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Hi Everybody. This is a Tips Guide to the online multiplayer portion of MW3
I hope everyone will be able to get some use out of it. One thing I will
say is have fun playing the game and don't get too jumpy about you K/D.

In this guide I will discuss tips to use in game and also some loadout
classes which might be of some use to you. I will also talk a little bit about
my opinion of each gun, and the equipment.

Contents: Search using the characters in the brackets with the brackets from
the contents section.

Version History: (VH)
Contact Info: (CI)
Copyright Notice: (CN)
Custom Loadout Tips: (CLT)
Create-a-Class Loadouts: (CACL)
Weapons Analysis: Weapon Proficiencies: (WAWP)
Weapons Analysis: Primary Weapons: (WAPW)
Assault Rifles: (AR)
Sub Machine Guns: (SMG)
Light Machine Guns: (LMG)
Sniper Rifles: (SR)
Shotguns: (SHOT)
Riot Shield: (RS)
Weapons Analysis: Secondary Weapons: (WASW)
Machine Pistols: (MP)
Pistols: (PIST)
Launchers: (LAUN)
Weapons Analysis: Equipment (WAE)
Lethal Equipment: (LE)
Tactical Equipment: (TE)
Equipment Strategies: (ES)
Weapons Analysis: Attachments: (WAA)
Attachment Strategies: (AS)
Weapons Analysis: Perks: (WAP)
Tier 1: (Blue)
Tier 2: (Red)
Tier 3: (Yellow)
Weapons Analysis: Deathstreaks: (WAD)
Weapons Analysis: Pointstreaks: (WAPS)
Assault Package: (AP)
Support Package: (SP)

Version History: (VH)

Created My FAQ with weapon tips, equipment tips and good create-a-class
loadouts. Credited KOH13 on some of his stuff from his FAQ.

Corrected some punctuation and grammar mistakes to make the guide easier to
understand and also added this version history section. I also added some
extra words and removed others to make sentences make more sense. I also
moved the last line from the M4A1 description and put it on the M16A4
description as it was meant to be there all along.

I have added a section for weapon attachments and I have also added a contents
section so users can use the Ctrl and F function to search for particular
areas. Since Patch 1:05 has been released, I have also updated some of my
weapons analysis info to correspond with some changes I think have been made.
These changes will be reflected in the M16A4 analysis, the Type 95 analysis
and AA-12 analysis. I have also updated the copyright notice and contact info

I have added a perks section and also a pointstreaks and a deathstreaks
section. I have also added the tactical knife and the akimbo attachments to
the attachments section which I missed out last time. I also have a GameFAQs
user contribution which I will add. This will relate to the stinger missile
launcher when destroying strafe runs. So check out the Custom Loadout Tips,
number 4 section for more detail. Also, I have again updated the copyright
notice. I also added a weapon proficiencies analysis that I felt I should
add as the guide feels kind of empty without.

Have updated some of the weapon opinions and added some user opinons in too.
May also be minor grammatical changes. Also added some more Create-a-class
loadouts and tweaked some other loadouts.

Next Version (Don't know):
Not sure if there will be another version as this version kind of covers
everything I can think of. Possibly if I receive more user contributions or
user suggestions for sections, I will update the guide again, but there
shouldn't be any more major changes.

Contact Info: (CI)

My gamefaqs name is Master3203, if anyone wants to contact me about additions
or false things about the guide then you can reach me at
[email protected] In the subject line, please put MW3 Multiplayer Tips
FAQ- Also, please add your username into the email
somewhere that is clearly visible so that I may credit you. Any contribution
emails with usernames not included will not be published. As I mentioned in my
version history, I am think of creating an FAQ section for this guide, so
if you guys and girls out there want any questions about the multiplayer part
of the game answering, then please email me with those too.

Copyright Notice: (CN): 
(Copyright 2011 James O'Brian, alias is Master3203)

This guide is owned by me and may not be redistributed without my 
authorisation. Any violation of this will be deemed as an act of plagiarism
Any sites wishing to feature this guide can contact me on my email address.
Also, any use of the work from this document without permission from me will
also be deemed as unlawful and severe action will be taken. You have been
warned. I will also, if I wish to, retract this FAQ (any version)
from any site without prior notice or make changes without prior notice.
The sites who can use this guide are:
I am not accepting any more site requests at this time so stay tuned for other
updates which don't have this sentence in the copyright notice.

Now onto Business

Custom Loadout Tips: (CLT)

1. If you’re using a stealth class, the perks I recommend would be Blind Eye,
Assassin, and Dead Silence. Good silenced weapons include the UMP45, the ACR
and Scar-L. For all these three guns, you should attach the focus proficiency
to help you stay on target in fire-fights and also, of course, the silencer,
throwing knife and EMP grenade are good ones to use. The pointsreaks should
compliment this class. Use the support package and go for UAV, Counter UAV and 
the Advanced UAV to make sure the enemy can be found and hide you from them.
2. If using a sniper class, then you will want the same pointsreaks as your
stealth class (see 1 for details). You will also want SoH or Scavenger and
either Quickdraw (for quickscopers) or overkill to use an AR. The most
needed one will be the Marksman perk as it is essentials for sniper classes
both regular and pro versions. You will want either Claymores or Bouncing
betties on this class to protect entrances to high snipe points that the 
enemy could use to sneak up on you.

3. If you are going for an explosive class, then I would recommend that you
use a weapon like the ACR or CM901 (which has good iron sights) and attach a
grenade launcher. Use the focus proficiency and have the javelin as your
launcher. Your perks should consist of SoH, Any red perk and steady Aim or
Sitrep. Your deathstreak should be martyrdom (when you unlock it).
The best lethal equipment to have would be the Frag grenade whilst the best
tactical equipment would be either the EMP grenade or the trophy system

4. If you wish to go with an aerial class, the perks are very similar to
your stealth class. Bind Eye and Assassin are essential whereas the third
perk can be up to you. when it is unlocked, the best aerial launcher is the
stinger. Note! when it comes to destroying enemy strafe runs, try to lock-on
to the middle chopper and you will usually take down the one to the left and 
the one to the right of it as well giving you more exp with less ammo.

shaundead77 from adds to this by saying If you aim for helicopters
2 or 4 instead you will then leave 1 and 2 or 4 and 5 to then destroy with your
second stinger Meaning you get a 5 pointstreak just from 2 missiles.
This is especially useful when using the specialist strike package with
hardline as you will get all 3 of your extra perks then at once. Thanks
shaundead77 for this contribution.

Create-a-class Loadouts: (CACL)

These will be in the following format:
Class Number and Title
Primary Weapon + Secondary weapons
Primary Proficiency
Secondary Primary Proficiency (Only if using Overkill perk)
Primary Attachment(s)
Secondary Attachment(s)
Lethal Equipment
Tactical Equipment
Blue Perk
Red Perk
Yellow Perk

Also, these classes are mostly for the Barebones playlist except for the first
two classes which will be an aerial class. If you can use these classes well in
other playlists then great, but I find that non-Barebones lobbies need Blind
Eye and Assassin to work properly because of so many UAV's and helicopters.
So yeah. Classes 3 and onwards are all for Barebones only.

1. Aerial
ACR + Stinger
Silencer (Primary)
Blind Eye

2. Stealth (For all playlists except Barebones)
UMP45 + MP9
Silencer (Primary)
Silencer (Secondary)
Blind Eye
Assassin Pro
Dead Silence

3. Stealth (For Barebones Playlist)
Focus (Primary)
Silencer (Primary)
Silencer (Secondary)
Sleight of Hand Pro
Quickdraw Pro
Dead Silence Pro

4. Sniper
Barrett .50cal + ACR
Stability (Primary)
Focus (Second Primary)
Variable Zoom (Primary)
Silencer (Second Primary)
Bouncing Betty
Portable Radar
Sleight of Hand Pro
Overkill Pro
Marksman Pro

5. Precision
AS50 + MK14
Attachments (Primary)
Focus (Second Primary)
Variable Zoom and Extended Mag (Primary)
Red Dot Sight (Second Primary)
Bouncing Betty
Portable Radar
Scavenger Pro
OverKill Pro
Marksman Pro

6. CQC
Striker + UMP45
Focus (Primary)
Focus (Second Primary)
Grip (Primary)
Trophy System or Flashbang
Scavenger or SoH
Steady Aim

7. M16 or Type 95 (User Preference)
3-round burst  weapon + Striker
Focus (Primary)
Focus or Damage (Second Primary)
ACOG Delta Modifier (Primary)
Grip (Second Primary)
Recon Pro
Overkill Pro

8. Explosive
Focus (Primary)
Grenade Launcher (Primary)
Blast Shield

Weapons Analysis: Weapon Proficiencies: (WAWP)

weapon proficiencies are only used on primary weapons or second primary
weapons if using Overkill. They are a type of upgrade for the gun you are
using and offer a variety of different functions. To unlock each proficiency
type per gun. you must reach particular weapon levels by killing enemies
and completing the weapon challenges for that gun.

Available for all primary weapon types, this a common proficiency for people
to use. It reduces the recoil of the weapon when selected. By how much, I
don't know. Does help a lot. Often used in combination with the silencer to
reduce a guns recoil as much as possible.

This is basically the FMJ attachment from MW2 allowing you to do more damage
through weak materials like "wood, plaster and sheet metal" (Quote from CoD4
when Gaz is training you in the firing range). This is available for all
primary weapon types.

Available for all primary weapons again and is basically the Bling perk from
MW2. However, You can only use this proficiency with your main primary weapon.
It cannot be used with your second primary when you have the Overkill perk on.

Reduces how much you flinch when the enemy shoots you, "allowing you to
stay accurate throughout the fight" (Quote from Marcus in Borderlands). Good
alternative to kick for low recoil weapons like ACR and UMP45.

Holds your breath when ADS'ing like a sniper rifle. I think this is only for
AR's. if using Thermal Sight however, this will be made redundant as you can
hold your breath with thermal anyway and it won't extend the hold breath time.
Only Marksman Pro can extend the amount of time you can hold your breath.

Available for all primary weapons, this proficiency reduces the sway on your
gun. Doesn't reduce it by much, but I think it also reduces the sways speed.
Does not reduce recoil on the gun. Recoil and sway are different.

Increases the weapons effective range and as a result will also increase the
amount of damage you do over the weapons normal range. This proficiency is for
SMG's and Shotguns only.

Increases your melee speed. This is for SMGs, Shotguns and the Riot Shield.
I don't think it is faster than the tactical knife attachment for pistols

Increases your overall movement speed. This is for LMGs, Snipers and the Riot
Shield. Will be a decent proficiency for LMG's and the Shield as they are the
weapons that give you the lowest mobility.

This a shotguns only proficiency. This will increase the amount of per-pellet
damage your shotgun does. Don't think it's too much, but even if it's only 5
per pellet, that's possibly another 30 or 40 damage added on. (As shotguns fire
either 6 or 8 pellets at once, 6x5 is 30 and 8x5 is 40)

Quick strategies here. Use kick for high recoil weapons such as the Shotguns
and LMG's mostly, use the impact proficiency if you're in a lobby that has
a lot of people who like to hide behind cover, use attachments to use what you
like and one other item such as RDS and Silencer. Focus is probably one of
the top 4 and should be used on low-recoil weapons to remain on target. I don't
really use breath, but the only AR's that it would be good on is the MK14.
Melee and Range I don't use a lot, but you should use them if you like knifing
or can't seem to kill the idiots from far away. extra speed is unnecessary in
my opinion, but go with it if you're the type who likes to run and gun.
Finally, if you feel like your shotgun isn't doing enough damage, then put the
damage proficiency on the shotguns.

Weapons Analysis: Primary Weapons: (WAPW)

Assault Rifles: (AR)

I personally find this weapons lacking in the damage area. The weapon, however
is very accurate and has low recoil. Adding an ACOG to this weapon improves
its range and doesn't add too much extra recoil. Good starting weapon if
you don't like three-round bursts. 

Decent starting weapon to begin with. Takes 1-3 bursts to kill someone and
again has low recoil, decent fire rate and good accuracy. If you like
three-round burst weapons, then you will like starting off with this.
However it does seem to have slow ADS unless you put Quickdraw on it.

This weapon is better, in my opinion, than the MW2 Scar-H. It now has a bigger
magazine of 30, it's ironsights are still amazingly good and I think it does
slightly less damage than before as but makes up for it with a slightly better
RoF. When this weapon is unlocked, replace the M4A1 with this. The recoil is
also very manageable, even without the kick proficiency which makes room for
Focus or Attachments.

Smokeyninja1620 of Xbox live actually thinks that this weapon is poor and he
said upon entering first prestige, he left it behind. I really disagree with
him about the Scar-L.

As KOH13 said in his FAQ, the CM901 is a very commonly used piece of
hardware. For good reason. Damage is high, accuracy is good and iron sights
are "uncluttered". The recoil on this gun is noticeable in my opinion
but I use kick on it and it pretty much makes the recoil unnoticeable for me.
A great weapon to silence or for attaching the Hybrid Sight to.

Type 95:
Similar to the M16, but it fires a bit faster and kills in 1-2 bursts. Slightly
more recoil however means you may want to attach the kick proficiency.
Good weapon to silence and has, I think, better iron sights than the M16. This
is the best three-round burst weapon in my opinion. With this, I joined a
barebones lobby and got 19 kills in a row. Unfortunately, due to lobby
restrictions, I couldn't use any pointstreaks, but I still got a massive K/D of
9.5. When using this gun, use the ACOG with the delta sight (the triangle) and
the silencer.

I haven't used this weapon too much in multiplayer because I think there are
better guns out there unlocked before it. It does have quite a bit of recoil
so kick is recommended again, but stick to RDS for sight attachments as the
others almost seem to double the recoil on this gun. As I said, I've only used
this a few times but the four matches I used it in, I performed poorly.

Smokeyninja1620. of xbox live says that a using an RDS and a silencer with this
gun can really help. To manage the recoil, he usually goes single shot with the
weapon. Thanks Smokey for this.

ACR 6.8:
Awesome just like the ACR in MW2. They've added a bit more recoil this time,
but the recoil rating is still the lowest in its class. Tidy ironsights and
strong accuracy compensate for its smaller firepower. Doesn't need kick, so
get using something else like Focus, or Impact for taking out other AR
enemies or people hiding behind cover. (They're just hiding there because
they're scared of your gun). Definitely make a class around this weapon
because it will really help you out when you need it.

The only semi-automatic AR in the game. Capable of two-3 hit kills at med-long
range. In my opinion, the FAL in MW2 was way better than this. In MW2 I would
pull out the FAL and kill enemies with ease. It has gotten alot better since
patch 1.05 and I have seen more people using it too since then. Putting an RDS
and a silencer on this  makes it a fascinating, but deadly stealth weapon.
It is alo good as a Sniping weapon when used with ACOG and also is great as a
Second Primary on sniper classes.

In KOH13's analysis of this weapon, he said the kills he was getting with it
were not good, the recoil is very bad and that goes for both ADS and hip-fire
I disagree slightly. I agree it has high recoil, but as long as you leave kick
on and silencer, it's a beast. Don't use sight attachments though as you will
hardly kill anybody because the recoil increase. Best used for close-to medium

FAD: Not used this weapon properly as I haven't unlocked it yet, but I picked
up what looked like a FAD with no attachments on from a dead enemy and it
worked fairly well, but the problem was that the RoF is so high, I was going
through magazines (even with scavenger pro) like a hot knife through butter.
Unless you can burst fire with this weapon, I would say to stick to other AR's

Smokeyninja1620 from xbox live had this to say about the weapon:
The fad is amazing. The high recoil is easily countered by rapid single shots.
Has a large mag for multiple quick firefights. I prefer the silencer and
extended mag or silencer with focus with this. Full auto at mid range is very
possible once you have adjusted to the gun.

Sub-Machine Guns: (SMG)

Decent starting weapon, second in the SMG class as far as I'm concerned
next to the UMP45. Decent all round stats make this a good gun. Use it if you
want to, but if you want a better k/d, go with the UMP45.


Best SMG in the game. Low recoil, good ironsights and being very good at
Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is the proof. Use the focus proficiency when you
get this to stay on target when being shot at and use silencers to bring the
enemy down stealthily. If you wanted, you could make a CQC class with a
shotgun as your Main Primary, UMP45 as your Second Primary, have steady aim
on and you would be a beast in close range combat.

Fast firing, but not as accurate and damaging as the UMP I'm afraid. Recoil
is quite high but if you're protecting objectives from multiple enemies
at once, this would be a good gun to keep them at bay till the P90 is unlocked.

The SMG with the big clip we all know and love. It has quite low recoil and
is a slightly better version of the PP9OM as it has a bigger clip and less
fire rate, so you don't use as many bullets as quick. Also slightly more
damaging, but not as good as it was in CoD4 and MW2.

Amazingly high recoil coupled with an unbelievable fire rate makes this gun
just a spray and pray SMG. If you do use it, get kick on it, silencer and
keep it for point-blank range only. I died within 3 seconds of starting to
fire the weapon because the magazine emptied and the guy in front killed
me with a quickscope whilst reloading.

Supposedly an upgrade from the MP5. Tried it last week and it's slightly less
damage than the MP5, bit more fire rate and less recoil, but pretty much like
its predecessor.

Light Machine Guns: (LMG)

For most LMG's I would recommend Grip and kick. The MK46 needs Grip and a sight
attachment because of it's weird iron sights. The M60E4 need Grip and Rapid

L86 LSW:
Decent default LMG. I feel it operates more like the HK21 from black ops than
the it did in MW2. Manageable recoil and decent line of sight. Use this until
something better comes along.

Kind of operates and feels like the RPD in previous MW titles. Behaves in
the same way as the RPD, but a bit more recoil and different iron sights.

PKP Pecheng:
An upgrade from the L86. Decent damage, good accuracy and the fire rate is
pretty good too. Use this until you unlock the MK46.

Best LMG in my opinion if you can manage to unlock the Attachments
proficiency with it and use an ACOG and the Grip. Manageable recoil and
high damage make this a formidable opponent to face in mid range combat.

Operates more like the M60 in black ops. Attach the Grip and Rapid Fire
attachments to this using the Attachments proficiency to compensate for
the recoil and low fire rate. This is better for close to medium range
as using a sight attachment for longer range adds a lot of recoil to it.

Sniper Rifles: (SR)

Barrett.50Cal: Best sniper in my opinion as it is a One Hit Knockout (OHKO)
above the groin. The recoil is quite high, requiring a few seconds to recover
breath and return the crosshairs to the centre of your aim. But if you can
manage that then I would recommend you use kick for most of the time until
you unlock Stability to reduce the sway. Also, use Variable Zoom instead of
thermal as thermal sight is more difficult to use than it was in MW2

The Bolt-action version of the Barrett. Same advice here, but I would
recommend you use the Barrett over this unless you are sure you will get
the OHKO. I usually go with Semi-auto Snipers anyway, In MW2 I used the
Intervention, but this weapon isn't as good.

Bigger clip size than the other 2, but also less damage and accuracy.
Headshots are a OHKO, but anything else is 2-3 shots. Recoil isn't bad
though on this making successive shots easier.

Like the Barrett, but less range, less sway and less recoil in my opinion.
Stick with this over the Barrett if your not bothered about the sight range
decrease. When going prone with this sniper. There is hardly any recoil at all
and can do semi-auto fire muich better than the Barrett. Has a small of only 5
however, but has more damage per bullet. than the RSASS.

Double the clip size of a Barrett, less recoil on each shot, less sway,
but 1 hit kills only to the head and neck. This is an upgraded Dragunov
and has faster reload than the Dragunov too. Go with this if you have a fast
trigger finger and you're too impatient to wait for the Barrett's aim to
return to its centre. This is the best sniper in my opinion however.

Similar to the L118A, but with a lot more recoil. Still bolt-action and also
the sway is slightly less.

Shotguns: (SHOT)

Shotguns are your close range beasts. However, sight attachments are
redundant on shotguns because they actually worsen the spread. Steady aim
doesn't just improve the shotguns accuracy, it increases the damage because
steady aim works by tightening the spread. Less spread = more pellets in
tighter space = more damage. But I think IW and Sledgehammer should patch the
shotguns to make them more powerful as they no longer feel like shotguns.
They just feel like a hip fire AR with more than half a dozen pellets coming
out at once.

This shotgun is a good weapon to have as a starting shotgun. The reason for
this is because it is fully automatic, but it's nowhere near as ammo hungry as
the AA-12 and starts out with more ammo than the AA-12 too. With this Shotgun,
you can semi-auto fire faster than the auto fire sometimes. This makes the gun
diverse and is also slightly more accurate than the Striker, making this a
top user. Reloads faster overall due to the mag being reloaded and not
individual pellets, but slower when compared to one or two pellets being

Haven't really used this much except in offline multiplayer, but from what I
can tell of it, it's like a downgraded version of the stakeout in black ops.
Fair damage still means you could get an OHKO, but you may have to be prepared
to fire another 1 or 2 shots to be sure. Overall, it's a decent weapon.

This works just like the MW2 version. Nice pump action, high damage and a bad
attitude. Recoil can be high, so attach the grip. If you like pump-action, then
go with this. But don't swap it for the Model 1887 later on because the model
1887 takes longer to pump the shot and is less accurate.

In my opinion, the AA-12 is pretty similar to the MW2 version there is more
recoil here and slightly less power. Has an overall fast reload system due
to the clip being reloaded at once. This, however, is only when compared to
reloading a whole magazine. when you want to reload 1 pullet. It has a
slower reload time than other shotguns. It can be used like a semi-auto
shotgun as the RoF seems to have been lowered. Use the Grip and
and the Focus proficiency as when you get shot, this gun goes everywhere
except your target.

The only real semi-automatic shotgun. It can take 2-3 shots to kill someone
and the recoil is above average. The MW2 version, in my opinion was better.
It killed more quickly and there was less recoil. Stick to something else.

Model 1887:
Highest damage factor in its class, but the pump is really slow, meaning if
you don't get it on target the first time or get the headshot, you will be
enemy-chow. Relatively okay in terms of overall reload speed, but the MW2
version was way better than this. In MW2, the pump was shorter, damage was
better. Here, It's just a highly powerful, pellet-shooting disaster. 

Riot Shield: (RS)
No much to say. It's a two-three hit kill depending how long you take between
melee hits. The melee action for the shield is rather low, even with the melee
proficiency. Use this only for defensive tactics in objective games to soak up
enemy damage. Also, make sure you crouch and tilt he shield down a bit so that
it covers your feet.

Weapons Analysis: Secondary Weapons: (WASW)

For the Secondary Weapons section, I will not give a gun by gun opinion.
In each class, the weapons are pretty much similar and as such don't require
a detailed analysis.

Machine Pistols: (MP)
Machine Pistols aren't as good as in MW2. The recoil on them is way higher and
the damage seems to be less and so is the range. Because they are only short
range anyway, I would say to use silencers on them as sight attachments add
a lot of recoil. The best overall one is the MP9 which is a really good
balance of damage, ironsights and accuracy. The best damage one is the
Skorpion and the best RoF is the FMG9

Pistols: (PIST)
The pistols in this class are pretty much all, the same damage and accuracy.
Clip size varies. The two magnums are similar, but the MP412 has the more
damage whilst the .44 has more accuracy. The Desert Eagle is basically just
a high recoil .44 magnum.

Launchers: (LAUN)
The SMAW is only good at taking out UAV, Counter UAV and Advanced UAV. Firing
at infantry doesn't always kill except with a direct hit. Javelin is the best
long range infantry launcher and a good aerial Launcher able to take out the
hind and strafe runs as well as all the UAV's. The stinger is the best aerial
launcher 2 missiles waiting for the air support with a flare. RPG good for
infantry, but still has unpredictable aiming. RPG also has the highest infantry
damage factor.

Weapons Analysis: Equipment: (WAE)

Lethal Equipment: (LE)

Frag: Cookable grenade with a good radius and damage factor. 5 sec fuse.
Semtex: Uncookable, but higher blast radius than frag. 4 sec fuse.
Throwing Knife: Kill an enemy, pick it back up. Hard to use. One hit kill.
Bouncing Betty: Landmine that jumps in the air and explodes.
Claymore: Motion sensitive landmine that explodes when movement is detected.
C4: A pair of explosives which can set off with a detonator.

Tactical Equipment: (TE)

Flashbang: Blinds enemies. Larger radius than Concussion.
Concussion: Blinds and slows enemies. Smaller radius than Flashbang.
Scrambler: Deployable device used to mess up nearby enemy equipment and radar.
EMP Grenade: Disable enemy equipment and enemy radar if it hits a foe.
Smoke Grenade: Used to conceal movement. Use thermal vision to counter it.
Trophy System: Deployable that stops two enemy projectiles.
Tactical Insertion: Deployable which lets you choose where to respawn next.
Portable Radar: Deployable that shows non-assassin enemies in a small radius.

Equipment Strategies: (ES)

I find using Bouncing betties or sniper classes works better as they are harder
to spot than Claymores. 

Use EMP Grenades if the enemy has a lot of deployables, turrets, low flying
recon drones and assault drones.

Use Smoke to get away from long range battles you start losing and to
shield your movements from the enemy in general if they haven't noticed you

Use portable radar in a position where you are sniping to alert you to enemies
trying to flank or ambush you. Using SoH Pro on a class with this will enable
you to quickly switch to your second weapon and take down those flankers and

Tactical Insertion is rather redundant on MW3 as there is so much action going
on, it will be barely any use.

Using a scrambler can be more tactical than you may think. When most enemies
start losing radar in one area, they will frantically search the surrounding
area for you. If you position this in a spot and train your sniper on that
area, this tactic can net you a good few kills extra.

The trophy System can be used to destroy two enemy projectiles. Projectiles
meaning rockets and throwable lethal/tactical grenades. Good for using on the
Dome level and positioning it in the area with cars/ 2 underground entrances
at the start of the match as grenades usually get chucked here often.

Weapons Analysis: Attachments: (WAA)

Attachments are an important factor when deciding what classes should be
customized and for what purpose. They can be used to extend the sight range,
reduce recoil and silence weapons.

Red Dot Sight: (RDS)
The most common attachment used throughout all the modern warfare games. It
is known to be a precision sight attachment, but doesn't offer much zoom.

ACOG Sight:
2x zoom feature, used by people as an upgrade from RDS. Offers good accuracy.
The best ACOG sights were in Black ops and MW2. Cod4 ACOG was a disgrace if
you ask me. Could barely hit anything. It is better in this game than COD4,
but I don't like the Red line on it. Up to preference really. I choose a
different reticule when I can for it.

Holographic Sight:
Same as RDS really except the frame of the sight is thicker and the reticule
is slightly bigger giving you, sometimes, a better aim.

Hybrid Sight:
A Holographic sight accompanied by a 4x zoom magnifying glass. You can turn
or off the zoom section of the sight in a match, by pressing the left
directional button.

Hamr Scope:
For the SMG class only. this is a 3x zoom magnifying glass accompanied by a
precision aim sight.

Thermal Sight:
Used to show enemies in white. Can be countered with Assassin. When using
this with snipers. I find it to be quite inaccurate. In MW2 you could do
quick shots by taking a breath an quickly shooting and killing your target.
On this game, It can take sometimes 4 shots with Thermal to hit an enemy.

Variable Zoom.
An attachment for snipers only. Has three zoom settings. Normal, double
and triple. Best attachment for snipers in my opinion.

Really good for stealth classes. Makes you invisible on radar when firing
and also reduces the amount of light that comes from the end of your gun
when you fire it. Also, this is a myth, it is still unproven with hard
evidence, but the silencer can also reduce the recoil on the gun.
Doesn't do it for weapons other than automatic weapons, but from my
experience. It does reduce recoil slightly. So don't use this in
replacement for the kick proficiency as, like I said, it is still not
proven with hard facts.

Heartbeat Sensor:
Finds close-by enemies who are not shielded by the scrambler or by
Assassin and displays them in red on like a small radar that is
attached to your gun. Friendlies are in Green.

Grenade Launcher: (Noob Tube)
The grenade launcher has been powered down since all the other
COD's when it comes to multiplayer. It will take to indirect shots or 1
direct shot kill someone without them having Blast Shield. A direct
impact (hits enemy, but doesn't explode) will always result in a OHKO.
Attaches to the underside of you weapon.

Shotgun: (Masterkey)
A low powered shotgun attachment that is fitted to the underside of your
gun. It has more range than any of the primary shotguns, but isn't recommended
when you have better attachments out there.

Used by Shotguns and LMG's to reduce the recoil of the weapons by using your
left hand to hold a grip rather than resting it in your left hand. The stats
will show more accuracy being added to the weapon. This is because lees
recoil = more accuracy.

Rapid Fire:
Increases the weapons RoF. Adds more recoil to the weapon, making already high
recoil weapons virtually rubbish.

Extended Mags:
This will increase the amount of ammo you have in your clip. and will, as
a result of that, also increase your spare ammo capacity slightly. LMG ammo
clip is doubled when using this attachment. Everything else adds half a
full clip. Example. The ACR holds 30 bullets. Now with extended mags,
it holds 45. LMG's will now have 200 in the clip.

Tactical Knife:
This is just an attachment for pistols, but it increases your knife melee
speed by 3-4 times the normal rate. The melee speed increase, however, is
only active when you have the pistol swapped out with this attachment on.

For pistols and machine pistols only. You can now dual-wield your weapon.
This, however, will lower the accuracy rating, remove the ability to ADS, but
will double the firepower of the held weapon. Use only for point blank to very
close range because the bullets will go everywhere.

Attachment Strategies: (AS)

The Type 95 works best with ACOG sight. Don't, however use ACOG on Snipers.
The only exception here is the RSASS. Which can be used with the ACOG and
Silencer to become a semi-automatic short to medium range rifle.

Definitely use the grip on all LMG's and also definitely use this on the AA-12
shotgun as the recoil is very high here. The other shotguns can manage
without if you want to attach extended mags or silencer.

Use the Rapid Fire attachment on the M60E4 and the M16 to gain better results
from these weapons. Can be used on the UMP45, but only if you can handle it.

When it is unlocked, use the variable zoom for snipers to increase their
sight range as far as you can. Pick this over Thermal.

The silencer is good for a lot of maps including, but not limited to,
Arkaden, Seatown, Underground, Resistance and Dome. Use this in combination
with Dead silence and Assassin to become one with the shadows and get behind
enemy lines.

I find the Hybrid and Hamr sights too time consuming and it gets very boring
keep switching between zoom and zoom. If you want accuracy, go with RDS. If
you want a bit more range, go with ACOG and if you are having trouble
finding enemies with other sights, use thermal to see the enemy in white.

Don't bother with the noob tube and the shotgun attachments as by the
time you get your second shot away you will probably be dead, or won't have
caused much damage.

Don't use heartbeat sensors a lot. I don't. Reason being, most people use
Assassin anyway. So it doesn't work. Also the temptation is there to keep
looking at that rather than where you're targets might be coming from.
Can help get kills and warn you about campers, but can also get you killed.

I wouldn't recommend that you use the akimbo attachment on pistols because
pistols are inaccurate  unless ADS'ing. So further reducing the hip-fire
accuracy and remove the ability to ADS, isn't good. For pistols, using the
tactical knife attachment would be better as this guarantees you'll win in
a knife-to-knife situation or very close range situation. I still wouldn't
recommend that machine pistols are akimbo'd, but because of their RoF and
decent starting accuracy, then they mayn be ok. Definitely use steady aim to
help out if you do.

Weapons Analysis: Perks: (WAP)

Perks are special abilities that soldiers in CoD multiplayer can use to boost
they're performance. There are 3 tiers of perk and you can choose one from
each tier to utilize. I have chosen to call these perks, weapons because they
are a type of weapon and the name fits better into my FAQ. When you unlock the
pro version of a perk, it will give you an added feature. It does not replace
the regular features. The format for perks will be:
Name of perk:
Regular: Description
Pro: Description

Tier 1: (Blue):

Regular: Paint the enemy on the radar for a few seconds via explosive damage.
Pro: Paint the enemy on the radar for a few seconds via bullet damage.
I don't use this at all. The amount of time the enemy shows up on the radar
after you have "painted" them is very small. So if they kill you, you won't
be able to find them again via the radar. It is useful however in situations
where your team is defending an objective from an ambush and you paint the
enemy so when he hides behind cover, your teammates know where he is hiding
even though you may die. But to get to the pro version, it is quite difficult.

Sleight of Hand:
Regular: Increase weapon Reload speed by about 50%
Pro: Increase weapon swap speed by about 50%
Use for weapons which have slow reload times like the striker
(which as a 12 round mag) and is also a good perk to use, when you get the
pro version, for sniper rifle classes, to quickly change to your secondary
when you know an enemy is near you.

Blind Eye:
Regular: Invisible to enemy air support and auto sentries except UAV types.
Pro: Launchers lock-on quicker. Extra bullet damage against air support and
If you like to shoot down air support, then this is the perk for you. The pro
version lets you take down air support quicker as well. Use this in combination
with the stinger missile and you're going to be one hell-of-a air-dominator.
You definitely need a class with this perk when playing anything other than
Barebones playlists.

Extreme Conditioning:
Regular: Lets you sprint further
Pro: Lets you climb obstacles and ladders quicker.
Use this on close range weapons to be able top shift quickly from one place to
another. The perk is great on any map. Whether it be a big map where you want to
get to the other side quickly or whether it be a small map where you have just
killed an enemy and want to escape or get in a better position before
reinforcements arrive.

Regular: Acquire ammunition by walking over dead bodies. Friend or foe.
Pro: Start with full ammunition.
Good for low ammo weapons. Definitely use this with the AA-12 shotgun. It is
also very handy for machine pistols and other high RoF weapons. However, this
perk has been changed since MW2. This change means that noob tubes can no
longer be replenished and launchers cannot be replenished. However, when using
scavenger, it will start noob tubers out with three launchable grenades instead
of two. Not sure if this is just from having scavenger on, or if it has to be
the pro version first.

Tier 2: (Red)

Regular: ADS quicker
Pro: Recover from grenade and equipment use quicker
Good for weapons with slow ADS times like the M16A4. The pro version is better
though. Don't use this unless you want to for the XP you will get from
its challenges as the challenges for it are quite easy, so you will get easy
XP and level up faster. But things like Assassin and Blast Shield are better

Blast Shield:
Regular: Reduces enemy explosive damage
Pro Reduces effects from enemy flash and concussion grenades.
If you want to reduce the explosive damage and then later on, when you unlock
the pro version, want to reduce flash and concussion effects, then this is the
perk for you. It becomes more useful in a Barebones playlist however as you
haven't got UAV's spotting you all the time. But people still use it in all
the other playlist types too. Good starting perk. Choose this over
Quickdraw when using any other starting weapon than the M16A4.

Regular: Pointstreaks require 1 less point to complete.
Pro: 2 assists = 1 point. Deathstreaks also require 1 less death.
I would only recommend you use this on the assault and specialist packages as
the support package doesn't reset on death. Use this if you're having trouble
getting the pointstreaks you want or if you want to go for slightly better
options. Most people I've seen don't use this anyway. The assault package
people can usually get their required points without this and so can the
package players.

Regular: Undetectable by UAV, portable radar, thermal and heartbeat sensors.
Pro: Immune to Counter UAV and EMP. No red crosshairs when targeted.
The regular version is quite self-explanatory. With the pro version, when
it says "immune to counter UAV and EMP" it means that your radar will stay
onscreen with both, but with counter UAV, the UAV still won't be able to
spot enemies for you. It just means you can see enemies firing and can use
other pointsreaks like precision airstrike accurately. With EMP. you still
won't be able to use pointstreaks for 60 seconds after enemy EMP activation.
This is a commonly used perk in  MW3. I think it is overused actually. As the
pointstreaks are more frequently for UAV's and EMP's, it is only logical
that people would look to countering them. Use this in a stealth-type class or
in your aerial class so that enemies can't spot you destroying their air

Regular: Replaces secondary weapon slot with a second primary weapon slot.
Pro: Allows an attachment and camo on your second primary weapon.
Use this on your sniper classes so you have a strong close to medium range
second weapons as snipers don't have the accuracy or the speed for close or
medium range effectiveness. Also, you could use this on a CQB-style class
with an SMG as your first primary and a shotgun as your second primary. I
use this perk a lot because I play the barebones playlist a lot and it's a
good perk to use for this playlist and it gives me more options for KILLTIME!

Tier 3: (Yellow)

Regular: Identify targets from further away
Pro: Hold breath longer
This is really designed to be a sniper perk. You  could use it with the MK14
rifle too, but it won't have as good an effect. You can also use this if, using
the thermal attachment on any gun or if you are using the breath proficiency.

Regular: Move quicker whilst aiming
Pro: Delay trip-activated explosives
Use this on any gun other than sniper rifles as a good starting perk. As usual,
the pro version is sometimes better than the regular version as you can sneak
up on sniper points, delay their trip explosives and kill that far range
no-gooder. Using the regular version has its uses too though as it comes in
handy for aim-strafing the enemy.

Regular: See enemy explosives and equipment in red and also through walls.
Pro: Hear enemy footsteps louder.
The regular version here is actually more useful than the pro version. In MW2,
I didn't use this a lot and neither did most other people as there was steady
aim, commando and ninja that most people used. It is more useful in this game,
however and is easier to get the pro version. Use this in a class definitely to
shoot and destroy enemy equipment and trip-activated explosives.

Steady Aim:
Regular: Increase hip-fire accuracy
Pro: Weapons are ready-to-fire faster after sprinting.
Both the pro and regular versions are just as useful as the other. Shotguns
and SMG's will greatly benefit from both versions as they are CQC weapons.
When you unlock the pro version however, you can then use this on other
weapons to ambush enemies around corners quicker after sprinting.

Dead Silence:
Regular: Move quietly and reduces the effects of Recon.
Pro: No fall damage
Use this in your stealth class too and this is actually a more powerful
perk than you think. As the Recon perk is one of the only two ways to counter
Assassin and this perk reduces Recons effectiveness, this is pretty much
eliminating the counters. So definitely use this in combo with Assassin.

Weapons Analysis: Deathstreaks: (WAD)

I kind of find the concept of this very lame, because your rewarding players
for dying here. However, as this is a part of the game, I have included it
in my guide. For Deathstreaks to become active. You must get the amount of
deaths in a row indicated. You will also get the deathstreaks everytime,
until you get a kill, after it has become activated.

4D: Juiced: Run faster for a few seconds after respawning
5D: Revenge: See the enemy who killed you last.
4D: Final stand: Lay on your back when shot and get back up if you recover. 
4D: Martyrdom: Drop a live frag grenade with a 2.5 second timer when you die.
6D: Dead Mans Hand: Explode C4 from ground level
5D: Hollow Points; Stopping Power for one kill

Pretty self explanatory. juiced increases your sprint speed for 10 seconds by
about 80%. Revenge shows a red flashing marker onscreen to alert you to where
the enemy is that last killed you. Final stand is just like in MW2 and so is
Martyrdom. Dead Mans Hand is for ground-level suicide bombers. Hollow points
is as I said. Stopping power for one kill.

Weapons Analysis: Pointstreaks: (WAPS)

The killstreak system that has appeared since COD4 has now ben replaced by a
pointstreak system. The guys at IW and Sledgehammer decided that the only
players being rewarded via the traditional method were the high-scoring
players and not the objective players.

With pointstreaks, you now, not only get points for killing enemies, but you
also get points for destroying enemy air support, destroying SAM turrets,
and completing objectives. Needless to say, this has created an epic air
battle between enemies.

There are three types of strike package that bundle rewards into categories.
With all these strike packages, you don't need to die to reset your rewards.
As soon as you have earned your final reward, you start earning your first
again. Also you can select the order you use your rewards by using the
directional up/down buttons before pressing the left directional button.

The Assault package is the classic one that are kill-based..

The Support package delivers rewards that are team-based.

The specialist strike package offers something different. Instead of rewarding
you with air support, it rewards you with extra perks at fixed 2,4, 6 and 8
points unless you're using Hardline. At point 8, you acquire all the perks in 
the game for yourself. There won't be a section on this one. Go to the perks
section for more info on what perks do what.

Assault Package: (AP)

A spy drone designed to seek out enemy locations and mark those locations
with red dots on your mini-radar.

Care Package:
A fast helicopter delivers a crate containing a random reward or an ammo

Intelligent Munitions System: (IMS)
It is a device that has four bouncing betties in it and it release one when it
detects close-by enemy movement. It is really fast and gives you only about a
second to find cover before it explodes and kills you. Not sure if Blast shield
can negate the effect of this or not.

Predator Missile:
remotely guide a air-to-surface missile towards enemies. Enemies will have
red markers around them so you can spot them.

Sentry Gun:
Automated sentry turret that will detect ank fire at any enemies in its line of
sight. Blind Eye will stop the sentry from firing at an enemy.

Precision Airstrike:
Choose the direction and location you want an overhead carpet bombing to

Attack Helicopter:
Send in a helicopter to shoot at enemy ground targets.

Strafe Run:
5 attack helicopters in delta formation will fly overhead and attack
enemies. Passes once over an area, then turns around and comes back for a
second pass.

AH-6 Overwatch:
A helicopter will fly low around the person who activated it protecting them
from harm. Easily shot down with about 20 bullets or 1 missile.

Fire and Guide multiple predator missiles. Can only guide them via the right
analogue stick. Cannot be guided like a normal predator missile.

Assault Drone:
A small tank with "2 centimetre armour plating" (Quote by price in the first
TF 141 disavowed campaign mission). Like campaign mode, it has a minigun, but
instead of a grenade launcher, it is now a rocket launcher that must be
reloaded after each shot and the minigun has limited, although large, ammo.

Fire 105mm rockets, 40mm grenades and a 25mm cannon at enemies. Can be shot
down in MW3, but it has 2-3 flares.

A heavily armoured attack helicopter with an armour-piecing machine gun.

There are two versions of the Juggernaut. One for Assault, one for Support.
This juggernaut has an LMG and Scavenger only.

Osprey Gunner:
like the chopper gunner, but also delivers four care packages to the enemy
you control the gunner.

Support Package: (SP)

A spy drone designed to seek out enemy locations and mark those locations
with red dots on your mini-radar.

Counter UAV:
scrambles enemy radar. Assassin Pro reduce the effects of this. see the perk
analysis section for more info on this.

Ballistic Vests:
Armour that can be thrown down by the player and then be picked up by you and
other teammates to give them so extra protection in battle.

Airdrop Trap:
A care package that looks ordinary to enemies and even tells them what's in it,
but looks black with skulls to teammates and yourself. when "opened" it
explodes, killing the person who opened it and sometimes nearby foes too. Can
only be opened by the enemy and the explosion will not damage your team mates
if they get close when it sets off, but will hurt or kill the player who
delivered it.

SAM Turret:
Different from black ops in that it release 4 missiles. However these missiles
are weaker than the Bops missiles meaning it will take all four missiles to
destroy an UAV and more to destroy helicopters even without flares.

Recon Drone:
Activate a min helicopter and remotely guide it around the map. When you find
an enemy. place the targeting box around the enemy and press R1 to tag them.
When tagged, an enemy will be flashed for one second, stopping their sprint
and giving nearby teammates a chance to kill them. You will receive points
for tagging enemies with this and will also then receive assist points if a
teammate kills the tagged enemy.

Advanced UAV:
Like the UAV, only this will also show the direction the enemy are facing
and doesn't need to refresh the radar images. Not sure if this is also
countered by Assassin like the UAV is, but it is probable.

Remote Sentry:
Like the sentry gun only this is remotely controlled and can turn in 360 degree
circles. Seems enemies ion thermal mode.

Stealth Bomber:
Carpet bomb that drops more bombs than the precision airstrike and is
invisible on enemy radar and to enemy SAM turrets. Launchers also cannot lock
onto this.

Disables active enemy pointstreaks, equipment and mini-radar for 60 seconds.
Inactivated pointstreaks can also not be used in this window of time.
Assassin pro reduces its effects (see perks section for more details)

Juggernaut Recon:
The second Juggernaut type. This one carries a Riot Shield, USP.45 pistol
and Portable Radar.

Escort Airdrop:
Like the osprey gunner, except you don't control the gunner. Still
delivers 4 care packages.

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