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WALKTHROUGH SUBMITTED BY: Derrek Silvas at [email protected]
**Objective #1: Hack the lab's security terminal**
	At the beginning of the mission, you haven't really fleshed out your 
objective.  You want to identify Mortified Penguin, although Third Echelon isn't 
even sure he's in the building.  You do know he led a mercenary team inside a short 
while ago.  With that in mind, you decide to trail the mercenaries and see what you 
can discover.  Your first objective will be a special computer terminal (though you 
won't find this out until you've progressed a few minutes into the mission).  
	Drop down the first shaft and into a small side tunnel which leads out into 
the main subway tunnel.  Before you blaze a trail out there and expose yourself 
prematurely, throw your back to the wall to your left then creep along to the end.  
At the corner, glance around and you'll see the first guard down by the subway car.  
You can dip into a wide assortment of attack patterns to take out this lone 
terrorist.  The most direct, and least likely to make the alarm go off, relies on 
good old fashioned stealth and a blow to the back of the head.  Wait for your 
guard's patrol to take him to the very edge of your tunnel.  He won't see you in the 
shadows; he turns away at the last instant and begins to go back to the car.  You 
can now sneak out and grab him from behind.  If you're quick, he won't raise the 
alarm or make a sound to alert his buddies on the other side of the subway car.  
	For those who don't want to get their hands dirty, try this messier attack.  
At the corner, pull the pin on one of your frags and toss the grenade at the guards 
feet.  He'll explode into a hundred pieces before he can figure out what tickled his 
toes.  The downside?  You just rocked the tunnel with a rather HUGE explosion.  
Won't all the other mercenaries hear it?  Not necessarily.  An active subway runs 
through on a parallel track and makes a lot of noise.  If you time your grenade to 
go off with the passing train, the train's rumble will cover up the frag's explosion 
	Your third method of attack is as simple as shooting at the guard from the 
corner.  You don't have to worry about anyone spotting the body right away, so scope 
him with your rifle while he's walking back to the subway car.  Don't try this with 
the back to the wall move--you can only fire your pistol in that position and it 
doesn't make for a reliable shot at the longer range you need.  Even though you 
think no enemies will patrol out this far, hide the body anyway just incase.  No 
matter what, there is always a chance the body will be uncovered out in the open, 
which will result in an upgraded alarm stage.  Pull the body over to either one of 
the side tunnels and dump it in the gloom.  No one will find it here.
	Beyond the first guard, you'll come to a well-lit subway walkway.  You don't 
want to navigate it; the lights will expose you to two guards on the far side.  It's 
better to duck inside the subway car and stay out of sight.  Halfway down the car 
you'll run into debris that will prevent you from walking any farther.  No problem.  
Jump up and grab the pole above again.  You can shimmy to the other side if you pull 
your feet up to slide over the debris.  In the rear car, stick to the darkest areas 
near the back door (next to the last seat, if possible).  Watch out for the train 
passing by--it's light can reveal you if you're not careful.  You should hear the 
two mercenaries discussing the fate of a French guard (who will come into play 
deeper into the building).  After their chat, both will head up the walkway.  Remain 
in the gloom until they approach you.
	Dealing with two guards at one time can be a chore if you want to avoid any 
alarms.  In this case, one guard marches up the walkway (past your position inside 
the car) and the second cuts through the back door into the car).  Wait for the team 
to split up--one continues up the walkway, while the second cuts in to investigate 
your car--before you do anything rash.  When the guard enters your car, leap up and 
smash him in the kisser.  Try your best not to drop him outside the car.  Your 
strategy is to make him fall into the dark interior of the car, or close enough for 
you to grab and drag him the rest of the way in.  If you don't succeed, when his 
partner turns back to see what has happened, he will see legs sticking out of the 
subway car's door and will send up the alarm.
	Assuming you successfully disguise your first attack, the second guard will 
double back after a short while to check on his missing partner.  You can either 
bring him down inside the car or just outside the door.  Dispose of his body in the 
same spot as that of his friend.  Head to where you saw the two guards talking.  
There's another mouth which includes a burning barrel and a gloomy bend to the 
right.  Follow the bend and the next turn, which brings you back to the left.  Now 
you know that Mortified Penguin and company infiltrated the lab by blowing a hole 
through the wall.  Unfortunately for you a curtain of flames prevents you from 
entering in the same fashion.  In fact, the flame is so intense it will cause damage 
to you just by standing next to it.
	Bust out your gun and aim at the wheel about midway down the ceiling's 
coolant pipe.  One or two good shots will break the pipe, pouring coolant down on 
the fire and extinguishing it enough to walk clean through.  Continue straight until 
you crouch behind a storage shelf.  You've entered a research room with all sorts of 
material stocked on shelves.  Kick back for a second--you don't have any enemies to 
stress yourself over here.  Feed your optic cable under the research room's back 
door and check out the next room.  Sure enough, there's a guard right beyond the 
door.  He patrols a second research room, and his pattern takes him along each 
shelf, one by one.  As soon as he leaves the door area, you can slip into the room 
and squat at the edge of shadow along the first shelf.  Upon the guards return trip, 
smash him when he turns the corner on the first shelf.  If you do this right, he 
won't have a chance to do much of anything except take an unexpected nap.  Drag his 
body into the shadows between the first and second shelves.
	Now cross to the other end of the room.  A door in the corner leads into a 
particularly difficult area; catch your breath now if you have to.  Slide your optic 
cable under the door.  It reveals an office full of cubicles and two guards circling 
the room.  The guards walk in a tight pattern--one is almost always in view from 
your door--and they back each other up.  You'll have to time things well to escape 
unscathed without triggering an alarm.  Watch the guards' pattern for a minute.  
Notice that there's a time when one guard walks past the door and turns his back on 
you for a long stretch.  Wait for this guard to reach the far side of the office--
and make sure the second guard hasn't started his patrol in your direction--you can 
then open the door and dart for the closest cubicle.
	The movement will probably attract one of the guards to investigate, and 
that's what you want.  To avoid an alarm, you'll want the guards to attack one by 
one.  Attacking two at once might get you shot; if both come at you, spin around the 
cubicles in hopes of splitting them apart.  Otherwise, punch the first guard when he 
arrives and drop him into the shadows.  The second guard might follow, or you may 
have to hunt him down.  Stay in the shadows and weave between the cubicles until his 
patrol takes him close to you.  Don't step into the light or he'll call for backup 
before you can swat him.
	Hide the bodies in the center aisle and look for the exit in the far right 
corner.  None of the computers in this area will access security.  Keep going.  Exit 
through the door and enter a deserted hallway.  The door here is locked.  Manipulate 
the lock with your lock pick, but don't use your disposable ones--you'll need those 
later on for doors you won't have much time to unlock.  No one awaits you in the 
next room, a locker room with lab coats, ammo on the floor, and a medical kit on the 
wall.  The locker room leads into a large lab area.  No guards stake out this place--
yet.  Three mercenaries have a scent on you and launch an assault on the room from 
the other doorway.  You have precious few seconds to position yourself before they 
arrive.  Enter the lab area, turn right, and run up the stairs to the darkness in 
the right corner.
	From this corner you can see the mercenaries enter as a three-man team.  
They aren't fools or fooling around either.  Working off silent hand signals from 
their leader, they immediately flank out, each one taking an aisle.  The topmost 
guard will walk all the way to the edge of your shadows.  No...don't shoot him you 
retard that's what I did and it doesn’t go that way; he isn't going to see you 
unless you ask him for directions which I’m here so you don't have to ask him.  If 
he doesn’t see you then the leader will call an all clear if you wait quietly for 
them to comb the room.  The leader leaves after the all clear; at last, ok his two 
men remain behind to keep things safe.  Still two are better then three in this 
case.  Wait for the mercenaries to wander to the far side of the room and lock on 
them with your sniper scope.  Ideally you want both mercenaries inside the same 
scope shot.  That way you can kill one, slide over a hair, and kill the other before 
the alarm goes off HURRY HURRY HURRY... ok your done in here.  Exit the lab area 
through the curtains on the far side and into the morgue.  There's nothing here but 
dead bodies (not caused by you).  Take a left and open the door into the next hall.  
You'll overhear the nearby mercenaries.  They've cleared out the area for you and 
have been given clearance to machinegun the entire security room and leave nothing 
	You can't screw around here.  Race down the hall to the open door into the 
security room on your right.  With all the gunfire, the mercenaries shouldn't hear 
you approach.  Squeeze off a burst of bullets and obliterate the nearest terrorist.  
The second one will probably notice you by now.  Use the doorway as protective cover 
and fire off shots at him as quickly as possible to minimize damage from return 
fire.  What they are doing is giving them computers unfixable viruses with bullets 
and that is what you need to stop before MISSION OVER.  Your time limit is five 
computers.  When the mercenaries reach the sixth computer (the one farthest down on 
the right that's glowing red) and give it a virus (a bullet to the screen), it's 
MISSION OVER.  Clean them up before this happens and you will obtain the access Grim 
needs to hack into the lab some more.
	Grim discovers Mortified Penguin's recent inquiries.  Apparently he has been 
searching a few dead men for information.  Before it becomes clear what he's doing, 
Grim detects a bomb being triggered remotely.  You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to 
defuse the bomb before your whole floor goes kablooey.  Run out the door and head 
left.  At the corner, drop down and pull out your rifle.  Yes, you have no time to 
fool around; however, you must deal with two mercenaries before you can reach the 
bomb.  Snap off a headshot on the first one and kill him with one shot if you can.  
The second will charge at you; Well he don't know who and what he's running to, 
unload several bursts into him.  You can't waste time here, but you can waste 
terrorists and bullets.
	Up where the two guards were talking, you will notice the boiler room door 
on your left.  Of course it's locked.  Break out your disposable lock pick for quick 
access into the room.  Even your regular lock picks will work if you haven't chewed 
up too much time fighting the guards.  Enter the boiler room and scan the right wall 
for a bomb on the control panels.  Stand in front of the bomb and choose 
the "deactivate" option from your interaction menu to stop the countdown of the bomb 
and extend your life--at least until the next encounter.
**Objective #2: Access Saulnier's client database**
	Even the empty stairwells will give you trouble as you tackle the second 
objective.  At the platform midway up the stairs, a red circle glows in the dark.  
It's a motion detector.  To avoid detection, you must walk as slowly as you can 
across the platform.  Anything above a snail's pace will set it off.  Once upstairs, 
exit through the door, turn left, and pause at the corner.  Three mercenaries are 
letting their machineguns rip in a bit of target practice.  Don't attempt to tackle 
them at this point.  After their firing spree ends, two of them continue down the 
hall and one turns around to patrol in your direction.  Knock him out from within 
the shadows and drop his body in one of the corners.
	Walk toward where you saw the two other mercenaries disappear.  Another 
motion detector glows on the left wall.  Move slowly past it and pause to examine 
the next hallway.  Two doors line the left side; one door lines the right.  Aim for 
the second door on the left side (the first door on the left is jammed and won't let 
you in).  Fish your optic cable under the door and observe.  Two mercenaries are 
talking on the intercom and let slip that the guard they're looking for can be found 
in the "Body Processing room" behind a big vault door.  Wait for both guards to look 
at the TV monitors, then open the door.  It's difficult to do this without alerting 
the guards to sound the alarm.  A little slow and the alarm level will rise one 
level.  Act swiftly however, and all will remain quiet, even after you stick the two 
comatose guards' bodies in the room's dark corner.
	Exit the control room and cut across the hallway to the door opposite you.  
You database computer is inside, but first you'll have to dance through some 
surveillance cameras.  Equip the camera jammer and approach from the right side.  
Walk down the aisle with the jammer pointed at the camera, then cut along the back 
wall to the computer terminal in the far corner.  Grim sifts through the data for 
you.  You learn that Mortified Penguin checked on eight clients who recently opted 
for low-end storage devices, the ND133s, or vacuum powered refrigeration.  The 
ND133s are kept in limited storage--your next objective.
**Objective #3: Recon the ND133s**
	Exit the computer room through the nearby door.  Outside in the hall to your 
left, a keypad door blocks your way.  The four-digit code, 2457, which you obtained 
from the earlier guard's data stick opens the door.  Enter the next small room.  A 
spotlight shines on the door from the center of the room.  Through the bay window to 
your left you will see a single guard outside the next door.  Switch the light off 
so the guard will become curious and investigate what has happened to the light.  
Remove the guard from the picture and dump him in an out-of-the-way spot.  Before 
you proceed, heal up with the med kit on the wall and stock up on 5.56 ammunition 
and the two stick shockers on the table.  Carefully open the door to the hall and 
walk to your right, past the motion detector directly in front of you.  Probe the 
door to the right with your optic cable.  Two guards march up the stairs.
	Don't be fooled.  They make it look much easier than it is.  Two obstacles 
stand in your way: a surveillance camera and a wall mine.  You can slip past the 
surveillance camera one of two ways: either short-circuit it with your camera jammer 
and climb the steps quickly or blow out all the fluorescent lights in the stairs to 
reduce visibility.  While under the camera, inch toward the wall mine until your 
interaction menu pops up with a "disable wall mine" option.  Choose it and hope your 
fingers aren't too tired from all that gun slinging.  If all the lights are out, you 
can remain on the far side of the platform and pass by the wall mine without setting 
it off.
	Slide your optic cable under the door at the top of the stairs.  You'll get 
a great view of the Saulnier Labs' front lobby with access to the street outside.  
Two guards have the place staked out and they patrol it in a square pattern.  The 
room doesn't hold too many deep shadows with all the outside street light pouring 
in, which means you have no great places for cover.  Open the door when both guards 
have their backs to you, or when the guards are out of sight near the main doors.  
Slink in to the divider behind the front desk and attempt to take out one of the 
guards to either side of the divider.  The second guard will radio for help; your 
only hope is to catch him in mid-sentence and cut him off from sounding the alarm.
	When the guards are safely night night, return to the front desk and hack 
into the main computer.  You need the password to the limited storage room, and the 
front desk computers coughs up the four-digit number 7562.  Head down the main hall 
directly opposite the front doors to the street.  A door on the right with a keypad 
leads to the limited storage area.  Punch in your numbers (7562) and enter the 
room.  As luck would have it, Mortified Penguin has beaten you to the storage 
devices.  Brains litter the floor; for some reason, Mortified Penguin ditched the 
brains and grabbed the storage devices.  Meanwhile, Third Echelon has discovered 
that the French security guard locked in "Body processing" has a cell phone with 
him, and has managed to take a digital picture of Mr. Penguin.  You need that 
picture at all costs.
**Objective #4: Locate security guard's cell phone**
	Step past all the brains scattered on the floor and hang a right.  At this 
point if you have night vision on, you might go permanently blind.  The light from 
the storage area is that intense!  Even your normal vision will be adversely 
affected.  The only choice is to switch to thermal and navigate by heat signatures.  
Walk slowly into the next room.  Beyond the room's curtain, an automated gun turret 
swivels back and forth.  A lone guard patrols the far side.  Fortunately for you 
there's a large storage tank alongside the turret, affording you cover while you 
sneak straight up to the turret's computer controls.
	 Now you have a choice: deactivate the turret or switch off it's IFF so it 
will target friendly forces as well.  If you switch off the IFF, the lone guard will 
be shot up by it's own turret, though he will probably sound an alarm before he 
dies.  The safer option is to assassinate him yourself with a single headshot, then 
shut down the turret so you can cross to the far corner.  The door in the corner 
between the turret and the mercenary’s corpse leads to a catwalk area with two 
guards.  A lock shuts it tight; with no time pressure you can take all day if you 
like to open it.  Once inside, take up a position near the door and scout out for 
the two guards.  With all the cold mist floating around the catwalk and you with 
your thermals on, you can heat things up for the guards without a sweat if you'd 
like to.  The problem is, if you snipe one guard, the other will surely crank out an 
alarm.  If you have alarms to spare, this will be the quicker path.
	You probably want to be Stealthier than that.  Look to your left by the door 
and you'll notice that the railing doesn't extend all the way to the end.  You can 
drop off the catwalk here, and with a quick turnaround move; grab the outside of the 
catwalk.  Hand hold by hand hold you can now shimmy along the catwalk to the other 
side.  Watch out for the vents spitting cold mist into the room.  You'll lose a 
quarter of your life each time one of these cold blasts hits you.  Pause before each 
blasts, then shimmy past the vent spot and wait for the next vent to spout off.  Get 
to the end and you can simply climb up past the two catwalk guards and continue on 
your way.  In the next room, a full med kit hangs on the wall.  Don't be too eager 
to bandage up or they may be removing your organs from the hallway.  A wall mine 
traps the area.  Approach it slowly along the right-hand wall and disable it when 
you get in tight.
	Enter the room by the wall mine.  To your right, in the ceiling, a trapdoor 
leads to the ventilation system.  Climb up on the cabinet and through the hole.  A 
single left turn will bring you to the French security guard's vault in Body 
Processing.  However, to eventually get out of the area, you'll have to go straight 
through the air vent.  Notice that a blast of coolant air, like that found earlier 
in the catwalk area outside of the ND133 area, blocks your escape.  You can't shoot 
it.  You'll have to figure out another way past it.
	Inside the vault area, the security guard hands over his cell phone and you 
run Mortified Penguin's picture through the Third Echelon databases.  They pinpoint 
his name as Norman Soth, believed to be ex-C.I.A. or deep undercover.  Before you 
can figure a plan out of the vault with the guard, the mercenaries outside decide to 
blow open the vault door.  You have a choice when the mercenaries decide to blow the 
vault.  You can let them do it.  The resulting explosion will kill the poor guard, 
so it's just you who slips out through the ventilation system.  Or you can stop the 
mercenaries by climbing up into the air vent and blasting the exploding barrel 
yourself.  Same result, but at least you tried to save the poor guard.
	After the explosion, hang a left in the vent and drop down through the next 
opening.  A short walk out to a back alley brings you to the extraction zone.  Third 
Echelon might not have the full skinny on Norman Soth yet, but thanks to you, 
Grimsdottir has successfully traced him en route to Nice under the alias Jonathan 
Poindexter.  Looks like it's time to ride a train.

*Yes I know it's only the first, second and third levels but don't worry I'm going 
to do all of the levels, 1 through 9 but if I would have put all of them on just one 
walkthrough it would be real real long and it would take you so long to read it so 
don't say that this is all I did there will be more probably next weekend.  If you 
need any help with the game or want to give tips for any of the levels I will put 
your name in it for the tip.  E-mail me at [email protected] for any of the 

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