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        By: Infinity63
        Version: 9
    Table of Contents
 1  Version History
  1  Version 1
  2  Version 2
  3  Version 3
  4  Version 4
  5  Version 5
  6  Version 6
  7  Version 7
  8  Version 8
  9  Version 9
  10 Version 10
 2  Weapons of Halo
  1  Introduction to Weapons
  2  M6D Pistol
  3  MA5B Assault Rifle
  4  S2 AM Sniper Rifle
  5  M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
  6  M90 Shotgun
  7  M9 HE-DP Grenade (Frag)
  8  Plasma Pistol
  9  Plasma Rifle
  10 Needler
  11 Fuel Rod Gun
  12 Energy Sword
  13 Shade
  14 Plasma Grenade
 3  The Warriors of Halo
  1  Introduction to Warriors
  2  Master Chief
  3  Crew
  4  Marines
  5  Grunts
  6  Jackals
  7  Elites
  8  Hunters
  9  Flood (Infection)
  10 Flood (Combat)
  11 Flood (Carrier)
  12 Sentinels (Non-Shielded)
  13 Sentinels (Shielded)
  14 343 Guilty Spark
 4  Vehicles
  1  Introduction to Vehicles
  2  M12 LRV
  3  M808B Scorpion MBT
  4  Pelican
  5  Ghost
  6  Banshee
  7  Wraith
  8  Covenant Dropship
 5  Walkthrough
  1  Introduction to My Walkthrough
  2  Level 1-Pillar of Autumn
  3  Level 2-Halo
 6  Stories
  1  Introduction to Stories
  2  Entry by Infinity63
  3  Entry by gametime 2002
  4  Entry by MOONdaBARGE
 7  Hints
  1  Introduction to Hints
  2  Entry by Infinity63
 8  FAQ
  1  Introduction to My FAQ
   1.1  Version 1
Added the Table of Contents and the human weapons. I'm working on the covenant 
weapons right now.

   1.2  Version 2
Added the covenant weapons to the weapons section. Starting on the marines.

   1.3  Version 3
I got ahead today and did the marines and covenants. I'm working on the flood and 
sentinels now, and I should be adding the Pillar of Autumn walkthrough soon.

   1.4  Version 4
I added the flood and sentinels and I forgot something on the weapons' and warriors' 
introductions, fixed it.

   1.5  Version 5
I've done a lot today, I've put on the vehicles, human and covenant. And again, I'll 
be adding the Pillar of Autumn walkthrough soon.

   1.6  Version 6
I created the stories section and made an entry.

   1.7  Version 7
I put in the Pillar of Autumn walkthrough and I'll start work on the Halo 

   1.8  Version 8
I added the first entry to the stories' section (besides mine), nothing else though. 
I need to stop being lazy and add the Halo walkthrough...

   1.9  Version 9
I finally added the walkthrough for the level Halo, and I added another entry to the 
stories' section. I also fixed a few errors all over the FAQ, not easily noticeable, 
but I saw 'em.

   1.10 Version 10
More errors, lots of 'em.
   2.1 Introduction to Weapons
Weapons in Halo are what keep you alive and what keep the covenant and flood 
(hopefully) dead. Power, accuracy, rate of fire, reload time, and effectiveness are 
rated on a scale of 1 to 10, and overall is an average of the five.

   2.2 M6D Pistol
This is a small and very accurate weapon, it’s good against many enemies. It has two 
levels of zoom and is capable of automatic fire (hold the right trigger). It can 
hold 12 shots and you can carry 120 extra rounds. This is one of my favorite weapons 
and for good reasons. I recommend using it against grunts, the flood, and hunters 
(yes, hunters).
Rate of Fire-8
Reload Time-6

   2.3 MA5B Assault Rifle
A very inaccurate weapon capable of rapid automatic fire. It can hold 60 rounds and 
you can carry 600. This is overall a horrible weapon and I don’t recommend using it 
against the covenant; although, it is good against the flood and sentinels if you 
use it correctly. By the way, in my opinion (not necessarily yours) this is the 
worst weapon in the game. Although the AR sucks, it can be useful to find your way: 
on the screen that displays your ammo, you should see three circles, think of those 
as an arrow, it always points toward the gas giant, that’s North.
Rate of Fire-10
Reload Time-6

   2.4 S2 AM Sniper Rifle
This weapon is extremely accurate and used for long-distance sniping. It has three 
levels of zoom and is capable of night vision; to turn on night vision, press the 
white button when zoomed in. This contains 4 rounds of anti-materiel munition and 
you can hold 24 rounds of extra ammo. The sniper rifle’s anti-materiel munition can 
easily pierce most armor, so make sure you know what’s behind your target before you 
shoot that too.
Rate of Fire-2
Reload Time-5

   2.5 M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
The rocket launcher’s shots are highly explosive and very slow moving. Even though 
the rocket launcher has two levels of zoom, I don’t suggest using it to destroy far-
away targets, they’ll move before the rocket gets there. You can carry 8 rockets and 
the rocket launcher can be loaded with 2.
Rate of Fire-2
Reload Time-2

   2.6 M90 Shotgun
This is a powerful weapon that is useful fighting covenant, flood, and sentinels. 
Usually a point-blank shots will kill most enemies but it takes a long time to 
reload. Its scatter-shot allows you to take on many enemies at once. The shotgun can 
hold 12 shots and you can reload it with ammo from your extra 60 rounds. This is 
another of my favorite weapons, its powerful, its accurate because of its scatter-
shot, and its effective against everything.
Rate of Fire-4
Reload Time-1

   2.7 M9 HE-DP Grenade
Also called the frag, this is a highly explosive grenade that goes off about 3 
seconds after it is thrown. By the way, make sure you’re nowhere near this when it 
goes off, it has a large blast radius. You can hold four of these.
Rate of Fire-N/A
Reload Time-N/A

   2.8 Plasma Pistol
The plasma pistol is an exceedingly weak weapon if used incorrectly, but in the 
hands of a master (me) it can be very powerful. A fully charged plasma pistol shot 
(hold the right trigger and release to fire) can destroy almost any shield and can 
destroy a sentinel in one hit. The plasma pistol has a charge of 100 and if used too 
often it will overheat, if this happens you will have to wait for it to cool down, I 
suggest using a melee attack or throwing a grenade during this time. Each normal 
shot costs 1/5 of a charge and each charged shot costs about 11 charges. By the way, 
shots from this are homing, use them well.
Rate of Fire-7
Reload Time-N/A

   2.9 Plasma Rifle
This is much like the assault rifle, but its more accurate and you don’t have to 
reload it. This can also be a very formidable weapon if you know how to use it. Also 
keep in mind that, like the plasma pistol, this can overheat; also like the plasma 
pistol, this has a charge of 100, also, each shot takes half a charge.
Rate of Fire-10
Reload Time-N/A

   2.10 Needler
Shots from this have large homing abilities and if enough are unloaded onto a target 
it will generate a blast with the force of a grenade. Keep in mind that when using 
the needler’s melee attack the more rounds loaded into it, the more powerful it is, 
for obvious reasons. 20 needles can be loaded into this and you can carry 80.
Rate of Fire-10
Reload Time-6

   2.11 Fuel Rod Gun
A very powerful weapon that seems to have an unlimited charge. This weapon is 
unavailable to you but I feel you should be warned about it. It is capable of 
massive damage but it has a slow firing rate; it seems to be the covenants rocket 
launcher. This is used by hunters and special opps grunts; the banshee also has duel-
mounted fuel rod guns.
Rate of Fire-3
Reload Time-N/A

   2.12 Energy Sword
Another weapon you can’t use, this is a combat sword used by elites for close-combat 
and is very powerful. As it usually deals one-hit kills, I suggest killing elites 
who carry it fast.
Rate of Fire-N/A
Reload Time-N/A

   2.13 Shade
A stationary turret used by the covenant (and you) for anti-infantry purposes. These 
are useful when fighting many enemies, but I don’t suggest staying in them for too 
long, they’re a good target for explosives and snipers.
Rate of Fire-10
Reload Time-N/A

   2.14 Plasma Grenade
A grenade that can be attached to a target; it doesn’t bounce or roll like the frag 
does but its just as deadly. If you get one of these stuck on you, you might as well 
just run at your enemies and take them with you.
Rate of Fire-N/A
Reload Time-N/A
   3.1  Introduction to Warriors
This is where I tell you about the allies and enemies of Halo, their weaknesses, 
strengths, and how to kill them. Power, resilience, agility, tact, and bravery are 
rated on a scale of 1 to 10, and overall is an average of the five.

   3.2  Master Chief
The last of the Spartan II’s, the master chief uses a MJOLNIR battle suit and any 
weapon he can get his hands on. He is aided in his battles on Halo by Cortana, a 
shipboard AI who was forced to abandon the Pillar of Autumn with him. His skills 
have been honed to superhuman levels and he is controlled by you; he’s virtually 

   3.3  Crew
The crew members aren’t trained for fighting, they have no tact and always hide 
behind marines. They mostly use pistols, actually, you can’t say they use them, they 
never fire. Crew members appear in levels 1 and 2.

   3.4  Marines
Marines use all kinds of weapons, follow Cortana’s orders, and have a decent amount 
of tact. Marines are your support, protect them; sometimes your objectives include 
protecting them. If the difficulty settings are too high, you won’t be able to look 
at them before they’re slaughtered, they don’t stand a chance. By the way, if you 
kill two marines in the same area, they’re not on your team anymore. Marines appear 
in levels 1 ,2 ,3, 4, 5, and 6.

   3.5  Grunts
First of all, there are three kinds of grunts, orange, red, and special opps; their 
rank is in that order. Orange and red grunts usually use plasma pistols, needlers, 
and plasma grenades, but special opps grunts use fuel rod guns, take cover. Grunts 
are cowards, they hide behind their stronger allies, usually elites. If you kill an 
elite, they scatter, making them even easier to kill. To kill grunts, I prefer to 
use the pistol and aim for the head, a grunt for each shot. Grunts appear in every 
level except level 7. Have fun, grunts are easy kills.

   3.6  Jackals
Carrying portable energy shields, jackals can hold their own against several 
enemies, unless of course, the enemy has a plasma pistol. Its ironic that jackals 
also use plasma pistols, and if you find a jackal, notice that they need the notches 
in the sides of their shields to shoot from, shoot right back through them. There 
are also three kinds of jackals, blue, yellow, and the rare red. If in a warthog 
fighting jackals, let the gunner keep them pinned down and the driver can run them 
over. Jackals are found on levels, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9.

   3.7  Elites
Elites, in my opinion are the strongest of the covenants, yes, including hunters. 
There are four kinds of elites, blue, red, gold, and special opps. Elites mostly use 
plasma rifles, but occasionally they use plasma grenades, energy swords, and 
needlers. Elites also have a battle suit very similar to your MJOLNIR battle suit, 
only you can take from their health even when the sheild is still up; use plasma 
pistols to take down their shields, then switch to a stronger weapon. Elites also 
command their weaker allies, in other words, they control grunts. You find elites on 
levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.

   3.8  Hunters
These are powerful covenants, but if you know how to go about killing them, they’re 
easy. Some people think that to kill a hunter you need grenades or a rocket 
launcher, they are completely wrong. Hunters are almost completely armor, but there 
are some unarmored places, like the neck and back. You can hit a hunter in the neck 
when they aren’t in their combat state, it is possible to hit them there in the 
combat state, but it is near impossible. The other place I suggest hitting them is 
the back, get them to charge you and when their back is turned hit them with a 
single shot from a pistol. These are found on levels 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10.
Resilience (Armor)-10
Resilience (Flesh)-1

   3.9  Flood (Infection)
The infection flood are the real problem, they actually crawl inside both dead and 
living bodies and take control over them, creepy. One hit with anything will take 
out these weaklings, but they can be dangerous if your shields are out. These 
usually come in swarms and will sometimes be carried by carrier flood. You can find 
these on levels 6-10.

   3.10 Flood (Combat)
A very powerful enemy, these are former humans and elites. In their right hands they 
carry weapons, speaking of which, they use any weapon they can get their hands on, 
assault rifles, plasma rifles, shotguns, anything. Their left hands are their melee 
weapons, don’t get near them. And also, if you blow off both their arms, they’re 
helpless, they just follow you around until you blow their face off. By the way, 
these guys are unaffected by sniper rifles. You can find these psychos on levels 6, 
7, 8, 9, and 10.

   3.11 Flood (Carrier)
Carrier flood are walking grenades, they sacrifice themselves to blow you up. Also, 
when they blow they release 4 or 5 infection flood. You can find them on levels 7, 
8, 9, and 10.

   3.12 Sentinels (Non-Shielded)
These are the minions of the monitor, they go down with one charged plasma pistol 
shot. Their weapon is a heat ray that comes out of their front, this isn’t very 
powerful alone, but sentinels stay in groups of 4 or more, watch out, they can be 
formidable opponents. You can find these robots in the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th 

   3.13 Sentinels (Shielded)
These sentinels are just like non-shielded sentinels only they have energy shields 
all around them. These take two charged shots from a plasma pistol, one for the 
shield, and one for the sentinel. You can only find these in two betrayals and the 

   3.14 343 Guilty Spark
Don’t waste ammo on the monitor of Halo if you see him, he’s completely invincible, 
if you watch the cut-scene after the credits you’ll see what I’m talking about; he 
never attacks anyway, he has no weapons aside from his sentinels. Spark controls the 
sentinels and what he is programed to do is destroy the flood at any cost. He 
appears in levels 6 and 7 as an ally, but betrays you after level 8, and appears 
again in level 10 as an enemy.
   4.1  Introduction to Vehicles
Here, I list the vehicles you can and can't use in the duration of the game. Power, 
speed, defenses, and effectiveness are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 and overall is an 
average of the four.

   4.2  M12 LRV (Warthog)
This is the standard UNSC (United Nations Space Command) armed forces vehicle. It 
can seat 3: a driver, a passenger, and a gunner. The driver, well, drives; he 
receives cover mostly from the gunner, but also from the passenger. Since the 
driver’s only weapon is running things over, there should always be at least a 
gunner to support him. The passenger uses the weapon of his choice to defend the 
warthog on the right side; but don't try to reload while in the warthog, pressing X 
will throw you out of the warthog and possibly into the tires, so, just wait for the 
automatic reload. The gunner is in charge of the M41 LAAG, mounted on the back of 
the warthog. The M41 has unlimited ammo, but is very inaccurate over long distances.

   4.3  M808B Scorpion MBT
The scorpion is a tank used by the UNSC armed forces. Its main cannon has a 
devastating effect, but after each shot it takes about 5 seconds to reload. Its 
secondary weapon is a machine gun to use between shots. There are 5 seats on the 
scorpion: the driver, who also controls the main cannon and machine gun, and 4 
passenger seats on the track pods. Like the warthog’s passenger, the scorpion’s 
passengers may use the weapon of their choice; and also like the warthog, don't try 
to reload unless you feel like running after the tank.

   4.4  Pelican
This is the dropship of the UNSC armed forces. It is used for dropping off marines 
and evac, it can seat 12: two pilots and 10 marines and/or crew. You can’t pilot one 
of these, but I thought I’d put it in anyway. And, yes, the pelican does have 
weapons, but if you read the book you'd know that the pilots don't use them because 
they have to conserve ammo.

   4.5  Ghost
A very fast covenant vehicle that hovers about 3 feet above the ground; so, if a 
ghost is about to clip you, you can just duck under it (press down on the left 
control stick) . But ducking doesn’t help you against its twin plasma cannons 
mounted on the front, these plasma cannons have unlimited ammo. It seats one person 
and it is destructible.

   4.6  Banshee
This is much like the ghost, only, instead of hovering, it flies. Although flying is 
much different than hovering 3 feet above the ground, their controls are also 
similar. The banshee also has two plasma cannons, but it has the addition of two 
fuel rod cannons, like the scorpion’s main cannon, this takes 5 seconds to recharge. 
This seats one pilot and after he gets in a sheet of armor slides down to protect 
him. Even with this protection, it is possible to hit the pilot without destroying 
the banshee, but you have to have perfect aim.

   4.7  Wraith
A covenant battle tank; although it is a tank, it is not at all like the scorpion. 
Like the ghost, however, this hovers about 3 feet above the ground, but I don’t 
suggest ducking under this one, not that you’ll be able to get close enough. The 
mortars lobbed off by this are made up of (what else?) plasma. The pilots of these 
tanks, for some reason, like to stay over ice if there’s any around, try to use that 
to your advantage if you can. Since the tank’s only weapon is fired in a high arc, 
its best to stay under something, not behind  something; if you do stand behind 
something, you’re gonna get tagged in the head. You can also ram these with warthogs 
to flip them, then it’s like, ‘yeah, you’re screwed now,’ thanks to MOONdaBARGE for 
reminding me. This vehicle has one pilot, is destructible, and isn’t available to 

   4.8  Covenant Dropship
This is the covenants’ dropship, used for transporting covenants. It needs one pilot 
and can carry 8 passengers. These are sometimes escorted by banshees, but the triple 
plasma cannon mounted on the underside allows it to take care of itself if 
necessary. Don’t bother shooting at these, they’re impervious to any fire. By the 
way, you can’t pilot one of these, but Keyes can.
   5.1  Introduction to My Walkthrough
This is where I tell you how I play the game. I'm not telling you to do it this way, 
but this is the way I find easiest. I try to be as specific as possible without 
giving you an hour's worth of reading. If you choose to play the game my way, great, 
if you don't, whatever.

   5.2  Level 1-Pillar of Autumn
After you wake up, if you’re playing solo on normal or easy,  you will be asked to 
do some tests. First look around the room with the right control stick. Second, get 
out of the cryotube by pressing the X button. Now move into the red square on the 
floor, look at all five lights to pass; if you have the y-axis normal, he will ask 
you to do it inverted as well. Fourth, move into the yellow square and look at the 
nice man to receive your shields. Now that your tests have been completed, it’s time 
to get the hell out of here, follow the crew member to the door and turn to your 
right. Look for pipes on your left side and jump over them. Turn to your right and 
go through both the doors; ignore the explosions. Turn to your left and duck under 
the blast door (press down on the left control stick). Ignore the battle going on 
and turn right, now almost immediately turn left and go through the door. Ignore the 
elite if he pops up and make a left as soon as you can. Go through the corridor to 
come to another battle, the marine says the captain needs you on the bridge, follow 
him to get there.
   >>AI Constructs and Cyborgs First!
Now that you have a weapon, it’s time to kill some covenants, start with the 3 
grunts. You’re in the mess hall now, time to make a mess (no pun intended). There 
are several marines and grunts here and 2 elites. In the corridor get ready for some 
grunts and an elite, there are more marines to help you too. Next to the lifeboat 
there are 2 marines, not for long; they’re killed by a plasma grenade from some 
elites and grunts. Follow the hallway, but not before getting an overshield. Go 
through the door to find a red grunt, kill him and follow the hallway. There’s a 
battle going on ahead between a few marines and several covenants; to flank the 
covenants, turn right when you see the marines. After you’re done with the battle, 
there will be 3 grunts in a corridor up ahead, not even a red, easy. Follow the 
corridor to find yourself at another battle, there are 2 marines, 4 grunts, 2 
elites, and you. Now you should come to another lifeboat dock with some grunts and 2 
elites; if you need another overshield, here’s your chance. Now you’ll find a 
darkened room that’s on fire, duck under the blast door. Get ready for the grunts 
and elites attacking the unarmed crew members. Look for the door with the medic kit 
next to it, go through it. Now you’ll have two floors, complete with 5 marines, some 
grunts, and 2 more elites. Go to the second floor to find a hallway with lots of 
grunts and the usual 2 elites.  Now, if you want, look out the second set of windows 
to watch the fireworks. Now  you should come up to a bunch of lifeboat docks, don’t 
worry, there’s only 3 grunts in here. Follow the little orange arrow through the 
door. You’ll find yourself in a very dark hallway, turn on your flashlight and make 
an immediate left. There’s 2 elites and 5 grunts after you get out. Now you should 
be in the room above the cryochamber, don’t shoot at the elites down there, the 
glass is unbreakable. Past the charred hallway there’s an elite, kill him, the blast 
didn’t, but it should’ve. There’s also 4 grunts ahead, don’t worry about it. In the 
next dark corridor, there’s 2 grunts, they have nowhere to run; don’t forget to turn 
on your flashlight. There’s 3 marines fighting grunts up ahead, help ‘em out. Get 
ready for 7 grunts and 2 elites, and, of course, frags. There’s some grunts and 
elites up ahead, frag ‘em and get in the lifeboat.

   5.3  Level 2-Halo
   >>Flawless Cowboy
After you collect ammo, go into the waterfall area, from here, you can ambush the 
covenants the dropship sends out. When you start to advance over the bridge, you 
should notice two banshees, destroy one of them, and the other will retreat, coward! 
Even further ahead, you’ll find another group of covenants, kill ‘em and head down 
the hill. Once down to the structure, you’ll see a covenant dropship dropping off 
some covenants, you can wipe out the covenant here in many ways, but my favorite way 
is to pick them off from a distance, since they’re so busy fighting the marines, 
they don’t even notice you. After you’re done disposing of the covenants in your way 
of choice, I suggest moving onto the structure to gather ammo and make your stand. 
Now you’ve got a covenant dropship in the north (if you don’t know which direction 
that is, see my description of the assault rifle), but after you’re done with them, 
you’ve got another one coming from the north, you didn’t expect a break, did you? 
After that, another one is going to try and sneak attack you from the south, and 
don’t forget, there’s medic kits on the structure. Now you’ve got two more coming 
from the north, does it ever end? Finally, Pelican Echo 419 is coming to evac the 
survivors and drop off some transportation for you. Get a couple of marines in your 
new warthog and head north through the tunnel to help evac the rest of the 
survivors. Once you go into the tunnel, you’ll need to go through a right turn, a 
left turn, another left, a jump, a right hairpin turn, and a left. Now you’ll be in 
a large room occupied by covenant, there are two sides of this room separated by a 
large chasm. After you enter the room, there’ll be three grunts to your left and 
everything but hunters on the right. To cross to the other side of the room you’ll 
need to activate the bridge, and to do that you need to locate the control panel. 
The control panel is located through a passage to your right, but once you turn the 
corner you’ll be face to face with a few elites, throw a grenade at them and run 
back the way you came. After you hear the blast, go through the tunnel and activate 
the bridge. Now go get your warthog and go across the bridge, and don’t worry, there 
aren’t any enemies on the other side of the room. Follow the rest of the tunnel to 
see daylight again.
   >>Reunion Tour
Now that you’re outside again, cross the river to the north, turn west, and go 
through the gap in the cliffs. Now you get to kill all of the grunts, jackals, and 
elites in the area, they’re all over the place, so be careful. After Cortana calls 
for evac, the marines will come up from underground the facility, stay with them in 
case you missed anything. After they board Echo 419, it’s time to get to the next 
lifeboat, leave through the gap in the cliffs that you didn’t come through and the 
canyon leading to it will be conveniently placed across the river. Before you go 
into the canyon you’ll be attacked by two banshees, if you don’t destroy them before 
going in, they may follow you. After you’re in the area of the next lifeboat, head 
up to the top of the hill, the marines are there. There’s also a marine lying dead 
near a rock, take his sniper rifle, it comes in handy. Stay up on the hill and snipe 
all the covenants from there, and don’t think you’re done after you’ve cleared ‘em 
out, a dropship is coming in with a few more to the east. Now that you’ve beaten all 
the covenants to death and Foehammer has flown in to evac the marines, it’s time to 
go. Now, again, leave through the gap you didn’t come through, and, again, the cave 
to the next and final lifeboat is across the river. Make your way up to the plateaus 
above the marines, this is a great place to stake out, it’s the best sniper post in 
the area and there’s only one way up, so it’s easy to tell where enemies are gonna 
come from. Once all the covenants are cleared out, a dropship brings in more to the 
east, not long after that, another comes from the north. After you’re done with 
them, another comes from the east again, then another from the north, and another 
from the north, wait, nevermind, that last one is Foehammer. Climb aboard along with 
the marines, and you’re done.
   6.1  Introduction to Stories
This is where I write stories of skillful happenings of Halo, if you have an entry 
you would like to make, e-mail me via web form. I will not accept something that 
marines, covenants, flood, or sentinels did. If I don't accept your entry, please 
don't send it again.

   6.2  Entry by Infinity63
Once when I was playing co-op with my friend, I took a sniper rifle and fired at a 
grunt. The shot went through the grunt, then hit a jackal, bounced of the jackal's 
shield before it went out, and went through an elite's head. My friend said it was 
the best kill he had ever seen and when we told my brother about it, he suggested I 
make this section.

   6.3  Entry by gametime 2002
When I was playing with my friend in co-op, an elite was charging me in a ghost so I 
stuck a plasma grenade on him and ran. I turned just in time to see the ghost go 
boom, fly backwards onto another elite who was going to hit me with a plasma 
grenade, but it got stuck on the ghost which flew up in the air and intercepted the 
fire from a shade turret which in turn, sent the ghost flying right over my head and 
crushing an invisible sword elite that had snuck up behind me.

   6.4  Entry by MOONdaBARGE
Me and my friend were playing the level Assault on the Control Room through co-op. 
We were at the part where there is a covenant tank on ice and then a hill going down 
where 2 hunters come up. I headed straight for the tank in my Warthog and flipped it 
upside down. It then shot one of it's blue orb things and blew itself up. After 
that I tried to turn but since I was on ice I just faced a different direction. My 
friend went full speed toward me in his ghost, my Warthog acted as a ramp and sent 
him in the air. There was a Banshee swooping in on me and when my friend was in the 
air he shot it and destroyed it. The destroyed Banshee fell to the ground and killed 
a Hunter about to attack. My friend landed on a grunt and I continued to slip on the 
ice and ran over a Jackal.
   7.1  Introduction to Hints
This is where I post hints that I and other people might have for readers. If you 
want me to post your hint, e-mail me via web form. If I don't post it, don't send it 
again, but I probably will.

   7.2  Entry by Infinity63
This is a useful hint when playing on legendary but doesn't work in the library 
because there aren't many places to hide and flood are constantly using a pincer 
tactic. If you're going to play single player, instead go to multiplayer co-op. Use 
the player you aren't using as a spawn point, that way you have a place to go after 
enemies dominate you. Note: You have to have two controllers to do this.
   8.1  Introduction to My FAQ
Now is when you ask me your questions about Halo, my FAQ, or my walkthrough. So ask 
me via web form and I'll answer 'em.

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