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 Monster Data

1. Inroduction
2. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Review
3. Monster Data
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Credits
6. Copyright

1. Introduction

Knowing your Monster Data is Good Because you can learn alot about your monsters in 
a very short time monster data is simple and complicated all together. Monster data 
can be moves a monster learns, or what resistaces they have, to how quickly their 
stats are altered when growing! Knowing your monster data helps you build an 
outstanding team. So now you know how important knowing your monter data is see the 
next chapter to learn about your game and a bit of what you're up against and then 
Take in some monster data!

2. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Review

This a review of DWM2. 

Platform: Gameboy Color                            Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 is the 
Publisher:Enix VideoGames                          sequel to Dragon Warrior monsters.
Developer:-                                        The object of this RPG is to make
Release Date:-                                     a winning team and breed or 
Genre:  Action / Adventure                         befriend all 300 
monsters.                                          Nintendo and Enix teamed up to 
ESRB: Everyone                                     make this action and adventure 
                                                   RPG. ESRB Rates this game E, for 
                                                   Mild Language and Mild Violence.
3. Monster Data

This section will be VERY long and will be very slow to be upgraded please bare with 
me I'll begin work on this part of my guide as soon as I get the rest of it done and 
get all the missing info in.

4. Frequenly Asked Questions
Q= Question
A= Answer

Q Where can I get more monster data?
A An Awesome place to get more than just monster data is

Q When does monster data come in handy?
A In a fight! You'll know your opponent's weaknesses and your monsters resistances. 
The easiest, quickest, and most intelegent way to develop a winning plan and carry 
it out.

Q Is Monster data important in the begining of the game?
A Not particularly. Unless you wanna hurry up and make a killer hard to beat team!

Q will this area of your guide be continuously updated?
A Yes. 

Q What do I do if i want to send you my information to you?
A E-mail me, [email protected] 
5. Credits 
Me For my strength in RPGs for pulising my guide for information
6. Copyright 
copyright Paul Gavin 2002

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