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January 27, 2006

The Eye

When you beat the Big Cheese, his eyeball falls out and you grab it and (should) 
jump out of a hole in the house's walls.  When your out take Ashley with you to a 
big red door.  It has a retna-scanning machine, so use the eye.  The doors should 
open and you'll reach the next area:  The Castle.

The Castle-Enterance

Though it doesn't really say it, the next place is a castle.  You decide to try 
and "lay low" there for a while, but you get one helluva welcome party.  You are 
stormed by a giant group of people, and have no choice but to fight.  There are a 
couple of archers, so take 'em out first, if you can.  The shotgun is good for 
breaking up the big groups, and the handgun for individuals.

The Castle-Maze

It doesn't initially say, but the area is sort of like an easy maze.  So watch the 
skies.  There could be a lot of archers, so watch Ashley and yourself.  Also, be 
sure to make ABSOLUTE sure everyone is dead.  You won't belive how many times I 
lost valuable health thanks to guys I thought were dead but, *SURPRISE-SURPRISE*, 
they weren't.

It's Louis!

When you get to the next open area, you'll meet Louis again!  He'll say he has 
something for your and Ashley's virus, search for it, and guess what.  HE DOESN'T 
HAVE IT!  *GASP!*  So, he'll run away to go get it.  Yeah.  It was a good excuse.


Enter the nearby house.  Inside use your shotgun to "blow away" the enemies.  To 
also get the uper-hand in the first strike, kick open the door by tapping "A" twice 
in quick succession.  If I'm correct, people will be grouped together, so they'll 
get knocked over.

Search around to get a key.  It should open the door to the nearby house.  Go in, 
and use the shotgun on big groups, and the handgun to single them out.


You should eventually meet up with Salazar.  You'll talk and a big barrier that's 
missing a picture of the Chimneria from the classic battle from Belleropheon and 
the Chimneria.  Save at the nearby typewriter and move on.

The Hallway

There's an area similar to the house you were just in.  Just keep fighting and 
you'll get to another room that has a door to the jail and another room.  You'll 
see two horse-head statues blowing fire, and an indent that has a painting.  Go to 
the indent and take the key lying on the painting.  Now go into the jail.

The Jail

Go down the steps and position Ashley by the wall that the stairs form.  Now search 
around to find some ammo and a green herb.  When you've equipped a weapon of 
choice, go to the cell door and kick it down.  Get close enough to the Berserker to 
wake it up, then run away (you'll have some time as he rips his chains off).

The Berserker

He is big, but the Berserker can't see.  But he has a great sense of sound.  So the 
best way to get him is shoot the bells.  Shoot, and he'll go after it, which is 
your time to shoot the vulnerable virus sticking out of his back.  And there is a 
kind of very-hard-to-do cheat to kill the Berserker without letting him move, so 
check the hints section to see if it comes on.

The Masacre Room

This room is basically a big slaughter.  No real challenge, just lasts a while.  
Also watch for guys that come out of paintings with rocket launchers.  You really 
can't kill them.  So just run.  After everyone's gone, a chest will appear and you 
need to hit a switch that activates platforms leading to the treasure:  the goat 

The White Door

There are a couple of doors to take, but most of them just lead to fights and 
treasures, nothing new.  I suggest the white door, because it has key points.

Fights, Fights, and more Fights!!

The next places still have no strategy.  Just keep fighting and finding the other 
two ornaments.


Go through there to a familiar-looking room.  Kill all the people there and turn 
the crank until the bridge falls.  Then help Ashley climb up and turning the first 
crank (doesn't matter which side).


Take out your rifle and keep an eye on Ashley.  Shoot anybody who gets too close, 
and clear the area around you when there's time.  Eventually she'll finish and go 
to the next crank.  Keep protecting her and yourself, then when both are done cross 
the newly formed bridge.

The Garden Maze

After the bridge you'll go through a couple rooms and Ashley will get captured 
again.  In the maze there a lot of Wolves, so use the shotgun to take 'em out 
quickly.  Find the two pieces of something or another and put them in the big door.

Ada Returns

You'll watch a movie where you talk and fight with Ada, and even teach her that she 
needs a knife.  Afterwards save and raid the house.

Keep on Truckin'

There's some more fights, but the only actual important thing will be the bridge 

The Bridge

Shoot out a couple of guys, then snipe the catupalt guys (staying out of there 
firing range).  Now enter a door to get to the clockworks.


The bridge should be facing a different way, but you can't move the lever unless 
you shoot out the three blocks clogging the cogs.

The Lever

Once you hit the lever, a bunch of people will come in.  On each level there will 
be an archer, so shoot 'em quick and fast.  Keep going down, but don't exit through 
the door.  There's another ladder down that you probably didn't notice the first 
time in.  Go down and keep fighting until you find another door that will open 
leading to the bridge.

The (Actual) Bridge

On the bridge there will first be only three shield guys, so take them out and then 
fight the big group that comes in.

The Room of Eternal Death

I call this room that because I am sooooooo stuck right now.  There are two 
regulars, and mace-swinging, skull-mask-helmet-wearing dudem and two Berserkers.  
Now you probably understand why I've titled the room this.  My best advice is to 
decapitate the guy on the left.  Then pull out the handgun and fight.

If I get any farther, I'll keep you updated.

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