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     Pichu is the baby form of Pikachu.Pichu is slightly faster than 
Pikachu but dosen't have stronge elefctricity than Pikachu.For that
matter when ever Pichu hurts itself when it uses electricity.OK 
I'm preety sure that you heared Pichu was the weakest character in the game.
But Pichu's small size and great speed makes it difficult to hit (if you no how
to handle him). 

   Here are Pichu's moves.

1:thunder jolt (b).This move does one damage to Pichu every time he uses it,it's not 
very stronge but it has the unique ability to stick on to walls and when used in the 
air it sends out a little thunder ball.

2:skull bash (over and b).This move does three damage very time it uses it.This is 
one of Pichu's strongest attacks.When fully charged it will send Pichu flying acroos 
the battle stage.But be carefull when using it on small stages or you will probibly 
K O yourself

3:agility (up and b).Unlike Pikachu Pichu agility goes a little farther than 
Pikachu's.But limit the time you use this move because the first time you use it,it 
will do one damage but the second time you use it it does three damage.besides all 
that this move is very good for saving your life.

4:Thunder (down and b).This is probibly Pichu's strongest attacks.Pichu summonins a 
thunder attack to strik down one him doing major damage even though it does 2 or 3 
damage to itself it is still very strong.The trick to this move is to use it while 
under a platform(and your enemy is on top of it) so that way you will be able to do 
damage to your opponent and not to yourself.

thats it for know but if you have any suggestinos about this FAQ than please e-mail 
me at [email protected]

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