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                     MISSION #2: U.S. EMBASSY
WALKTHROUGH SUBMITTED BY: Derrek Silvas at [email protected]
**Objective #1: Locate Douglas Shetland**
	You begin in an abandoned alley in the back of the embassy.  No one is 
around, so you can listen to Lambert in peace.  He fills you in on your pal 
Shetland, an independent military contractor who happened to be in the embassy when 
sadono struck.  Unlucky for him, and more unlucky for the U.S. government if what he 
has in his head and on his palmtop end up in sadono's possession.  No matter what 
the cost, you must infiltrate and rescue Shetland.
	The alley has no apparent exits at first.  Ahead of you lies a fence with a 
blazing column of flame behind it (neither one of those look like appealing 
avenues).  Some shovels and storage boxes fill up the space behind you.  Don't even 
think about climbing over the walls-they're lined with barbed wire.  Look for a 
ladder to the left of the fence and flames, next to the embassy building.  You can 
climb the scaffolding there to reach the upper level, and that's just where you want 
to go.  The bad guys are not expecting an assault from the top story, so that will 
help your plan of attack.  At the top of the scaffolding and into the cool darkness 
of the second story ledge.  Don't worry about enemies--yet.  Stay on the nearby face 
of the building and no one can spot you.
	Before you go any farther, perform a back-to-wall maneuver.  Now you can 
creep along the ledge in a crouched position and peek around corners.  Once the 
coast is clear at a corner, you can release, turn the corner and "stick" your back 
to the next wall.  Along the second wall, you'll come to your first window with 
lights blazing.  A guard stands watch inside with a pair of binoculars.  Unless you 
remain crouched you will be spotted.  If you slide slowly under the window you can 
pass to the other side without him noticing more than a few mosquitoes flitting by.  
At the second window, Lambert orders you to freeze.  You've made first contact with 
sadono, though he is not aware of that fact yet.  And good thing too, or else the 
mission ends here.
	Sadono interrogates one of the hostages.  The man overheard Sadono on the 
phone and didn't understand anything but the words "Pandora tomorrow".  
Unfortunately for the hostage, those were the key words.  Sadono shoots...well let’s 
just say those are the last words that the hostage will ever understand.  He then 
speaks with a guard in the room and questions him about Douglas Shetland.  They're 
torturing Shetland for info in the adjacent room.  You find out there's a guard with 
Shetland, and the second guard will not open the door unless the first guard radios 
him (which isn't going to happen).  Sadono leaves the first guard in charge of the 
two remaining hostages and disappears.
	Crawl past the enemy guarding the two hostages.  The best attack route to 
Shetland lies on the outside of the building.  Continue along the outside ledge and 
you come to an apparent dead end.  Not so.  Glance up and you'll spot a drainpipe 
that you can climb up.  Shimmy up that pipe to the roof lip and grab on.  Slide over 
to the building's corner and you can now drop down to a ledge outside the 
interrogation room.  Through the window of the interrogation room you can see 
Shetland taking a beating.  Don't let the brutality goad you into a hasty decision.  
Again, it's possible to slide the window open, creep into the room and slam the 
guard from the side, but why take the risk?  The guard may hear you open the window 
or drop down into the room, or he may see you approach with his peripheral vision.  
	Keep going a few more yards and you'll be rewarded.  Rather than slide open 
the window, continue to the end of the ledge and swing around the corner of the 
drainpipe there.  This drops you quietly down to the interrogation room balcony.  
Not only is the balcony door open for a quiet entrance, but your angle of attach 
puts you squarely behind the interrogation guard it's the perfect route.  Creep 
slowly toward the guard and come up from behind.  You can drop him with a single 
elbow to the back of the neck or grab him and stick a gun to his temple.  Just 
because you're under orders not to kill anyone doesn't mean the guard knows that.  
He'll cooperate, and you can drag him into a dark corner and then deliver the 
knockout blow.
	Shetland thanks you for saving him and shows you a disk he managed to steal 
from one of Sadono's guards.  (How he hid it from his interrogators is a messy story 
left to our imagination.)  You run the disk through your OPSAT so Brunton's team can 
work on decrypting it.  You get a few key words, including "Mortified Penguin," 
apparently the screen name of a high-ranking ally cooperating with Sadono.  The rest 
of the translation will have to wait for the second half of your mission--a 
rendezvous with Ingrid Karlthson, a linguist trapped on the other side of the 
compound.  If you can free her, she may help with the decryption of Shetlands disk.  
Don't kill Shetland unless you want to hear Lambert yell "Holy Christmas".
**Objective #2: Exit the Embassy Safely**
	Before you meet up with Karlthson, you must escape the embassy.  With only 
five guards in your way, it may sound like an easy talk.  The problem is only two of 
them are isolated and easy prey.  The other three are all together, ready to sound 
the alarm at a moment's notice.  After Shetland and Third Echelon fill you in with 
more information about Sadono's scheme, start planning your exit strategy out of the 
embassy.  The interrogation room has two doors--the one leading back into the 
hostage room and a new door leading out into a side corridor.
	You could use the new door into the side corridor.  A guard stands watch 
just outside that door on the balcony.  To silence him, you'll have to sneak up from 
behind him at an angle.  Rather than risk the guard hearing the door or seeing 
Fisher out of the corner of his eye, we'll take a different route that will 
ultimately allow you to attack the guard from behind.  Pick the lock in the 
interrogation door and enter the hostage room very quietly.  The guard should be 
preoccupied; he stares out the window, expecting any problems to come from that 
direction.  Slip silently to the far side of the room--avoiding the noisy broken 
glass on the floor--and grab the guard from behind.  Drop him in one of the dark 
	Now that you've saved the two hostages--a good deed that wasn't even on your 
original itinerary--you can open the door next to the guard that Sadono disappeared 
into.  It's empty, so you can enter unopposed.  Flip off the light switch (as you 
should do in any room) to give yourself more darkness to hide in.  There's only one 
other door in the bedroom.  Break out the optic cable and survey the other side.  It 
appears to be a big, empty hallway.  Step out into the hallway very quietly.  In 
front of you, broad stairs lead down to the first floor.  Ultimately this is where 
you'll end up.  But first we want to make a side trip.
	Turn to your right and you'll see the guard I mentioned earlier.  He stands 
on a balcony at the end of the side corridor, gazing out at the stars or who knows 
what.  Luckily for you, his back is to you.  If you’re quite, you can sneak down 
this side corridor, even though it's well lit, and surprise him from behind.  Grab 
him off the balcony, drag him into the nearby dark corner and pummel him into 
unconsciousness.  Facing the balcony, the door to your right leads back into the 
interrogation room.  No need to go there unless you want to chit chat with Shetland 
about the good old days.  To your left, a small door leads into a bathroom.  Don't 
ask me why but it's locked, so you'll need to break out the lock picks again.  
Beside the toilets inside a medical kit hangs on the wall.  If you've taken any hits 
then you’re going to need it.  If you get hit later on then take note of it's 
position and double back if you want to heal back up to full health/and strength.
	Return to the main staircase and hug the banister.  The stairs themselves 
don't have as much shadow as you'd normally like, so keep out of sight behind the 
banister wall.  Where the stairs turn, you can get a pretty good look at the whole 
room and the obstacles you'll have to bypass.  Three guards patrol here.  In the far 
left corner, two guards squat and study a map on the ground.  The doorway you want 
to reach lies behind these two guards; you will have to deal with them sooner or 
later.  The third guard wanders the whole room in a vaguely square pattern.  First 
he walks to the base of the column near the stairs, then past the burning debris in 
the doorway to your right, then through the shadows in the back of the room, and 
finally he loops around back past his comrades reading the map.  All three guards 
must go down or be distracted for you to slip past.
	Now there is two ways for you to get by, here's the first.  Go a little ways 
down the stairs but not all the way down and whistle to attract either one, two, or 
all three of the enemies if none of them hear you then go a little more ways down.  
When one, two, or all three come up the stairs (MAKE SURE ALL OF THE LIGHTS ARE 
BLOWED OUT OR OFF!) get near one of them and either knock him out or grab him carry 
him to a corner and then knock him out but either way just knock him out and put him 
in a corner.  Do the same with all three of them, keep doing this until you get all 
three of them knocked out and in a corner, now here's the second way.
Walk down the stairs and sit in the pool of darkness at the stairs' base.  Study the 
wandering guard.  He walks directly toward the stairs while he passes his comrades.  
That's not the best place to take him out for two reasons: 1) He's staring straight 
at you; 2) He's so close to his partners that they may see him drop and sound the 
alarm.  Similarly, in the second half of his route, though he presents his back to 
you, he walks past the burning debris; if you make a move there, you'll be out in 
the open for the other two to see you.  
	However, when he patrols near the stairs, he walks by the nearby column and 
through the dark zone in the big room.  While the guard wanders to the far side, and 
before he passes his comrades on the return trip, slip out to the column and sit 
still in the dark.  The wandering guard may come within inches of you, but he won't 
connect.  What he will do is expose his back or side to you when he pauses to look 
in the direction of the burning debris.  Push forward a tad and choose the "grab 
character" option from the interaction menu.  You can subdue him right there in the 
shadows without a sound to cause the remaining two to think anything is amiss.
	The two remaining guards are trickier.  You can't approach them; the level 
of light around them stands to expose you once you reach about the halfway point 
between the stairs and the map on the ground.  Instead, duck over to the small bar 
on the right side (just before the fiery doorway) and snatch the bottle resting on 
the counter.  Return to your shadows by the column and throw the bottle out in the 
darkness in front of you.  The noise will be loud enough to attract one of the 
guards.  Then second one will hang back; you'll have to worry about him in a 
minute.  As the first guard approaches, be patient and wait until he's completely 
engulfed in shadows before you leap up and elbow him to the forehead.
	The last guard will hear the scuffle, but if you've done it right and 
remained in the shadows, he won't know what's happened.  He'll approach to 
investigate and you can then grab him in the darkness too.  Leave all three bodies 
in the darkest shadows near the column and you're free to head toward the embassy's 
back door.  The attack outlined is probably your strategy with the greatest chance 
for success.  As with most things in this game though, it's not the only path to 
victory.  You can also try a couple of other moves to beat this room.  Here is 
another way around the guards.  After you remove the first guard from the equation, 
grab the bottle as in the first attack method.  This time you're going to distract 
the guards so you can sneak around.   Position yourself behind the brown cabinet in 
the middle of the room (in front of the smoldering couch).  You can't make that gap, 
small as it is, between the cabinet and the couch; the two guards will spot you.  
But not if you heave the bottle into the alcove and break it while the first guard 
searches the alcove and the second guard glances around.
	Wait for the first guard to turn his back and study the alcove.  Watch the 
second guard, and when he isn't looking at you, dart across behind the smoldering 
couch and the thick darkness beyond.  You can follow a shadow trail all the way to 
the back of the room, and then tiptoe under the rear wall columns to reach the 
corner doorway.  Using this method, you don't have to risk fighting two of the three 
guards.  The last approach, and probably the toughest to pull off, involves fighting 
all three guards, and two at the same time.  As with the first two approaches, knock 
out the first guard by the stairs column.  Forget about the bottle for this attack; 
instead you'll want to return to the stairs and then slide along the wall to the 
door in the corner.  Believe it or not, even though this door is out in the open, 
it's possible to use the shadows by the stairs to cross to it unannounced.  Open the 
door and duck inside.
	This small room serves as a study.  A medical kit hangs on the wall on the 
off chance that your stomach absorbs a couple bullets in the upcoming skirmish.  Now 
to remove the last two guards.  Without stepping back into the ballroom area, open 
the door and give a loud whistle.  Hopefully the guards will hear you (otherwise, 
you could smash the bottle from the bar in front of the door).  One or both of the 
guards will scout out the study, so be prepared for a fight.  If one arrives at a 
time, you can subdue them fairly painlessly.  If both arrive simultaneously, you'll 
have to act quickly.  Grab one as a human shield to suck up the bullets fired by the 
second one, and pummel him when you get the drop on the second one and can grab him 
too (or at least throw an elbow to his jaw).  Anyone with fast reflexes may try to 
knock both guards out at the doorway before they have a chance to pin you inside the 
room or shout out a warning to their superiors.
	The ball room should now be clear.  Head to the far left corner and walk 
down the wood-floor corridor.  Big bay windows run along your right side; you can 
scope out the outside courtyard from multiple angles without any risk of being 
seen.  Eventually, set up shop at the red carpet in front of the double doors.  You 
optic cable shows you the next objective: the courtyard and Ingrid Karlthson on the 
other side.
**Objective #3: Rendezvous with Translator, Ingrid Karlthson**
	From your position overlooking the courtyard, you can see Ingrid when she 
turns her light on at the farthest right balcony.  Just across the way, on a balcony 
all own his own, an enemy sniper aims to plug you Oh no what do we do now.  Well I 
tell you some very bad news.  He's high tech like you--equipped night vision to see 
your movements in the dark.  Well do we have something coming for that guy.  But for 
now.  Circling around the sniper won't work.  The left-most corridor ends in an 
automatic gun turret that will shred you to pieces once it locks on to you 
so...don't go that way.  Well the right-most corridor ends in nothing else but a 
dead end.  But there's a better view from the courtyard from that side, so you can 
plan your strategy from there if you want.  Just don't let the sniper catch you 
sneaking around or you'll never see night with your night vision again.
	Contrary to everything you've been taught, to cross this courtyard you MUST 
stay IN the light.  If you remain inside the crisscrossing searchlights, the sniper 
won't pick you up in his night vision.  As you've probably noticed by now night 
vision gives you the reverse of normal vision--full light becomes a blind spot.  
Before you move in on the sniper and Ingrid, memorize the searchlight pattern.  It 
zigzags all over the place, and you'll want the light as it veers back toward the 
sniper, not away.  When you’re ready, cross down the stairs and behind one of the 
nearby pillars, out of sight from the sniper (he would be able to see you in the 
dark, except that you’re hidden).  As the spotlight passes by, jump out into the 
middle of its beam.  Move in conjunction with the light; you'll want to stay in the 
middle at all times.
	Reaching the far side of the courtyard should be straight forward as you 
stay within one light's perimeter.  Now once again there is two ways to get past the 
sniper and get the disk to Ingrid, here's the first.  When you get to the other side 
go up the stairs and to your right there should be a door.  Use your optic cable and 
look under the door to check for any enemies.  Now don't go in just yet wait a 
minute or two and you should see the sniper come into the room wait until he goes 
back up the stairs that he came down and then go into the room.  Quietly go up the 
stairs and into another room that should have a bed in it.  In this room is a 
medical kit on the wall if you need to heal yourself up or either want to come back 
if you need it.  Quietly go up the stairs in this room and behind you when you get 
up the stairs is none other then the who?  Yes it's the sniper.  Very quietly sneak 
up behind him and grab him and knock him out.  Now there is a door on this floor go 
into the room behind it and you will meet Ingrid, talk to her and then give her 
shetlands disk.  Now here's the second way.  When you pass the fountain, however, 
you may need to leap from one beam of light to the other and follow the second light 
into the wall below both balconies.  The drainpipe between Ingrid and the sniper's 
balconies grants you access to the second floor.  If Ingrid is still flipping her 
light on and off and hasn't retreated into her room, wait till the light glows and 
then climb up past the sniper.  The light will blind him while you pass close.  If 
Ingrid isn't flipping her light then keep climbing you should make it past him.  But 
you can wait until the sniper has more of his attention directed on the courtyard, 
inch your way past him and up to the roof.  Grab the roof gutter and slide over to 
your right a few feet.  Drop down on Ingrid's balcony and quickly duck inside.
	Ingrid will be waiting.  You'll be prompted to give her Shetlands disk (the 
one with the information from "Mortified Penguin") and put her linguistic skills to 
the test.  She pulls through with flying colors and lets you know that the disk 
contains coordinates to a secret base, Saulnier Labs, and that the terrorists are 
planning some sort of attack at a Springfield demonstration.
**Objective #4: Escape to the Osprey**
	Assuming there isn't a big firefight going on and you snuck up to visit 
Ingrid, you should get the jump on the enemy sniper.  Peek outside Ingrid's door 
with your optic cable and you'll spot him still out on the balcony.  You have a 
clean shot at him, back to you, if you open the door quietly and pull off a 
headshot.  Once he falls, you can move on to the stairs.  Bolt down the stairs.  No 
one's around so you can actually run for once.  On the first floor, the door 
farthest from you leads back to the courtyard.  No need to go back there.  The door 
nearest the stairs leads out to the docks, and that's where you want to be when the 
Osprey comes to pick you up.
	Exit slowly into the backyard.  A guard patrols just ahead of you, and the 
area outside the door is well lit.  Watch that the guard doesn't get a shot off at 
you right away.  If he does, retreat to the doorway for cover and fire back until 
you've neutralized him.  More then likely, the guard will be around the corner to 
your left in the gloom somewhere.  Position yourself at the corner and hit sniper 
mode to get a better shot.  Zoom in to four times or six times magnitude for a one-
shot kill.
	When the backyard guard falls, head around the corner and straight until you 
reach a ladder.  Climb the ladder to the small wooden platform and you'll see a 
small control panel attached to one of the supports.  Click off the spotlight and 
jump back off the platform.  One light down, one to go.  After you leap off the 
first platform, you'll see an alleyway off to your left.  The last guard patrols on 
the far end, and he can get a decent shot at you if he happens to be wandering by at 
the right time.  Just to be safe, shoot out the overhead lights and remain in night 
vision mode.  Creep up to the alley and wait for your friend to show up.  Level him 
before he can guess where you're shooting him from in the darkness.  If you don't 
see the last enemy after a minute or so, head for the docks.  He might have staked 
out a spot around there to cause you some grief.
	In the second yard, pull the searchlight switch on the platform, just like 
you did the first time around.  Now the big lights have blinked off and your airlift 
can get in close.  Head out on the docks and jump into the lone rowboat to win the 

*Yes I know it's only the first and second levels but don't worry I'm going to do 
all of the levels, 1 through 9 but if I would have put all of them on just one 
walkthrough it would be real real long and it would take you so long to read it so 
don't say that this is all I did there will be more probably next weekend.  If you 
need any help with the game or want to give tips for any of the levels I will put 
your name in it for the tip.  E-mail me at [email protected] for any of the 

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