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                                             POKEMON TRADING CARD GAME WALKTHRU
1. Story
2. Characters
3. Controls
4. Walkthru
5. Cards
6. Credits/copyright
 It was just another typical day of Pokemon card trading with Ronald, a kid from 
neighboorhood. As
always, you were trying to complete your collection of Pkemon Trading Cards, whem 
you over
heard an
ear-catching rumor...
 The Legendary Pokemon Cards...mysterious and extremely rare cards held by the 
four greatest
card players of all time-the Grand Masters! Rumor has it, the Grand Masters are 
looking for one
player to
inherit the legend...A player eho can defeat all four of the Grand Masters...One 
player worthy of the
Legendary Cards and worthy of carrying on the legend!
 "I wish I could have those cards," you say to yourself. "I will be the one! I 
will be the player who
defeats the 
Grand Masters and inherits the Legendary Pokemon Cards!" But by the look on 
Ronald's face, you
can tell
he has the exact same idea!
 "I know," you think to yourself. "I'll enlist the help of Dr. Mason-the Pokemon 
Trading Card Game
researcher! He knows all there is about Pokemon Trading Cards! He'll teach me how 
to play the
Trading Card Game. Then I'll collect all the cards-including those of the Grand 
 The characters are:
Mark: Mark is the player in the game. His name doesn't have to be Mark, you can 
change it to
whatever you want at
the begining of the game. Mark goes aroung trying to get the Legendary Pokemon 
Ronald: Ronald is your rival in this game. He wants the Legendary Pokemon Cards, 
too. He always
seems to be one
step ahead of you.
Club Masters: Amy, Nikki, Ken, Gene, Isaac, Rick, Mitch, and Murray are all club 
masters. Each
one specializes a
Pokemon type and combo. They hold the eight Master Medals, which are needed to 
get to the Grand
Grand Masters: Courtry, Steve, Jack, and Rod are the Grand Masters. They hold the 
Pokemon Cards. You
must beat them to get the Legendary Cards.
Dr. Mason: The researcher who gives you your first deck and teaches you how to 
play the Pokemon
Trading Card
Ishihara: A person with many rare cards. You can trade with him several times to 
get Promo Cards.
IMAKUNI?: A strange man in a black suite that appears at random at clubs. Beating 
him at
Pokemon Trading Card
Game gets you one of each booster pack.
 The controls:
    A button
    1. Confirm commands and select cards.
    2. Also, use to talk to people, check bookcases, etc.
   B button
 1. Canel Commands.
 2. Use to return to previous screens in menus.
  START button
 1. View explanations of the selected Pokemon Card or the contents of your deck.
 2. When moving, access the Pause Menu.
  SELECT button
 1. Use to veiw the Play Area screen, your play area or your opponent's Play Area.
 2. On the Hand Screen, use to arrange your hand.
 1. Move corsor and make menu selections.
 2. Move character.
 Map of the World:

                                       12.                         4.
                   5.                                               9.        7.
                   6.                   10.             

            1.          8.                                  2.

1. Dr. Mason's Lab
2. Water Club
3. Grass Club
4. Fire Club
5. Rock Club
6. Lightning Club
7. Science Club
8. Fighting Club
9. Psychic Club
10. Pokemon Dome
11. ???'s House ( Ishihara's house)
12. Challenge Hall


  CHAPTER 1: Learning to Play

 Whem you start the game, you are in Dr. Mason's Lab. He will tell you how to 
play the Pokemon
Trading Card
Game. Afterwards, you duel your first opponent, Sam.

Battle 1!
You vs. Sam
opponent's deck: Sam's Practice Deck
Prizes: 2
Gift: nothing
note: Dr. Mason will tell you what to do so you win. Its impossible to lose that 

 After winning the match, Dr. Mason will let you choose a starting deck. The 
three choices are:
 Charmander & Friends Deck: Grass,Fire, and water types.
 Squirtle & Friends Deck: Fire,water, and lightning types.
 Bulbasaur & Friends Deck: Grass, Lightning, Psychic types.

   1-10 rating system.
    *= 1. 
    1 worst-10 best
    Charmander & Friends Deck: *****
    It plays more than one type of ENERGY.
    No point of the Caterpie+Metapod evolution.
    Weak basic Pokemon.
     Includes hard-to-get Charizard.
    Squirtle & Friends Deck: *******
    Would be eight if it included Seel+Dewgong.
    Playing more than two types of energy.
    Bulbasaur & Friends Deck: ******
    Playing with three types of energy.
    Not playing with enough energy.

    If you still don't get how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game:
    A. Talk to Sam again.
    B. Read books in Dr. Mason's Lab.
    C. Read books at ???'s house.
    D. Read books at clubs.

    Now if you know how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game, leave Dr. Mason's 
lab and go to
the Water Club.
(Point 2)

   CHAPTER 2: The Water Club

   Water Club
    Point on the map: point 2.
    Types of Pokemon used: Water with a mixture of some types.
    Members: Sara, Amamda, Joshua
    Club Master: Amy

    Members of the Water Club are easy to beat, with the exception of Amanda, who 
is hard to beat
because she has
Scyther and Wigglytuff. Joshua won't let you see Amy, the Club Master. He tells 
you to battle Sara
and Amanda.

Battle 2!
You vs. Sara
Opponent's Deck: Waterfront Pokemon Deck
Prizes: 2
Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs

Battle 3!
You vs. Amanda
Opponent's Deck: Lonely Friends Deck
Prizes: 3
Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs
Note: Watch out for her Syther and Wigglytuff.

 When you beat Sara and Amanda, Joshua still won't let you through. You must beat 
him to go

Battle 4!
You vs. Joshua
Opponent's Deck: Sound of the Waves Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs

 When you beat Joshua, he will let you through to Amy, the Club Master.

Battle 5!
You vs. Amy
Opponent's deck: Go Go Rain Dance Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: Water Medal 2 Labratory Booster Packs
Note: Watch out for her RAIN DANCE COMBO! She gets a Blastiose and uses its 
Dance, to get as many water energies as it wants, then uses a really strong 

Once you beat Amy and get the Water Medal, leave the Water Club. Now go to the 
Grass Club.

Chapter 3: The Grass Club

Grass Club
Point on map: point 3
Types of Pokemon used: Grass, some people use other types.
Members: Brittany, Heather, Kristin
Club Master: Nikki

 In the Grass Club, the girls use Grass Pokemon. It seems the Club Master isn't 

Battle 6!
You vs. Brittany
Opponent's Deck: Etcetera Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs
Note: She's playing with four types of Pokemon. She uses Plus Power to get a 
strong Pokemon out
and hurt you
badly... if she has the right energy on it. Her only grass Pokemon are Nidoran, 
which are weak to
Psychic, so you won't get WEAKNESS bonus DAMAGE.

Battle 7!
You vs. Heather
Opponent's Deck: Kaleidoscope Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs
note: Heather uses Eevee to EVOLVE into Jolteon or Vaporeon. She also has Ditto, 
which can make
even more Eevees.

Battle 8!
You vs. Kristin
Opponent's Deck: Flower Garden Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs

Now with the three Club Members beat, one of them will tell you where she is. 
She's at ???'s
house(point 11).
Go there and challenge her. She will return to the club where you can battle her. 
Note: She will not
be at ???'s house
if one of the three memberes did not tell you.

Battle 9!
You vs. Nikki
Opponent's Deck: Flower Power Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: Grass Medal, 2 Labratory Booster Packs

Now with your second medal in hand, you can now leave the Grass Club.

chapter 4: The Fire Club

Fire Club
Point on map: point 4
Types of Pokemon used: Fire,Fighting,colorless
members: John, Adam, Jonathan
Club Master: Ken

This is the Fire Club. You do not need to beat the Club Members to go on to the 
Club Master, but
you can challenge them to get more cards. Also, you need to have alot of cards 
before battleing Ken.

Battle 10!
You vs. John
Opponent's Deck: Anger Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs
Note: Plays Arcanine, Tarous, Dodrio, Marowak, and Raticate.

Battle 11!
You vs. Adam
Opponent's Deck: Flamethrower Deck
Prizes: 4
gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs

Battle 12!
You vs. Jonathan
Opponent's Deck: Reshuffle Deck
Prizes: 4
gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs

Battle 13!
You vs. Ken
Opponent's Deck: Fire Charge Deck
Prizes: 6
gift: Fire Medal, 2 Mystery Booster Packs

Now that you have your third medal, save your game and go out to the first room 
and you'll meet

Battle 14!
You vs. Ronald
Opponent's Deck: I'm Ronald Deck
Prizes: 6
gift: Promo Card # P15, Jigglypuff Lv. 15
note: You do not have to win this duel. If you lose, you won't get the card but 
you will get another
chance later...

Now leave the Fire Club. Go to point 12 on the map. That's challenge hall. There 
is a tournament
there. Try it. If you can beat three opponent's, you'll get a Promo # P13 Mewtwo 
Lv. 60 version B.
After this,
go to the rock club. 

chapter 5: The Rock Club

Rock Club
Point on Map: point 5
Types of Pokemon used: Rock, Fire
members: Matthew, Andrew, Ryan
Club Master: Gene

The Rock club is right under ???'s house. Before you go to battle in this club, 
talk to the red haired
girl in the lobby. She tells you about Ishihara. Now on the map, ???'s house says 
Ishihara's house.
Matthew, the first member of the Rock club, is in the lobby. You do not need to 
beat them to
challenge the Club Master.

Battle 15!
You vs. Matthew
Opponent's Deck: Hard Pokemon Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs

The next two members are in the top room.

Battle 16!
You vs. Andrew
Opponent's Deck: Blistering Pokemon Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs

Battle 17!
You vs. Ryan
Opponent's Deck: Excavation Deck
Prizes: 3
Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs

Battle 18!
You vs. Gene
Opponent's Deck: Rock Crusher Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: Rock Medal, 2 Mystery Booster Packs

Now you've gotten your fourth medal.

chapter 6: The Lightning Club

Lightning Club
point on map: point 6
Types of Pokemon used: Lightning, fighting, colorless
members: Jennifer, Brandon, Nicholas
Club Master: Isaac

In the lightning club, Isaac is busy. So go and battle the other members and 
maybe he'll be done with
his task.

Battle 22!( The challenge cup is three battles so now this is 22!)
You vs. Jennifer
Opponent's Deck: Pikachu Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs
note: Becareful of her Flying Pikachu, which is RESISTANT by fighting.

Battle 23!
You vs. Brandon
Opponent's Deck: Power Generator Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs

Battle 24!
You vs. Nicholas
Opponent's Deck: Boom Boom Selfdestruct Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs

Now talk to Isaac. He will battle you.

Battle 25!
You vs. Isaac
Opponent's Deck: Zapping Selfdestruct Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: lightning medal, 2 Mystery booster Packs
note: Watch out for his DEFENDER SELFDESTRUCT COMBO, where he attaches Defender 
to a
Pokemon, uses Selfdestruct, and survives.

Now save your game because now your going to face Ronald again.

Battle 26!
You vs. Ronald
Opponent's Deck: ( a CONTROL deck) [don't know name!]
Prizes: 6
Gift: Promo P18 Super Energy Retrieval

You do not have to win this battle. If you lose, you do not get the Promo. You 
will get another
chance for it later...

Now go back to point 12 on the map. It is another tournament. The prize for this 
one is a Promo #
P14 Mew Lv. 8

Now go to the Science Club.

Chapter 7: The Science club

Science Club
Point on the map: point 7
types of Pokemon used: grass, colorless, lightning, psychic
members: Erik, David, Joseph
Club Master: Rick

In the Science Club, you do not have to face Erik or David. You do have to face 
Joseph. If you beat
him, you can go to the Club Master, Rick.

Battle 30!(challenge cup=3 matches)
You vs. Erik
Opponent's Deck: Posion Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs

Battle 31!
You vs. David
Opponent's Deck: Lovely Nidoran Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs

Battle 32!
You vs. Joseph
Opponent's Deck: Flyin' Pokemon Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Labratory Booster Packs, Aloud to pass to Rick
Note: He plays alot of flying Pokemon that are resistant to fighting.

Once you win, Joseph will let you pass and go to Rick.

Battle 33!
You vs. Rick
Opponent's Deck: Wonders of Science Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: Science Medal, 2 Labratory Booster Packs.

Once you beat him, you've got your sixth medal! Now leave the club.

Chapter 8: The Fighting Club

Fighting Club
Point on the map: point 8
types of Pokemon used: Fighting, lightning, colorless
members: Michael, Chris, Jessica
Club Master: Mitch

When you go to the Fighting Club, Mitch tells you that you must beat his pupils 
to challenge him.
So leave the club to find his pupils.

Battle 34!(This one's in the Grass Club)
You vs. Michael
Opponent's Deck: Heated Battle Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs

After losing, Michael returns to the Fighting Club.

Battle 35!(This one's in the Rock Club)
You vs. Chris
Opponent's Deck: Musceles for Brains Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs
note: He plays some colorless, which are resistant of Psychic.

After losing, Chris returns to the Fighting Club.

Battle 36!(This one's at the Fire Club)
You vs. Jessica
Opponent's Deck: Love to Battle Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Mystery Booster Packs

After losing, Jessica returns to the Fighting Club.

Now you can challenge Mitch!

Battle 37!
You vs. Mitch
Opponent's Deck: First-Strike Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: Fighting Medal, 2 Mystery Booster Packs

Now you have your seventh medal! Leave the Fighting Club.

Chapter 9: Psychic Club

Psychic Club
Point on Map: point 9
types of Pokemon used: Psychic, colorless, grass
members: Robert, Stephanie, Daniel
Club Master: Murray

Before you go to battle, go in the lobby and talk to an old man. He will ask you 
to defeat Murray for
him. If you do, he'll give you something. You do not have to face the members to 
challenge Murray.

Battle 38!
You vs. Robert
Opponent's Deck: Ghost Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs
note: He's playing with Psychic, colorless, and grass.

Battle 39!
You vs. Stephanie
Opponent's Deck: Strange Power Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Labratory Booster Packs

Battle 40!
You vs. Daniel
Opponent's Deck: Nap Time Deck
Prizes: 4
Gift: 2 Evolution Booster Packs
note: Uses Pokemon that can put other Pokemon to sleep.

Battle 41!
You vs. Murray
Opponent's Deck: Strange Psyshock Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: Pshchic medal, 2 Labratory Booster Packs
note: Watch out for his DAMAGE SWAP COMBO, where he builds up damage on Alakazam, 
uses Damage Swap to move it to different Pokemon. This is a STALL DECK.

Now that you have your last medal, you can go to the Grand Masters! Don't forget 
to talk to the old
man after beating Murray, he will give you a Promo # P12 Mewtwo Lv. 60 version A

Chapter 10: The Grand Masters

Pokemon Dome
Point on map: point 10
types of Pokemon used: You're about to find out!
Grand Masters: Courtry, Steve, Jack, Rod

At Pokemon Dome, check the computer for mail. Each mail you get you get a booster 
pack. After
that, go to the door and open it with A button.

Battle 42!
You vs. Courtry
Opponent's Deck: Legendary Moltres Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: nothing
note: Uses fire Pokemon

Battle 43!
You vs. Steve
Opponent's Deck: Legendary Zapdos Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: nothing
note: Uses Lightning Pokemon

Battle 44!
You vs. Jack
Opponent's Deck: Legendary Articuno Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: nothing
note: Uses water Pokemon

Battle 45!
You vs. Rod
Opponent's Deck: Legendary Dragonite Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: nothing
note: uses water, fire, and colorless Pokemon.

Now you can get the Legendary Cards...

Chapter 11: What!?

 It seems Ronald beat you to the cards. Now you have to face Ronald.

Battle 46!
You vs. Ronald
opponent's Deck: Legendary Ronald Deck
Prizes: 6
Gift: nothing
note: uses Legendary Birds and other strong Pokemon

Now you beat him and you get the cards!!!

Chapter 12: Champion
 After you beat Ronald, go up to the next room. On the platform is the Legendary 
pokemon Cards!
After you get them, the credits start.

Chapter 13: Now What do I do!?

 You may have gotten the Legendary Pokemon Cards, but the game isn't over!

  Try looking for Imakuni? in clubs.
  Battle ??
  You vs. Imakuni?
  Opponent's deck: Imakuni? Deck
  Prizes: 6
  Gift: 1 of each booster pack/ third and sixth time you beat him: Promo # P17 

  Dr. Mason has a Battle Machine now where you have to battle five random people 
with one deck.

  Ronald now appears at Ishihara's house.

  Challenge Cups are held sometimes. If youv win, you get a Promo Card. Not 
Phantom Promos or
Legendary Pokemon Cards.
  Rebeat the Grand Masters to get more Legendary Cards.

5. Cards
 These are all the cards in Pokemon Trading Card Game.
 ratings are on a 1-5 scale
 Colosseum Set


Nidoran (male) **
Nidorino ****
Tangela **
Syther ****
Pinsir ***
Charmander **
Charmeleon ***
Growlithe ****
Arcanine ****x
Ponyta **x
Magmar ****x
Seel ****
Dewgong *****
Goldeen ***
Seaking ***x
Staryu ***
Magikarp x
Gyarados *****
Pikachu **
Riachu ***
Magnemite ** 
Magneton ****
Elwctabuzz *****
Zapdos *****
Diglett **
Dugtrio ****
Machop *x
Hitmonchan ****x
Abra *
Kadabra ***
Rattata **
Raticate ****
Jigglypuff **x
Wigglytuff ****x
Meowth *x
Chansey *****
Kangaskhan *****
Snorlax *****


Professor Oak *****
Bill *****
Switch ***
Poke Ball ***
Scoop Up **x
Computer Search ****
Plus Power *****
Defender *****
Item Finder **
Potion ***
Full Heal ***
Revive ***
Grass Energy *****
Fire Energy *****
Water Energy *****
Lightning Energy *****
Fighting Energy *****
Psychic Energy *****

Evolution set
Bulbasaur **x
Ivysaur ***
Venusaur *****
Caterpie x
Metapod *
Butterfree ***
Weedle *
Kakuna x
Beedrill ****
Nidoking *****
Bellsprout **
Weepinbell **
Victreebell ****
Charizard *****
Rapidash ****
Flareon ****
Squirtle **
Wartortle ***
Blastiose *****
Krabby **
Kingler ****
Starmie ****
Vaporeon ****
Jolteon ****
Sandshrew **
Sandslash ****
Machoke ****
Machamp *****
Geodude x
Gravler **
Golem ***
Cubone *
Marowak **
Gastly *
Haunter **
Gengar ****x
Jynx **x
Pidgey *
Pidgeotto ***
Pidgeot *****
Jigglypuff **
Eevee ** 
Pokemon Trader ****
Pokemon Breeder *****
Clefairy Doll *
Energy Retrieval **
Energy Search ***
Gust of Wind **
Super Potion ****
Pokemon Flute x

 Mystery Set
Nidoran (Female) ***
Nidorina ***
Nidoqueen *****
Oddish **
Gloom *
Vileplume *****
Paras **
Parasect ***
Exeggcute **
Exeggutor *****
Vulpix **
Ninetales ****
Flareon ****
Moltres *****
Shellder *
Cloyster ***x
Lapras *****
Vaporeon ****
Omanyte *x
Omastar ***x
Articuno *****
Pikachu **
Riachu *****
Voltorb *
Electrode ***
Jolteon *****
Zapdos *****
Mankey x
Primeape **
Ryhorn **
Rydon ****
Kabuto **
Kabotops ****
Aeodactyl *****
Alakazam *****
Drowzee *
Mew *****
Clefairy *x
Meowth **
Persian ***
Farfetch'd **
Lickitung **
Tauros ***
Dratini *x
Dragonair ***x
Dranonite ****x 
Mr. Fugi ***
Mysterious Fossil x
Energy Removal ****
Pokemon Center **  
Double Colorless Energy *****

Laboratory set
Ekans **
Arbok **
Zubat **
Golbat ***
Venonat **
Venomoth ****
Grimer **
Muk *****
Koffing **
Weezing ***
Tangela **
Ninetales **
Magmar ***
Psyduck **
Golduck ****
Poliwag **
Poliwhirl **x
Poliwrath ****x
Tentacool x
Tentacruel *x
Horsea **
Seadra ***
Magnemite **
Magneton ****
Electrode ****
Onix **
Marowak ***
Hitmonlee *****
Slowpoke **
Slowbro ***
Gastly ***
Haunter *
Hypno ***
Mr. Mime *****
Mewtwo *****
Pidgeot ***
Spearow *
Fearow ***
Clefable ****
Doduo **
Dodrio ****
Ditto **
Porygon x
Imposter Professor Oak ***
Lass *
Super Energy Removal ****
Pokedex x
Devolution Spray *
Maintenance *
Gambler **
Recycle ***

Promo Set
Arcanine ****
Moltres *****
Articuno *****
Pikachu lv. 16 (A) ***
Pikachu Lv. 16 (B) ***
Flying Pikachu ****
Surfing Pikachu (A) ***
Surfing Pikachu (B) ***
Electabuzz **
Zapdos *****
Slowpoke **
Mewtwo (A) *****
Mewtwo (B) *****
Mew *****
Jigglypuff **
Dragonite *****
Super Energy Retrieval ****
Imakuni? x
PHANTOM PROMOS (can only be recived by Card Pop!)
Venusaur *****
Mew *****
  This guide is copyright by me, LugiaMaster. The only site able to use this is  Any other copy is ileagl

  Me, for writing this walkthru
  You, for reading this walkthru
  Wizards of the Coast, for making Pokemon TGC
  Nintendo, for making Pokemon
  Nintendo/Creatures inc./GAME FREAK inc., for making this game., for letting me post this on their site.


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