as military archeologists 
excavating the remains from the Cold War). She leaves the bureau to become a 
freelance analyst. She writes for a few information magazines and US Naval info 
magazines. In 1996 she attends the Canberra Committee, the world's first nationally 
hosted nuclear weapon abolition proposal group. She provides explanations and info 
on nuclear weapons, TMD, etc. She also gives info on the handling and capabilities 
of weapons. She hacks the mercenary/criminal databanks of the ICPO (International 
Criminal Police Organization) and US police force and can touch upon the newest data 
of mercenaries and criminals all over the world. Note: The ICPO of Paris has owned a 
list of world's famous mercenaries for more than 30 years. In this mission she acts 
as counselor of NEST (nuclear energy survey team). Role as person against the idea 
of "nuclear peace and nuclear deterrence."
 	The chief of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). An advocate 
of the nuclear deterrence theory. A strategist from the days of the Cold War. He is 
currently in charge of the DARPA program. Secretly ordered the development of METAL 
GEAR as a black project. When he participates in training exercises, he uses a bio-
transmitter-nanomachine, which is digested in 12 hours (excreted and flushed down 
the toilet). He knows the PAL -- a cipher for disarming the detonation code of 
nuclear warheads. This is his main motivation to visit the Alaskan base. Worked as 
an analyst in the CIA for more than 10 years and was awarded the most honorable 
Intelligent Star Badge. Expertise in international politics and international 
military strategy. His analyses and opinion are very influential. DARPA is located 
in the IDA (Institute of Defense Analysis) building near the Pentagon in Washington 
 	The President of ArmsTech and main person responsible for the Rex Project. A 
rotund, politician-like middle-aged man. Walks with a cane. He has continued the 
development of METAL GEAR to survive in the stagnant military industry along with 
ARDEC (Army Research and Development Center). However, after the Cold War, the 
project was terminated, and this is why he approached the DARPA chief. (Army 
Research and Development Group) Due to the influence of military cut downs and dual 
use after the Cold War, he was worried about drastic decrease in revenues. Tries to 
persuade the DARPA chief to realize the project by mentioning increased revenues for 
ArmsTech as well as lowering the unemployment rate. Became number 2 in the military 
industry during the Cold War. Took part in the SDI project and invested a lot of 
money and time to develop mass destruction satellite weapons but suffered a major 
loss due to the termination of the project. Lost the bidding for the next generation 
fighter plane F22 (ATF) and suffered even more losses. The technology of ArmsTech 
was far more superior but was not chosen due to its enormous costs. This defeat was 
what made Baker approach the Minister of the Department of Defense as well as the 
DARPA chief. His ambition was to become number 1 in the weapon development industry. 
He wanted to bring back the good old' days for the industry. He was not at all 
interested in making civilian use out of military technology.
 	Little is known about this "cyborg ninja" He uses stealth camouflage and 
wields a Japanese katana that can cut through steel like butter and even deflect 
 	Former chief of FOXHOUND. In Vietnam, participated as an "unofficial 
soldier" (mercenary) along with the Green Beret and ranger units at part of LRRP 
(Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) and the US Scouting Unit. Worked in special units 
such as the SOG (Special Operations Group), Green Beret, Wild Geese, and Delta 
Force. Took part in more than 70 missions. No records of him until his remarkable 
action in LRRP. From where and why he showed up is unknown. Big Boss lost sight in 
one eye as a mercenary and then left the battlefields and instead participated in 
military education. In the 90s he is appointed as chief of the unofficial high-tech 
special unit of FOXHOUND and is brought back to the United States. Utilizing the 
huge funds, human resources, and connections acquired in his mercenary years, he 
establishes an independent military state of OUTER HEAVEN in Salzburg. However, 
Solid Snake destroyed OUTER HEAVEN. He escaped to the Middle East and built a 
military fortress called Zanzibar Land. He turned refugee camps into a military base 
and used the refugees and mercenaries to build Zanzibar Land. However, Solid Snake 
once again interfered and brought Zanzibar down. By this time, Big Boss was assumed 
to be in his 70s. He died in the UPRISING OF ZANZIBAR. The government collected his 
corpse, and his genetic information and genomes were analyzed using the remaining 
tissues, and then saved as a sample for the base (nucleotide) arrangements that 
constitute the "strongest warrior." Liquid Snake is asking for the corpse of Big 
Boss so he can extract his genetic information. 
 	A master of disguise utilizing cutting edge special effects techniques. 
Worshipped Hollywood and left Mexico to go to the U.S. Formerly a Hollywood actor 
and SFX artist. Scouted by the CIA for his disguising skills and then joined 
FOXHOUND. During his agent days he disguised himself as government VIPs to divert 
attention to him. This is why he is called Decoy. Has good command of over 10 
languages. Can also change his voice. His disguise goes into the person's habits, 
his country's traditions and culture, and history. People in this business call 
him "Mimic." To help his disguise, he has shaved his cheekbones, jaw, and nasal 
bones. He has also cut off his ears. Without his makeup he looks like no normal 
person. He has a flexible body, so he can walk in any way, and can also dislocate 
his joints to go through narrow holes. He has also mastered biofeedback and can 
freely control his senses of touch (skin). This quality has given him the name of 
Octopus. To assume the identity of someone else, he takes steroids and changes his 
physique as well as his metabolism. Sometimes he gets confused himself because he 
turns into a different person completely. In order to protect himself, every time he 
disguises as someone, he asks the military for a mental deprogramming.
 	IQ of 180. Born in the 70s. Long, white hair. Dark skin. At birth, Liquid 
was given from the US government to the British government. This was to measure 
effects of acquired surroundings and not only inherited traits. Under the tutelage 
of MI5 he was educated and received battle training. Fluent in 7 languages such as 
English, Spanish, French, Malay, etc. Speaks Arabic like a native. He does not serve 
in an official military organization, but instead in the dark world as a mercenary 
and assassin. He was recruited by the British information agency (SIS) to act as a 
sleeper in the Middle East for espionage and destruction activities. To further 
vitalize his skills, he was put in real combat in his teens. In his late teens he 
worked for the British special force (SAS) to destroy the mobile launchers of SCUD 
missiles in the Gulf War. During the mission he becomes a POW of Iraq and 
disappears. Due to his outstanding battle skills he was brainwashed and used for 
terrorist activities in the Middle East. Withstands the cold and heat due to his 
experience in the Arab nations and deserts. Fox hunting in the Middle East is 
actually jackal hunting. After the UPRISING OF ZANZIBAR (after Solid left the unit) 
he joined FOXHOUND, an official unit for the first time. Becomes battle leader of 
 	Was a psychic secret agent for KGB? Losing his position in the Soviet Union 
after its crumble, he moved to the US and served in the FBI for a while. He was in 
charge of several cases in the FBI. He dove into the minds of serial murders and 
ended up uniting with such minds (after going beyond the threshold of the element of 
crime), becoming a serial killer himself. He then became a freelance espionage agent 
to be scouted to join FOXHOUND. Have powerful psycho-kinesis powers and the ability 
to read people's minds. In his childhood, for the first time he dove into the mind 
of his father and found out his father hates him. His father hated him because his 
mother died when giving birth to him. He then finds out about the different facets 
(the "parasite") in one's conscience. This shock changes his personality. This 
feeling of despair within himself wakes up his subconscious and makes him kill his 
father. The power that was released from him during that episode wiped out a whole 
town of 1000 people. His ESP abilities took him in and trained him impressed the 
KGB. He is from the "dormitory school" known for training former Soviet agents. In 
order to prevent his own destruction with his ESP powers, he keeps another 
personality (the parasite) within himself. He is called Mantis because of this 
mental parasite in him. By mentally living together with this single-celled mental 
parasite, he can somehow manage to keep his original self. He wears a gas mask to 
hide his facial burns he suffered when wiping out the town. The mask is also 
necessary to protect his self from spiritual powers and thought powers in the air. 
In his youth he was a muscular athlete, but since the awakening of his ESP powers he 
had no reason to act physically, making him lose his muscles and leaving him with 
just skin and bones. Due to his childhood trauma, he has no happy memories. When he 
assassinates he dives into the target's mind and "deprives" the target of his likes. 
He is also known as the dream robber.
 	Ex-Spetsnaz. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he joined the Russian 
police. Then he joined the special tactics division of the SVR, which was formally 
the KGB Administration Headquarters No.1. However, he did not adapt well to the old 
KGB system, and he was scouted by the US and joins FOXHOUND.A gun nut that loves 
cowboy movies and spaghetti Westerns. He uses a revolver (single action army). He 
shoots with one hand (western style). He is an amazing gunfighter and uses all of 
the angles. He hates wasting bullets. He fought mainly in Afghanistan, Eritrea, 
Mozambique, and other local dispute areas in Central Asia. This is when he met and 
was scouted by Big Boss who was running his mercenary business in Africa. During his 
Afghan days, his helicopter was shot down by an Afghan guerilla with a stinger 
missile, to this day he suffers from PTSD. 
 	Genius in sniping. Has such incredible patience that she can keep aiming at 
her target for a long time (even a week) without eating or drinking. Learned sniping 
techniques from a Gurkha sniper from Nepal, known to be the world's best sniper. 
Scouted by FOXHOUND as a sniper. Uses special mercury chips (bullets packed with 
 	Handles a gating gun (normally equipped on jet fighters) as easily as a 
small rifle. Has an Alaskan Indian (Athapaskan) and an Eskimo (Inuit) as his 
parents. Athapaskan: 12,000 people living in the Alaskan inland. Related to the 
Navajo Indians in Arizona, and anthropologically close to the Japanese, with the 
same ancestry. The tribal language shares some similarities with old Japanese. Hates 
the word "Eskimo" used by the white man. Calls the white man by the Yupik word of 
KASACK. Being an Eskimo, he can stand severe cold temperatures. An elite soldier who 
graduated from the University of Alaska. When frozen, he walked across the Bering 
Strait and visited Russia, making his connections with Russia strong. He knew Ocelot 
well in his GRU days. Took part in a special mission in the former Soviet Union 
along with this one secret unit. He was demoted upon the coup in Moscow in 1993. 
Like fellow members of this secret unit, he leaves Russia. He then joins the 
mercenary dispatching company "OUTER HEAVEN" and is introduced to FOXHOUND by 
Revolver Ocelot. Can withstand extreme cold because of his amazing physical prowess. 
Have a birthmark of a raven on the forehead and a tattoo of circuit wiring (actually 
PETROGLYPHS) all over the body. Eskimos and Indians worship the raven as the 
creator. PETROGLYPHS: pattern carved into stone in the Indian culture from 2000 
years ago. 
 	Minister of the Department of Defense. Controls the whole operation from 
AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System). A patriot who still believes in nuclear 
deterrence. He was in active service when the US enjoyed strong leadership over the 
world. Formerly belonged to the US Marine Corps and took part in the Vietnam War. 
Friends with ArmsTech president. Crew cut; still unable to leave behind his 30 years 
in the military. Advocate of "PAX ATOMICA" -- peace brought by nuclear deterrence, 
and considers nuclear deterrence to be the fundamentals of post-Cold War nuclear 

Game shark codes

Effect	Code
01. Never Reload	800AE16C 000D
02. Infinite Air	800AE1B4 03E8
03. Infinite Health	800B752E 03E8
04. SOCOM Pistol and Ammo 	800B753A 0019
05. FAMAS Rifle and Ammo	800B753C 0065
06. Grenades	800B753E 0008
07. Nikita and Ammo	800B7540 0004
08. Stinger and Ammo	800B7542 0004
09. Claymore	800B7544 0006
10. C-4	800B7546 0004
11. Stun Grenade	800B7548 0003
12. Chaff Grenade	800B754A 0003
13. PSG1 Rifle and Ammo	800B754C 0005
14. Cigarettes	800B7562 0001
15. Scope	800B7564 0001
16. Card Board Box-A	800B7566 0001
17. Card Board Box-B	800B7568 0001
18. Card Board Box-C	800B756A 0001
19. Night Vision Goggles	800B756C 0001
20. Thermal Goggles	800B756E 0001
21. Gasmask	800B7570 0001
22. Body Armor	800B7572 0001
23. Ketchup	800B7574 0001
24. Stealth Suit	800B7576 0001
25. Bandana	800B7578 0004
26. Camera	800B757A 0001
27. Rations	800B757C 0002
28. Medicine	800B757E 0002
29. Diazepam	800B7580 0002
30. PAL Key	800B7582 0001
31. Level 10 Key	800B7584 000A
32. Never Have Time Bomb	800B7586 0000
33. Extra Ammo for SOCOM	80067CD8 0001
34. Extra Ammo for FAMAS	800682F4 0001
35. Extra Ammo for Stinger	80069524 0001
36. Extra Ammo for Claymore	800698D8 0001
37. Extra Ammo for C-4	80069C24 0001
38. Extra Ammo for PSG1	8006A378 0001
39. Extra Ammo for Nikita	80068FE0 0001
40. Mine Detector	800B7588 0001
41. MO Disk	800B758A 0001
42. Rope	800B758C 0001
43. Handkerchief	800B758E 0001
44. Suppressor	800B7590 0000

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