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2.   Q. How do I unluck the colors of kirby in air ride mode?
      A. Brown- use wing star to beat Zeroyon Attak 2 in 30 seconds or less.
          Green- eat three swordknights and then beat a race.
          White- beat a two-lap race in Vallerion in 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less.
          Purple- Beat a two-lap race in Airoon under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
      Q. How do I unlock Meta Knight and King DeeDee in city trial and air ride mode?
      A. To unlock Meta Knight, in ONE round in city trial, destroy 1000 boxes(or more). For King DeeDee, you 
must defeat King DeeDee in event 24. In air ride mode, to get kind Deeee you must beat 1000 enemies. For 
meta knight, fly in air mode for 30 minutes (it doesnt have to be in a row, it adds all the time you have ever 
      Q. How do I unlock the colors of kirby in city trial and mode?
      A. Brown- use the heavy star to beat Sandoola in 1 minute and 30 seconds or less
          Green- use the cannon to destroy and enemy (can be CPU or human) ten times
          White- Build dragoon and hydro in one round
           Purple- destroy an oponent machine 5 times. 
      Q. How do get dragoon in free run? 
      A. You must go through the rings 5 times or more (it doesn't have to be in a row, but must be in the same 
round), next, in high jump, glide higher than 6300 feet in the air, and finnaly, in air glider, glide more the 
6500 feet.
      Q. How do I get off my machine?
      A. Press A and DOWN.  
      Q. How do I unlock Galax in air ride mod?
      A. Complete 100 laps on any level
      Q. Where are most of the dragoon or hydra pieces in city trial?
      A.  They are in red boxes. All the boxes that dont contain hydra or dragoon pieces dissapear after a while, 
but boxes with them never dissapear. Sometimes, the normal boxes get rubbery and start boncing, but these 
dont bounce ever.
      Q. What does the UFO give me?
      A. You find a LOT of items, like ALLS(which are VERY rare to find), and other very useful stuff. 

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