Mission FAQ - Guide for Armored Core 2

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AC2: Another Age
Mission FAQ


1.  Briefing
2.  Quickguide
3.  Key
4.  Actual Guide
5.  AC Configs
6.  Legal Stuff

1.  Briefing - Hey everyone.  I'm an avid AC player, so I figured I might 
as well write one of the first mission FAQs of the game.  Note that I will 
not put any AC setups on here.  Instead, I'll tell you wether or not you'll 
need a lot of ammo or something like that.  Also note that these are not in 
any particular order.  A lot of things in here are spoilers.  I assume that 
you have some experience with AC games, otherwise you probably wouldn't be 
looking at this.  Ah, nobody reads this stuff anyway.

2.  Quickguide

Neo Isaac (Complete)
	Stop Terrorist Sabotage
	Destroy Prototype MTs
	Defend the Elevator Facility
	Attack Transport Convoy
	Assist Emeraude Forces
	Pursue Emeraude's Forces

Old Zam (Complete)
	Defend the Bomber
	Disarm the Bombs
	Destroy Security System
	Enter Waste-Treatment Plant
	Raven Assessment

Old Gal (Complete)
	Attack Storage Complex
	Defend Materials Cache
	Defend Storage Complex
	Eliminate the Search Team
	Eliminate Patrolling AC
	Takeover Military Warehouse

Horwick Mts. (Complete)
	Attack the Airbase
	Destroy Radar Array
	Defend the Airbase
	Eliminate Trespassing AC
	Intercept Mine Intruders

Zearm Desert (Complete)
	Destroy Insertion Team
	Eliminate Raven
	Attack the Terrorists
	Destroy Massive MT
	Training Exercise
	Training Rematch
	Reactivate Facility Gates
	Infiltrate Weapons Facility
	Destroy Top-secret Unit

Burroughs Hill (Complete)
	Eliminate Outlaw Organization
	Recover Research Materials
	Attack Secret Warehouse
	Eliminate the Bureau Forces
	Rescue Trapped Indies
	Eliminate the Raven

Thorn Garden (Complete)
	Attack Abandoned Facility
	Eliminate Biological Menace
	Eliminate Unmanned Weapons
	Shutdown Nuclear Shelter
	Assist Research Team
	Clear Disposal Facility
	Remove Occupant in Facility

Old Avalon (Complete)
	Special Arena Appearance
	Special Arena Rematch
	Eliminate AC
	Terminate Raven

Earth Central (Complete)
	Rescue VIP
	Eliminate Unmanned Weapons
	Eliminate Intruder

Colnart Bay City (Complete)
	Defend the Shipyard
	Escort Transport Convoy
	Disarm the Explosive Devices
	Destroy Submarine
	Probe Balena's Defenses
	Attack Coastal Defenses

Balboa City (Complete)
	Attack Spaceship Dock
	Destroy Space Transport
	Defend Development Lab
	Attack the Train

Whiteland (Complete)
	Infiltrate the Ancient Ruins
	Attack the Storage Depot
	Eradicate Unidentified Units
	Attack Zio Matrix Patrol
	Arctic Battle

Eyelet City (Complete)
	Test New MT Model
	Performance Evaluation
	Prevent Prototype MT theft

Folk City (Complete)
	Restore Temperature Setting
	Test Facility's Defenses
	Remove Germ Warfare Toxin
	Eliminate Hijacker
	Safeguard Stolen Prototype
	New Part Acquisition

Scissors Forest (Complete)
	Defend the Fortress
	Destroy Missile Batteries
	Escort AC Parts Transport

Arkot Ocean (Complete)
	Defend Transport Ship
	Destroy the Transport Ships
	Escort Transport Plane
	Escort Airborn Transports
	Airborne Attack
	Destroy Government Fleet
	Attack the Ocean Base
	Attack the Bureau's Base
	Defend the Ocean Base

Rapture (Complete)
	Destroy Security Detail
	Free Rapture Orbit Elevator

Lost Field (Complete)
	Explore Uncharted Region
	Revisit Uncharted Region
	Destroy Designated Target

VS Missions (Complete)
	Team Versus Team
	Attack the Patrol Team
	Eliminate the Terrorists
	Target Elimination
	Enter Underground Facility
	Pursue the Train
	Defend the Train's Cargo

3.  Key

* = Hidden Part
@ = Emblem possibility in mission (must kill AC in mission)

4.  Actual Guide

Neo Isaac

Stop Terrorist Sabotage - The Objective here is to Destroy 7 MTs.  My advice, 
if you can't beat them, then you're either VERY new, or you just plain suck.

Destroy Prototype MTs - A new breed of MTs here.  They'll fly and shoot 
missiles.  Easily shot down.  But, once they'll shot down, a normal MT will 
fall.  Try and shoot it while it's coming down, easier that way.

Defend Elevator Facility - BORING.  Kill the two flying MTs, then 4 non-flying 

Attack Transport Convoy - This one's simple.  Go around and kill things, 
always fun.  Kill the MTs, as they will increase your winnings.  If you happen 
to lose track of a target, don't cry.  Press select and all you troubles will 
be gone.

Assist Emeraude Forces - The only thing here is to make sure the junkers you're 
protecting don't get in your line of fire.  I had an...unfortunate accident.

Pursue Emeraude's Forces - Search and destroy.  Be careful of the grenade 
launchers they have.  To many of those could ruin your day.

Old Zam

Defend the Bomber - This one's a toughy.  You need to kill things that don't 
even realize you're there.  Tough.

Disarm the Bombs - Make sure you have text messages on for this one.  What 
happens here is a woman tells you the direction of the room where the bombs 
are planted and how many you have to find.  You need to move quickly, so ignore 
the enemies, unless it's on your way.

Destroy Security System - I like this mission's name, mouth.  Anyway, this 
mission has many enemies, so bring some ammo.  It has many paths, so I'll 
tell ya where to go, by turns.  It goes left, right, left, right, left, right, 
second right, left, up, right.  Careful!  Once you blow up the target, 
everything goes red and alarms go off.  Why all the sudden you ask?  Because 
they hate you.  But, you need to escape, so follow my instructions backwards.

Enter Waste-Treatment Plant - OW, HOT HOT HOT!  First of all, it's 740 degrees 
in there, so you'll need a decent radiator.  Also, the grenade-toting MTs 
don't help.  But, you can blow up the floor, which is fun.  Just don't fall 
into the hot stuff at the bottom.  I have yet to see someone fall into there 
on accident.

Raven Assessment - Same area as the last one, except the floors are completely 
there.  Also, the AC you have to fight is a hover type, so if you blow a path 
to the bottom and knock him down there with incredible skill, he won't die.  
He'll float around on top and laugh at your arss as you attempt not to burn.  
He takes quite a lot of ammo, so bring ammo to fight him with.  Later, if 
you want, you can attempt to destroy him with a laserblade while he's on the 
bottom.  I didn't have a choice the first time. @

Old Gal

Attack the Storage Complex - You may need the text message for this one.  
They'll tell you which elevator to take when you clear a floor of enemies.  
Find the elevator with the right numbers on it and your home free.  Many 
enemies, may need more ammo.

Defend the Materials Cache - This is simple.  You destroy one wave, the people 
on the roof tell you how many get past them.  Destroy them, and then they'll 
talk to you again.  It happens one more time, but it's kind of worse.

Defend Storage Complex - Easy, destroy all opposition.

Eliminate the Search Team - Alright, you could make a mistake here.  After 
you destroy a certain amount of your targets, two ACs will appear.  Ignore 
them for now.  Later, after you acquire the skills and parts you need, you 
can go back and kill them, but for now, leave them alone.  If you happen to 
lock on to one, just ignore it and finish the mission. @ x 2

Eliminate Patrolling AC - Alright, you need something that won't destroy 
everything in sight for this mission.  You need to minimize the destruction 
of boxes and such.  The AC you fight is a reverse-joint type, althought that 
makes no difference.  He has a flamethrower equipped, so staying away might 
be the best idea.  Anything else isn't really a concern. @

Takeover Military Warehouse - Don't blow the boxes up, destroy everything 
you can get a lock on.

Horwick Mountains

Attack the Airbase - Fairly simple.  Your objective is to blow up the bomber.  
It's located on the third mountain, so work your way over there, blowing 
things up if you think you have the ammo.  Once to the mountain, go into the 
door on the side of it that's farthest to the left (it should have a 99 on 
it).  Go through, and once you come to another door, you need to fight an 
AC.  He uses the dual machine gun arms in intervals.  Not very challenging, 
unless you have a bad AC.  Once he's dead, destroy the bomber.  If you want 
to get the part, when you get to the second mountain, go to the door on the 
far right.  Go through and take the elevator up.  Destroy the boxes on the 
right and claim your prize. @*

Destroy Radar Array - The neat thing about this mission is the enemies.  
Nothing shoots at you.  Instead, these huge missiles come and try to ram into 
you.  Make sure not to get hit, as just one could easily strip off 1000 AP.  
Avoid or destroy these, and at the same time, destroy the big radars.  If 
you can't find one, use your map.

Defend the Airbase - This is one of the first "survival" missions of the game.  
Just stand on your little ledge, and blow up the incoming planes.  You'll 
notice they never stop coming.  If you stay alive until the timer runs out, 
and your def. Target is alive, then you'll complete the mission.

Eliminate Trespassing AC - Alright, kind of a long one, but few enemies.  You 
go through until you reach an elevator.  It's a slow hunk of junk, so you'll 
just have to be patient.  Once it stops, fund a large tunnel like the one 
you came from.  Go through it, and down another elevator.  Then, you'll find 
another tunnel, but in the end of this one is what looks like a huge trench.  
Jump in and you'll be notified of an AC.  Once you get to the bottom, he'll 
be there.  If you can't see him, don't just stand there.  He has the insanely 
large missiles that cause lots of damage.  Fly around and find him.  He's 
got low armor, so he shouldn't be that much of a challenge. @

Intercept Mine Intruders - Get some decent boosters and a good generator, 
you'll be flying a lot.  There are several enemies, so prepare with ammo as 
well.  There's no real threat, just go through and make sure to kill off 

Zearm Desert

Destroy Insertion Team - This is more of a fun mission.  You will need ammo 
though.  When it starts, there will be pods falling everywhere.  Do your best 
and destroy them before they reach the ground.  If they reach the ground, 
no biggee.  They'll pop out of the pods and shoot at you, but they're weak.  
Two waves.

Eliminate Raven - This is difficult.  It says you only need to fight one AC, 
but it's really three.  One is armed with a weak rifle, another with missiles, 
and another more dealy one, armed with grenade launchers.  They'll all gang 
up on you at once, but try to concentrate your attack on one AC at a time.  
Doing so will reduce their firepower.  If you can, try to find which one has 
grenades, as it will cause you the most damage.  I'm not sure what else to 
say except bring powerful weapons and hope for the best. @ x 3

Attack the Terrorists - As far as the MTs go, they suck.  The only problem 
here is that they have an ultra-powerful bomber flying around.  Ignore the 
bomber, and destroy the MTs.  You can blow up the bomber for a nice little 
addition, but the damage cost it will cause usually isn't worth it.  Make 
sure to stay in motion when the bomber is near.

Destroy Massive MT - This mission should be called "Destroy the Massive Dick 
Armed With Every Kind of Highly Damaging Attack Imaginable".  He is a big 
meanie.  But, I know his weakness.  You need three things, the dual back 
vertical missile launcher, the increased lock-on range Opt Part, and the 
Faster Lock Opt Part.  Now, when it starts, run and hide behind a building.  
Face the direction in which he'll be coming from.  Once he's close enough, 
lock on to the center target.  As soon as it clicks, fire.  You should be 
able to do this twice.  Afterwards, find another building and repeat the 
process.  I know this method is cowardly, but there seems to be no other way 
to kill him.  He may shoot his orbiters at you, and those will hit.  That 
should be all the damage you sustain, unless his missiles wrap around, which 
sometimes happens.

Training Exercise - 8 MTs shoot little purple shots at you.  Easy.

Training Rematch - Same as last time, but this time there are three big white 
guys and four non-moving grenade launchers.  The Grenade launchers take some 
time to kill, and their shot hurt a lot.  The white guys shoot missiles and 
punch.  Punching is annoying, as you cannot move in-between punches.  Overall, 
average difficulty.

Reactivate Facility Gates - Long mission, bring ammo.  Keep an eye peeled 
for cracked walls, floors, and ceilings.  Press select to see where the target 
is, but there won't be a straight path to it.

Infiltrate Weapons Facility - Go through and kill things.  There are some 
laser-shooters on the ceiling that die quickly.  The big green things don't 
cause to much damage per shot, but they live for a long time.

Destroy Top-Secret Unit - No enemies but the Gigantic MT.  He is at a 
disadvantage though.  He is being built, and is restrained by equipment.  You 
can use this by going up to his head and killing that first.  Because of where 
you are, the arms can't hit you, but you can hit them.

Burroughs Hill

Eliminate Outlaw Organization - Another easy one.  All that's here are some 
tanks and one AC.  Kill all the tanks you can quickly.  The AC has missiles 
and a slug gun.  He's a tank type that loves to overboost.  Fight with whatever 
method you see fit.  @

Recover Research Materials - I call this mission "invasion of the 
crickets-beetles".  When the mission starts, there will be nothing in the 
crater.  Eventually, you'll be told of Bioreadings.  These are beetle-like 
things that jump REALLY high.  They're weak though, so this shouldn't pose 
much of a challenge.

Attack Secret Warehouse - This mission is neat.  It's long, but the neat thing 
is that there are two neat AC ammo resupply stations.  They look like little 
neat yellow trucks.  Go up and press circle and they'll neatly resupply you.

Eliminate the Bureau Forces - Remember the purple MT you fought in Attack 
Secret Warehouse?  Well, it's back, and it's brought a few friends.  Just 
give it your all, and you'll do fine.  Be careful of mines, they hurt.  NOTE: 
for the  people that have played the original AC2, this mission takes place 
at the end of the Stop the Surface Weapon mission.  Pretty neat.

Rescue the Trapped Indies - You fight more of those "two in one" MTs here.  
You know, they fly until they die, then they fall so destroy them all.  Cheap.  
Just protect the guys from dieing.  If just one makes it out, you'll win.

Eliminate the Raven - First off, kill the first one, but don't try to waste 
all of your ammo on him.  After you blow him to pieces, another will appear.  
He's a lot more dangerous.  He uses the most powerful arm weapon in the game, 
and can easily take off 1000 AP per shot.  Just fly around and blow him to 
pieces. @ x 2

Thorn Garden

Attack Abandoned Facility - Baby Baby.  Kill everything in the room you're 
in.  Easy.

Eliminate Biological Menace - When you start, go through the level normally 
until you reach a hole in the ground.  Be careful, because once you land and 
shatter a window, you'll be facing the ultimate bug.  What I did, is I got 
real close to him and chopped him to bits with a powerful laserblade.  If 
you try to fight him long-range, he'll shoot grenade launchers shots out of 
his mouth.  You can beat him that way, it's just harder.

Eliminate Unmanned Weapons - Go through here with ease.  The enemies aren't 
tough.  There are some blowupable walls, and you'll need to blow up most of 
them.  Not to difficult.

Shutdown Nuclear Shelter - In this mission, you first need to drop to the 
bottom.  Once there, you'll fight a hover-type AC.  I believe he is optional, 
but it doesn't really matter.  He's weak, destroy him if you wish.  After 
that, go through the white door.  Destroy the target, but when you do, the 
alarms go off and the big doors close, meaning you have to take the long way 
back.  I recommend ignoring the purple things.   They give you a special 
addition though.  You will reach rooms with an elevator.  The elevator is 
deactivated.  You need to fly during those rooms.  Just continue on through 
the level and hope you make it out in time. @

Assist Research Team - In this mission, there are little flying things that 
you need to protect.  Go on through and destroy the enemies, making sure not 
to let them kill your def. targets.

Clear the Disposal Facility - There's something you'll notice once you begin 
this mission, your AP is dropping VERY rapidly.  You can prevent this by 
destroying the generators that emit the purple gas.  Your map should have 
them labeled as to where they are.  Just move quickly and hope for the best.  
I recommend destroying the generators before the disorder units.  There is 
a chance of dieing, so save.

Remove Occupant in Facility - This is fairly simple.  Go through and destroy 
things.  Save some ammo because you need to fight an AC at the end.  He has 
a slug gun and something else non-deadly.  Just do what you can. @

Old Avalon

Special Arena Appearance - Zaltehook.  He is the biggest, fastest, most 
dangerous AC you'll ever face.  YEAH RIGHT!!  Just bring in Karasawa or 
something of that nature and pick him apart.  If he kills you with his energy 
machine gun, you deserve it. @

Special Arena Rematch - Once again, you need to fight the ultimate queer.  
He's a wuss again, but he did change his arm weapon.  Now its a laser-shooting 
gun.  It causes decent damage and shoots fairly rapidly.  There are things 
on the ceiling that shoot you, but these can be easily destroyed if you wish.

Eliminate AC - This one's for the original AC players.  You'll notice a slight 
resemblence to a certain rival from the PSX games.  This is Nine-ball, the 
original.  Only this time, he's a lot stronger.  You'll need a lot of ammo 
and strong weapons to defeat him.  The first time I beat him, I used Karasawa 
and picked him apart.  There are several ways, you'll just have to find one 
yourself. @

Terminate Raven - This is misleading.  You interupt two AC's battle and they 
really don't appreciate that.  They gang up on you and they aren't fun either.  
You should defeat the big one first, as he can cause more damage.  Stay away 
from the fast one, he has double laserblade arms and they hurt lots.  Just 
give it your all and yuo'll eventually defeat them. @ x 2

Earth Central

Rescue VIP - This is the one and only "sneak around" mission I've ever done.  
You need to make sure that noone sees you.  Run, don't boost, around and make 
sure there are building between you and your enemies.  You do need to kill 
them, but you have a little time before they blow up your objective so use 
it wisely.  Destroy them as fast as you can.  DO NOT run through the middle 
at the beginning.  doing so will cause you to fail.  Run around the building 
to your left instead.  Just be careful.

Eliminate Unmanned Weapons - BRING A LASERBLADE.  I cannot stress that enough.  
You, most likely, will run out of ammo.  There are lots and lots of disorder 
units here, so make sure you prepare accordingly.

Eliminate Intruder - This can be tough if you let it.  Destroy the two little 
MTs before doing anything.  Then, give it your all against the AC.  If he 
gets lucky, then you're just going to have to live with that.  I think he's 
not that tough, but I've seen him do some pretty crazy crap. @

Colnart Bay City

Defend the Shipyard - There are little wussy ships that you need to stop before 
they cross the line of little lights behind you.  It can be tough, just don't 
fall into the water, even a little.  Use your radar, it helps.

Escort Transport Convoy - This is simple, just stand on one of the vehicles 
and shoot everything you can get a lock on.

Disarm the Explosive Devices - This can be difficult.  You need to go under 
the bridge and disarm the bomms under there.  They are on the little support 
beams.  Also, these things shoot missiles at you that stall you.  That could 
cause you to fall into the ever-so-deadly water.  A hover-type will help a 
whole lot for this mission.

Destroy Submarine - I hate this mission.  A hover-type really helps.  Destroy 
everything around you first.  Then, go chop the submarine to all heck.  While 
chopping, you'll hear the person say that there is an AC.  Finish destroying 
the Sub before fighting the AC. @

Probe Balena's Defenses - No money?  But why?  I'll tell you, because 
everything you kill gives you money.  So, Just go on frenzy.  Jump around 
like a penguin attempting to fly and kill stuff.  Try to last a long as you 
can, because you need to last a certain time limit to get a secret part.  You 
can leave anytime you wish.  *

Attack Coastal Defenses - This can get annoying.  You need to destroy the 
little cannons.  The thing is though, you can't shoot them when they're behind 
the doors.  So, you have to go around and wait until the doors open.  The 
last one doesn't have much of a choice, mind you!

Balboa City

Attack Spaceship Dock - Time for another Survival.  Just destroy as many as 
you want, making sure you can survive for the allotted time.

Destroy Space Transport - You need to move quivkly through this mission.  
Killing things is optional.  Once you find the Spaceship, destroy the targets 
before it can leave.

Defend Development Lab - One AC that's armed with powerful energy weapons.  
My advice (as if you need it) is to avoid his shots and shoot him in the process. 

Attack the Train - In this mission, you need to blow up all the cars on the 
train before it gets away.  The engine and the Caboose take more to kill, 
so make sure you focus on those more, but don't forget about the other cars.


Infiltrate the Ancient Ruins - Can be fun.  Go through and kill everything.  
In the process, try to kill the boxes and stuff for an extra reward.

Attack the Storage Depot - You go through, trying to locate all the big, white 
containers.  Look for cracked walls, as they can be torn down.

Eradicate Unidentified Units - Your goal is to destroy all the disorder units.  
Kill everything in the room you started in.  Then, a wall will blow and more 
DUs will come out.  Pass them and go through the hallway.  You find a big 
generator.  Blow it up, and then kill the leftover DUs.  Before you know it, 
you've made apple pie.

Wait a minute, it'll happen.

Attack Zio Matrix Patrol - Destroy the stupid MTs.  How many of these missions 
are they going to make?

Arctic Battle - A lot like the last one.  Don't worry if a teammate dies.  
Even if they all die, you can finish the mission.  Just do what you can.

Eyelet City

Test New MT Model - This one has a secret part.  All you need to do to get 
it is destroy the MTs as quickly as possible.  I got 45000 dollars in special 
additions and the part, so I'm guessing you need to get that much money.  Don't 
sue me if I'm wrong though.  *

Performance Evaluation - Doing the testing again, only there's no part this 
time.  Just go through, trying not to die.

Prevent Prototype MT theft - You fight two of the MTs you fought last time, 
and a third MT that flies around on the ceiling.  For some reason they seem 
stronger, but you should be able to do it.  

Folk City

Restore Temperature Setting - You'll need a good radiator for this one.  Run 
through the level, make sure to go right on the T turn.  Restore the temp.  
Then, you get to go home and eat cookies for breakfast.

Test Facility's Defenses - Go through and kill everything within about four 
minutes.  I finished with about 2 minutes and 30 seconds left.

Remove Germ Warfare Toxin - Go through and find the temperature control 
thinger mcjabber.  It says TARGET in big yellow letters.  Well, not really 
that big.  Anyway, once you raise the temperature, the heat will begin to 
go up rapidly.  It goes up past 999, so beware.  Press select to find your 
escape point and make a run for it.

Eliminate Hijacker - Lets play Tag.  A good thing to bring on this mission 
is the 1000 shot machine gun.  There will be little suicidal missiles that 
home in on you, and they cause lots of damage.  Be careful of those more than 
anything else.  Kill the MT at the end and you're home free.

Safeguard Stolen Prototype - Fairly easy.  Destroy an AC that sucks.  Just 
make sure he doesn't kill the big tan thing.  @

New Part Acquisition - This one's confusing.  It says that there is an AC 
part in a box.  When you get there, you'll find that there are several boxes.  
If you use your map, you can easily find it.  More the idiots, I'll give a 
little direction.  From the start, go into the door on the right side of the 
first room.  In the next room, go through the door in the far right corner.  
In the next room, the next door is on the same wall of the door you came though, 
just a little to the right.  In the next room, go straight, not right.  In 
the next room, there is a wall that can be destroyed a little bit on the left.  
Blow it up to find two boxes.  The farthest box has the part.  *(need to buy 
from shop after the mission)

Scissors Forest

Defend the Fortress - Fly around and protect the fortress by destroying 
everything you can get a lock on.

Destroy Missile Batteries - Super-ultra easy mission.  Go around and hack 
away at the targets.

Escort AC Parts Transport - This mission is easy, unless you want the secret 
part.  What you need to do is hack at the transport at the beginning until 
it blows.  Then, when the AC gets there, guard the part with your life.  Then, 
after the AC dies and the message box pops up, grab the part really quick.  
It's much easier if you wait until you get the AC parts you want, then go 
get the part. @*

Arkot Ocean

Defend Transport Ship - All you do here is fly around and stop your enemies 
from shooting the ship.  Once the ship completes repairs, it's clear skies.

Destroy the Transport Ships - Easy, go to the ships and destroy all targets, 
which there are only a few of.

Escort Transport Plane - Super-easy, stand on the plane and blow up incoming 
enemies.  There a quite a few though.  They all seem to come from behind the 
ship though.

Escort Airborn Transports - A little odd, since you need to fly back and forth 
between the planes.  Be careful not to forget about the other one.  Lots of 

Airborne Attack - I rather like this mission because it can be difficult, 
yet fun.  Your objective is to destroy the four Planes.  You need to destroy 
four targets on each plane to destroy them.  I like to chop them, but do 
whatever you like to do.  I also use rockets for this, so you don't get a 
lock on the other crap.

Destroy Government Fleet - You start off on a sub, which you leave behind 
and hop from ship to ship destroying everything in your path.

Attack the Ocean Base - Just go around and kill everything.  You may need 
to watch out for the grenade launchers though.  They can cause decent damage.  
Challenge yourself by attempting to kill everything before the time runs out.

Attack the Bureau's Base - Accept mission...check.  Destroy everything in 
my path...check.  Do laundry......crap.

Defend the Ocean Base - Now you're defending this base you tried so hard to 
destroy.  Anyway, take out the flying things and everything on the carrier.  
Easy as...how does it go again?  Chicken? (sorry bout the corniness)


Destroy Security Detail - Fairly simple.  Go through, making sure to kill 
everything.  When you get to the last room, kill the MTs that just stand there.  
Destroy the one that flies around like a panzy last, as you will acquire a 

Free Rapture Orbit Elevator - Big, wait...understatement.  Let's try 
HUMONGOUSLY GIGANTIC OBESE disappointment.  Obese?  Anyway, go through the 
mission and destroy the first AC.  Then, continue on and eventually you'll 
be healed.  Then, go through the big doors and kill two more ACs.  Every single 
one of these ACs suck like a woman with no teeth.  On the brightside, it gives 
you the Overweight ability, which is much easier to make ACs on this game 
with. @ x 3

Lost Field

Explore Uncharted Region - Stinger is back, and he's come back with a vengence.  
He really isn't that tough.  Just don't be chopped by him though.  Ouch. @

Revisit Uncharted Region - Phantasma is back, and this is the most pathetic 
fight for how much money you make for it.  First, he fires the big frigger 
missiles.  Those are so slow a tank can dodge them.  He fires grenades at 
you, that should be one of the two things that might actually hit.  The other 
thing is he fires vertical missiles that sometimes bite, but you shouldn't 
need to worry.  The last thing is his ultimate attack which I call Rainbow 
Burst.  You can tell when he's using it because he makes funny noises *snort*.  
When he lets go of the blast, it will shoot off several, multi-colored shots.  
Dodge these at all costs.  They only cause about 5000 damage if you're lucky.  
I'm not exaggerating either.  Just fly up a bit and you'll be fine.  All in 
all, he sucks, kill him, now. @

Another method to kill Phantasma is to equip a flamethrower.  Then, when he 
does Rainbow burst, Jump on him right before he releases it.  Then, look down 
and burn him all to hell.  The thing to be careful about is to not move once 
on top of him.  Doing so will prompt him to use his big missiles.  At that 
range, they can't do squat.  The neat thing is, if you're point blank when 
he does Rainbow Burst, it can't hit you.  So you can chop him or whatever.  
Use your imagination.  (Thanks to [email protected] for that little 

Destroy Designated Target - Ultimate Nine-ball...hatred swells.  Many of you 
will remember him from MOTA for the PSX.  Compared to what he is now, the 
MOTA one is a little white mouse.  First off, he'll transform into a ship 
and fly around faster than any overboost.  While he's doing that he'll fire 
off several waves of somewhat difficult to dodge missiles.  When he lands, 
he can shoot a chain gun that does about 300 damage per hit.  Pray for that 
attack only.  He now has, somehow, a dual MOONLIGHT.  It's much...MUCH more 
damaging though.  He also has a little pulse cannon that hits for 500 a shot.  
If you beat him in MOTA, you probably remember using the WM-AT missiles that 
killed him in two shots.  That doesn't work with the remake of those missiles, 
the EWM-FIN-800.  He just dodges the missile.  He laserblade shoots twice.  
He heat-seeks with his laserblade like nothing else.  His aim in nearly always 
dead on.  He has beyond 9999 AP.  He never runs out of ammo.  He never stops 
for anything.  He doesn't overheat.  He doesn't catch fire.  He never runs 
out of energy.  So, how do you beat him?  Well, I'll tell you how I did it.  
I strapped on the Dual Clip (60% extra ammo), Karasawa, and the new laserblade.  
I did not even attempt to laserblade.  All you need to do is keep 
moving/hopping everywhere.  Put on the extra Armor Extension to reduce the 
damage he inflicts.  Just attempt to keep a lock and fire all the shots you 
can.  I can't seem to find an easier way, but I'll keep trying.  Once defeated, 
you'll get some of the coolest parts in game and bragging rights.  To defeat 
him using my method, you need to get lucky.  I'm not sure if you will, but 
you just might.

I did. @

VS Missions

Team Versus Team - More of a simple VS match.  You have a few MTs fighting 
with you.  You get special additions for destroying your opponents MTs.

Attack Patrol Team - Just go on through and destroy everything you can see, 
with the exception of the person you're fighting with.  The more things you 
kill, the more money you get.

Eliminate Terrorists - You each travel in seperate paths until you reach a 
room with a AC in it.  I use this one for races.

Target Elimination - I like this mission.  You each have the same objectives, 
but you're assigned from different companies, so you're enemies!  Just 
destroy the queer AC that fights in there as well.

Arena - Here's the mission a lot of people will like.  You each have an AC 
to fight in seperate arenas.  That seems basic, but the neat thing is, if 
you finish killing the AC before your friend does, you can go visit him and 
gang up on one AC.  Cool, eh?

Enter Underground Facility - Just go through and destroy things.  You work 
as a team and kill all the opponents you encounter.

Pursue the Train - Player one needs to chase a train and destroy one car.  
The second player tries to stop him.  Switch back and forth and see if it's 
just skill or difficulty that wins this mission.

Defend the Train's Cargo - Each player takes a side of the tunnel and destroys 
the oncoming enemies.  I dislike this one.

5.  AC Configs

All configs are underweight and can be used with all the weapons from the 
orginal AC2.

Name: Flare
Core: ZCL-XA/2
Arms: ZAN-303/S
Legs: ZLN-XA2/FF
Boosters: ZBT-Z1/ARTERE
Generator: HOY-B1000
Radiator: RRX-COT-GK10
Extension: ZEX-RS/HOUND
Back R: 

Name: Mist
Core: ZCL-XA/2
Arms: ZAN-303/S
Boosters: ZBT-Z1/ARTERE
Generator: HOY-B1000
Radiator: RBG-CM6
Extension: BEX-BD150
Back R: 

Name: Rayo
Head: ZHD-2000/SV
Boosters: ZBT-GEX/3000
Generator: HOY-B1000
Radiator: RRX-COT-GK10
Extension: BEX-BAMS-287
Back R: EWC-CNG4000
Arm R: 
Arm L: 

7.  Legal Stuff

Copywrite 2001 David "Dave" Unknown
Material from this FAQ may be used on other sites ONLY if permission is given 
by me.  E-mail me to ask.

8.  Contacts

[email protected] - That's me.  If you find an error or want me to post your 
way of finishing a mission, then go right ahead.  I like getting e-mail, it 
makes me feel special.  You can also write me if you want something a little 
more specific than what I gave.  I also have a different version of this FAQ.  
It's just a little more flashy.

[email protected] - My friend who has also beat this game.  He 
can help you if I don't respond for some reason.

http://communities.msn.com/ArmoredCoreOrganization - A site I created.  A 
lot of people get help here.  Also, join if you want to be a helper as well.  
Very active.

www.gamefaqs.com - Excellent place for almost every game.  I found some VERY 
old Computer games here.  Very impressive.

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