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                            BOSS NIGHTFIRE FAQ
                                BY JUSTINCASE Last updated: 3-23-03 (Finished)
    In this faq I have written all the bosses in the game. After reading this you 
shouldn't have much trouble beating the boss. Unlike most faqs this doesn't spoil 
the game, but makes it easier to beat. 

ROOK(Helicopter):Rook will appear in a battle copter at the end of the second 
You will be in a skyrail with guards shooting from the castle. Nightshade, the 
with you should take care of them. Take out your Sentinal and shoot at the chopper. 
There should be a small target on the chopper to hit. Rook will crash after 3 shots 
but live. 
NINJA: The second boss you will encounter is the ninja. He is in the double cross 
mission at the end, after killing Mayhew. He will start off doing some backflips. 
Your best bet is to shoot him here, with the shotgun on AUTO. The ninja will then 
shoot at you, he doesn't do much damage with the gun, so keep shooting him. The 
ninja will try to get close and hit you with his sword doing a lot of damage. Back 
up after he comes forward. He should die after around five hits and you complete 
ROOK: You don't battle any more bosses until the second to last level, countdown. 
Rook will be shown talking to a guard saying he'll cut the power. YOU must stop 
He will be in a hall near a huge open garage blowing up. It may take a minute to 
find him. When you do. He will shoot at you with a Samurai. Use the Ams 20 on 
grenade to kill him. Rooks aim isn't great but a hit hurts a lot. 4 grenades should 
beat him.
NINJASx2: Ninjas are back again. After you fall off the bridge run into a safety 
room before the shuttle launches. If your health is low get the armor, if not save 
it. After the shuttle launches the doors open to show a ninja and 2 guards run at 
you. Use the same strategy as the other ninja.(see 2nd boss) Use the samurai to 
the ninja with 3 shots, aim for the head. Kill the other guards. After that, get 
armor if you saved it, if you didn't take your chances or run to another room. Kill 
the guards and the ninja. Kiko will sware at you and go up in the elevator. 
KIKO: No fighting is involved. This is simple, press the button next to the door 
watch her fall, and burn from the rocket fire. 
DRAKE: The very last boss in the last mission. After diffusing all the missles 
will exit the ship. He is strong and has great aim. If guards are still alive they 
won't help you. Keep moving side to side. You don't have long to beat him either. 
Take my advice, practice in multiplayer with the bots on max health and 
assassin/vengeful personality. After a lot of games of that, you might be ready...
This document may not be copied or published in your name without direct 
All rights reserved.........
THANKS TO: the makers of Nightfire. This site for posting it(if you do!) You for 
reading it. And other gamers.

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