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Mission #1: Training

                              MISSION #1: TRAINING
**Objective #1: Navigate the docks**
	Out on the docks all is quiet, and that's just the way I like it.  Third 
Echelon inserts you in an out of the way place so you can bone up on your movement 
skills before the real action gets going.  Listen to Lambert at the start; he always 
has some pertinent information to share with you.  He will be the voice in your head 
(via a communication link) directing you from objective to objective and giving you 
clues when your struggling.
	Walk forward and jump up to the dock.  This is your first chance to try out 
a ledge grab.  Up ahead you'll spot a ladder.  There's nothing fancy to clibming it 
just go up to it and press up on the left thumbstick.  This takes you up to the zip 
line shack.  In here look up and you will see a zip line jump up directly under it 
and you will catch on to it and it will carry you down to the dock below.  I know 
this dock is well lit but don't worry I'm here to help.  Normally this would be a 
problem; you don't want to be hanging outside the shadows for long or a guard will 
eventually spot you.  But here you don't have to worry.  No guard can see you from 
his current position.  If you look up again you will see a pole cutting across the 
water from the dock your on to the outside of the house across the water on your 
left.  Stand under the pole and jump up.  You should grab the pole automatically, 
and from this position you can hand-over-hand down the pole and over the water.
	Halfway across the water a fence gets in your way well I guess were stuck we 
can't go any I'm just kidding just pull your legs up by pressing the Y 
button well would you look at that were not stuck after all.  Now continue to the 
house.  Walk around the outside of the house until you get to the only door, NEVER 
OPEN IT FIRST.  You risk alerting a guard on the other side and setting off the 
alarms (not to mention getting shot and failing the mission).  It's always better to 
snake the ol' optic cable under the door to take a glance at what's inside.  And I 
know that you've heard the saying "it's better safe then sorry" if it was from a 
family member or on TV I know you've heard it.  When you do so at this door, you 
find no one home.  Now you can open the door.
	There is a door in the shadown right corner of the room that leads to the 
rest of the compound.  You have to get through it and the only way is with your lock 
pick set.  Choose the lock pick option when you go up to the door and when it comes 
up move the left thumbstick around and around until the controller viberates then 
just slightly move it where the thumbstick was when it viberated the pin should 
click and you will go to the next pin do the same with all of the pins until the 
lock is picked.  A quick look with the optic cable reveals nobody on the other side 
so head on in.  The room is empty except for a pole leading up to a loft area.  Oh 
yea did I mention to turn on your night vision while doing all of this.  Push into 
the pole and you automatically climb up the wall to the loft area.
	Light pours in from a trap door in the floor.  The optic cable shows the 
empty half of a storeroom.  Unfortunately, you can't see the whole room.  Wait a few 
second for any movement that you might see.  Let me guess you don't well then go 
ahead and drop down.  No one bothers you in here, and it's on of the last places 
you're going to have peace and quiet.  The storerooms a bit dark, so try out your 
night vision unless you already have it on.  You can also try out your thermal 
vision to see how it works.  The remainder of the mission takes place outside, so 
flip your night vision permanently on and start thinking paranoid.  The guards are 
coming up.  Nice job you've completed one objective and not a scratch on you, you 
might just servive this mission and the whole game.
**Objective #2: Infiltrate the compound**
	In the backyard behind the storeroom, you only have to contend with some dog 
and cat noises in the background.  Slip down the stairs and cross to the other side 
of the yard.  You should see a crawlspace to your left running under another porch.  
Drop into a crouch and head under the new porch.  On the far side, wind around the 
next building and into the far yard.  You should come to an apparent dead end.  It's 
not, though.  There's a thin alley that cuts off to your right.  If you stand up and 
press your back to the fence (with the back-to-wall move) you can just fit down this 
	Don't walk past the fance.  At the end-still in the back-to-wall move peek 
around the corner.  Ta da!  It's your first guard, and he's looking right in your 
direction.  Worse, he's stationary, which means you can't sneak around him.  So how 
do you get around him?  Well that's for me to know and for me to tell you.  While 
your peeking around the corner perform a SWAT turn.  This will spin you across the 
open space and against the next wall while highly reducing your chances of being 
seen.  Now you have a better angle on the guard if you want to attack him.  A better 
move, however, is to shoot the nearby light out.  By plunging the area into 
darkness, you can press the advantage with your night vision and slug the guard 
before he realizes an intruder has the jump on him.  And DO NOT FORGET TO DISPOSE OF 
THE BODY IN THE NEARBY DARK CORNER just incase someone might stumble upon it and 
sound an alarm and that's the last thing you need.  Leaving comatose guards on the 
ground is an invitation to disaster.  Always pick up any slain body and drop it off 
in the darkest nearby corner (when your visibility flashes twice) or some place out 
of sight.
	Thing only get nastier from here.  Beyond the first guard lies a mine 
field.  If you cut on your thermal vision, you can see the landmines and watch them 
flash in the bluish gloom.  There's two ways you can get around them one is to shoot 
one of them with your pistol but you risk making alot of sound and someone might 
notice you.  and then again you could just walk under the porch to your right to 
bypass the mines.  Around the corner, there is what!! another minefield.  Again 
there is two ways to get past the mines by shooting one of them and risking being 
heard, then you could just hop up onto the crate to your left and grab the 
overhanging gutter.  Slide across the gutter until you're clear of the minefield.
	Follow the path until you reach a small alley with high brick walls.  
Believe it or not, your route takes you to the top.  Leap up and perform a split 
jump to hold yourself between the walls.  Look up to your left.  You should see a 
roof patio ledge, seemingly out of reach.  Press toward that ledge and hit jump 
again.  Sure enough, you stretch up and grab that high handhold.  You've now passed 
into the inner section of the training area.
**Objective #3: Extract Intelligence from guard**
	Inside your new house, you have nothing to fear.  Outside is a different 
matter.  Wind through the house until you reach the open roof patio with the pole 
descending to the stream below.  As you listen to Lambert, make your way down to the 
stream and use it for cover to the other side of the compound.
	Wade through the water slowly.  A single guard patrols the bridge over the 
stream with a flashlight.  If you make too much noise, he will hear you and turn 
that flashlight on you.  Should he discover you-and you don't immediately take him 
out with a close-combat attack-the alarm will be raised and you'll need to restart 
fom the last place you saved the game at.  Walk very slowly toward the bridge's 
underside.  It may be unnerving to stay out in "plain sight" for an extended time 
period, but any faster movement will cause you to make splashes and call attention 
to your area.  Take your time and pause for a stress break under the bridge.
	Usually, you will receive a "who is that?" guard call as a hint if the guard 
has a chance to spot you.  After a few seconds, he will shine the flashlight in the 
area he thinks you are in.  Without moving to quickly, you can slide into the weeds 
to one side or the other and give yourself a chance to avoid the guards notice.  If 
your close to the bridge, you may have time to dart underneath.  When the guard 
walks away from the bridge, continue on toward the waterwheel at the stream's end.  
There's no need to take out the bridge guard; you can accomplish your goal without a 
confrontation at the bridge.  However, if you want a clean house you can lure the 
guard to you with a whistle.  When he steps off the bridge near the streams bank, 
it's possible to jump him and knock him cold before he sounds the alarm.  Hide his 
body under the bridge and out of sight before moving on.
	At the end of the stream, climb up the embankment on your right.  Straight 
ahead, a guard sits on a crate halfway down the road toward the last house.  He's 
the guard tou'll need to interrogate.  Creep up from behind (fortunately he's 
sitting with his back to the stream) and grab him.  Immediately drag him to the dark 
corner off to your left between the house and fence.  A second guard will come out 
of the house calling for his pal.  If you stay hidden in the shadows, the second 
guard will not bother you.  No matter how good you think you are, you can't fight 
the second guard with the first still in tow.  You may eventually kill him, but he 
will sound the alarm and end your mission prematurely.
	Assuming you avoid the second guard, question the first guard.  With a 
little bit of intimidation, he will spill what he knows- he escorted a bald man with 
one fake leg out of the complex a short while ago.  This man has ties to Sadono and 
will prove a valuable contact later on in your global mission.  Pummel the guard 
after he's talked and slink past the guardhouse.  Aim for the small alley past the 
burning barrel.  You'll be out in the light for a few seconds, but that shouldn't 
matter.  As soon as you hit the end of the alley, grab a pole near the fire and 
shimmy up the wall.  At the top of the wall, you reach the mission exit point.
	Congratulations!  You've emerged through your first level without a bullet 
hole.  Keep this up and you might actually survive the next level.

*Yes I know it's only the first level but don't worry I'm going to do all of the 
levels, 1 through 9 but if I would have put all of them on this one walkthrough it 
would be real real long and it would take you so long to read it so don't say that 
this is all I did there will be more probebly next weekend.  If you need any help 
with the game or want to give tips for any of the levels I will put your name in it 
for the tip.  E-mail me at for any of the above.

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