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January 26, 2006

The Village

The Beginning of the game starts you off in an old house facing a guy with an ax.  
The best way to kill him is to shooot him in the head to make him bend down, kick 
and then knife him to death.  This saves a lot of valuable ammo for the others 
waiting outside.

Now run upstairs and you'll find some ammo.  Grab it and jump through the nearby 
window.  When you land there should be two or three more people.  Shoot them once 
each, or at least until they're all bending over, and do a big kick to hit all the 
people, once again knifing them to death.

When you run down the path, yuo'll notice a bunch of small shacks.  You can just 
run by to save time, but they contain valuable items.  And if you choose to run by, 
at least go in the first house.  It contains an essential typewriter, where you can 
save your game for (possibly) the first time.

At one point along the path you'll see a wolf (dog) stuck in a bear trap, so you 
really should rescue it.  He's essential to the battle against El Gigante.

When you finally get to the village, you should run around the perimeter of it.  
There there are Red, Yellow, and Green herbs.  Save them for later.

Now kill all the people there.  You know you've done that when it goes to a movie 
showing a bunch of villagers coming down a path.

Run into a house that's near the center of the village and has a guy (usually) 
standing on it.  You'll know it's the right one if a movie comes on showing a lot 
of villagers coming to the house.

Run upstairs, grab the shotgun on the wall, and push the ladder that crashed 
through the window down.  Now you can either stay and fight or jump out the window 
to make your stand.  If you stay, be careful of the chain-saw guy that eventually 
come up.

If you go down, be sure to target the guy with the chain-saw first.  He's a one-hit 
kill, so make sure he goes out first.  Then just keep killing villagers until a 
movie comes one that shows a bell ringing and the rest of the villagers going 
through a door.

Now the village will be empty, so it's your time loot any houses you missed 
(including the shotgun house).  Also, climb up the tower to get some extra ammo.  
Then follow the path near the tower you looted to get to the Farm.

The Farm

When you start into the village, it'll look empty, but it's not.  So go right away 
to the tree with a blue medallion and a piece of paper on it.  Take and read the 
paper then shoot the handgun with your handgun.  This will get the attention of the 
three or four nearby farmers, so get ready for a fight.  The best way to do it is 
to stay over the fence, and kill the guy who's also on the same side as you.  Then 
take take your shotgun and wait for the two (or one) guy(S) to get close to you.  
Then blast away!

Now loot the farm, except waiting to climb the ladder to the barn's top until 
last.  When you do climb up, there'll be one guy.  Just take him out real quick.  
Then you'll notice a blue medallion hanging in the big window on the other side of 
the barn.  But don't waste your ammo.  You need a rifle, so follow the path that 
leads to the next area.

The next area is just a bunch of villagers.  Nothing new.  All you have to do is 
kill 'em with shotgun blasts.  Finally, though, you get to an area where you meet 
Louis.  When you see a wardrobe, go over to and open it.  Louis will fall and 
you'll watch a couple of movies of you and him talking.  Now go near the door of 
the house and you'll see the merchant beckon to you.  Save your game, go outside, 
talk to him, and buy the rifle (you'll need it for the next part).

The Bridge Area

Open the gate and step out.  A guy nearby you will call to the villagers to warn 
the, of your arival.  Try to shut the idiot up with a well-aimed head shot.

Now a buch of villagers will try to get you, but stand your ground (a lot of them 
will have dynamite).  When the dynamite guys come, try and run out the clock until 
it explodes and they and everyone around them gets hurt or dies.  The best way to 
do this is to aim for the head or the chest.

Once you've got some room, take out your rifle.  Focus mainly on the dynamite-
throwers, and the guys on the roofs.  They're your biggest threats.

Once the path closet to you mostly cleared out, search around until you find two 
halves of the symbol in two treasure chests, killing anyone and anything in your 

Once you have both pieces, combine them and put them in the big door that was 
originally locked.  Now you'll be in (I think) a mansion.

The Mansion

Search around, taking any gold and ammo you find.  There's also a key in a box you 
need.  Once you've the open rooms, go to open the nearby door.

When you do The Big Cheese will crash the party.  You'll chat with him while he 
tosses you around, and then *GASP* ADA WONG SAVES THE DAY!  WHO WOULD HAVE 
GUESSED?!  (Not me)  So you watch a a short movie, and then get to explore some 
more.  Loot the rooms you access to and keep going.

The House

Now your probably in what seems like another house.  No one's in here, so just take 
the stuff, save, and get ready to face trouble.

Once outside you'll see about three people and a chain-saw guy.  Once again, focus 
on him first.  My weapon of choice is the shotgun, then using the handgun when he's 
down, and repeating.  When everyone's kaput, move on.

Back to the Farm and the Village

You've got the key to the church, so go along the Farm path again until you're back 
at the village.  And it may look unchanged, but sometimes there's new stuff.  Go 
around on a second looting spree to get some supplies.  When you're done, go 
through the door to the church.

*GASP* Surprise of surprises!  Your not at the church!  Your at a cemetery!  Now, 
before you go yell and scream (save that for Leon to do with his gun(s)), just 
follow and/or read the rest of this guide.


In the cemetery there are just a few people, so take 'em out, quick and easy.  Then 
there's a puzzle you can solve to get a green catseye.  But if you wanna skip the 
puzzle, you should take the path that leads to the bridge.

On the bridge there's some more people (not real hard) and a blue medallion that 
you destroy with your rifle.  Continue on to kill some more people and eventually 
watch a move about the "Fish" in the lake.

The Lake-The "Fish"

Get on the boat and sail in the direction of the nearby peninsula.  Once you get 
far/close enough, you'll watch another movie that shows your boat getting hood to 
the giant fish.  Then you'll be dragged around the lake.  Try to get one shot in, 
then work on steering and dodging debris.

Eventually the fish will go under water, so keep track of where it is.  And when it 
comes up, harpoon it as fast as you can.  An area that's good to stop it quickly 
are its eyes.

After a while, and a couple rounds of that, the fish will go down.  Get ready to 
press a button really fast, or else you're going down with it.

The Church-For Real

Now you can sail to a nearby merchant, then continue to another island.  After some 
more fighting (of course) you'll get the key to the church.  Take a boat back to 
the island and get into the church.  Once inside, solve a puzzle that involves 
making lght shine through to match the "Los Illuminados" insignia.

Now you go through a door to rescue Ashley.  Once you have her, loot the room, and 
then go out.  You'll watch a movie about the real head of the program, then jump 
through a window with Ashley.  You should be able to go somewhere new nearby, and 
face El Gigante.

El Gigante

If you rescued the Wolf from before (like I said to), the battle will be 100x 
easier.  To begin the battle, just hide from El Gigante.  Eventually the Wolf will 
come to distract him.

Once he does come, shoot El Gigante with a TMP first.  He requires fast attacks, 
and, even though a shotgun is powerful, it's just not fast enough.  So once he's 
done with the wolf (the wolf's not dead, El Gigante just forgets about him from 
time to time), he'll after you.  Now's your time to stay on the defense.  So get 
the Red and Yellow herbs in the surrounding area when he's after you.

Now, you start actually doing damage.  Eventually, after so many shots, a giant 
virus will rip out of his back.  You can shoot it, but it saves ammo to just run 
up, climb on his back, and start hackig away.

After so many rounds of this, El Gigante will fall. (And sorry if any of this out-
of-order, that's an accident do to me playing this a while ago)

Now keep going.  You'll have a couple of battles, but nothing too, too tough.

The Two Paths

Eventually you'll find a paper that talks about two paths-one with an army of 
villagers, and another with another El Gigante (but you don't actually fight him).  
I'll tell you now:  left is the villagers, and right is El Gigante.  All the 
villagers need is a good whupping, but El Gigante is a little different.  Instead 
fighting him, you run away.  First, shoot a platform holding a boulder to block his 
path.  This give you time to break off a lock on a door.  Then keep running and 
knock down the next door.  Keep running and let him crush the shacks, while 
breaking open the door.  The next door, though, requires a key, so run back to the 
obliterated shacks, get the key, unlock the door, and escape.

Life Continues (But the Villagers' Don't)

Just keep fighting and making your way closer to the next boss battle.

The Big Cheese

When you enter the house, you'll meet up with the village chief.  If you do it 
right, you'll dodge his puch, throw oil on him, and light him on fire.  The he'll 
turn into one giant virus with a head and legs (gross, yet cool) and start coming 
towards you.  But he's slow, so you can get a round of fire on him.  I suggest the 
TMP, for its fast firing and reloading abilities make it perfect for the fight.  So 
basically run from on end of the room to the other to shoot at him and reload.  
After so long his body (or whatever that is) will fall off from his legs.

The Big Cheese-Part 2

The second part's more difficult.  The Chief will swing on the pipes and try and 
get at you.  All I can really say is that you should evade and fire. Best advice.

Well, I can give more, but I'll save that for later.  I've been going for like 2 
hours, non-stop, on a school night.  So I'll add more later.

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