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                     ===----ENTER THE MATRIX----===
                             MULTIPLAYER FAQ


Game:                       Enter the Matrix
Publisher:                  Atari/Shiny Entertainment
Platform:                   XBOX
Author:                     Sun_Lizard
Version:                    0.1
Last updated:               20 May 2003
E-mail:                     [email protected]


1. Introduction
2  Unlocking the Multiplayer Section
3. What is the Multiplayer Matrix
4. Level/Character Description
5. Move List/Damage
6. Credits
7. Copyright Information

                                Version History

v 0.1 -- This is it.  Mistakes included...


1.                               Introduction


  First, forgive any mistakes contained herein.  This is my first wallop at 
creating a FAQ. Since this game has been out only about 5 days, I'm sure more 
information will come to light in the coming days.  I'll update as frequently
as I am able. All that being now said, on with the FAQ...

  Enter the Matrix, written and 'directed' by Andy and Larry Wachovski, broaches
the fading line between entertainment mediums.  Coupling the storyline between
Matrix movies (The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded) and the Animated backstory 
elements (The Animatrix: Flight of the Osiris) the Enter the Matrix game provides
insight and further deepens the plot of the Matrix world.  Although not integral 
to the story line the Multiplayer element of Enter the Matrix, provides a 
diversion for gamers and lets you play out some fantasy battles between Matrix 

 The Multiplayer mode is unlocked through the >Hacking< option on the main screen.
A brief synapsis of how to unlock the Multiplayer sections is outlined below.


2.               Unlocking the Multiplayer Section    

  Although this is not a >Hacking< FAQ, but I believe it may be necessary to 
cover how to unlock the Multiplayer Section to avoid questions on it later.

A.  From the beginning: (my assumption here is that you are starting with a 
                         fresh save game.)
    1. Select >Hacking< from the Main Menu screen.
    2. Choose your Save Game
    3. "Press Any Key to Continue" Can't find the Any Key?  Use the 'A' button
    4. Enter 'DIR' at the Prompt... it now appears in your Command List
    5. Use the Left Trigger to select DIR, and choose the 'A:\' drive.
    6. Use the Left Trigger to select DIR, and choose the 'A:\TOOLS\' drive.
    7. Enter 'LOGIN' at the Prompt... it now appears in your Command List,
    8. LOGIN requests a password.  The password GUEST will allow you to access
       the 'B:\' drive.
    9. Use the Left Trigger to select DIR, and choose the 'B:\' drive.
   10. Use the Left Trigger to select DIR, and choose the 'B:\TOOLS\' drive.
   11. Use the Left Trigger to select DIR, and choose the 'A:\TEXT\' drive.
   12. Type 'READ' at the Prompt... it now appears in your Command List.
   13. Use the Left Trigger to select READ, and choose the 'A:\TEXT\NOTEZ.TXT' 
   14. Type 'VIRTUAL' at the Prompt.
   15. Enter the Password (FROZENFISH).
   16. You now have 60 seconds to solve the puzzle.  Here's a hint, the cursor 
       start on the middle square always.  Press the 'A' button to change the tile
       one time and match the rest of the tiles to the center tile.  You are after
       the RED solution.  If you get the blue solution, type TRACEKILL before the 
       timer expires.
   17. Once you have the RED solution, you will have access to the 'V:\' drive
   18. Use the Left Trigger to select DIR, and choose the 'V:\' drive.
   19. Use the Left Trigger to select DIR, and choose the 'V:\TOOLS\' drive.
   20. Type 'PORTKEY 942', this will connect you to the LOGOS and Sparks.
   21. Answer his qestions as you see fit.
   22. When he gives you the EMP.EXE program... you are in.  You have unlocked
       the MULTIPLAYER Section. (Sparks tells you he has unlocked a little present
       for you.)
   You will need to plug another Xbox Controller into the Console, to actually be
   able to play Multiplayer. So go ahead and do that now.
   23. Type 'EXIT' at the Prompt.
   24. Yes, you want to save your progress.

       select >Load<
   26. Select the game you saved your progress under.
   27. Press Left in LEVEL SELECT until you go past the Post Office level.
   28. You are in... Multiplayer.

B.  Alternately, you can unlock the Multiplayer section by entering the >Hacking<
Section and entering 'CHEAT D5C55D1E' then saving your progress.  
But who wants to cheat anyway.?


3.                    What is the Multiplayer Matrix?


 No big mystery once you're in there but the Multiplayer section allows you
to control some of the Matrix Characters and duke it out 1 on 1 until you get
tired. Of whipping the snot out of one another.

A. Here are some unfortunate facts about Multiplayer mode:
   -- There is no FOCUS.
   -- You can kick, block, throw, reverse, and dodge.  Thats about it.
   -- Once in Multiplayer the only way out is to >Quit< by selecting it from the
     start menu.  (COME on Shiny, you could have done better than that.)
   -- You can only choose the Level, not the character.  Characters selection is
      implicit in the level selection.
  There are a few pluses though:
   -- You can fight as Agent Smith.
   -- Trinity looks good, even for a Video game.. and you can Control her.... 
   -- I bet you've never seen a Firebird take on a Caprice Classic like this.

B. Your options, once at the Multiplayer Screen are:
      >The Subway<
      >The Dojo<
      >The Pit<
      >The Ballroom<
      >The Bedroom<
      >The Atrium<
      >The Alleyway< 

   More on these below.


4.                    Level/Character Description

As a general rule, all Multiplayer levels will show the health status of
each player in the bottom corner of his respective side.  Player heath is 
represented as a 'life bar' and a percentage of 100.  The middle bottom of the 
screen displays each sides win total as a ratio.  Fighting takes place in an
infinite loop so will continue until you and your buddy get tired.

A. The Subway -- Morpheus vs. Agent Smith
  IMHO, this is the best re-construct of any of the levels.  This is the  
Original Agent Smith vs Neo Subway Battle Scene from The Matrix (movie).  
The bad news is, no Neo.  The good news is, Morpheus rocks.  
Morpheus-- dressed in black leather duster from The Matrix
Agent Smith -- standard black suit and Raybans.

B. The Dojo -- Niobe vs. Trinity
   Once again, a re-constituted level from The Matrix. (Neo vs. Morpheus training 
Dojo.) For those hardcore fans out there, it also seems this is a standard 
Dojo for Zion's flee (as seen with Thaddeus and that hottie from the Last Flight 
the Osiris Animatrix Episode.)  Niobe vs. Trinity in an all out cat fight.
Trinity -- Tight Leather outfit from The Matrix
Niobe --

C. The Pit -- Seraph vs. Ballard
   Straight from the basement of Chateau level where you have to fend off Cujo 
in Enter The Matrix.  This time its the apoligizing bullet-proof monk vs. Capt 
Ballard.  One very strange aspect of this fight is that it seems to take place 
about half-Focus speed.  I'm not sure if this is a feature or a flaw, but it makes
for a little different fighting.
Seraph -- White Linen Gi jacket over black trousers
Ballard -- Red Suit and Raybans

D. The Ballroom -- Niobe vs. Ghost
   In the Ballroom of The Merovingian's Chateau from Enter the Matrix. Niobe 
and Ghost get the oppurtunity to knock each other around instead of helping 
each other out.
Ghost -- Standard Ghost outfit. Duster and shades.
Niobe -- Red alligator skin coat outfit.

E. The Bedroom -- Cujo vs. Vlad
   Persephone's bedroom from The Merovingian's Chateau level in  Enter The Matrix.
Cujo and Vlad get it on Evil Dead style.
Cujo -- Shirtless and wearing leather pants.
Vlad -- Goth boy with Karate Kid styling. 
F. The Atrium -- The Sewing Woman vs. The Janior
   Yet another room from The Merovingian's Chateau in Enter The Matrix. This 
time the NPCs from the Chinatown level scrap for Best Supporting Extra bragging 
rights.  The Sewing Woman and the Janitor battle to the death in this 
hi-stakes utlimate fighting championship..
The Sewing Woman -- Purple shirt and black pants.
The Janitor -- Orange shirt black pants. 

G. The Alleyway -- Firebird Man vs Police Cruiser Man. 
   The alleyway is from the Chinatown level close to the docks.  The 
combatants here are Firebird Man and Police Cruiser man.  Think you
didn't see them in the the Matrix? Look again. Perhaps not very realistic
but IMHO having a Firebird body check a Caprice Classic ranks pretty high
on the entertainment scale.
Firebird Man -- Metallic Purple, sadly, no hood decal.
PoliceCar Man -- Black and white.


5.                    Move List/Damage


  There are only a few basic movies in Multiplayer fighting although some
may be strung together in limited combos.

    -- Green Button --  Dodge
    -- Red Button   --  Kick
    -- Blue Button  --  Action/Reversal
    -- Yellow Button -  Punch
   Left Thumbstick    ---  Modifier/Move
   Digital Pad        ---  Modifier/Move
   Star Button        ---  Quit/Resume

B. As all the characters essentially have the same moves but somewhat different
animations, I am listing the damage for the basic move set here.  Characters 
with different(special) attacks are denoted.

  ATTACK--------------KEY SEQUENCE-------------DAMAGE----------------------NOTES
  Single Punch          Y                    3-4    %
  Double Punch          YY                   5-10   %               
  Triple Punch          YY                   10-15  %
  Backhand              < + Y                5-7    %
  Elbow/Slapdown        ^ + Y                5-7    %
  Single Kick           B                    3-5    %
  Double Kick           BB                   4-7    %
  Triple Kick           BBB                  12-18  %
  Sweep                 v + B                7-8    %
  Spining Back Kick     < + B                3-5    %
  Throw                 Y + B                12-13  %             * Niobe Sword 
                                                                    throw when 
  Reversal              X (while P2 attacks) 3-10   %            ** Some 
                                                                    will only 
dodge or
                                                                    block even if 
                                                                    is perfect.
  Evade                 ^/v/< + A            0      % 


6.                               Credits

The only pholx I can credit with this FAQ are:
1. The Anopia Team - fr0sty, DickTracy, Weed, scorpion, Jacksoft, CoVerman, Glex25
                     Pasper and the rest. U know who you are.
2. The guy who posted the Multiplayer ulock cheat (not that I ever used anywhere 
   in this FAQ... still, i didn't figure that one out by myself.)
3. My wife for leaving me alone for 8 hours so I could finish it.
4. Shiny Entertainment for doing a reasonably good job of a Movie-Game.
5. for giving this FAQ a home.


7.                               Copyright Information

To use this FAQ in total or in part, do so freely but inform the author by
writing [email protected]

Comments, Recommendations, Concerns, Bitches, Gripes, and Complaints should be
emailed to [email protected]

Enter The Matrix is Copyrighted to Atari Studios/Shiny Entertainment All rights
Reserved. None of the material in this FAQ was used or gained through other 
publications or FAQ files except where otherwise stated.

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