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 |                                 |
 |Game:MxSuperFly                  |
 |System:PS2                       |
 |Genre:Racing/Freestyle           |
 |Developer:Pacific Power and Light|
 |Producer:THQ                     |
 |                                 |
 |                                 |
 |GUIDE INFO                       |
 |Auther:Kriptic(James Morrison)   |
 |Email:[email protected]      |
 |Initial Release:7/5/02           |
 |Last Update:7/8/02               |
 |Version:1.10                     |
 |Current Size:32.9 KB             |
 |                                 |

    I. Background & Version History
   II. Riders
     i. 125cc
    ii. 250cc
   iii. Freestyle
    iv. Hidden
     v. Custom  
  III. Bikes
   IV. Event Types
    V. Tracks
     i. Racing
      1. 125cc Amateur
      2. 125cc Pro
      3. 250cc Pro
    ii. Freestyle
      1. 125cc Pro
      2. 250cc Pro
   VI. Trick List
  VII. Mini Games
 VIII. Challenges

      This FAQ is for the PS2 game MXSuperFly featuring Ricky Carmichael. This
 is the first FAQ that I have written and it should contain all the information
 that you will need while playing MXSuperFly.  I currently do not own this game
 and I wrote this FAQ while I had the game from the rental place.  It tooks me 
 about 2 3/4 of a day to get all this information and to complete the game.  If you 
 to use this FAQ on your site then contact me by email and tell me the url of 
 your site.  You can only post this on your site if I ok it.

 VERSION 1.00-FAQ started

 Version 1.10-Made FAQ comply with GameFaqs 80 character per line limit
             -Added my best laps for tracks
             -Added custom riders
             -Added whips to the trick list
             -Added walkthroughs on a few of the challenges
             -Added Gameshark codes

      MXSuperFly has a wide selection of riders.  Ranging from 125 and 250cc 
 racers to high flying freestyle superstars.  You can also create your own rider
 for use in a career and then use him or her in any of the other events.  There 
 are 4 hidden riders as well. 

  i. 125cc 
 |Bubba Stewart                      |    
 |Born:December 21, 1985             |      
 |Hometown:Bartow, FL                |        
 |Residence:Haines City, FL          |         
 |Height:5'6"                        |       
 |Weight:141                         |         
 |Pro:2001                           |   
 |Bike:Sakagawi KK125(Kawasaki KX125)|    
 |#259                               | 
 |Grant Langston                     | 
 |Born:June 17, 1982                 |   
 |Hometown:Durban, South Africa      |
 |Residence:Lake Elsinore, CA        |
 |Height:5'10"                       |
 |Weight:170                         |
 |Pro:1998                           |
 |Bike:KTM 125SX                     |
 |#111                               |
 |Rodrig Thain                       |
 |Born:December 30, 1978             |
 |Hometown:Arras, France             |
 |Residence:Temecula, CA             |
 |Height:6'1"                        |
 |Weight:160                         |
 |Pro:2000                           |
 |Bike:Yamaha YZ125                  |
 |#27                                |
 |Billy Laninovich                   |
 |Born:February 26, 1983             |
 |Hometown:Poway, CA                 |
 |Residence:Ramona, CA               |
 |Height:5'10"                       |
 |Weight:140                         |
 |Pro:2002                           |
 |Bike:KTM 125SX                     |
 |#132                               |
 |Brock Sellards                     |
 |Born:April 3, 1978                 |
 |Hometown:Dover, OH                 |
 |Residence:New Philadelphia, OH     |
 |Height:5'9"                        |
 |Weight:140                         |
 |Pro:1996                           |
 |Bike:KTM 125SX                     |
 |#18                                |
 |Danny Smith                        |
 |Born:September 17, 1979            |
 |Hometown:Sioux City, IA            |
 |Residence:Eagle, ID                |
 |Height:5'8"                        |
 |Weight:150                         |
 |Pro:1997                           |
 |Bike:Suzuki RM125                  |
 |#37                                |
 |Greg Schnell                       |
 |Born:August 31, 1975               |
 |Hometown:Cleveland, OH             |
 |Residence:Rancho Cucamonga, CA     |
 |Height:5'11"                       |
 |Weight:165                         |
 |Pro:1994                           |
 |Bike:Yamaha YZ250F                 |
 |#33                                |

  ii. 250cc

 |Ricky Carmichael                   |
 |Born:Nov 27, 1979                  |
 |Hometown:Clearwater, FL            |
 |Residence:Havana, FL               |
 |Height:5'5"                        |
 |Weight:155                         |
 |Pro:1996                           |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |#4                                 |
 |Kevin Windham                      |
 |Born:Feb 28, 1978                  |
 |Hometown:Baton Rouge, LA           |
 |Residence Baton Rouge, LA          |
 |Height:6'1"                        |
 |Weight:180                         |
 |Pro:1994                           |
 |Bike:Suzuki RM250                  |
 |#14                                |
 |Mike LaRocco                       |
 |Born:Feb 12, 1971                  |
 |Hometown:Michigan City, IN         |
 |Residence:South Bend, IN           |
 |Height:5'11"                       |
 |Weight:182                         |
 |Pro:1987                           |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |#5                                 |
 |Ezra Lusk                          |
 |Born:August 31, 1975               |
 |Hometown:Bainbridge, GA            |
 |Residence:Bainbridge, GA           |
 |Height:5'11"                       |
 |Weight:160                         |
 |Pro:1991                           |
 |Bike:Sakagawi KK250(Kawasaki KX250)|
 |#11                                |
 |Tim Ferry                          |
 |Born:March 18, 1975                |
 |Hometown:West Palm Beach, FL       |
 |Residence:Largo, FL                |
 |Height:5'10"                       |
 |Weight:175                         |
 |Pro:1991                           |
 |Bike:Yamaha YZ426F                 |
 |#15                                |
 |Stephane Roncada                   |
 |Born:March 16, 1979                |
 |Hometown:Chambery, France          |
 |Residence:Chambery, France         |
 |Height:5'8"                        |
 |Weight:175                         |
 |Pro:1997                           |    
 |Bike:Sakagawi KK250(Kawasaki KX250)|
 |#21                                |
 |Chad Reed                          |
 |Born:March 15, 1982                |
 |Hometown:Newcastle, NSW, Australia |
 |Residence:Lommel, Belgium          |
 |Height:5'10"                       |
 |Weight:154                         |
 |Pro:1998                           |
 |Bike:Yamaha YZ426F                 |
 |#103                               |
 |Ernesto Fonseca                    |
 |Born:September 3, 1981             |
 |Hometown:San Jose, Costa Rica      |
 |Residence:Lake Elsinore, CA        |
 |Height:5'6"                        |
 |Weight:140                         |
 |Pro:1998                           |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |#24                                |

  iii. Freestyle

 |Trevor Vines                       |
 |Born:November 22, 1972             |
 |Hometown:Conneaut, OH              |
 |Residence:Riverside, CA            |
 |Height:5'10"                       |
 |Weight:155                         |
 |Bike:Yamaha YZ250                  |
 |Mike Jones                         |
 |Born:March 26, 1966                |
 |Hometown:Tarentum, PA              |
 |Residence:Export, PA               |
 |Height:5'11"                       |
 |Weight:190                         |
 |Bike;Sakagawi KK250(Kawasaki KX250)|
 |Jeff Tilton                        |
 |Born:March 2, 1976                 |
 |Hometown:San Diego, CA             |
 |Residence:Ramona, Ca               |
 |Height:5'9"                        |
 |Weight:163                         |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |Tommy Clowers                      |
 |Born:September 2, 1972             |
 |Hometown:San Diego, CA             |
 |Residence:Ramona, CA               |
 |Height:5'5"                        |
 |Weight:150                         |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |Dan Pastor                         |
 |Born:June 28, 1978                 |
 |Hometown:Greensburg, PA            |
 |Residence:Greensburg, PA           |
 |Height:5'9"                        |
 |Weight:155                         |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |Jeremy Stenberg                    |
 |Born:September 27, 1981            |
 |Hometown:San Diego, CA             |
 |Residence:Lake Elsinore, CA        |
 |Height:6'0"                        |
 |Weight:160                         |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |Shane Trittler                     |
 |Born:November 2, 1969              |
 |Hometown:Glendale, CA              |
 |Residence:Castaic, CA              |
 |Height:5'10"                       |
 |Weight:150                         |
 |Bike:Yamaha YZ250                  |
 |Shawn Highland                     |
 |Born:August 12, 1975               |
 |Hometown:Medford, OR               |
 |Residence:Palm Springs, CA         |
 |Height:6'5"                        |
 |Weight:210                         |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |Tyler Evans                        |
 |Born:February 2, 1980              |
 |Hometown:Monterey, CA              |
 |Residence:Salinas, CA              |
 |Height:6'0"                        |
 |Weight:165                         |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |Nate Adams                         |
 |Born:March 29, 1984                |
 |Hometown:Phoenix, AZ               |
 |Residence:Glendale, AZ             |
 |Height:6'0"                        |
 |Weight:160                         |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |
 |Kris Rourke                        |
 |Born:May 6, 1979                   |
 |Hometown:Boise, ID                 |
 |Residence:Wildomar, CA             |
 |Height:6'1"                        |
 |Weight:180                         |
 |Bike:Honda CR250                   |

  iv. Hidden Riders

 |Cameron Steele                 |
 |Born:February 28               |
 |Hometown:San Francisco, CA     |
 |Residence:Capistrano Beach, CA |
 |Height:6'2"                    |
 |Weight:180                     |
 |Bike:Honda CR250               |
 |Sal the Alien                  |
 |Born:Unknown                   |
 |Hometown:Vega System           |
 |Residence:Earth                |
 |Height:6'6"                    |
 |Weight:39                      |
 |Pro:17 AD                      |
 |Bike:Custom Fish               |
 |Superfly                       |
 |Born:June 19, 1958             |
 |Hometown:Fresno, CA            |
 |Residence:San Francisco, CA    |
 |Height:6'1"                    |
 |Weight:160                     | 
 |Pro:1977                       |
 |Bike:Custom Playa              |
 |Elrod the Viking               |
 |Born:January 8, 915 AD         |
 |Hometown:Trondelad, Scandinavia|
 |Residence:Hollywood, CA        |
 |Height:5'11"                   |
 |Weight:215                     |
 |Pro:927 AD                     |
 |Bike:Custom Bee                |
 |Vanilla Ice (Old School Rapper.)
 |Born:October 31, 1968
 |Hometown:Miami Lakes, FL
 |Residence:Ft. Lauderdale, FL
 |Bike:Yamaha YZ426F

  v. Custom Riders

      If you have made real life riders that aren't included in the game
 and you would like me to put them in here then email me how to make them
 and I will put it here giving you credit.  If the correct thing for the person
 isn't in the game I just put ?.  Ex.  Jeremy McGrath wears Bell helmets.

  Steve Lamson                   
  Bike:Husqvarna CR              
  Jeremy McGrath(2000)           
  Suit:No Fear                   
  Gloves:No Fear                 
  Boots:APS White                
  Bike:Yamaha YZ                 
  Ivan Tedesco                   
  Boots:APS White                
  Bike:Yamaha YZ                 
  Travis Pastrana                
  Suit:No Fear                   
  Gloves:No Fear                 
  Boots:APS White                
  Bike:Suzuki RM                 


      MXSuperFly has a wide selection of bikes from 5 big name companies.
 It also has green bikes that resemble Kawasakis and are called Sakagawis.
 I don't know if they had licencing problems or something but there are no
 Kawasakis in this game.

 Yamaha YZ125-------------------(2-Stroke)
 Yamaha YZ250F------------------(4-Stroke)
 Yamaha YZ250-------------------(2-Stroke)
 Yamaha YZ426F------------------(4-Stroke)
 KTM 125SX----------------------(2-Stroke)
 KTM 250SX----------------------(2-Stroke)
 KTM 400SX----------------------(4-Stroke)
 Honda CR125--------------------(2-Stroke)
 Honda CR250--------------------(2-Stroke)
 Honda CR450F-------------------(4-Stroke)
 Suzuki RM125-------------------(2-Stroke)
 Suzuki RM250-------------------(2-Stroke)
 Husqvarna CR125----------------(2-Stroke)
 Husqvarna TC250----------------(4-Stroke)
 Husqvarna CR250----------------(2-Stroke)
 Husqvarna TC450----------------(4-Stroke)
 Sakagawi KK125[Kawasaki KX125]-(2-Stroke)
 Sakagawi KK250[Kawasaki KZ250]-(2-Stroke)
 Custom-Tiger-------------------(KTM 4-Stroke)
 Custom-Fire--------------------(Honda 2-Stroke)
 Custom-Cow---------------------(Suzuki 2-Stroke)
 Custom-Bee---------------------(Husqvarna 2-Stroke)
 Custom-Fish--------------------(Yamaha 2-Stroke)
 Custom-Playa-------------------(Sakagawi[Kawasaki] 2-Stroke)


 Exhibition-   A single race with up to 7 opponents.  There are 3 difficulty
               levels that you can choose from.  Only racers can compete.

 Freestyle-    A single freestyle event with up to 7 opponents.  You can 
               choose from 3 difficulty levels.  Only freestyle riders can 
 Mini Game-    Compete in one of eleven mini games ranging from Balloon Toss 
               to Step Up.  Up to 7 opponents and 3 difficulty levels.
 Career Mode-  Choose between Race and Freestyle and create a rider to be used 
               in the career you choose.

 Track Editor- Create your own freestyle course.

 Multiplayer-  Compete in Exhibition, Freestyle, or a Mini-Game with a friend.


      There are a wide variety of tracks in MXSuperFly.  There are outdoor 
 nationals and supercrosses for racing.  There is also indoor FMX competitions 
 and outdoor natural terrain freestyle areas.  I have included my fast laps for
 the tracks in the description.  I'm not the fastest there is but I did win all
 the races in career mode.


  1. 125cc Amateur

 Boot Camp-Set on a military base this track is fairly easy and should
           not be too big of a problem.  The finish line jump is sortof
           tricky and you should try to either sqeeze through the space
           between the building and the finish line banner, or land level
           on the roof.  FAST LAP-1:21

 Badlands-A desert track with some large jumps that require some pre-loading.
          There is also a small section of doubles that can get a bit
          tricky if you go too fast.  FAST LAP-2:09

 Loretta Lynn's-The most technical of the 125cc Amateur tracks.  This track 
                has a slew of step ups and many turns that require braking 
                to safely navigate.  FAST LAP-2:08

  2. 125cc Pro

 Unadilla-Fast track.  There aren't too many jumps that you have to worry
          about.  The most important thing I'd say is to keep the bike low
          to the ground so you are almost always delivering power.
          FAST LAP-1:55

 Washougal-This track relies heavily on natural terrain and can be
           frustrating at times.  Rythm is critical here.
           TIP:Take the outside line on the long set of doubles.  FAST LAP-1:45

 Budds Creek MX-This track isn't too hard.  There are alot of tight turns
                so if you are not too good at turning you may have problems.
                Most of the jumps are tabletops so if you don't land them
                right you still shouldn't crash.  FAST LAP-1:16

 Phoenix SX-This track can be tricky.  Almost all of the jumps have multiple
            rythms.  The easier rythms are also the slower rythms so you
            will have to try the harder rythms that are bigger and faster.
            FAST LAP-1:00

 Dallas SX-In my opinion this is the hardest track in the game.  Keeping
           your momentum is essential and if you lose it once there is a
           good chance you will have to restart the race.  FAST LAP-1:14

  3. 250cc Pro

 Red Bud-This track has some speed.  It also has some huge jumps, including
         LaRocco's Leap, a 100 ft uphill triple.  THere are plenty of tight
         turns awaiting you here.  FAST LAP-1:55

 Steel City Raceway-This track definately does not lack airtime.  There are
                    plently of jumps throughout this tracks.  There are also
                    some bumps before the turns so make sure that you are
                    uprights through them.  FAST LAP-1:56

 Indianapolis SX-This track can be smooth, or extremely rough, depending on
                 how good your timing is.  If you have good timing expect to 
                 sail through the air with ease.  If you have bad timing this
                 track is going to make it show.  FAST LAP-1:08

 St. Louis SX-In my opinion this is the easiet of the supercross tracks.  There
              are a few technical spots and then some really easy ones.  The
              double-double is faster than the triple-single.  FAST LAP-1:38

 Glen Helen-This track is fast, very fast.  I have gone atleast 80 while
            racing here.  Braking is important.  There are some large jumps
            at the end of the lap that may give you problems while you are 
            racing.  FAST LAP-1:52

 Motocross 338-MY favorite of the motocross tracks.  This is a fast track,
               with multiple lines and huge amounts of air time.  What
               more can you ask for.  FAST LAP-1:50
               TIP:Watch out, sometimes you can get caught in the fence
                   and end up losing the race.

 THQ US Open-MY favorite supercross track.  This track has some technical
             sections, a huge uphill quad, and massive amounts of air.
             Its already rutted up as if it were run by the 125s right before
             the race.  This adds to the realism and makes me enjoy the track
             more.  I can hardly ever make the triple-triple right before
             going indoors and that is somewhat of a pain.  The whoops are
             all rutted and can cause problems if you try to wheelie through
             then since it can cause you to start going side to side.  The 
             lasers also can be distracting, but by the 3rd lap you shouldn't
             even notice them anymore.  FAST LAP-1:37


  1. 125cc Pro

 Triple Springs-A golf course at night.  You can use the sandtraps for
                jumps, some of the fairways have jumps in them and there
                are a few ramps throughout the course.

 Colorado Springs-An indoor FMX arena.  This course is fairly simple.  Right
                  behind your staring point there is a little area with a berm
                  that you can use to turn around and have more speed for the
                  kicker jump.

 Urban Jungle-A city.  There are some ramps in the streets as well as
              a bunch of roof-to-roof jumps all over this city.  Pretty
              fun just to play around here.

  2. 250cc Pro

 Rock Ridge-A ski resort is the summer time.  There are some huge drops
            that can give you extreme amounts of air.  It is fairly easy
            score high points.  There is a little light path leading up
            a rock jump that can give you insane amounts of airtime.

 Fox Creek-A ghost town that harbors a little secret.  There are dunes outside
           of town that you can ride.  As well as a few things you can ride on
           to get to other places.

 Interstate 42-A highway construction site.  The road isn't 100% complete
               so you can jump the huge gaps.  There are some dirt piles
               that you can use to get air off of as well.

 West Valley-This course is an indoor FMX arena.  There are plenty of kicker
             ramps as well as a few dirt launches as well.  You could use this
             track to score alot of points


      There are a great number of tricks that you can pull.  Some are
 much easier than others.

 One Button Tricks:

       Tap:Superman Seat Grab
       Press:Superman Indian

       Tap:No Hander
       Hold:Nothing Mute

       Tap:Heel Clicker
       Press:Rodeo Air
       Hold:Extended Rodeo Air

       Tap:Nac Nac
       Press:Nac Nac Lookback
       Hold:One Handed Nac Nac

 Two Button Tricks:

       Tap:Mulisha Air
       Press:Mulisha Indian Air
       Hold:Rock Solid

       Tap:La-Z Boy
       Hold:Extended La-Z Boy

       Tap:Bar Hop
       Press:Star Fish
       Hold:Extended Star Fish

       Tap:Cat Nac
       Press:9 O'Clock Nac
       Hold:One Handed 9 O'Clock Nac

       Tap:Heart Attack

       Hold:Kiss Of Death Indian

       Press:Super Cordova
       Hold:Extended Super Cordova

       Tap:Cliff Hanger
       Press:Cliff Hanger Lookback
       Hold:Extended Cliffhanger LB

       Press:Shao-Lin Rodeo
       Hold:Extended Shao-lin rodeo

       Press:Saran Wrap

       Press:One-Handed Catwalk
       Hold:No-handed catwalk

       Tap:Can Can
       Press:Disco Can
       Hold:Extended disco can

       Tap:Super Can
       Press:Super Switchblade
       Hold:one-hand super switchblade

 Three Button Tricks:
       Tap:Mulisha Indian to Helicopter

       Tap:Bar Hop to Superman Indian

       Tap:Experimental Propellar

       Tap:cat nac to stalefish

       Tap:cat nac to 9 o'clock nac

       Tap:supercan to shao-lin rodeo

       Tap:cordova to 9 o'clock nac

       Press:Extended mcmetz

       Tap:saran wrap to nac nac lookback

       Tap:Seat Stand
       Hold:surfer lookback

       Press:super pendulum

 Other Tricks:



      Suicide Flip(FrontFlip)

      Hart Breaker(Backflip)

      180, 360, etc. Rotate(Spins)

      Whips:Hold R1 while in the air and press left or right
       Tail Whip
       Tabletop whip
       Super Whip
       Inverted Whip
       Barrel Roll
       Reverse Barrel Roll(Very Hard To Do!)

  VII. Mini Games

 Balloon Toss-Try to keep balloons in the air by hitting them with your bike.

 Big Air-Try to get the highest score from a single jump.

 Bus Jump-A long distance jumping contest.

 Horse-Perform the tricks listed in the top-right of the screen.

 Moto-Golf-Get the ball at the tee and race as fast as you can to the hole
           to score points.

 Moto-Slalom-A race through gates going down a ski-slope.

 Pizza delivery-Collect the pizzas and deliver them as fast as you can to
                their destinations.

 Step up-See how high you can fly.  Try to jump over a constantly rising bar.

 Stranded!-Collect gas and deliver it to your friends who have ran out.

 Target tag-Collect as many targets as you can as fast as you can.

 Wheelball-Soccer, but played on bikes.

  VIII. Challenges

      Guides to these challenges will be coming soon.

 Name:125cc Amateur Race Career
 Challenge:3rd or better in 125cc Amateur Race Season

 Name:125cc Pro Race Career
 Challenge:3rd or better in 125cc Pro Race Season

 Name:250cc Pro Race Career
 Challenge:3rd or better in 250cc Pro Race Season

 Name:Dominate 125cc Pro Race Season
 Challenge:Win All 125cc Pro Races
 Prize:Custom Playa Bike

 Name:Dominate 250cc Pro Race Season
 Challenge:Win All 250cc Pro Races
 Prize:Custom Fish Bike

 Name:Amateur Freestyle Career
 Challenge:Complete 125cc Amateur Freestyle Career

 Name:125cc Pro Freestyle Career
 Challenge:3rd or better in 125cc Pro Freestyle Season

 Name:250cc Pro Freestyle Career
 Challenge:3rd or better in 250cc Pro Freestyle Season

 Name:Dominate 125cc Pro Freestyle Season
 Challenge:Win All 125cc Pro Freestyle Events
 Prize:Custom Tiger Bike

 Name:Dominate 250cc Pro Freestyle Season
 Challenge:Win All 250cc Pro Freestyle Events
 Prize:Custom Fire Bike

 Name:Find Out The Truth
 Challenge:Find out Fox Creek's secret
 Walkthrough:Go to Fox Creek, jump through the fence, across the canyon, and into 
the ghost town. Pull up next to the church and bunny hop into the graveyard (hold 
Clutch, Rev Motor, Preload suspension, hold Back, release Clutch and Preload when 
the suspension is loaded to the max). From the grave yard, jump to the lower roof 
platform covering the doorway to the first shop. Continue jumping from roof to roof 
until you get to the end. From there, jump to the back of the building's roofs that 
you were just on. The last ramp will take you up to a rock land bridge (very 
difficult to land). Jump from the land bridge down to a ledge leading to an open 
mine shaft. Follow this passage into the military base and down to Sal's spaceship. 
Finally run past the ship to a room where Sal is being held in suspended animation 
to get the "Find Out The Truth" trophy and unlock Sal the Alien as a playable rider.
 Prize:Hidden Character Sal the Alien

 Name:Brave The Vertical Drop
 Challenge:Jump from walkway above West Valley City
 Walkthrough:Go to West Valley Freestyle in one player mode. Go down to the basement 
and go off one of the jumps. It will take you to a place on top. Follow  the way 
then do the big jump at the end to complete the "Brave The Vertical Drop"  
challenge. The "Trophy awarded" message will appear and you unlock the Custom Cow 
 Prize:Custom Cow Bike!

 Name:Dramatic Entrance
 Challenge:Jump the hidden jump in Colorado Springs
 Prize:New Track Editor Barriers

 Name:Lift Tower Challenge
 Challenge:Get onto the chairlift in Rock Ridge

 Walkthrough:Go to the Rock Ridge freestyle track. Go to the left until you notice 
the chair lift. Head downhill to the lower tower. Look for the stone ramp to the 
right (while still facing downhill). Get your speed up to about 45 mph, preload, and 
jump to the tower and stop on top of it. You must now travel up to the higher tower 
riding on the cables. When you reach the other side, will get the "Lift Tower 
Challenge" trophy and unlock Elrod the Viking. 
 Prize:Hidden Character Elrod the Viking!

 Name:Crane's Eye View
 Challenge:Jump from the suspended platform in Interstate 42
 Prize:Hidden Character Superfly

 Name:World's Longest Jump
 Challenge:Land a 200 ft long jump
 Tip:Easiest when done at Fox Creek, on the jump leading towards the old church.
 Prize:Hidden Character Cameron Steele

 Name:World's Highest Jump
 Challenge:Land a 70 ft high jump
 Tip:Easiest when done at Fox Creek, on the jump leading towards the old church.
 Prize:Custom Bee Bike

 Name:Mega Stunt
 Challenge:Do a stunt worth 1300+ points
 Prize:Wheelball Minigame

 Name:Cross Training
 Challenge:Win a race on hard difficulty while scoring 5000 points
 Prize:track Editor Station Z and Floating Platforms

 Name:Safety First
 Challenge:Score 10000 points in a 3 minute freestyle run without crashing
 Prize:Ballon Toss Minigame

 Name:Impossible Wheelie
 Challenge:Pull a 7 second wheelie
 Prize:Track Editor Ramps

 Name:Impossible Stoppie
 Challenge:Pull a 7 second stoppie
 Prize:Track Editor Movable Objects

                              ~Gameshark Codes~

         (M) Must Be On  0E3C7DF21853E59EEE87FA82BCBB612A  
          Max Cash  DEBCF226C19E7B82  
          Max Points  CEBDF8DABCA99E6A  
          1 Lap Races  CEBDD3BEBCA99B83  
          No Opponents  CEBDD3A2BCA99B83  
          Idiot A.I.  DE84408EBF899B8B
          All Racers  DEBDC99EBCA99B83  
          All Bikes  FEBDC99ABCA99B82  
          All Mini-Games  CEBDC9A6BCA99A82  


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