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1.Choose Your Dog
2.Saying your Dog's Name
3.Teaching him to Sit
 5.1.Disc Competition
 5.2.Agility Trail
 5.3.Obedience Trail
6.Money Gaining
8.Item List
10.Rumors and some Awnsers

1.Choosing Your Dog.

You have a choice from these dogs so pick wisely!

Minature Dachshund:
Not a real good dog for the Disc and Agility Competition... He could be good 
for the Obediance trail.My opinion when your picking this dog...pick the one 
with the personality for First time dog owners.

These dogs are cute and they are medium sized AND they are cute! So if you were 
picking this dog, Good idea.

Golden Retriver:
I think this could be the best dog in the game! They are good at everything! I 
beat championship on the Agility trails with a Golden Retriever.If you wanna 
rack up on money, get this dog!

Not cute and very ugly-faced!!!! I wouldnt get this dog PERIOD!

Shih Tzu:
Funny name.....I would get this dog if you cant make up you mind.To make you 
feel better this thing is SO cute!

Siberian Husky:
This dog is a good choice if you want to win the Agility Trail!These dags arent 
all cute but they are fuzzy in the inside!

2.Saying your Dog's name and making it work.
Somethimes when your in a loud area and your trying to teach your dog its name 
it might learn it but it wont respond ever again.Thats because you are in a 
loud area.To avoid this, set your mic settings to low. Coming up with a name is dog's name is Poof!

3.Teaching your dog how to sit.
Easy. Drag the stylus down his head really fast and repeat until he sits. I 
said Sit for what you should call the trick.Make sure you dont have a cold and 
sound like your normal voice. On to the basics!

Feed and water your dog everytime its hunger or thirst is Hungry or Thirsty.You 
wouldnt want to waste your water or food would you?
After you take a walk you will have to wait 30 min before walking again.Just a 
reminder.Ok to make a path to walk just draw a path with the stylus.Watch your 
energy!When walking, you may come across a ? mark or a unmarked ? mark.That 
means a item or a dog.A unmarked ? mark could be trash or a item.

5.1.Disc Competiton.
This is the easiest competition.I recomend this to Golden Retrievers and 
Siberian Huskys and Beagles.Just throw a disc and if your dog catches 
it,depending on the color of where your dog is standing,you will earn points.
5.2.Agility Trail
This is a hard competition if you dont train constantly.I got to championships 
in this and won 2nd place with a Golden Retriever.I recomend this to Siberian 
Huskys and Golden Retrievers.Read Agility Trail Book in Care for more info.
5.3.Obediance Trail.
This one is easy to me,but it is difficult when it comes to learning all the 
tricks!I recomend this to all breeds.Read the Obediance Trail Book in Care for 
more info.

6.Money Gaining.
Simple.Win contests,sell stuff you dont want and thats it.

If you see a toy your dog doesent like, dont use it!If you do,he will be afraid 
of you because your using somehting he doesent like.Otherwise play with your 
dog alot and it will love you to death!

8.Item List.

Exclusive Items:
(A-Z Order)

Dog's Theme Box
Graduation Cap 
Leather Shoe
Mario Kart
Red Rubber Bone
Shower Cap
Smart Clock

A-Z Again....


Black Leather Collar 
Blue Leather Collar 
Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon 
Camo Collar 
Checked Ribbon 
Denim Collar 
Dot Collar 
Fireman's Hat (Unlocks the Dalmatian)
Flower Collar 
Graduation Cap  
Green Hat (Luigi left his hat with me =D)
Green Leather Collar
Green Pearl Ribbon 
Hibiscus Flower 
Japanese Print Collar 
Knit Hat 
Lion's Mane
Lucky Collar 
New Year Tiara 
Newsboy Hat
Pair of 3-D Glasses
Pair of Business Glasses
Pair of Huge Sunglasses
Pair of Party Glasses
Pair of Scholar Glasses
Pair of Sport Sunglasses 
Pair of Star Sunglasses
Party Hat
Pearl Necklace
Pirate Hat
Platinum Collar
Pumpkin Leather Collar
Purple Leather Collar
Purple Pearl Ribbon
Rack of Deer Antlers 
Rainbow Collar
Rainbow Wig
Red & Blue Cap
Red Hat (Might be Mario's!)	
Red Leather Collar
Red Polka-Dot Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Rhinestone Collar
Santa's Hat (I heard this can be found on Christmas ONLY)
Spiked Collar
Straw Hat
Striped Ribbon
Ten-Gallon Hat
Top Hat
Tricolor Ribbon
Viking Hat
Woven Collar
Yellow Cap
Yellow Ribbon

Care Items:

Agility Trial Book
Bark Mode Book
Disc Competition Book
Dog Biscuit (At PS shop at 300 Trainer Points)
Dog Care Book
Dog Food Can (Appears at 300 Trainer Points)
Dog Training Book
Dry Food
Jerky Treat (At PS at 300 Trainer Points)
Long-Hair Shampoo
Milk Carton (At PS shop at 300 Trainer Points)
Natural Dog Food Bag (At PS shop at 10,000 Trainer Points)
Obedience Trial Book
Rubber Brush (For Short Hairs) 
Short-Hair Shampoo
Water Bottle
Wire Brush (For Long Hairs)


Clover Clock
Marble Clock 
Marine Clock
Modern Clock 
Silver Clock
Smart Clock (Exclusive to Dachshund) 
Wall Clock

Etc Items:

Black Boot 
Disposable Camera 
Dog Photo
Fine Vase 
Gold Bar
High Heel
Jack Russell Book (Unlocks the Jack Russell Terrier)
Juice Bottle 
Leather Shoe
Lisa Doll
Moai Statue 
Piggy Bank
Promise Ring 
Shuttle Model
Stuffed Bear 
Stuffed Dog 
Tissue Box 
Very Fine Vase
Weird Alien
White Boot

Music Items:

Dog's Theme Box
Dictionary Box
Mario's Theme Box
Puppy Waltz Box
White Record

Archies 4 Secret Records
Giant Socks
Modest Decor
Shredded Fur

6 Mystical Records
Colonel Bogey
Flower Waltz 

5 Nintendogs Soundtrack
Friendly Whiff
Smilin Dog 
Street Marker 

Sports Stuff:

? Block 
Bark Ball 
Bicolor Rubber Bone
Blue Camo Disc
Blue Flying Disc 
Blue Rubber Bone 
Broken Clock
Dice Cushion
Green Sponsor Disc 
Khaki Camo Disc 
Life Ring 
Pink Aerodisc
Pizza Disc 
Red Flying Disc
Red Rubber Bone 
Rubber Mushroom
Shower Cap
Soccer Ball
Tennis Ball
Terry Cloth Cube 
White Aerodisc 
White Rubber Bone 
Yellow Flying Disc 
Yellow Sponsor Disc


Bowser Kart 
Bubble Blower
Combat Copter
Jump Rope 
Mario Kart 
Peach Kart 
Pull Rope 
RC Helicopter
Talking Bird
Windup Toy


Unlimited Walks:
Before walking make sure you have atleast 2 accecories.Now, draw a path to the 
park and pass as many ? marks as possible before reaching the park.When you get 
to the park switch accessories and shut the game off.Turn it back on and load 
Nintendogs and you will have all the items you got AND you will be able to walk 

More trainer points:
Get in the brushin your dog screen and leave your brush there and plug your 
charger in the DS and leave your DS on a table or something.You will earn (my 
estimation) 3 Trainer Points a minute!Leave it on and charging while you are 
asleep and when you wake up.....TONS OF TRAINER POINTS!!!!

More Cheats to come!


Santa Hat found ONLY on christmas:
Awnser:FALSE! I found it 11/24/06!

Flying dog with pull rope:
True.......i saw this on so many forums that its false so Im just saying it 
is.....just pull the pull rope to the top of the screen and your dog will be in 

More Rumors and Awnsers to come!


Made by:Me! Damon91735.

Info gathered by: Me! I play Nintendogs ALOT.


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