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This faq was produced by Kyle Moon, aka-MastergamerX
[email protected]
Start date-5-25-08
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First of all let me say that i have installed a search system to this faq, as 
it will be long and very agrivating trying to find certain details, no worrys, 
all you have to do is simply press CTRL+F and it will bring up a little search 
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there are certain letters and numbers beside each section of the Tble of 
Contents, foe example number 1 is-[01A]. All you do s simply type in the [01A] 
in the search box and hit next and it will take you right were you need to go. 
Simple huh? This will make navigating through the guide way easier.

Hey, its MastergamerX. This is basically the first walkthrough ive written, i 
have done a few review posts on, but other then that, thats about 
all.To start with, everybody makes mistake, so this guide may not be 
**perfect** but i assure you if you follow the guide as i have written you 
should be able to clear the game, no sweat.:p 

Also if i have left anything out, such as the slightest detail that you think 
is importent, just email me and let me know, and i will try to fill in the 
error to your satisfaction.But note that if you do not label the title final 
fantasy X i will erase thinking otherwise. 

Now all my information is new and insure you it will help you all out along the 
way. So do me a favor and please dont "steal" it.You may use this guide to help 
you in anyway to get through the game. If it comes down to it and you need to 
print it please email me first for approval. Again label the title Final 
fantasy X.

Well the role playing game i am about to give you an ULTIMATE guide to Final 
Fantasy 10 which is by far one of the best looking games in the series(not the 
best, but one of them!:p), which is my opinion of course.Note that this is the 
ultimate guide to final fantasy X including secret weapon walkthroughs, monster 
arena guides, crests and sigil faqs, sphere level walkthroughs, character 
guides,boss stradigies,and much ,much more.

So read this walkthrough i am writing and email me to tell me what you think or 
for any ideas i may have missed. Thanks and injoy!-MastergamerX

[01A]Getting started
[03A]Character information
[04A]Basic controls
    [05B]-Part one:Blitzball?
    [05C]-Part two:Zanarkand
    [05D]-Part three:All alone
    [05E]-Part four:The Al bhed
    [05F]-Part five:Finding out the truth
    [05G]-Part six:Summoner of Besaid Isle
    [05H]-Part seven:The pilgrimage starts
    [05I]-Part eight:Destruction of Kilika
    [05J]-Part nine:Infrite, the aeon of fire
    [05K]-Part ten:Luca
    [05L]-Part eleven:Abduction
    [05M]-Part twelve:The wrath of Anima
    [05N]-Part thirteen:Mi'hen highroad
    [05O]-Part fourteen:Mushroom Rock road
    [05P]-Part fifteen:The Djose Temple
    [05Q]-Part sixteen:Crossing the Mooonflow
    [05R]-Part seventeen:Seymours propostion
    [05S]-Part eighteen:Lightning of the Thunder Plains
    [05T]-Part nineteen:Macalania and Seymour
    [05U]-Part twenty:The Great Sanubia Desert
    [05V]-Part twentyone:Infiltrate Bevelle
    [05W]-Part twentytwo:Endless Plains of the Calm Lands
    [05X]-Part twentythree:The sacred heights of Mount Gagazat
    [05Y]-Part twentyfour:A city dead for a thousand years, Zanarkand
[06A]Boss strategies
[12A]Hidden Locations
[13A]Celestal weapons
[14A]Crests and sigils
[16A]Jecht sphere locations
[17A]Sub quests
[18A]Speaking a different Language
[20A]Closing Info


The following information is how to get started with your ps2 console and Final 
fantasy X.

First off you must make sure you have all the cables required to run your 
playstation 2.Make sure you have the power cable plugged into the wall, and the 
other end of it plugged into the back of the playstation 2.Than make sure you 
have the adapter plug in on your adapter, or back of your tv and plug the end 
of that into your playstation two.

Then flip the main power button in the back 
and a red button on the front of the ps2 will turn on.Push it and it will turn 
green and turn on your playstation 2 and another green button.Push it to open 
your disk case and place in final fantasy X.Reset it and click New Game on the 
title screen of final fantasy X to start a new game, or load to load a previous 
profile on final fantasy X.Then get to work on your game.


The copywrite for my guide is simple, you may print it, download it and use it 
properly, but give me credit where ive earned it(be sure to email me first, or 
legally, i can make your life a living hell).Come on man show some dignity.Also 
if you see this guide on anywhere except, or soon to be email me at once.And DONT COPY MY WORK!Or you will be legally 
punished.Here is some of squaresofts copywrites.Vialate them and you will have 
to deal with them yourself.

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 [03A]Character information

Here is some character information, just to get you a little familiar with the 
characters in Fanal Fantasy X before you start playing.Most of this character 
information is from squaresoft.So you may copy this character information guide.


Tidus is a cheerful rising blitzball star playing for the Zanarkend Abes.He has 
long hated his father, who was a reknowed player himself before his untimely 
death.Tidus's quick moves allow him to attack even the swiftest of foes with 


Daughter of high summoner Braska.Honest and determained, Yuna embarks on a 
pilgrimage to obtain the final aeon and defeat sin.Yuna is learning the 
mystical art of summoning aeons-powerful spirits of yore.


Coach and captain of the local blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs.Wakka plans 
to retire from the sport after this years tournament, so that he can devote 
himself fully to serving as Yunas gurdian.His deadly blitzball is especially 
usefull for knocking down aerial enemies.


One of Yunas guardians.She and Wakka think of Yuna as a younger sister.Lulus 
stoic and self-possessed nature makes her seem insensitive at times.She 
specializes in the art of black magic, using various dolls to help cast 
powerful spells.

Kimahri Ronso

A powerful warrior of the Ronso tribe.Kimahri has watched over Yuna from her 
youngest days.He speaks little but is deeply devoted to Yuna and serves her 
loyally as a guardian.Kimhri can learn enemy skills with his lancet ability.


The legendary gurdian who, togeather with high summoner Braska, defeated sin 
ten years ago.A man of few words, he guides Yuna and Tidus on their mission to 
vanquish sin once more.He swings his gigantic sword with such power that even 
the toughest of foes are cut asunder.


A young Al Bhed girl.Her personality is upbeat and positive, and she is not 
afraid to speak her mind.She works only to restore her outcast people to their 
former glory.Rikku handles mechanical enemies with ease, and can steal items 
from enimes too.

 [04A]Basic controls
Here are the basic controls of the game...

X-Select highlighted item;confirm.

O-The go back button use this to get out of the menu or sphere 

down to make Tidus walk very very slow.

Triangle-Push this button to bring up the menu where you can activate the 
sphere guide, items, and abilities, and check your characters status.


R2-Use R2 to scroll 1 page down on weapons or items.

L2-Use L2 to scroll 1 page up on weapons or items.

Start- to pause game.

Left anologe-To move.

Right anologe-nothing.



Here it is, the complete walkthrough to Final Fantasy X.The longest part of 
this Faq, follow this guide and i promise you you will be able to complete the 
game in no time.NOTE:The walkthrough contains the boss strategies in it as 
well.Also some spoilers are contained in it as well. I tried to leave out as 
many as possible, for your sake though.

[05B]Part one-Blitzball?

After you take control of Tidus walk forward and you should see a crowd of 
people.Talk to the three young boys on the left and they will ask for your 
autograph, this is where you get your name.Stick in anything you want it to be 
and and they will continue on.After talking with them go talk to the two girls 
on the right.They to will ask for your autograph, and Tidus will show off in 
front of them.

If you talk to the other people you will get some items, like potions and 
stuff.When your done talking to everyone run to the back of all the people and 
Tidus will say "Gotta go cheer for me." And the little kids will ask you to 
teach them how to blitz.And after a freaky interruption by some little kid 
saying you cant tonight, Tidus will run off.

Then you will be on a bridge.And you will see a picture of Jecht, Tidus's 
father, which he hates.And Tidus will get mad and run off.When you get control 
of him again run down the bridge the way he was running and some anouncer guy 
will start talking about how Jecht died and how sad everyone was.After you've 
reached the end of the bridge it should show a cutscene.Blitzball.

You will see Tidus playing blitzball and than a man in a red coat, and a big 
tidal wave and right when Tidus is about to shot, the tidal wave attacks.It 
will show missiles and Tidus falling out of the arena, and Zanarkand being 

[05C]Part two-Zanarkand

After you take control of Tidus, you will see the man in that red coat walk 
over and talk to him.You will discover that his name is Auron and that Tidus 
knows him.And Auron will walk off.Follow him.

You should see a red arrow, go to it, that will tell you where to go most of 
the time.You will run into that kid that said "You cant tonight" when the other 
kids asked you to teach them how to blitz.He will freeze time, and say "It 
begines.Dont cry."Than he will unfreeze time and dissapear, and Tidus is 
like "What the?"

Catch up with Auron and he will tell you that inside the huge sphere shaped 
ball now above Zanarkand is a monster named "Sin."After that you will have to 
fight these little Sin Scale things.Tidus will try to fight them off but will 
get knocked down,until Auron gives him a sword...He says its a gift from Jecht, 
and that he hopes Tidus knows how to use it.

Your first battle...Okay this part is easy, just keep attacking the Sin Scales 
on the right and you will move right through them.Now continue down the road 
and you will encounter a boss stuck into the ground.This is known as 
a "sinspawn" and you will have to fight it in various forms throughout the game.
Sinspawn Ammes
This battle is easy.You cant die.Since all he uses is Demi, it only lowers your 
and dosent kill you.Okay, start the battle off with Aurons overdrive, 
Dragonfang.After you've disposed of those little Sin Scale things, just keep on 
attacking the Sinspawn.After about seven or eight hits you should kill it.This 
really isnt a hard battle.
After you've won, continue down the road, there is a save point there to, so 
save it if you want.Head down the road farther and you should encounter more 
Sin Scales.After you've killed about three or four of them Auron will say "This 
could be bad.That knock it down!"And it will show a gas crate, attack that 
until it falls.It will explode killing all the Sin Scales.

Auron will say "Run."And Tidus will run and jump off the crumbling road onto 
another one.After Auron helps pull him up, you will see Sin, and he will obsorb 
you and Auron after he says "This is your story.It all begines here."

You will then be in this water place somewhere inside sin.Swim down with the O 
button and you will see Tidus as a young kid.And Tidus will start to feel light 
headed, and sleepy, and will fall asleep.

[05D]Part three-All alone.

When you wake up you will be in some ruins.And Tidus will scream "Is anybody 
there!?Auron!?" Whenever you take control of Tidus you can swim to the right to 
some ruins. There you will see a blue panel, with a language you cant yet read. 
Go to the opposite side of the ruin and there will be a hidden chest, 
containing 200 gil.

Also if you swim to the far left from here you can upload your Al Bhed language 
translations from a previous game.(If you have played the game already.)After 
that swim forward a ways past the ruins and you should be at some stairs.Walk 
up them and there should be a save point to save your game, do it.

After you've saved it run forward and the road should split up into two ways.Go 
left to get a high potion,than back right, and the path will cave in and you 
will be in some water.Swim right and there should be some sort of weird fish 
swimming, after you kill two of them, a big monster will come out and eat the 
last one.Then you will have to fight him.
A slight bit harder than the Sinspawn.He has lots of Hp, luckly you dont have 
to kill him, at least not now.All you have to do is keep attacking for three 
turns.But he will attack back each time, but it wont kill you, just keep 
cutting your Hp in half.After you have attacked him three times, he will charge 
at you and Tidus will run into a nearby cave he see's, and will come sooo close 
to being eatin'!After you "live" from this battle you get 5 Ap.
After you manage to escape from Geogaeno you should make your way up the ruined 
stairs and pass through the door to an opening.Walk to the middle of the room 
where the X is on the map and press X.You need some stuff to start a fire.

Go straight and go throught the door and you should see a desk and a plant 
thing.Open the droor on the desk and you should obtain flint.Next exit the room 
and go to where the save point is loctes.Enter this room and go backwards 
instead of up the stairs to get a hidden reasure chest.(some chest items vary 
each time you play the game, i got a ether).Then go up the stairs.Along the 
right wall there should be a flower bonquet.Take it,continue upwards, than go 
all the way right to get another high potion.

Now return to the center of the room and use the flint and flower to make a 
fire.After that Tidus should fall asleep and dream.And it will show Auron 
saying that Tidus's team lost because of him.And Tidus will wake up.The fire 
will go out and Tidus will hurry to find more wood.But than he realizes he is 
not alone.
This battle is pretty hard.Attack with Tidus and you and the Klikk will keep 
trading off blows.After a while you will have to start healing yourself with 
potions.Than keep attacking the Klikk, and sometimes the Klikk will even miss 
Tidus.After a while you will see a closed door get blown open by a bomb and 
guys come rushing in.And a girl will come up and fight alongside you.Heres 
where it gets intresting.Keep stealing with the girl to get stocked up on some 
grenades and potions, and keep attacking with Tidus.Keep healing when needed, 
and use a couple grenades on him.They do good damage.Soon enough you'll beat 
him and get your reward.Which is 5 Ap.And maybe some potions.
After the battle the girl will come up to you and start speaking some weird 
language.Than will knee you really hard and knock Tidus out.It will show two 
other guys comming up to Tidus and picking him up while he is still concious...

[05E]Part four-The Al Bhed.

When you awake you will be on a ship somewhere in the sea.And next thing you 
know, people are pointing guns at you!They start speaking some kind of language 
that you dont understand.And after nearly getting shot, that girl comes in and 
gives Tidus a translation.

Saying that he is going to have to work.When Tidus agrees you will get a tortul 
on how to use the sphere gride.After that go talk to all the other Al Bhed 
people standing there on the ship.You should get a couple potions, and a 
phoniex down.Then go talk to the girl again.She will tell you about the mission 
and hat you will have to go underwater.Once your in the water swim down with 
the O button.

Follow the cable line and you should reach a ship after a few battles.Once your 
in, go to the computer you see just to Tidus's right.He should bang on it and 
it will open the door which they will swim through.Next swim around the big 
round piller in the middle of the next room and into the little 
passageway.After fighting the killer fish keep swimming to the middle of the 
next room.

You should see a huge computer, swim to the middle and click X and it should 
show you banging on it to, and...what do you know, the ships got power!After 
all the lights are on you should see a brief second of an octupus the next boss 
you will fight.Make sure your ready to fight and head back through the little 
passageway.Once there you will encounter the boss, kill it.
This boss is also a little hard like the Klikk.Alright you should have about 3 
grenades stocked up with the girl from your battle with the Klikk.Steal two 
times with the girl and keep attacking with Tidus.Than Tros will go to the 
other side of the room and another tortul will follow up on using trigger 
comands.After that use "stand by" the trigger command with both characters and 
Tros will do the nucleas charge and it will attack both characters and do good 
damage.After that keep attacking with Tidus and start using grenades with the 
girl.Than Tros will go to the otherside of the room again, this time you can 
use the "Pincer Attack" with Tidus's trigger command.Now one charachter will 
swim infront of Tros and the other character behind him.Use all the grenades 
you have with the girl and attack with Tidus.Also use a potion when 
needed,because Tros can do some damage.If you run out of grenades, just attack 
with the girl and Tidus and after a couple hit Tros will die and you will get 8 
Ap, and maybe a few items.
After you've beat Tros head around the piller in the middle of the room the way 
the girl swam.You will see the girl once you've exited the ship.Swim after here 
a little ways in the water and you will stop.Mission complete.

[05F]Part five-Finding out the truth.

After your back onboard the Al Bhed ship Tidus trys to enter inside the ship 
but is forced out by an Al Bhed.Knowing he was cheated out of food by the Al 
Bhed he goes to sleep, but is awoken by the girl, who has food!Tidus engulfs it 
and if it wasnt for the girl, would've choked to death!The girl says "Its cause 
you eat to fast." And Tidus Replies "Hello there, whats your name?"This is 
where you find out the girls name is Rikku.

Tidus is astounded because she is the only one who can speak his language.So 
Tidus and Rikku start to talking and Tidus says he's the start player of the 
Zanarkand Abes.But Rikku says Zanarakand was destroyed a thousand years ago!
Shocked because he only thought he was a little ways from his home Tidus 
realizes he has been taken one thousand years into the future!

Rikku says that she will take him to a place called Luca where blitzball 
players play blitzball, so maybe he will find some one he knows there.But than 
the ship gets attacked by sin, and Tidus falls into the water where sins at...

The game will ask if you want to save it, after doing so, you will awake in 
some water and a blitzball will hit your head.You look over to discover a team 
playing blitzball.

Swim all the way left and jump up on the beach to get a chest with either a 
remedy in it or a potion.Swim all the way right around the cliff to get the 
moon crest a special power up item needed later in the game.

Then make your way up to the blitzball team.After talking with them, Wakka, the 
captain of the team called the Besaid Aurochs, will tell you to come back to 
the village.And you ask him if Zanarkand was really destroyed one thousand 
years ago.Wakka says yes, and that it was destroyed by Sin.And how Spira is 
punished by Sin for using to much machines,"machina".And that he will not go 
away until we have atoned.Tidus finally reliezes the truth that he really has 
been taken one thousand years into the future.

[05G]Part six-The summoner of Besaid Island.

Save the game at the save point right there by wakka and follow him down the 
path.You will come to a cliff and water at the bottom of it, Wakka pushes you 
in and now you will have to swim.

Swim to the right and swim underwater then follow the path left so that you can 
get a hidden treasure chest.After you get to the red arrow on your map, by the 
large pillers sticking out of the water, Wakka will stop Tidus and ask him to 
play blitzball on his team in this years tournament.Tidus excepts and you will 
now been back on dry land.

Follow the road straight and it should show a cutscene.And Wakka will say his 
team has never won a game in ten years!And that he plans to retire after this 
years tournament.Continue down the road until you run into Luzzu and Gatta, 
crusaders who tell you that there are fiends on the road today.Keep along the 
road and you should come to Besaid village and Wakka will teach you the prayer 
of victory.

Go straight, on the left infront of the item shop is a chest, grab it. forward 
through the village and into the temple.There you will find a statue of 
High Summoner Braska.And you will learn what a summoner is.After that leave the 
temple and go to the blue lodge nearest to the temple on the villages 
left.There you will find Luzzu and Gatta.And you will find out what crusaders 
are.Men who are sworn to fight Sin who have been trying to kill it for 
thousands of years.Make your way left in the lodge to save your game and exit 
the lodge.

Next between the item shop and the crusaders lodge take a left. Go 
back alittle ways and you should find three hidden treasure chests.Snatch them 
to get some items.And go to the item shop and stock up on some items, like 
phoniex downs, and a few potions.Once your finished Go to the second to last 
lodge to the temple on the right.

There you'll find Wakka.He will say that the food is not ready yet and to go to 
sleep.Go to sleep and right before you fall asleep a guy will com in and 
say,"Maybe you should go check on her.Its been nearly..."And Tidus will doze 
off picking up a dream from those words left off by the guy.And when you awake, 
Wakka isnt there.

Head back to the temple and thats where you'll find Wakka.Tidus will ask whats 
going on and Wakka will tell him about the summoner.And without thinking Tidus 
will run into the cloister of trials to look for Yuna, the summoner.

Heres where it gets tricky.Walk forward to the glyph(The green thing)on the 
wall and touch it with the X button.It should show another glyph on the right, 
go touch that and the wall should lift up.Walk down the stairs to you see the 
ball inserted in the holder statue.The ball is called a "sphere".Take the glyph 
spere and run down the other stairs until you come to the door.Place the sphere 
in the door.Walk inside the door and take out the sphere than continue down the 
hall.When you come to the empty round sphere holder on the left, place the 
sphere in and it should open up the wall and show you the distruction 
sphere.Dont touch it yet.Keep going around the hall until you come to a wall 
with a statue on one side and to the left a wall with white writing on it.Touch 
the white writing and it should lift up the wall. Take the sphere in the back 
of the room.Now place that sphere in the statue right behind you and the wall 
should dissapear.Now go back and get the distruction sphere and place it in the 
room where you just got the other sphere from(The one across from the 
statue).It should show a wall being blown up and a chest.Go to the far corner 
and make a right, then open up the chest to get the Rod Of Wisdom for Yuna
(Great weapon).Now go back to the statue and push it directly forward until it 
fits into the hole in the ground.To push the statue just run at it.After that 
the statue will dissapear to make an elevator.then Wakka will come in and tell 
you about how only gurdians and summoners may enter in here.

There is a gurdian down there(Lulu)will have a very short fuse and will get mad 
easy.After you've reached the bottom it will show a bunch of 
people,guardians.Than someone will come out from in the chamber of the faith 
and fall down.The summoner, Yuna.She has finally got the powers to become a 
summoner.After that you will back in the temple.Exit and Wakka will tell you to 
come over there.Go over and watch Yuna summon her first aeon, Valfore.After 
seeing the powerful, but gentle Valfore it will be night.

Talk to Wakka and he will talk to his team and get them psyched up saying that 
they will win the tournament.Than walk over to Yuna and people will start 
insulting you until Yuna comes over to you.You guys will talk and she will ask 
you to come on the same boat as here afterwards go back and talk to Wakka.He 
will ask if your tired.Say yes and you will go to sleep.Than you will dream 
about Rikku and Yuna and Jecht will interrupt your "Good" dreaming and say that 
you will never have a women.

When you wake up it will still be night.Go to the door and you will see Lulu 
tell Wakka arguing.Afterwards Wakka will come in and you will talk for a while 
than go to sleep...

[05H]Part seven-The pilgrimage starts.

When you wake up tomorrow exit the lodge and you will see Lulu and Wakka 
together.Than Yuna will come out of the temple with a bag of luggage.Lulu will 
say you really dont need all that so Yuna will put it all down.Now you will be 
on the road.Go back in the town and go to the item shop.Buy whatever you need 
and when your finished the owner will say something about something her dog 
picked up yesterday in his mouth.Go to the last tent on the right and there 
will be her dog.Go up to it and push X and you will obtain Valfores second 
overdrive, Energy Blast.Which is extremly useful in the game.

Now go back out on the road and you will get into several battles.You get to 
test out your new sword Wakka gave you called the Brotherhood.You will see what 
monsters Wakka is good against(flying type) and what monsters Lulu is good 
against(Flan type), and how to use here magic.

Continue down the road to the next path where you should see three ways to 
go.Pray with Wakka for good fortune and take the road straight across.There you 
should see some ruins.Keep moving and next thing you know a big animal will 
come flying out of nowhere, Kimarhi.Prepare to fight him one on one...
This battle is not hard, but not easy.Start out by using Tidus's "cheer" 
ability, this will make Kimarhi's attack do less and your damage do more.Try 
not to use potions because it will just be a wast, hopefully Tidus will have an 
overdrive and if so it makes the battle that more easy.If not just keep 
attacking after three or four turns Kimarhi will use his overdrive jump on you 
this does alright damage.You shouldnt need to heal and if you get an overdrive, 
use it.If you have to use potions do so, but i recommend more training 
than.After the battle your Hp, and Mp will be restored, and you will be 
reworded 3 Ap.Oh and you better get use to Kimarhi, because he's traveling with 
After the battle head along the road.You will encounter acouple more battles, 
one in which you will have to use Yuna and summon her aeon, Valfore.Before you 
leave the next long road be sure that Valfore, Yuna's aeon, has an 
overdrive.You'll need it, and make sure you at least gained acouple sphere 
levels(About three or four).Exit this area then make your way down the little 
path in the next area and exit south.

Once you the beach of Besaid save your 
game, use your sphere levels and prepare to board the S.S.Likki.Make sure you 
talk to everybody crowded around the ship. As they each give you items for your 
journey. Some may prove useful.

[05I]Part eight-Destruction of Kilika.

Once you see the ship get on it and everyone will be crying saying goodbye to 
Yuna.Your next destination is Kilika.You will see Tidus goofing around and will 
take the binoculures from some guy and Whoa!Big boobs!Next go talk to Wakka, he 
will say some stuff.Than go to the crowd where Yuna is, and you will hear some 
guys talking about Yuna's dad.Go back and talk to Wakka and you will ask him if 
Yuna's dad is famous.Wakka will say yes and how Yuna is the heir to a great 
legacy, then Lulu will tell him he is lacking in the imagination 
department.Talk to Wakka again and he will say that Yuna wants to talk to 
him.And the big crowd around Yuna will go off minding their business.

If you want, you can now go into the corridor, which is located on the other 
end of the boat(next to the captains room) and you can meet O'aka the XXIII, 
merchant extrodanair. He comes in handy throughout the game, as he sometimes is 
the only merchant around. You can choose to lend him gil. I know your probobly 
thinking " Hell no!" Well, it does prove useful later on down the road. As the 
more gil you lend him, the cheaper his prices will be later on and increases 
the chances of him buying more rare, better items.

Then go to the room across the hall, you'll find a few Auroch memebers in 
there. Grab the chest beside the first member, and also you can kick the 
briefcase on the floor for a potion.

Now go talk to Yuna.Tidus will find out that his dad, Jecht, came to Spira and 
guarded Braska, Yuna's father.After the debat, something in the water will 
splash and a gigantic fin will come out.Sin!!Yuna is nearly thrown off, but is 
saved by Kimarhi.Then two men decide they want to stick a harpoon from the boat 
into Sin, to save Kilika!After doing so, Tidus, Yuna, and the group must hurry 
up and stop Sin before they reach Kilika, and before the boat gets dragged 
under the sea!With water splashing everywhere, its about to be a watery 
Sin       Sin Scales
Hp:2000   Hp:200
What makes this battle so difficult is that when Sin shots his scals at the 
boat, every time you kill three of them, he replaces three of them.So the real 
target is Sins fin.But you can only attack it with Lulu's magic and Wakka's 
blitzball, and Yuna's aeon.First summon Valfore, this is why I told you to get 
him a special.Now if you got his second overdrive, this battle shouldnt be 
tough.Use Energy Blast or Energy Ray, Blast doing 1500, and Energy Ray doing 
1000.Soon the Sin Scales will over power Valfore and he will Die.Next use cheer 
with Tidus and replace Kimarhi with Wakka.Attack with Wakka's blitzball, or the 
Delay attack to slow down Sin.If one of the Sin Scales wings start to flicker, 
kill it quick.Because it does great damage.Heal when needed and bring out Lulu 
to do Fire, for some good damage, or Thunder.After a while you'll kill it, and 
get a great reward of 12 Ap!This battle is slightly more difficult than the 
others, so if you have a hard time, level up a bit.
After you've beaten Sin, it will show everybody on the ship safe and sound, 
except Tidus.He fell off when the ship was being dragged underwater.Knowing 
this Wakka will dive into the water and find Tidus, being attacked by Sin 
Scales.After dealing with them Wakka throws a phoniex down on Tidus and a 
thumbs up.But soon the water starts to shake again, and another Sinspawn 
Sinspawn Echilles
This battle is hard.Especially if you dont use Wakka.Start off by casting Cheer 
with Tidus, to improve your strength and defense for Tidus and Wakka, then use 
Wakka's Dark Attack to blind the Sinspawn.Now start hacking away his Hp, but 
watch out for his Blinder attack, which does great damage. This move hits 
everytime, even if you have inflicted darkness on him so watch out! It usually 
does around 120-150, to both characters.Heal when low on Hp and every once in a 
while attack the Sin Scales to get them off your ass and stop attacking 
you.Make sure you heal before he uses Blinder or you might die, keep using Dark 
Attack with Wakka, to prevent Echilles's Drain Attack.After you defeat it, you 
will recieve 12 Ap, potions, and phoniex downs!
After you've beat the boss, and your back on the ship safe and sound, a 
cutscene should appear, showing Sin attacking Kilika.And with Kilika only being 
made of wood as it is, it has no chance, watch the wrath of sin, and as many 
people die...

[05J]Part nine-Infrit, the aeon of fire.

Once in Kilika, Yuna will ask to perform the sending, where all the souls are 
sent to the farplane so they do not become fiends. Go straight and then hang a 
left, walk up to everyone for a cutscene.After the sending, you will all go to 
sleep.When you awake, Datto, a member of the Besaid Aurochs team will tell you 
that Wakka needs to see you.Go right, and follow the path straight and you 
should see Wakka and his team help repairing parts of Kilika.He will tell you 
that we are going to the temple so that Yuna can get her aeon, and Wakka can 
pray for victory.

Directly from where the cutscene with wakka ended, head south 
then to the left, you should see a treasure chest, but its really a shop. Talk 
to the old lady running it if you want to update your equipment. I suggest you 
get the Seekers Shield for Tidus, and Seekers armguard for Wakka(Just my 
opinion). And you should of already ahd the Seekers ring, for Yuna(If you 
listened to me and talked to everone before you left besaid:p).

Now go back towards the inn, and make a left.Go straight past the inn, and turn 
right down the long wooded path. Check out the lttle hut on the way, once you 
entered it look to your left for another hidden chest. Exit and to your left if 
you look hard enough, you'll see a little girl, try and talk to her, and Tidus 
will save her from falling with the leftover debris. 

Now backtrack to the tavern(the place infront of the weapon shop). There should 
now be a chest in there to the left. For me i obtained a ether, but i think it 
varies from game to game. Now head back to where you saved the girl and go 
straight to Kilika forest.

There save your game. Proceed forward and Yuna then asks you to be her 
Guardian! After the cutscene You can either go left and then right to get a 
chest(which i suggest you do as it contains Scout for Wakka:p), then keep 
heading straigh to run into some crusaders, after they slipt up, talk to the 
remaining one twice to get a remedy. Now keep heading in the same direction, 
follow the path until you get to another intersection.(past the Lord Ochu) Head 
north from there to recieve another hidden chest. On your way back talk to the 
other group of crusaders, after they split up, talk to the remaining one to get 
a hi-potion. the battles here get tough, so if your running low on hp, just use 
Yuna's cure spell to save from wasting potions.Now head in the direction that 
the crusader is standing in(East). 

From here you have two options,a.) backtrack to the save point and fight the 
optional boss Lord Ochu. Or b.) Head north to go to the temple of Kilika. I 
suggest you go with option a. As it is worth the experience pluse get to 
annihilate Lord Ochu. But be warned, he is not so easy!Now im going to assume 
you went with option a. Return to the save point, rest up and be sure to save 
your game!Also it is recommended that you get Valfore a overdrive. Just a 
thought:p.If you chose to do so make your way straight, and be prepared for the 
hardest fight yet!
Lord Ochu
Ok, this battle is the hardest battle yet.Use Cheer with Tidus, and Delay 
Attack with Wakka, than have Lulu cast fire spells.lord Ochu is immune to dark 
attack so your bound to get poisned on contact(which is like every 3 turns!) so 
hopfefully you've stocked up on antidotes, if not no big deal, dont stress out! 
just use Esuna with Yuna.Keep attacking with Tidus and Wakka and using fire 
with Lulu. Hopefully you got Valfore a overdrive. So this should be a bit 
easier.Heal when needed.And watch out for Earthquake, heal after he does 
that.After Lord Ochu only has about 2500 Hp left bring out Yuna and summon 
Valfore.Keep Using Fire with Valfore, until Lord Ochu attacks him enough to 
give him another overdrive.Use fire until he falls asleep.When he does he cures 
300-800 every time its his turn.As soon as he does it,immideatly do a Physical 
attack with Valfore, than use his overdrive, Energy Blast.Since Lord Ochu got 
to heal at least 1-2 turns he should have about 1500 Hp left.Than he will most 
likely defeat Valfore.Use Delay Attack again with Wakka, and keep attacking 
with Tidus and using Fire with Lulu.Heal when needed with Wakka.Than after Lord 
Ochu has about 500 Hp left he will fall asleep again and heal 500.Quickly 
attack with Tidus, than with Wakka.Have Lulu cast fire again.And attack with 
Tidus once more to finish off Lord Ochu.You'll get 40AP and a HP sphere if you 
win. Good Luck!
Now that you've defeated Lord Ochu make your way back to the save point.Talk to 
Luzzu to get an elixir.Now make a right and follow the road until you get to 
the stairs.Now go up a there should be the Besaid Aurochs asking to race.After 
Yuna cheats to get ahead make your way up the stairs.And save the game.Then 
some terrified Blitzball players will come running down the steps.Wakka will 
call "Sinspawn"!And everyone will race up the stairs.And another battle will 
Sinspawn Geneax     Tentacales
Hp:3000             Hp:450
Start of by attacking the tentacales.Have Tidus and Wakka finish off one, and 
Lulu cast fire to finish off the other.Now use cheer with Tidus and replace 
Wakka with Yuna.Use Esuna if anyone is poisined or cure if anyone is 
damaged.Have Lulu cast fire on Geneaux.Next time its Yuna's turn summon 
Valfore.Use fire constantly.Geneaux should keep attacking everyturn and get 
Valfore a special, keep it until it transforms and its defense goes down.Now 
use Energy Blast than dismiss Valfore and attack with Tidus.Use fire with Lulu, 
and switch back Yuna with Wakka.Now use Wakka's silence attack to prevent magic 
Water with Geneaux.Keep attacking with Wakka and Tidus, than use Fire with Lulu 
to finish off Geneaux and get a awesome reward.And 53 Ap!!
Once you've taken care of the Sinspawn head up the stairs.You should run into 
the undefeated blitzball team, the Luca Goers.And its not pleasnt.Head into the 
temple and pray with Wakka to help you win in the blitzball tournament.You 
should run into Dona and her gurdian Barthello, and thats not too pleasnt 
either.After your done head into the cloister of trials.You will not be allowed 
to enter because your not a gurdian, at least not yet.Once they leave, Dona and 
Barthello come and push you in the elavator that leads to the cloister of 
trials.So now your stuck.You have to do it.Go to the door and choose, Go 

Alright once you've entered the trials take the kilika sphere and place 
it in the hole by the door.The door should catch on fire, than take it out and 
the fire will be gone, along with the door.Head through the door and place the 
kilika sphere on the door in the very front of this room.It should burn a glyph 
on the wall.Put the sphere in a holder and go touch the Glyph.The door should 
move up.Go into the next room and take out the kilika sphere on the right 
wall.Take the Glyph spere in the statue and insert it where you took out the 
kilika sphere.The wall should move up revieling the destruction sphere.That 
should stop the fire from burning down the stairs.Now you see where the little 
sparkling glyph thing is on the floor?Go back to the statue in the previous 
room and insert a fire sphere in it.Than push it Right and through the door 
into the final room. then push it right than up, so that it falls onto the 
sparkling glyph on the floor. And it should sink into the ground and create 
another sphere holder.(if you misplace the statue you can always step onto the 
sparkling glyph to place it in the center of the room.)Now take out the kilika 
sphere, and place the destruction spehere there.the wall should blast open to 
reveal the hidden chest. open it to obtain the Red Armlet, an armlet for 
Kimarhi which nullifies most damage done by fire, ice, and lightning.Then go 
back and get one of the fire spheres and take it to the last door.Place it in 
the hole by the door and it should catch on fire, than take it out and the fire 
will be gone, along with the final door.Proceed through the door to the chamber 
of faith.

Once there everyone will be mad at you for coming until you explain 
why you did it.Talk to Wakka, than Lulu, than try to talk to Kimarhi.Then start 
to leave and Yuna will come out.You will obtain another aeon, Infrite the fire 
aeon, engulfed in eternal flame.After you've named him exit the temple and go 
back through the forest the way you came.Once back in Kilika, go to the ship 
and Wakka will ask if you want to leave yet.Say yes.

[05K]Part ten-Luca.

Once your on the ship heading to Luca you will be in the cargo room.There is a 
hidden chest that is very hard to see between the Aurochs and the Luca Goers on 
the left. just go to the very middle of the cargo room on the left, jassu is 
kind of blocking the view of it, but if you go just alittle bit behind him and 
start tapping X you should find it.

Leave through the door on Tidus's right, and you should run into O'aka.After 
you've said to him what needed to be said, buy whatever you need and go up the 
stairs.There you will see Yuna.Go over and talk to her and there should be the 
Luca Goers and they will say that you are not going to win the cup in blitzball 
this year.After they leave go talk to Yuna.

After telling you that she believes your Zanarkand exists go right up the 
stairs and you will hear Lulu and Wakka talking.They will say how Yuna wants 
you to become her gurdian and that they might just leave you in Luca!After 
going back up the stairs several times go to the front of the ship.You will see 
a blitzball.Walk up to it, this is where you will get a chance to get the Jecht 

A really good move for Tidus in blitzball. I recommend saving your game 
before you try getting it because it is VERY useful to have later on.All you 
have to do is click X and the directional button in which the words are.If you 
nail them just right you will get the Jecht Shot.But you only have one try.If 
you get it Wakka will be all like "Whoa, do that again!"But if you lose it will 
just be you and Yuna talking.

That also happens even if you get the Jecht 
Shot.Then go to bed, you will be prompted to save your game, and when you wake 
up you will be in Luca.Time to blitz.

[05L]Part eleven-Abduction...

After you get off board the ship, you will see that the Aurochs dont have much 
of a reputation in Spira.That all changes now!After Tidus announces his victory 
before the game has even begun, you will see people running around because 
the "maester" of Spira has come to the blitzball tournament and has arrived at 
the docks!Head down to dock 5 by following the red arrow on your map.When you 
get there you will meet the new ,maester of Yeaven...Seymour.Think he's cool?
Dont be a loser, he's a nemisis to you throughout the whole game.But...he has a 
mad obssession for Yuna.But lets not talk about that...yet.

After the little scene of Wakka slapping some manners into Tidus, you'll be in 
the locker the basics of blitzball. By the way it is a good 
suggestion to save before you actually blitz here, because if you win the 
tournament, you get a strength sphere, which is a very good item if you want to 
increase your damage done.

Wakka's stiff.After loosining him up a bit, Yuna will bust in saying somebody 
saw Auron in the cafe'.Promising he will be back by the start of thegame, Tidus 
rushes off with Yuna and Kimarhi.

After you leave the locker room make your first left and go down the other 
steps on the opposite side into the other locker room, run all the way to the 
back to find a hidden chest. grab that.Then follow the arrow.head south.

If you want you can head towards the theatre, which is the next left, you might 
have to backtrack after the scene with Yuna, anyways go there for a Al Bhed 
Priemer Vol.II.Man, Yuna sure is popular aint she?Its ok, if you get lost, just 

Head east.Fom there head north around the monument to enter the cafe'.Once you 
reach the cafe' Auron is nowhere to be found.So much for that.It brung no 
good.But it did bring some bad things.Kimarhi and his brothers are getting into 
a fight.But while you are indignitaly looking on, Yuna is nowhere to be found.

Leave the cafe' with Kimarhi to meet Lulu.Seems that the Al Bhed have abducted 
Yuna, and will only give her back if the Aurochs lose the game.Bullshit!Its 
time to get hardcore and take her back anyways.Wakka has control of the game, 
now its your part to get her back safely in your arms.

Head to the #4 dock by following the red arrow.head west, then make a left turn 
at the locker rooms.In this section, you should se a treasure chest, if not 
look at the area to you left comming up.Then keep heading left in the same area 
for another treasure chest.

Equip Kimarhi with the Tidal Spear you just got(should be in one of those 
chests) it proves useful for these next set of enemies.then head north whenever 
your done collecting.Seems like the Al Bhed has expected you.Now you'll engage 
battle with these little machines.Lulu explains what they are, now its time to 
take them out.Lulu's thunder magic proves usful.Attack with that, and have 
Tidus and Kimarhi attack the other one.So you finish em both off at the same 

If you head left at this area, you can grab another chest. then continue 
north.More machina. Dispose of them quick.Thunder, thunder, thunder!Then keep 
heading right.The machina are bad here. But nothing you cant handle.You'll see 
a cutscene of Wakka blitzin it up, looks like he's taking a beating though, 
after some harsh words from lulu, carry on.

 Save your game, then head right.jump on the Al bhed boat and prepare for 
Oblitzerator       Crane
Hp:6000            Hp:65535
I know what your probobly thinking, 6000 Hp!! Well hey, its not so bad, trust 
me. From here theres two ways to defeat this guy. A fixed way(easy way), or the 
normal way. So ill tell you how to do them both.:p For the easy way inspect the 
crane on Tidus' right. To do so use the trigger command. the crane is out of 
power? simply have Lulu cast thunder on it each turn for 3 turns. After you see 
the crane start up, have Tidus use it from the trigger command and it will do a 
good 5200 damage! This leaves the Oblitzerator with 800 Hp remaining! Simply 
hack the rest away using physical attacks or thunder! The other way is a bit 
harder. As Oblitzerator has some powerful attacks. Mainly blitzball rush is the 
one too look out for. If you insist on doing it the hard way, have tidus caste 
Cheer to increase total physical damage and also defense. Have Lulu use thunder 
like no tomorrow, and have Kimarhi attack or heal with potions when needed. 
Then have Tidus caste haste on Lulu, and then himself. Thunder is the way to go 
here, its extremly effective. But i highly suggest you use the crane, as it 
immoblizes all the oblizerators attacks. And is downright simplier!You'll get 
36 Ap after beating up the Oblitzerator.(54 with a Overkill)and 2 elixers!
After you toast that guy a cutscene will appear. Yuna hurt them alittle bit. 
Also you find out about Yuna's linage, shes a Al bhed. As well as that Wakka 
hates the Al bhed. What a conicedience eh? 

Then Tidus remembers about the blitzball game. lulu teleports them there with 
her handy ass magic. Watch as wakka pulls out the stops and score against the 
Al bhed pysches in the last few seconds of the game!Back to the locker 
room.Head south. then south again, save your game then head up the stairs into 
the locker room.

Wakka's injured, its all up to you. just so happens you get to go against your 
best friends, the Goers.whenever you regain control of Tidus, go back into the 
locker room, and talk to Wakka.He announces his retirement.Its actually good to 
win the blitzball game, as you get good items. So ill explain how to do just 
that.First off at the beginning i would set the movement to Manual A. So you 
can actually control your characters. And your formation as normal mode.

The green arrows are you and the red arrows are the other team. heres a little 
stradgey that i find out works quite well. With Letty as your mid-field, 
whenever he gets the ball, have him swim forward, not to where the other team 
can get to you, once you see those arrows start closing in, turn around and 
head to your goal. 

Time it just right and you should have all of the forwards on the other team 
chasing you. Dont go too far back, but this will leave Tidus temperarley open. 
Pass the ball to him while everyone is focused on Letty. be careful, if you 
wait to long until veryone crowds around you, they could steal the ball and 
they are right at your goal!

After the first halftime, at the beginnig of your second half-time, set your 
ability to Jecht shot, instead of sphere shot, it'll make things alot more 
easier.Halfway through the second halftime, the fans will be going crazy to see 
Wakka, so Tidus gives them what they are asking for! Now have Wakka as your 
shooter, Venom Shot works extremly well here. Use it to your advantage, and 
good luck!

[05M]Part twelve- The wrath of Anima.

You start off in the sphere. As wakka give you the thumbs up, it looks like 
chaos is breaking out on the stands! Acouple monsters inflitrate the place, 
kill them all one by one.:p Equip the Thunder ball for Wakka(If you have it.) 
As these monsters are all water type enemies. this will allow you to breeze 
through the sphere.

After you make it out of there, take control of Auron, and 
pound in the dragon Vouivre. Hey, looks like Auron really was in Spira!Now 
fight Garuda, caste cheer on your members and inflict darkness on it, thats the 
easy way to do it! Then caste haste on Auron, and watch his power!

Afterwards, check out the cool ass cutscene, of Seymour summoning Anima. One of 
the most powerful aeons in the game!(Note: It is possible to obtain Anima as 
your very own aeon. But we will talk about this later in the game.)

Now its time for Wakka and the Aurochs to part ways. After that it shows Tidus 
and Auron.Tidus puts the blame on Auron. But Tidus finally figures out just why 
he is in Spira! Also that Jecht is Sin! Whoa!? After Tidus' mental breakdown, 
follow Auron who goes to offer his services to Yuna.

Head south.Here you can talk to the girl in the middle right(The stand under 
the locker rooms), she's the item shop owner. Stock up on whatever items you 
need. I suggest 2 or 3 eyedrops and echoscreens, and acouple phoneix downs.Then 
talk to the guy on the middle left for some equipment.Id grab the shimmering 
blade for Auron, The Power ball for Wakka, and the Metal shield for Tidus. 

After you have everything to your satisfaction, head south.Then head east. At 
the next screen take a right and head up the stairs to trigger a 
cutscene.Afterwards head over to Yuna for another one.

[05N]Part thirteen- the Mi'hen highroad.

Okay from here there is abunch of stuff we need to do.First before you make 
your endvour on the highroad, backtrack to Luca and get any missed items. Dont 
forget the Al Bhed Primers in the Theatre and Locker room. And be sure to grab 
all the chests. Refer to the last two sections of the guide if you forgot where 
all the chests were. 

Now with that out of the way, blitzball is now avalible to play at any 
savepoint from here on out. I recommend that you play through acouple games, 
and about 2-3 tournaments. Why? Well its simple, Wakka's attack reels are 
obtained by playing blitzball. Its the first place prize to one of the 
tournaments. And its very rare to find, but in fact, your best chances of 
getting it are right now. Basically its more likely Attack Reels will turn up 
as a prize now, then later in the game. 

Attack Reels is one of the best overdrives in the game. No wait, it IS the best 
overdrive in the game.THE BEST, which means number one!:p And after a few 
tournaments, whenever you see it pop up, I HIGHLY recommend you save the game. 
Because if you lose, its a VERY RARE chance you will see them pop up again for 
a good while.

After that you should decide on your main three party members. Mi'hen highroad 
is long, and you are going to obtain many levels on the way. Also you now have 
all the characters in the game. (well all except one.) So now its time to start 
developing your characters. 

I chose Tidus, Auron, and Wakka. And Yuna i switch out someone and guard for 
one turn, or heal if needed,then switch again, just so she gets experience. You 
get what im saying? So technically i level up 4 characters, instead of 3. 
Personally i think Kimarhi and Lulu are useless characters.But thats just my 

And one last thing, once you get the Warrior overdrive mode for Tidus(Obtain it 
by letting Tidus kill off enemies, once he has killed a certian amount, he will 
get it), i suggest you use your overdrives alot with him. Why? Because in order 
to obtain new overdrives for Tidus, you must use the current overdrive a 
certain amount of times. 

Whenever you do, you'll know it.It shows Learned(whatever) at the top of the 
screen right after you finish doing his overdrive. Tidus has 4 overdrives. His 
next one is Slice and Dice. So watch out for it. You should be getting it 
around this time.(unless you have hardley use Tidus' overdrive).

Okay on with the highroad.Talk to everybody on the highroad. They all give you 
free items and equipment.First talk to the guy walking north, by the savepoint. 
He should be in the center of the road, for a Hi potion. We are at the south 
end of the highroad, so we have to head north. On the way, you can talk to the 
old man by the statue of Lord Mi'hen, to learn more about him and the 
crusaders. Now keep heading north.

The first battle you get into will show you the enemies that Auron is good 
against. A little ways down the road you should see somebody waiting on the 
side of the road.(On the right) Talk to her to recieve some antidotes. Right 
afterwards, you will see a monument, and Machean will come and explain about 
it, and also about Sin.

After he has finished, run to the back of it to obtain a hidden chest, grab 
that, then carry on. Once again if you start running low on hp, have Yuna cure 
you, instead of wasting potions. Talk to the next guy you see after the 
monument.(he's walking the opposite direction you are) to obtain the Hunters 
Spear.Shortly after the monument, Lucil and Elma will come up to you on 
Chocobo's with reports of a large fiend in the area. Time to go hunting!

Carry on, and there should be alittle side path to your right, but first make 
sure Yuna has a overdrive with Valefore. Then talk to the lady in the side 
path.her name is Belgamine. After introducing herself she will challage you. 
Accept her challange, and she will heal your aeons. 

As soon as the battle starts, use Valfores overdrive energy blast. Now keep 
using blizzard on Infrit until you gain another overdrive, use it for a 
overkill. Infrit is toast! Then you will obtain a Echo Ring. take note on 
Belgamine, as you will fight her acouple more times throughout the game.(Note 
that she is comletely optional, so if you struggle against her, you dont have 
to fight.Athough it is highly recommended to, as she gives you the ability to 
tune up your aeons.)

Now proceed down the highroad to the next section.(Note that hard monsters 
named Dual Horns may start appearing, you can fight them, as they are worth the 
experience, or run.) They have a gore move that does around 500 Hp damage, so 
be well prepared not to let anyones hp fall too low.take the side path to the 
left(where Elma is on her chocobo.) to recieve a chest, then talk to the young 
girl and her mom to the left of the highroad. Continue down the road, and talk 
to the little boy on the left for some softs. Head to the next screen.

You are now at the Central part of the highroad. Wait at the entrance for about 
30 seconds, until you see a crusader come paste you(he's in green and purple) 
Talk to him to get a lvl 1 key sphere. Now continue on.Talk to the other person 
walking in the opposite direction as you to abtain some more antidotes.Kepp 
heading north. Take the next sideroad on the right for a chest containing 2000 
gil.(Its before the large caraven you see in the road.)

Now keep pushing north.(Long road huh?)Onve you get to the caravane, they will 
move it for you, proceed then talk to Luzzu and Gatta in the next side path. 
You'll learn that there is some kind of mission going on. Keep heading up the 
highroad. talk to the women on the left of the highroad.(She's not walking, she 
is standing still.) to get a hi-potion.Talk to the next soldier you see talking 
with a acolyte named Shelinda. To learn more about the operation. they are 
going to use forbiddan machina to defeat sin!?It is highly recommended that you 
get Tidus, Auron and Wakka overdrives. Also Get your aeons Valfore and Infrit 
overdrives as well.Why? you'll find out soon enough!Head to the next scene, but 
dont forget to grab the chest!

Finally you can rest!head forward, after the cutscene and you awake, save your 
game, and exit the travel agency. Also you can talk to the girl in the middle 
of the shop for weapons and items.i would get the world map from the items 
shop, it only costs 50 gil.After the cutscene and you awake once again, save. 
Grab the level 1 key sphere from the kid. also its time to use your sphere 
levels you have gathered. 

From Luca to here you should have got at least 7 spehere levels. After powering 
up touch the sphere to restore health then head out of the travel agency.Upon 
trying to leave the ageny, you'll encounter Rin. He'll give you the Al bhed 
primer vol.VIII Then with a scream, it looks like we found that monster we've 
been looking for! Grab the 2 mega-potions from Rin, then head outside for the 
battle! Head north to encounter the chocobo eater!
Chocobo Eater
This guy is pretty hard. There are alot of possiblites. First you could knock 
him on his back and push him off the clief, or second that could happen to you! 
Personally id just hack away his Hp and finish him off with a overkill, to get 
alot more AP at the end of this battle.First off caste cheer wilth Tidus, then 
have Wakka use Dark Attack, yes, Dark Attack is successful! This is a great 
help, as the Chocobo Eaters attack does around 450 per hit, not to mention 
Fists of Fury that usually hit around 850. Next you want to cast haste on 
Auron, use Power Break with Auron to halve the Chocobo Eaters attacks,then let 
him have it! Throw everything you got into him, all the overdrives you saved 
up, and all. Have Wakka use his Attack Reels, and Tidus use Slice and Dice. 
Auron should use Dragon Fang. Then just hack away his Hp, whenever Dark Attack 
wears off, recast it on the Chocobo Eater. Once he gets down with only around 
3500 Hp left, bring out the Aeons. Have Valfore use Energy Blast. Now the 
Chocobo Eater gets really nasty, whenever he says "Your next" watch out. As he 
is readying his most deadly attack, Fists of Fury. Have Valfore use fire until 
the Chocobo Eater finishes him off. the switch to ifrit. Let him have it with 
Hell Fire! This should easliy overkill him, if not use boost, and wait until he 
gets another overdrive. (He should be able to withstand the Fists of Fury 
attack, plus a magneton punch.Depending on how developed you have Yuna.) Use 
Hellfire for a second time around to finish this boss for good! whew...You gain 
153 Ap after this fight, plus a Rune Rode.
After the battle, Rin will now let you rent a chocobo for free. Talk to the 
lady outside of Rins shop, then choose "Let me ride one!" From here head down 
the path, while your on a chocobo you dont have to worry about random battles, 
so make your way to the end of the highroad. Once you get to the North end, 
look to your left for a chest, grab that. 

Then backtrack by taking the other, lower road. Go all the way down that road 
until you find O'aka, talk to him, and get any wares if you need them. Now keep 
heading all the way to the back of this road to get a hidden chest. It contains 
the Mars Crest. A very importent power up item need for Auron later in the 
game. Now head all the way back up to the North end of the Highroad.There you 
will see Dona and Barthello arguing with a crusader. seems none crsader 
personalle cannot go to the Mushroom Rock Road!

Try to go anyways, go behind the caravan in between the gates. But the crusader 
wont let you pass, choose "Tell me about the operation for more info on the 
mission."Then talk to the other crusader, if you donate gil, you will be 
rewarded some items. the items go like this.
100 gil-Scout
1000 gil-Ice Lance
10000 gil Moon Ring
Its up to you whatever you want to do. I would just spend 100 gil to get the 
scout, but if you have plenty of gil, i suggest you get the Moon Ring for Yuna, 
as it has SOS shell, and SOS protect.

[05O]Part fourteen-Mushroom Rock Road.

Now try to walk back down the highroad, and you will encounter maester Seymour. 
He can tell that Yuna looks troubles. Then he well tell the crusader guarding 
the entrance to mushroom rock road, to let you pass. So now you can freely pass!
Now head past the gate keeper. after the cutscene wait at the entrance for 
about 30 seconds. Whenever you see a guy come walking paste you, heading in the 
same direction as you, talk to him to obtain a ether.

Talk to everone as you did before( Im still going to tell you specifically who 
to talk to, incase you dont feel like wasting time.:p)Head forward, talk to the 
soldier on your left to obtain a Hi-potion. keep heading straight ot run into 
Clasko. He tells you that maester Seymour requests Yuna's presence at the 
command center. Take a left here, you'll see O'aka. How'd he manage to get past 
the guards?Check out his wears, i'd grab the Metal Shield for Tidus.

Head back behind O'aka to the next area. Save your game, then talk to the 
soldier near by to recieve a Hi potion. Step onto the elevator and press 
X.Follow the path, the fiends here are tough so be well equipped. Follow the 
path as it curves right, then back alittle bit, then heads foward. Before you 
take the left grab the chest for 1000 gil, and talk to the guard for some 

Now head back and follow the path to the left.Then up to brab a treasure 
chest.Then head right, and forward.Now follow the path left and then up. talk 
to Shelinda three times, and she will give you the option of healing you. Do 
so, as the battles here can be fierce, and you encounter enemies every 2 steps. 
The head right. Go straight then follow the path left. Dont miss the hard to 
see chest next to the rock sticking up on the right. Keep heading straight. 
Make a right, then follow the path down. Jump on the elavator and push X.

Talk to the guy directly infront of you to get a X-potion. Now here i would 
recommend 2 things. First get Valfore and Infrit a overdrive. Next make sure 
you have gained at least 6 sphere levels from since you first entered Mushroom 
Rock Road, till now. If you havent, stay around here and level up a bit. It 
never hurts.From here head right and talk to the other soldier to get some 
gil.Make a left between the two pillers and ride the elavator down to the 
bottom. Head backwards to obtain a Serene Armlet. 

Now ride the elavator back up.Then head north to find another elavator. Ride it 
up.Head to your right and talk to the guy, next to the big elevator to get a 
mega-potion. And head south to talk to Luzzu and Gatta. Luzzu tells Wakka that 
he was the reason his brother died. After Wakka punches the shit out of him, 
head back up. Save your game and jump on the big elevator right by the save 
point.Exit the creen, in the next area head south.

After the cutscene head right. In the next area head right for another 
cutscene. Then continue along the path. Whenever you finally reach the Command 
center, save your game. O'aka is in the very back just outside the gate, so if 
you need anything talk to him. But his prices are ridiculously high.If you can 
afford it, i would buy the Lucid armguard, for Wakka, and the Avenger for 
Tidus. And be sure to stock up on Phoneix downs. Upon entering the Command 
center, you'll talk to Gatta. After that, enter the command center. Seems like 
Kinoc and Auron are old friends.

Well this is your last chance, get anything you need before the operation 
starts, and whatever you do be sure to save your game! Dont forget to use your 
sphere levels either. theres a treasure chest in the upper right hand corner(By 
Yuna and Lulu) Grab it for a mega-potion. Whenver you are fully prepared talk 
to the soldier in the bottom right hand corner of the command center.And get 
ready for some sinspawn!
Sinspawn Gui     Head       Arms(2)
Hp:12000         Hp:4000    Hp:800(A piece)
Alright, start off by casting cheer with Tidus, have Auron work on each arm, 
then have Wakka work on the head. While they are busy doing this, have Tidus 
cast haste on evryone. Then after the arms are taken out, work on the body. 

After 3 turns the arms will regenerate. Which protect the body from letting you 
hit it.Whenever the arms regenerate, bring out Yuna and summon Infrit, use 
Hellfire, to take care of both arms and do a bunch of damage to the body. Then 
Dismiss him, have Tidus caste haste on Yuna, and Auron continue attacking the 
body. then summon Valfore, and Energy Blast the body. Use fire with Valfore 
after that, the Arms should regenerate, wait until Valfore has another 
overdrive, and use it. Sinspawn will eventually kill off Valfore, whenever he 
does use the same stradegy, if Auron or Tidus or Wakka have a overdrive, use it 
now why the arms are gone.(Attack Reels help.) Whenever the arms regenerate, 
bring Infrit back out. Wait until he gets a overdrive and use Hellfire. 
Evrything on the Sinspawn Gui should be overkilled. This wracks up your Ap sky 
high. If for some reason all that didnt kill Sinspawn Gui, have Auron, Tidus 
and Wakka hack away its remaining Hp, and have Yuna cure when needed.
After the intense battle watch the raw ass cutscene comming up. And as Sin 
obliverates all the knights and crusaders...

Whenever Yuna regains conciousness from the impact of Sins last attack, you 
will still be in the command center, but everything around you will be 
completly destroyed. Then as you look over, you see that the Sinspawn Gui has 
returned, and the only people around are wha? Seymour!Well looks like your 
going to have to count on his abilities, for now.
Sinspawn Gui(part 2)   Head       Arms(2)
Hp:6000                Hp:1000    Hp:800(A piece)
So Seymour has acouple good attacks, big deal. This battle is cake. Just have 
Seymour destroy evrything. I recommend destroying the head first. Have Auron 
take out one arm and Seymour take out the other.Its easy, as Seymours attacks 
deal around 1500(Using Fira, or Blizzara, or Thundra). Use Fira on the head for 
a overkill, Blizzara on the arm for an overkill, and Thundara on the other arm 
for a overkill, then just take out the body.Also, this is the only time in the 
game where you can actually see Seymours overdrive. Its called Requiem. And 
well, lets just say its pretty badass. Altogether it does about 2500 Hp damage. 
And it looks really cool.It consists of a series of explosions, and it takes 
the enemy to a different dimension.Check it out if you have some time to 
kill.After the battle you gain huge Ap, 1600! Thats if you have overkilled 
everything.And 6 lvl 1 key spheres.
After Tidus snaps out of it, he will be on the Djose shore. With everything 
around him destroyed. the wrath of sin... Head left, at the center of 
the area go up. You'll see Gatta is the only one alive.Watch as Tidus chases 
after his...father.

Whenever you gain control of Tidus, head over to the save point and save your 
game.After the cutsceen head left. Just behind Lulu there is a chest, snatch it 
up and talk to Auron.Then head up and make a right. 

[05P]Part fifteen- The Djose Temple.

Catch up to the crusader just infront of you. He will give you a soft ring.Also 
the guy walking not too far off from him, if you talk to him twice he will give 
yiu the Variable Steel for Tidus. A great weapon for customizing later in the 
game. Save and continue down the road.

Alittle ways up to your left is a treasure chest containing some phoniex downs. 
Grab them.Continue on and down the road on the right should be a guy praying
(Infront of a piller.) Talk to him to get a ether. Theres the Al bhed primer 
Vol XI behind the big rock sticking up,so dont forget to grab it.Keep going and 
you should see another guy praying.(In the center of the highroad) talk to him 
to get a mega-potion. Then talk to the monk who will be passing by you, walking 
in the opposite direction in which you are.( He looks like someone from the 
temple.) to get a hi-potion.

Once your getting near the end of the highroad you see that the road splits up 
and goes 2 ways. your going to go right for now.But before that i suggest you 
level up alittle bit. get about 3 or 4 sphere levels. Its always good to be 
ahead in states, because you never know what your going to face later on down 
the road. 

Lets do a quick review on the sphere grid, if you have been leveling properly, 
by now Tidus should be around where he learns the ability slow. Wakka should be 
about 4 spaces behind the ability Dark Buster, Auron should be about 5 spaces 
ahead of Magic Break. Kimarhi should be(If you started off going left) 
Somewhere around haste or(If you started of going right) somewhere around 
silence attack. Yuna should be about 5 spaces behind Cura.And Lulu should be 
about 5 spaces paste the "ra" spells. Are you anywhere close to these ranges? 
If you are then you should be fine with whats left to come. Now after you 
finish leveling head right.

Talk to Lucil of the chocobo knights to the right, then head forward. The 
temple should start rumbling. Run forward and , wow! Thats tight. After the 
cutscene head into the temple.Inside meet Isaaru, another summoner. Then upon 
entering the Cloister Of Trials, you hear about summoners on their pilgimage 
suddenly disapearing from Moroda and Isaaru. 

After that before heading into the Trials, go back down the stairs and enter 
the side door in the temple on the left. In the very back of the room there is 
a hidden chest, it kind of blends in with the backround so watch for it.Then 
enter the right door. In this room  there is a completely kidden chest. You 
cant see it at all. What you have to do is walk up to where the electricity is 
in the center of the room, and head directly right from there. tap X and the 
chest will open, revealing a Mega Phoniex!

Aliright, now its time to get through the trials, answer yes to the gatekeeper 
of the Trials. Now lets begine!This one is alittle bit more confusing then the 
rest of them, so ill explain it as best i can.

Take the left djose sphere and place it in the door, the take the right djose 
sphere and place it in the door.After the door opens head to the next room. 
take the djose sphere on the left hand side, and head right. Place the sphere 
in the first sphere holder. Then take the djose sphere on the right hand side
(the one that shows the glyph on the door), head right and place it in the 
second sphere holder.You should now have an electric current flowing in the 
device above you. Now take the statue in the middle(with the sphere in it) and 
push it directly under the electric current.(If you misplace the statue there 
is a sparkling glyph all the way to the left of this room.)Doing this should 
cause electricity to come fromthe divice above, and make the djose sphere 
stronger(You can tell by the darker green color.)Run to the left of the room 
and step on the sparkling glyph to place the statue in the center of the 
room.Take the enhanced djose sphere and place it in the holder on the right 
side of the door.The door should open up.Notice in the next room there is no 
floore, but rather a electric current for a floor. Now take the two spheres 
that you placed on the right side of the previous room(The ones you used too 
power on the electric divice to enhance the djose sphere) and place each sphere 
on a seperate side of the statue sitting in the middle of the room.Now push the 
statue through the door and off into the electric floor. It should rise up 
creating a "stepping stone" for you to cross the next room. Jump across it with 
the X button, and push in the statue on the otherside. Now jump back to the 
previous room, and step on the sparkling glyph to reset the statue. Take the 
sphere on the left side of the statue and go back to the first room. Place the 
sphere in the left holder(where you grabbed the first two spheres to open the 
first door.) Then  do the same thing with the sphere on the right side of the 
statue. Take it and place it in the right sphere holder of the first 
room.Finally, take the enhanced sphere(The one used to open the door in the 
second room) and place it in the sphere holder to the left of the door. The 
statue in the middle should sink into the ground to create a elevator, but 
before going up, head left by the sparkling glyph. Notice th faint destruction 
sphere symbel flickering on the wall? Touch it to reveal the destruction 
sphere. Take it and head up the elevator.Run to the back of this room, and push 
in all 5 statues.A statue should now appear towards the elavator. Insert the 
destruction sphere in the right side of the statue to reveal the hidden 
treasure chest.Open it to get the magic sphere. Then head up the stairs on the 
left. Your done!

Inside the antechamber walk to the front of the room , and Dona will make her 
appearence.Then talk to everybody, and attempt to leave the room.After you wake 
up save your game.

Theres a hidden treasure chest inside the inn, at the very back. Its hard to 
see but its there, it contains the Switch Hitter for Wakka. A exellent 
weapon.You can also buy weapons and items inside here. I highly suggest you but 
the Shimmering Blade for Auron. And i would grab the Metal Armguard for Wakka, 
unless you have something better.Stock up on some items too if you need them.

After that exit the inn.Theres another hidden chest if you head around the 
front of the inn, then to the right, grab it for some ability spheres.Then head 
all the way to the left outside the temple, its directly on the opposite side 
of the inn, for another hidden chest as well.Open it to get some gil.By the wya 
if you want to see something freaky, check out the little mice jumping between 
Aurons legs... Pretty weird huh?Now head into the temple.

Talk to Gazza on the left for a update on how he's doing, then enter the door 
on the left. Yuna's asleep, talk to the girl behind her, and she will wake 
up.So after Lady Yuna fixes her hair we can leave.:p

When leaving talk to the crusader on Tidus' right to get a Halberd, and then 
talk to the monk from the temple who is passing by you walking in the opposite 
direction for 2 hi-potions.Keep heading south, talk to the crusader in the red 
to get some potions. Also, if you like playing blitzball, sign this guy up for 
the Aurochs. He is a exellent goalie and  he has a high attack level. His name 
is Kyou.Keep heading south, and you'll run into Captain Lucil. After that exit 
south. Your destination is the Moonflow.

[05Q]Part sixteen- Crossing the Moonflow.

Okay, here we go, take the left path now. The opposite path that leads to the 
djose temple. You are now on the South Bank Road of the Moonflow. Keep heading 
north until you see a small sidepath to the right.(Its right in font of 
Shelinda) Take it to get a hidden treasure chest. Then keep heading north. 

There are some very annoying monsters lurking around here. Ochu for one. Every 
time he hits you your bound to get poisned. And to make things worst whenever 
you start lowering his Hp, which reads 7200(Just to let you know) He uses Ochu 
dance. Which does alot of bad status. On top of that you can blind him or 
anything. The only real advice i can give you is use fire on him,(Infrits 
Meteor Strike does about 1200 damage), have Lulu cast Fira for some good 
damage. Put him to sleep, and cast away. What sucks is that he appears in like 
every battle on the way to the Moonflow, so get use to him.:p

After you catch up to Yanke and Biran(Kimarhi's best friends) check behind them 
in the upper left corner for a chest. Also i would recommend getting all of 
your aeons a overdrive. Make a right and head on. Up ahead theres another side 
path to the right, dont miss it, because theres a hidden chest there. After 
you've grabed that keep heading forward.

After the path curves you might see somebody standing at the edge of the road 
up ahead.Its Belgamine, and she has returned to challage Yuna once again. 
Except shes a whole lot stronger then before. So i suggest you get all your 
aeons a overdrive before you get up to her. Unless you dont want to fight her. 
But it is highly recommended that you do because this time if you win she gives 
you the summoners soul.(Allows your aeons learn abilities.)

After you have roughed up Belgamine, keep going towards your destination. Just 
as you get to where the tree's over ride the path, if you look to the left you 
should see alittle trial. Follow it to get another hidden treasure chest. Get 
it then follow the path down.Oh and you should have wracked up about 5 sphere 
levels from djose to here. If not, i suggest you train alittle bit more before 
advancing to the Moonflow. And also get Wakka and Tidus a overdrive. Once all 
this is done, you can advance to the Moonflow.

At the next screen, head forward for a cutscene. After that, make a left and 
move out.Ahh, the Shoo-puff. Finally you have made it to the South Warf of the 
Moonflow.Grab the chest beside O'aka. you can support our lovely merchant, or 
get your wares somewhere else. There's a bunch of shops her. But you should 
look into his wares for now. Id buy the Double Edge for Tidus, and the Switch 
Hitter for Wakka.(If you didnt get it from the treasure chest back in djose.)
Also the Mythrical Ring is good for Yuna.

Make a left, theres a bunch of merchants here. But none of them really have 
anything good to sell. Talk to Auron for a history lesson.Head left to show a 
scene with Captain Lucil, Clasko, and Elma. After they clear out, grab the hard-
to-see chest in the back of this area to get some gil.Then save your game and 
board the Shoo-Puff.While your on the Shoo-Puff, listen to what the others have 
to say, and then bamm! Something crashes into the Shoo-Puff. What?Wait, it the 
Al bhed! Now we have to save Yuna. Dive into the water with Wakka and get the 
job done.
Well if you listened to me earlier, and got Tidus and Wakka overdrives, this 
battle will be a sinch. Unload your overdrives. Attack Reels alone should hit 
about 2500. If you choose your clots correctly. Have Tidus cast haste on 
himself, then Wakka. Attack with Wakka, and then cast Cheer whith Tidus, now 
that your all set, hack this boss' remaining Hp away. its main attack is Aqua 
Shooter, which should do around 250 damage. Nothing out of the ordinary, but 
whenever the Extractor starts to hover above you, watch out for Depth Charges. 
Not too deadly but it hits around 500 to each character.This boss really isnt 
hard at all.Kill it quick 660 Ap and a mega-phoniex after winning.
Now that Yuna is safe and sound, we can all be at peace! Finish out the "boat" 
ride and you'll be at the other end of the Moonflow. The North Warf. looks like 
we'll be here for awhile. As everyone seems to be crowded around Yuna. Head to 
the next screen on the left. You'll find O'aka here. But he's only selling 
items for now. Stock up on whatever you need. Then head left past Auron.In the 
next area grab the chest by the Crusader sitting down, and continue left.

Now keep running left until you see somebody lying on the ground. Walk up to 
her to dicover her identity. Hey, Rikku! What a minute, it was you trying to 
take Yuna? Wha? Why! Oh well i guess it dont matter anyways.After proper 
introductions, it looks like Rikku is going to be traveling with us!Joy...

[05R]Part seventeen-Seymour's proposition

Now head north, the first battle you get into will give a tutorial about 
stealing from chests in battle, along with mixing. Rikku's overdrive. Theres a 
treasure chest at the very beginnig of this road on the left, so dont miss 
it.After that keep heading north towards Guadosalam. i suggets you get acouple 
sphere levels on the way.(2 should for each of your main characters should be 


Anyway in the next section of the road continue north. At the end of this path 
theres a treasure chest on the left side, which you really cant miss. Now you 
should be enetering some wierd building. Welcome to Guadosalam...

Upon entering Guadosalam, you will be greeted by Tromell, a servent in the 
direct appistion of Maester Seymour. He explains that Seymour has importent 
business with Yuna. So head into the "manor". But before that, a brief 
explanation on customizing your armor and weapons. A great asset in the game 
from here on out. If this is your first time playing, i suggest you learn how 
to customize weapons and armor, so study the tutorial good.

To the right is a inn, got there and you'll run into Maechen and Shelinda. Save 
your game then exit here.Head up towards the manor. On the left is a chest, 
open it up for a mega-potion.If you head left, and then south, you'll go to the 
second level of Guadosalam. Take the door to the far left, in here you'll see 
acouple Guado wondering around. Head to the back of the house and hang a right. 
Walk about 2 steps and push X. You'll open a hidden chest. It should be right 
to the left of the piller in the center of the house. But its in the back of 
the room.Also dont forget to check all the houses in this area for the Al bhed 
primer Vol XIII.

Exit here and head south around the two Guado people to the right for another 
hidden chest(I got an Elixir in it).Now head back down and make a right, 
between the overhead path and the base level. Enter the door and you should 
find O'aka, as well as another merchant.You can chat with him, or buy some new 
wares. Also the Guado merchant has some weapons too. But O'akas prices are 
cheaper when it comes to items!(For once!)

Now exit here and walk back down to the base level. Enter the manor(The big red 
door). Talk to everybody and then try to leave and Tromell will appear.Follow 
everyone into the next room.Talk to everyone in the room, then talk to Auron to 
proceed.Watch the cutscene. Afterwards Yuna's face will be beat red. Seymour 
just proposed to her!Holy shit, what a dramatic change of events eh? As you 
leave, head up the stair, and in the middle of the second floor is a hidden 
chest. You cant see it because the balcony is in the way, but is there, so look 
for it.

Now after that exit the manor.Then head south.After the cutscene head all the 
way up to the third floor of Guadosalam. Head all the way right, then head 
straight at the next scene. Walk up the stairs and enter the farplane. Here 
talk to Wakka first, then Lulu, then Yuna.After you have exited the farplane, 
you will see Spira's beloved Lord Jyscal, still gripping on to life. As Yuna 
sends him, a sphere falls from his body. I wonder what that could be? Only time 
will tell. 

Its time to go tell Seymour your answer. So head back down to the first floor 
of Guadosalam and run up to the party.While Yuna is inside talking to Seymour 
talk to Lulu.Then talk to her again. Then head south and try to exit towards 
the Thunder Plains. You'll encounter Shelinda, now run back up to the party.

Its time to get out of this place. Head south and make a left to eneter the 
Thunder Plains.

[05S]Part eighteen- The lightning of the Thunder Plains.

Here is the great Gandolf Thunder plains. Upon entering, you'll get alittle 
cutscene. And a quich tutorial. Basically, you have to stay close to the 
lightning rod towers, and whenever lightning is about to strike you, tap X 
quickly. To avoid getting struck, as soon as you see the screen start to flash 
white, tap X. Also in wide open areas lightning seems to strike more often. So 
watch out. Id get use to didging lightning, as later in the game there is a sub 
quest to it.Time to cross this place.

Head straight towards the savepoint. There is a chest on the left, grab it. 
Head to the saveponit and save your game. The look to the upper left of the 
save point. You should be a treasure chest. Grab that one too. No head north, 
follow the path and you should run into Machean. Talk to him to learn about the 
Thunder Plains. Now directly left on the other side of the Thunder Plains you 
should see a statue of a cactur. Head forward about 3 or 4 steps then take the 
small sidepath for a hidden chest. Grab that and continue heading north.

At the next lightning rod tower on the right you should run into Shelinda. 
After talking to her, just keep marching in the same direction. Just before the 
next tower comming up on the right, look for a side path. Take it to find a 
Cactur statue and a hidden chest. Id equip the Water Ball for Wakka. As almost 
every fiend here is lightning.After nabbing that, keep heading straight. 

Shortly after that, you should get to a place where the path divids into two. A 
cutscene should appear and it will show Rikku scared shitless. Then you'll be 
at the Travel Agency. You cvan choose to go inside, for acouple scenes, or keep 
heading forward. I chose to go inside. So heres what you do.

Talk to Rikku to figure out why she hates lightning so much.Rin will come out. 
Talk to him and he will ask you how the study of his language is going. Answer 
good to collect the Al bhed primer Vol. XIV. Then choose the top answer to find 
out a piece of information about Aurons past. 

Then you can talk to the owner for either weapons or items. I suggest you get 
the Shimmerblade for Auron, and customize it for Strength plus 3 percent by 
useing 4 power spheres. And if your struggling with the fiends lightning 
damage, there are shields, bracers, amulets, and armguards that nullify all 
lighning damage and give you Hp plus 5 percent. So check into that if you need 

Now head into the back were Yuna went to do alittle bit of eavesdropping.After 
the cutscene, whenever you wake up, talk to Rikku to get things moving.Outside, 
dont miss the yellow shield lying on the ground to the north. Now head 
straight. At the next screen keep heading north. Alittle ways after the save 
point on the right, a cutscene will run. Looks like Yuna has decided to marry!

After the cutscene, head left behind the lightning shelter, and you'll find a 
hidden chest. Now continue north.Now just before the next lightning tower on 
the right, if you look closely you should spot a treasure chest.(Its right 
before the last ligtning tower on the right) After you grab that keep on 
heading north. Then right after the last tower if you look all the way to the 
left, you'll spot another chest.Now you very close to the end, just carry on 
heading north, and thats it for the Thunder Plains!

A quick suggestion before you head on to the next area. Level up a bit here. 
The monsters give good experience. I would recommend at least 9 sphere levels 
each.(I leveled up Auron, Tidus, Yuna, and Wakka 13 sphere levels a peice!) If 
you havent got at least 9 sphere levels or more, i suggest you stay and train 
alittle. As some tough battles are yet to come...

[05T]Part ninteen- Macalina and Seymour.

Whew, finally out of the Thunder Plains. Our next destination is Macalina 
temple. But first we have to get through the damn wilderness. If you havent 
used your sphere levels from the Thunder Plains, do so now. Some fiends lurking 
around here are pretty tough. Like the Chimera for example. Watch out for him. 
If you have trouble or are about to die, dont forget Tidus' Flee ability.

Okay lets get started, first save your game at the savepoint. Then head over to 
the bottom path to talk to Captain Lucil and Elma, then take the upper path to 
the left. Follow the path as it curves left, then straight. Then follow the 
path down and grab the chest on youe left. Head up the path afterwards.

In the next area follow the path as it curves left, then right, then right 
again. Comming up you will see the path spirals around and then down. If you 
look to the plant on Tidus' right(before you get to the down part) You'll see a 
hard-to-see chest. Grab it, then head around and down.Continue the path until 
you run into Barthello. He'll say that Dona has gone missing.

Continue along the path, head left then up. Upon heading up you'll run into the 
keeper of the forest. And she'll explain about butterflies. Catch 7 blue 
butterflies, and you'll be rewarded treasure, but stumble upon a red butterfly 
and you'll have to fight fiends, for no Ap!Continue past the forest keeper, and 
head down the path.

In the next area head south and the  make the steep left. Follow the path 
around to the left. Now where the path curves right, check right infront of the 
tree for a super hard-to-see/ hidden chest(Its directly infront of the tree 
just as you make the right turn.)After that continue on and follow the path to 
the right.Then follow the path down and to the left.Then keep heading straight 
to reach the next area.

In the next area save your game.Now i recommend you do two things here. First 
if you didnt level up good in the Thunder Plains do so now.(Ex. If you only got 
say 6 sphere level in the Thunder Plains, get about 9 levels here.If did level 
up good in the Thuder plains, say you level up 10 levels, then get about 5 
levels here.) Trust me your gonna need them is you wish to conquer the next few 
bosses with ease.Secondly get Valfore, Auron and Wakka(If he has Attack Reels, 
if not then dont bother) a overdrive.

Whenever you have taken care of that then save, and head north. You'll find 
o'aka, check out his weapons. But dont buy anything, instead exit and he'll ask 
you about his prices. Tell him "Too pricey" and he'll cut back on his prices 
greatly.(about 3500 gil on the most expensive item there, Sonic Steel.)Also 
check on the ground infront of O'aka, you should find the Al bhed primer Vol XV.
(Its directly acroos from him to the right.)Then go straight.

A cutscene will appear and it will show Auron chopping a new path in the woods. 
Enter it, run to the ver back where he is and he will tell you about how 
spheres are made. Then all of a sudden Spherimorph appears!
Okay this is a pretty touh fight. First off Spherimorph changes his elements 
all the time.So if any of your swords have elemental properties, change them 
now.As spherimorph will absorb them. For example, Brotherhood for Tidus, has 
got to go.(Sorry Wakka.)Once you have taken care of that, let him have it, 
unleash the overdives. Once he has only got about 6000 hp left, bring out 
Valfore and Energy blast the hell out of him(For 9999 damage!). Repeat this if 
needed. If Valfore dies, cast has on Auron and have him hack away at his Hp. 
Whenever you see Spherimorph  casting blizzard attacks, you can bring out 
Infrit, wait till he gets a overdrive then use Hellfire. If he somehow kills 
Infrit off, wait until Spherimorph startes casting water spells, then bring out 
Ixion, wait till it has a overdrive, and use Thor's Hammer to finish this boss 
off. If you use Lulu for this fight just cast the OPPOSITE spells Spherimorph 
uses. For example say he uses fire, cast blizzard, Thunder, cast water, and so 
on. Eventually he'll die. But watch out for Hydraualic Press, as it damages all 
members, so have Yuna cure when needed.After the fight you'll get 4000Ap, and 
one of the many Jechts sphere.
After you watch the Jecht sphere you will be prompted that you can now search 
to find them. Also Auron will now learn the new overdrive Shooting Star.Now 
exit this place. Then exit north and you will arrive at Lake Macalania. Just 
ouside the Travel Agency.

In the next area you'll see O'aka coming out of the Agnecy.Talk to him to find 
out his prices are back sky high again! Talk to Clasko of the chocobo knights 
to the right of the agency. Notice the chest?After your done look on theground 
around here for the Al bhed primer Vol. XVI.Then head inside the Travel Agency.

Inside save your game and rest up. Then talk to the owner for some weapons and 
items if you need some.Then exit and head left.Once again you will be greeted 
by Tromell.After him and Yuna take off, ensure her alittle bit. Then, wha! Al 
bhed! Head south, and be prepared to kick some Al bhed ass!
Crawler       Negator
Hp:16000      Hp:1000
This battle is alittle tough, start out with having Wakka destroy the Negator, 
so you can use your magic and aeons. Have Tidus cat haste on everybody. Then 
start hacking away some of its Hp. Watch out for its counterattack Assault. It 
does around 950 damage to who physically attack it. If you use Lulu have her 
use Thundara on it like crazy. Then have Yuna summon Ixion, have Ixion pound in 
the Crawler. Watch out for Mana beam.It does around 1300 to each party member. 
So dont let your Hp fall too low. Have Yuna use Cura when needed. If Ixion 
dies, then summon Valfore. If Valfore dies, then summon Infrit. If you dont 
have good luck and they all die then have Auron Wakka and Tidus hack away the 
rest of it Hp.After you win you'll get 7000 Ap some potions and 2 elixirs.
After the fight Yuna will go with Tromell, and Rikku's "Identity" will be 
revealed. Wakka flips upon finding Rikku is a al bhed. After that, its time to 
head to the temple. Get on the 'Forbidden machina."

At the entrance to the temple, grab the chest to the right of the doorway, then 
head backwards.Go right, and keep heading straight back.Keep walking along the 
side of the cliff. Grab the hidden chest. Then return to the entrance of the 
temple.I would also suggest you get acouple sphere levels up here. Its quite 
easy as the enemies give you good experience. Id say about 3 levels apiece 
should be good enough. 

Once your in the outskirts of the temple talk to the Al bhed to Tidus' 
right.Then follow the one way path to the temple.Upon getting to the doors, it 
looks like some trouble for Rikku, after arguing, they will allow rikku to 
enter the temple.Upon entering, talk to tromell for the Shell Targe for Rikku, 
then save your game and head forward.You'll run into Shelinda, and she says 
that Yuna is in the Cloister of Trials with maester Seymour. Head to the 
entrance. After the scene head into the room on the right.

After listening to the sphere, you'll find out that Seymour killed Lord Jyscal!
His own father!After it has finished, head for the back of the room to get a 
treasure chest.Then talk to the people standing in the room for some items.Exit 
and head back to the previous room of the temple.Check each side of the temple, 
the bottom right side has a hidden chest and the middle left side has another 
chest.then enter the door on the left. In the back of this room is another 
hidden chest. Grab it. Then talk to the people sitting down for a items. The 
talk to the guy in the front sitting down for information about Seymour. After 
that exit. O'aka is in the temple if you need any last-minute weapons or items. 
Save up and head into the Trials.

Head straight and get ready for a boss fight.Upon entering the room you'll find 
Seymour waiting for Yuna to get done praying. Whenever Yuna gets out you'll 
find out that Yuna was bluffing about marrying Seymour, and really wants to 
kill him! Get ready as Seymoour defys his death...
This part of the fight can get annoying if you dont know what to do. First off 
each Guado guard will cast protect on themselves. And Seymour will cast shell 
on himself. If you try to attack one of them or Seymour, they will 
automatically heal with auto-potion. So bring out Rikku and have her steal from 
each Guado, this takes away all their potions. Now have bring out Yuna. Have 
Tidus cast haste on everyone, starting with Yuna.Have Yuna use all the Nullify 
spells in the following order.Null-Frost,Null-Thunder, Null-Water, and Null-
Blaze. have Tidus and Auron take care of the Guado's while Yuna does that.(Its 
is very importent to cast the Nullify spells for the last form of this fight.)
Once the Guado's are dead, they'll cast protect on Seymour. Use Dispel if you 
have it.After that is taken care of, take out Seymour.If anybody has a 
overdrive save it for last. Seymours next fight is much, much harder then this 
one. Physical attacks from Auron, Wakka, and Tidus work best. Go to work on him 
and he should go down easy. Heal if needed with Yuna.Whenever you have depleted 
all his Hp, he'll summon Anima.(Yes the powerful Aeon you seen in Luca.Great...)

Now the main objective is to stop Anima before his overdrive fills. If it does 
he will use Oblivion, hitting everybody for 3000+ damage!There is a way around 
this however. If you choose to do normal attacks on Anima, whenever his guuage 
fully fill just summon one of your aeons, and he will get obliverated. Then you 
can switch back to your party and keep on hacking. Recast haste if it wears of.
(Watch out for Anima's move pain, its a one hit kill move. Avoid it by 
summoning the aeon "????" which is Shiva(The new aeon Yuna just got.) She's a 
badass, and is immune to Anima's paine.(But she still takes damage.) Wait until 
her overdrive guage fills and use Diamond Dust on Anima for around 8000 
damage.Also if she gets low on Hp, use Blizzard or Blizzara to heal a good 1000 
points. Also using her special command Heavenly Strike proves effective. It 
does around 2200 damage(On a good hit). Should Anima finish off Shiva, you can 
either hack away its remaining Hp or summon another aeon. But whatever you do 
dont let Anima use Oblivion on your main 3 characters. As you will surely all 
die. After you have taken out this badass aeon, Seymour will cry, and you'll 
have to fight him again.

Seymour(Part 2)
Okay, this fight with Seymour can be a bitch. Unless you have the Nullify 
spells on from the first fight. Seymour will start out with the move Multi-
magic. This move sucks, it can do up to 3800 damage to a single character, or 
1800 to multiple characters. It all depends on who Seymour castes it on(Could 
be more then 1 person.)So stay alert, have Yuna keep casting the Nullify 
barriers. If anyone has a overdrive now is the time to use it. Keep haste on 
everybody, especially Yuna. As she is going to need to cure like crazy if you 
dont have the Nullify spells in play.Have Auron and Tidus hack this bosses Hp 
away, it shouldnt take long. The only bad part is Seymours Multi-magic. But if 
you followed the directions in the first fight you should be okay.After you 
finish him off you'll get 7300 Ap, 2 black magic spheres, and acouple of 
Ability spheres.Also so pretty decent equipment.
Whenever its all over Seymour will be finished...dead. You've killed a measter 
of Yevon. To make things worse goofy ass Tromell comes in and starts calling 
you traitors, and doesnt allow you to send Seymour. If i were in the game id 
finish him off too.Anyway we've got to get out of here fast. Save your game and 
exit to the left. Run to the end of the hall to see the floor dissapearing 
beneath you. Looks like we have to solve the puzzle to get out of here...

Go down the path on the left. Theres a statue at the bottom central part of the 
room. Push the statue directly right.(Towards the wall of ice.) Its should 
destroy the wall. Now push it straight ahead. It should destroy the ice on the 
opposite side of the room, also showing you the lower level here.Now take the 
Glyph sphere from the second piller in the middle of the room. And head 
downstairs.Head to the left of the statue you pushed downstairs.Theres should 
be three places to insert spheres. Two on the back wall, and one in the 
piller.Place the sphere in the second holder of the back wall.(The one on the 
far left.It has the Macalania sphere above it.)The sphere should rise up to the 
upper room. Go and grab the sphere and come back here and place it in the 
piller right infront of where you placed the glyph sphere.This should restore a 
portion of the hall of ice needed to get out of here.Now head back upstairs and 
grab the macalania sphere from the far right side of the room.(The one that 
powered the first ice wall you destroyed with the statue.)Go back downstairs 
and put the sphere in the statue you pushed downstairs. Then push the statue to 
the right.There is another part of the hall restored.Head upstairs and grab the 
remaining Macalania sphere. This should cause the path leading downstairs to 
dissapear. Now place the sphere where you took out the glyph sphere.(In the 
middle piller of this room.) The hall should now be fully restored.(continue 
reading if you want to know how to get the Destruction sphere.) Head up to the 
hall above and step on the sparkling glyph. The statue should now be on you 
left hand side. Take out the Macalania sphere and push the statue down to the 
room below. It should catch between the floors and shoot over to the 
destruction sphere. Now head downstairs and place the Macalania sphere into the 
holder in the top middle of the room.(The one that creates a path to the lowest 
level) The path should return giving you access to the lowest level. Now step 
on the sparkling glyph(The one where the statue orginally was) to have the 
statue back in its starting place. Now take the destruction sphere and head 
downstairs.Insert it in the first statue holder on the left. You should now see 
the treasure chest. Grab it for a Luck sphere. Then take the Macalania sphere 
from the left in the piller(The one used to make the Hall of ice to leave.)A 
piece of the hall should dissaper. Now head upstairs and place the Macalania 
sphere in the far right holder of the room.(The one that made the first ice 
wall you destroyed with the statue.) The ice wall should now reappear.Push the 
statue to the right again, and the ice wall should dissapear. Then push the 
statue forward and it should slide downstairs to the lowest room. Grab the 
Macalania sphere from the middle piller in this room(The last piece of the hall 
above should dissapear), then head downstairs.Place the sphere in the piller to 
the left of the statue.(A piece of the hall should now be restored.) Head back 
upstairs and grab the Macalania sphere in the far right holder of the room.(The 
one that made the first ice wall you destroyed with the statue.) Then head back 
downstairs and place the sphere in the statue. Now push the statue right and 
another piece on the hall should be restored. Finally take the remaining 
Macalania sphere from the holder(The one that makes the path that leads to the 
lowest level.) and place it in the middle piller of this room.The hall should 
now be fully restored once again. Be careful whenever you go up upstairs as if 
you step on the sparkling glyph again you have to re-do everything. So watch 
your step. Then head to the other end of the hall for a cutscene.

Those dirty ass Guado! It should be them everyone hates instead of the Al bhed! 
Now haul ass to the entrance of the temple. O'aka is right at the beginning of 
the temple so talk to him if you need any items. Then quickly save your game. 
As your running to the exit you'll see several Guado chasing you. Eventually 
they will catch up and you'll have to square off with them. They have that 
annoying move Auto-Potion and they spawn monsters, if you kill them before 
killing the Guado, he'll spawn more monsters. So kill off the Guado quick, then 
take care of the monsters. As you get to the end of the path and outside of the 
temple head right, then left, then keep heading all the way south.(Towards Lake 

Once you get to the save point i suggest you level up a bit. Get about 4 sphere 
levels with your main people. That should be good. Whenever your ready, save 
and exit south. Here you'll see a few Guado still tagging along. But they do 
have a ferocious fiend with them. Get ready for Windigo!
This battle get be really tough for some poeple. Lucky you got a expert gamer 
to lend you a hand!:p First off bring in Rikku, have her steal so that the 
Guado dont keep healing every damn thing. Kill them off, and have Wakka use 
Dark attack to blind Windigo for 3 turns. If you have dispel with Yuna use it, 
if not you can use Aurons Threaten ablitity to get berserk of Windigo.(While in 
berserk status Windigo hits for around 2500 damage. Have Auron use power break 
to lower its strength. And have Tidus cast haste on everbody. From her kick his 
face it. Smash him with everything, overdrives, and if you need to resort to 
them, aeons. Windigo's attack is vicious, so dont let anyones Hp fall to low. 
Have Yuna come out and use Cura if you need too.You should be able to deplet 
his Hp quick if you've been leveling up right. Also if darkness wears off, have 
Wakka use Dark Attack again.Like magic much? Have Wakka use Sleep Attack, and 
bring out Lulu for a easy victory, especially if you have the "ga" spells. Fire 
works best here. Also if your having a hard time getting Dark Attack to work, 
use Dark Buster. Its a 90 percent chance to inflict darkness, but it only lasts 
for 1 turn!After you win you'll get 4100 Ap.
After the fight you will be at the bottom of Lake Macalania. Save your 
game.Then talk to Lulu. After her talk to Auron. You can talk to Wakka, who's 
devastated. Then head over to Rikku. After you talk to her, Yuna will wake up. 
After the cutscene go over and talk to Yuna. then walk over to where Kimarhi 
was standing for a hidden chest. After you grab that you can look to the left 
of Auron, for another completely hidden chest, it has the Avenger in it for 
Tidus. The Avenger has counterattack customized into it. Which is a great 
ability to have. Whenever your done finding the two chests, talk to Auron to 
get things in motion. Sin will come, and Tidus will blackout.

[05U]Part twenty- The great Sanubia Desert.

Whenever Tidus snaps out of it he will be face down in the water. Whenever you 
have control of him again swim south. In the left corner should be a chest. Get 
it, then head north. Dont forget to save your game. Upon the desert in the 
first battle you get into, you'll have to fight Zuu, a huge bird with lots and 
lots of Hp.(12000) You may be thinking, Holy shit! But fear not, as Auron will 
soon join you. Then Lulu as well. After the battle your probobly pretty banged 
up, so head back to the save point to recouperate. Then continue north.Shortly 
afterwards you should run into Wakka. Grab the Al bhed chest beside him.Then 
head left into the next area.

In this next area take a right. you should run into Kimarhi. After that head 
back, then continue left.Follow the path around to the right. Coninue heading 
north. If you get into a battle with a large worm, its has 45000 Hp! The quick 
way to beat it is to use Aurons second overdrive, Shooting Star. Also if you 
run into cactuar's, use overdrives on them to hit them. They give you 12000 Ap!

After heading north alittle bit you'll find Rikku. After she explains she knows 
where you are, follow her to a place called "Home." Grab the chest to the 
right, then the Al bhed chest to thr left. Note that Rikku can use special 
potions called Al bhed potions in battle. So you shouldnt waste all your good 
potions now if your low on Hp. Head right after that, then forward.(If you get 
lost, just follow Rikku. Up ahead should be a side path to the left. Take it 
for a treasure chest. Then go back and head north.

This next area is huge. Scale the left wall, look to the first ruins comming up 
on your right for a treasure chest. Then keep heading straight, stick close to 
the wall!At the very top left hand corner there will be a treasure chest. Grab 
it.Then head directly right. Keep along the fence infront of you and you should 
arrive at a save point. Heal if needed.From the save point head directly south 
to encounter the previous ruins where you got the treasure chest. From there 
head right, you'll come to a another chest resting under what seems to be a 
vase, stuck halfway underground. From here go straight up, and move slightly 
left to get to the save point.

Grab the Al bhed chest here.In the middle of the dividing path there is an 
inscription written in Al bhed. Ill translate what it says to you incase you 
dont care to collect Al bhed primers.

"Beware of fiend!
 Weaker fiend to the right,
 Stronger fiend to the left!"

Its too bad we have to go left, to get some items of course. If you dont feel 
like getting any items just read the paragraph below this one to keep going. As 
soon as you enter the gates on the left side of the inscription, head all the 
way left.You'll encounter mainly Earth worms and Zuu's here. Use Aurons 
Shooting Star to take care of the Earth Worms. Once you've reached the end of 
the fence line, grab the chest for a Elixir. From here go right, following the 
fenceline, go paste the ruins, but look out. In one ruin around the exit you 
can find the Al bhed primer Vol XVII(Its inside a circular shaped ruin. On the 
right side of the exit) On the right side of the exit, head back towards the 
savepoint. In the second ruin you get to go inside it to find 2 hidden chests! 
Then keep heading back south to the save point.

Whenever your back at the save point, head right, then up.(Note: Dont worry 
about the exit on the left side, as both right and left ways lead tothe same 
place. But now the right has items to get unstead of the left.) Exit to the 
next area. Head north to come to another Al bhed inscription. It reads...

"Danger! Strong fiend in vicinity!"

This means there is a strong fiend nearby. Dont worry though. On the groung 
infront of the sign is the Al bhed primer Vol XVIII.Keep heading north. Take 
the next side path on the left for a treasure chest, then coninue heading left 
and go into the sandpit for another chest with the Mercury Crest inside of it.
(Importent power up item for Rikku.) Head back right. Now in all these other 
sandpits notice a treasure chest. Each time you get close to them they fall in 
the sandpit. You can go in and get them, but you have to fight Mandraga. They 
are kind of tough because they use Seed Burst and confuse one of your members 
at a time. Are the chests worth it? Of course! Ill fill you in. (The order I 
mention start with the chest closest to you.)

First chest: 3 Megaelixirs.
Second chest:2 Teleport Spheres.

After you've collect keep heading north. Take the next side path to the left. 
At the bottom of this area in the ruins you'll find a chest.And at the top of 
this area you'll find another chest. Then exit this area and continue north. 
You'll see the only way forward is through a sandpit that has a Mandraga in it. 
So if you chose to avoid the chests earlier(Stupid move) then you eventually 
got to fight one anyway. And if you did get the chests earlier, well then you 
should know a good way to beat this guy already!:p After winning exit north to 
see Home being under heavy attack!But before pressing onward, you should level 
up a bit. From the Oasis to here you should have gained at least 9 sphere 
levels. If not then i suggest training a bit.

Upon entering home you'll see Kayakku(Rikku's brother) die. After the scene go 
help the Al bhed from the Guado!Head straight to see a save sphere. Save your 
game, on the ground right by the save sphere is the Al bhed primer Vol XIX. Now 
enter the door straight ahead.In the next section, head forward to encounter a 
battle with a Guado and 3 bombs. Dispose of them before the bombs get a chance 
to Self-Destruct.After the battle head straight ahead and enter the door to get 
to the next screne.

After the cut scene, it seems like Cid is going to level Home! Just then 2 Duel 
Horns and a Guado will come rushing up the stairs. Kill em' quick. There is a 
room around here that has a locked treasure chest. Enter the room, look on the 
ground for the Al bhed primer Vol XX. Then you'll see the chest with Al bhed 
written on it. So heres how to solve it. Starting with the left treasure chest.

"The treasure chest of dreams asks:What do i contain?"
Answer:The top middle word.(Elixir)

The second treasure chest...

"Enter the password in proper Al bhed."
"Sorry" Answer:The bottom, center word.
"Wait" Answer: The right, center word.
"Pardon" Answer: The center, center word.

After you have solved the mystery exit the room.

Now run down the stairs to the platform.Here theres three ways to go. Straight, 
left and right. Head straight past the rubble to get a treasure chest. Head 
right and take the second door on the right to fight 2 Chimera's and a Guado. 
Theres the Al bhed primer Vol XX laying on the ground here.After that you'll 
come to a chest with Al bhed writing on it. It reads.

"The first digit is 4 plus 1.
 The second digit is 7 minus 1.
 The third gigit is 3 times 1.
 The fourth digit is 2 plus 1."

Get it? If not then the answer is 5633. Open the chest to get a Special Sphere. 
Next look go to the upper right part of this room. Here there is another 
challage for you to complete. Its all in Al bhed, so ill translate it for you.

Al bhed verification...

1.)"Are you Al bhed?"
You must choose the word "Yes" to get to the next question.

2.)"Name the son of the Al Bhed leader."
Answers:Al bhed psyches
        Rins Travel Agency
You must choose the word "Brother" to get to the next question.

3.)"On what island to the Al bhed live?"
        Bikanel Island
        O'aka XXIII
You must choose the word "Home" to get to the next question.

4.)"What is Al bhed in Al bhed?"
Answers:Al bhed
        Ab lhed
        El bhad
        Al dheb
You must choose the words "Al bhed" to collect your prize.

After you have all that take care of exit the room.Then go to the save point 
and save your game.Enter the door on the left.From here run to the left to 
trigger a cut scene.After that take care of the two Chimera's and the Guado 
that is sneaking up on Wakka and Rikku.Then head down the second flight of 
stairs.Another cutscene.Head down the rest of the stairs.At the bottom to the 
left is a treasure chest. Grab it. the head to the right for another chest. 
Grab that one too. Now enter the door to the Summoners Sanctum.

Here you will find out the real reason why the Al bhed were kidnapping the 
Summoners.Then after the cutscene, run to the left to get a treasure chest.Exit 
the door on the bottom right.Head up the stairs on the left for another 
cutscene.Now sit back and watch as Home is annihilated.

[05V]Part twenty one-Infiltrate Bevelle.

Talk to everyone in the bridge. Including Cid. After that. Head out, talk to 
Auron on the way.Then exit south. Here you'll run into Kimarhi, Isaaru, and his 
guardians.Talk to them, then head south.At the next screen you will find Rin. 
He also narrowly escaped the tragedy of Home. Check out his equipment and 
items. After that, if you have collect all the Al bhed primers, he will give 
you 99 Underdog Secrets. These are items used for customizing. It provides you 
the Double Overdrive ability. So use them as you like.

Afterwards, continue south.Here make a left to run into Dona. Talk to her then 
leave the way you came. At the main screen keep heading south. You'll now be at 
the Cabin part of the ship.Now that your familiar with everything, head back to 
the Bridge.Watch the cutscene, then talk to Wakka, then Cid.Then talk to Brother
(The one driving the ship.) Sure enough, we've found Yuna!

Now prepare for battle, talk to Auron. Then Rikku. Then Wakka. Then cid. Now 
try leave the bridge. Seems like some Guado snuke on bored and released some 
fiends! Head towards the Cabin!Also i suggest you get acouple sphere levels on 
the way. 3 a piece should be good enough.And get all your main characters a 
overdrive.Once you get to the bridge, use the Save sphere to save your game. 
Then head up the stairs and to the back of the Cabin for a scene.Get prepared 
for Evrae, whenever you are head to the back of the Cabin. Jump on the 
evlavator and push X.
Okay start off this battle with all of your best characters. Have Tidus cast 
haste on everybody. Use all your overdrives you've saved up. Evrae like to 
petrify people, so have some Softs handy. If you dont have any use Remedys. 
After you have tooken away around 15000 Hp, he'll cast haste. Make sure 
everyone in your party has haste on them, to level the playing field. Have 
Auron, Wakka, and Tidus diss out physical attacks. If you get low on Hp, you 
can bring out Rikku to use some Al bhed potions. They heal 2000 to each 
character. There is also a trigger command, where you can use the airship to 
firse missles at Evrae. This does around 2500 damage. So keep that in mind. 
Tidus and Rikku are the only ones with the Trigger Command.Also have Tidus cast 
Cheer so that your attacks do alittle bit more. Whenever Evrae inhales air, get 
ready for Poison Breath. This hits around 1800 damage to all characters, and 
poisons them. So dont let your Hp fall lower then 2000. Use eyedrops if Evrae 
inflicts darkness on you. Just keep pounding him in with Auron, Wakka, and 
Tidus, keep haste up, and have Rikku heal. You should do just fine.You'll get 
8100Ap and 2 black magic spheres after defeating Evrae.
After the battle watch the awesome cutscene as it shows you sliding into 

As you land, prepare to take out some soldiers!battle off the soldiers and 
Machina one by one, until you get to Yuna! Watch as Auron stops you for doing 
in Kinoc too!A quick escape as Rikku throws an Al bhed flashbomb, to blind the 
soldiers of Yevon. To the temple!
After the scene your in the temple. look on the floor for the Al bhed primer 
Vol XXII.Examine the machina to ride downstairs.More machina!So this is Yevons 
true face! Keep heading forward for the Cloister of Trials.This is the most 
complicated trial in the game. So im going to explain as best i can.Id save the 
game before entering.

Head forward and push the statue into the plateform. For the first turn, wait 
for the green glyph your passing by to point its arrow right, then quickly tap 
X. Your path should change in the direction of the arrow.You should now be 
moving downwards. At the next glyph continue straight. The path will circle 
around, and lead you to a Bevelle sphere. Take it and put it in the statue,then 
push the Statue back onto the plateform. Hope on it to go up.Go straight on the 
next glyph. You should now be in the first area again. Head right, then make a 
right on the next glyph.(If you overshoot it, just ride to the end of the path, 
and it should reset you at the beginning of the area.)Now take a Bevelle sphere 
from the statue and place it in the sphere holder. This should now give you 
access to the next section below. Now push the statue back in the path. Ride it 
to the end, and you should now be back at the very beginning. Ride to the 
second glyph, but this time make a left instead of a right. Take the Bevelle 
sphere and place it in the statue. Now push the statue back into the path.Now 
wait until you are back at the starting point. Then make a right on the first 
glyph.Then on the first glyph comming up go left(Into the new section where you 
havent been yet.) Ride all the way to the end(Third glyph) and make a right. 
Insert a Bevelle sphere in the holder. This should create a path over to 
another sphere holder.Push that statue back in the path. Now you should be at 
the end, and it should reset you to the beginning of the lower path.Ride to the 
second glyph and make a right. Head over to get the Glyph sphere.Push the 
statue back into the path.Ride all the way to the end again and turn right at 
the last glyph. Then head over the path made by the Bevelle sphere, and put the 
glyph sphere in the holder. The seal here should break, revealing the 
destruction sphere. Take the destruction sphere and place it in the statue. Now 
push the statue in the path, you should now be at the end of the path again, 
and reset to the beginning of the lower path.Make a right on the second to last 
glyph, and insert the destruction sphere in the sphere holder.(The one where 
the glyph sphere originally was.You should see another elevator off to the 
right. Now push the statue back into the path, and take a right on the last 
glyph. Take the Bevelle sphere and place it in the statue.Push the statue back 
into the path. You should now be at the end, and it will reset you at the 
beginning of the lower path. Go straight at the first glyph. Then take a right 
on the next comming glyph.Push the statue toward the screen onto the other side 
of the path.Now ride the elevator to the top of the trials. Head up the stairs 
and get the treasure chest on the right for a Hp sphere.Then step on the 
sparkling glyph where the tresure chest was. The statue should now be up the 
stairs right behind you. Take one of the Bevelle spheres and place it in the 
sphere holder just infront of the statue.This should make the pathway to the 
left active. Now push the statue into the pathway to the left. Ride over and 
get the destruction sphere chest for a Knight Lance. Then ride back. Now exit 
to the right to enter the Chamber of Fayth.

After you have entered the Antechamber, with alittle help from Kimarhi, Tidus 
will be able to enter the Chamber of Fayth. Inside find Yuna praying for her 
new aeon. But upon exiting, you'll be geeted by Kinoc and his men. You will be 
arrested and be ordered to stand trial.Hopefully a fair trial.You will have the 
option to save your game.Do so now.

You will now be in the Supreme court of Spira. And you not only find out that 
Lord Mika is also a unsent, but that Yevon is embodied inside Sin as well! A 
unexpected change of events mind you. After the trial, everyone has been 
branded as a Traitor, and you all will be sent to death.Tidus will be pushed 
off into the water, and be left to die. But then he'll meet up with Wakka and 
Rikku. Both facing the same penalty.And it looks like Seymour and Mika are 
plotting something as well.

Whenever you regain control, you will be Yuna, in the Via Purifico. Head 
straight then save your game. I would stay away from teleporters, as they will 
confuse the shit out of you. Also two things, one is that i would level up Yuna 
for the next couple of fights you need her for. Secondly get all youe aeons a 
overdrive. Trust me, your gonna need it.From the savepoint head right. Follow 
the road as it curves left, and then right.Head left at the next path. You'll 
run into Kimarhi here. Grab the treasure chest off to the left also.

From here keep heading north.Follow the path as it curves left twice and you 
will run into Auron.From here save the game and head left.Follow the path as it 
curves right, then left, then keep heading straight along the path, make your 
first left. Then head down until you see a teleport pad. Head right from there 
and you should stumble upon Lulu.Grab the chest behind here. From here head 
south. Now touch the glyph on the wall to unlock the telport device. Grab the 
treasure chest here. Head back and take your first right. Follow the path to 
the right and you should be back in the first room.

Here save your game at the savepoint. From here head north. Step on the 
teleport device whenever it points east. From here head straight, until you hit 
the room where Auron was.Head left from here.Follow the path right, then left. 
Then make your first left. head down until you see a teleport device. Wait 
until it points in the north direction and jump on it. Grab the two treasure 
chest and jump back onto the teleporter. From here head back up, then right. 
Follow the path around to the right, then left, then head left and save your 
game. From here keep heading forward, you'll run into the person who is suppose 
to stop you. And its none other then Isaaru!

He summons 3 aeons, just simply use your overdrives and you should be able to 
breeze through this. He summons his aeons in this oreder.
Infrit, Hp:8000
Valfore, Hp:12000
Bahamut, Hp:20000

After you win you'll get 5000 Ap, and 5000 gil.time to switch things up.

Now you have control of Tidus, save your game then continue forward. Then turn 
left. Keep heading forward to the center of the next room. You'll encounter the 
lovely Evrae.
Evrae Atlanta
This battle can be a gamers worst nighmare. Evrae will use Stone Gaze to 
petrify one of your party members(Usually the stronger ones) and doing this 
will cause the weight of your stoned bodies to sink to the bottom, and shatter. 
This meaning that party member is gone for the remainder of the battle. Watch 
out for phonton Spray. It does around 1200 damage to each person.Cast haste on 
Tidus and Wakka. If you want a water Gem, then have Rikku steal it. Now hack 
away at his Hp. The battle should go rather quickly. If you decide to use the 
trigger command, open lock, then you will miss out on the next upcomming items. 
So i suggest you beat him right here without using the command. For a quick win 
simply throw a Phoniex down or two on him to instantly kill him. Why? because 
its Zombie status. Pretty cool huh? Kind of cheap though...:pYou'll get 8100Ap 
and 2 black magic spheres after winning.
From here swim directly forward. At the bottom right hand side, you should swim 
into a chest. Grab it for the Rematch for Wakka. Keep swimming straight, then 
swim right. At the bottom right you should swim into another chest. Grab it for 
the Avenger for Tidus. Now keep on swimming forward.At the end of the path swim 
left and keep swimming to exit the area.

You will now be on the Bevelle highroad and meet up with Yuna and the others. 
But you also have a warm welcome from Seymour! And ontop of that it looks like 
he killed Maester Kinoc! Watch the scene as Seymour kills all of the soldiers 
around him, and absorbes there strength. Thus becoming a new, more powerful 
being! Kimarhi will sattle up with him and tell Yunato run. Then you will all 
be at the other end of the highroad. But Yuna has second thoughts! She cant 
leave Kimarhi to do die. Looks like we have to take Seymour out!

From here save your game. O'aka is to your right so if you need any items grab 
them now.(Id grab some softs.) From here i would suggest you do 2 things. First 
get everybody a overdrive, including Yuna and each of her aeons. Then Level 
your sphere levels up a bit. This is the best place to do it, and you wont 
fight fiends that give you this much Ap until way later in the game. You'll 
engage in a battle with all machina(No soldiers) this is the best random fight 
to encounter. They appear quite often. Overkill all the machina for 8400 Ap! 
Also if you look at the items you obtain after defeating them, theres a 70 
percent chance you'll get 2 mega-phoniex.(rare item.)

Once you have gotten to the other end of the highroad, save your game and get 
ready to face Semour!Kimarhi seems relieved to have you back!
Seymour Natus        Mortibody
Hp:36000             Hp:4000
Okay this battle can be hell for most gamers. I have seen so many people 
struggle with this one. But once you know how to beat him its really easy. You 
start off with Yuna, Kimarhi, and Tidus.If you kill the Mortibody it will just 
absorb 4000 more Hp from Seymour. This is neverending, so dont even bother 
attacking it.Seymour still has his Multi-magic ability, it hits about 1300 each 
time. Nothing too serious. Also watch out for his move Break. Its a 80 percent 
chance that you will be petrified by this move.(Sometimes he'll use it 3 times 
in a row! Meaning Game Over buddy. You'll just have to except it and restart 
the game. Its a 4 out of 10 chance he will do that though.)So have alot of 
softs and remedies ready.If you dont have any, have Yuna use Esuna to cure the 
status.First have Tidus cast Hastaga on everybody. Switch Kimarhi with Rikku 
and have Rikku steal the Tetra Elemental(Great item) before you even start 
attackng Seymour. Have Yuna cast reflect on evrybody as well. Switch Rikku back 
out with Auron, and Yuna back out with Wakka. Now unload on his junky! Use all 
your overdrives you have saved up. Have Wakka use Attack Reels, Auron use 
Shooting Star(On Seymour not the Mortibody.) And Tidus use Energy Rain.(If you 
dont have it yet then Slice and Dice is fine.) This should deplet about 20000 
Hp from Seymour. Now switch Wakka and bring Yuna back out. Have her cast 
Reflect on Auron.The mortibody should use Cura on Seymour. But it only cures 
1200. Nothing to be afraid of. Have Auron and Tidus keep hacking at Seymours 
Hp. Watch out for Flare. It does around 3000 damage to a single character. Now 
have Yuna summon one of her aeons that has a overdrive.(Save the Bahamut for 
last.) Use the overdrive, then quickly dismiss the aeon. Then summon another 
aeon with a overdrive. Use it, and again quickly dismiss the aeon. Seymour and 
the Mortibody should now be ridiculously low on Hp. Bring out Bahamut and put 
Seymour out of his misery with a Mega-Flare.If you keep dying then i suggest 
you level up afew spheres with the random battles around on the highroad. That 
and get evrybody a overdrive(Including aeons.) After you win you'll 9400Ap(With 
a overkill.)Hard? Not much!
After the battle you will be in the Macalania woods. Yuna's fayth is shaken. 
Yevon has betrayed here.Whenever you gain control of Tidus, talk to everbody in 
this area. Then save your game and head south. From here take the south path. 
You should run into Kimarhi here. Continue left and you'll see Yuna standing in 
the water. Watch the cutscene, as the moment we have all been waiting for 
finally arrives!

After you wake up the next morning, head back into where you camped at.On the 
left should be a hard to see treasure chets with the Lucid Ring in it for Yuna. 
Grab that then exit. Here take a left, then keep following the path left and 
you will enter a familiar area of the Macalania woods. Search on the ground to 
the left of the screen to find a Jecht sphere on the ground.After watching it 
head all the way back right to the crossway agaiin.Then head right.You should 
now be at the entrance to the Calm Lands. Head forward and save your game. Then 
continue north.

[05W]Part twenty two- Endless plains of the Calm Lands.

You are now in the Calm Lands. From here there are no more towns, or villages. 
Just endless plains. Anyways theres lots of things to do here. So after the 
cutscene head left. Continue down the path. You'll run into Machean, talk to 
him to learn more about the Calm Lands. Then continue down the path. Whenever 
you reach the bottom, head right. A huge Travel Agency cart will now come 
speeding to you.Walk over and talk to the man riding on it for some weapons and 
itmes.Id grab the Malleable staff for Yuna, the White armguard for Wakka, and 
if you use Lulu, the Savior bangle.

Now get ready to cross the plains. Head directly north to find a shop in the 
middle of the Calm Lands. Enter it.Upon entering, a cutscene will appear. You 
will see ex-summoner Father Zuke comming across the plains. Also it looks like 
Lord Mika has put word out to kill you all on sight in account of you murdering 
Maester Kinoc! Kind of crazy huh? After the scene save your game, and check out 
the weapons here. They are kind of good. Also alittle pricey but het, it cant 
be helped. Its not O'aka we are dealing with!Talk to everybody here, then exit 
the shop.

From here if you head south-west, you'll run into Belgamine again.(Shes by one 
of the things sticking out of the ground just south of the shop.) Id have all 
Yuna's aeons a overdrive before talking to here. Accept her challage. Battle of 
the aeons!She summons Shiva, and her Shiva's Hp is 18000. Take care of it.After 
you do so you'll get 30 powerspheres, and the Aeons soul ability. Go to the 
main menu and go to aeons to use this great ability.(It allows you to raise 
your aeons attributes.)As she leaves she will give you a clue on a hidden 
temple name Riemem, take note on that, as it is a side quest later in the game. 

After you learn how to raise your aeons attributes, head all the way left until 
you reach the edge of the Calm Lands. From here head north, gripping the edge 
of the Calm Lands. You should run into a girl on a chocobo. Talk to her and 
choose the option "I want to ride a chocobo!" She will tell you walking might 
be faster then training one. Then choose the answer "Let me train one!" Then 
choose the option "Of course!" to start training a chocobo. This is extremely 
beneficial in the long run, as you need a chocobo to do a very imporent quest 
later in the Calm Lands. Heres how to train a chocobo.

"Wobbly Chocobo."The first challange is to tame the chocobos wildness. You must 
have the chocobo run from the starting postion, to the chocobo trainer. The 
chocobo will jerk sideways and refuse to go the way you want it to. You have to 
get use to the feel of the chocobo, and whenever it goes to jerk, then you jerk 
it back in the opposite direction.Note:I found it easier to hold up on the 
direction button while steering the chocobo. It makes it easier to steer him, 
and you can jerk him back alot quicker. It also makes him run more straighter.) 
This may take acouple tries, but i guarantee you;ll get it in under 5 minutes. 
After you get this challange down, you can now ride a chocobo. But id go ahead 
and complete the "Advanced training" while your here. To do so just 
select "Lets try something else" from your options after you win.

"Dodger Chocobo"The second challange is a bit harder. You must make the chocobo 
run from the starting position to the chocobo trainer in the time given, except 
this time you have to dodge incomming balls!They shoot out in groups of 3. 
After that it is a short pause, and then another 3 balls.But dont worry, your 
chocobo will run straight now. The strategy that works best here is whnever you 
see the ball about 8 feet from the chocobo hit the directional button in either 
direction to dodge the ball. This helps your time here. Try to stay along one 
of the walls here. And whenever you see the incomming balls head in the 
opposite direction. But dont get trapped! If you get hit by a ball your chocobo 
will be stunned for 1.9 seconds! So watch out!

"Hyper Dodger Chocobo"The third challange is the hardest. You have to dodge 
blitzballs, birds, and then 3 blitzballs at once! This is pretty hard. Id  try 
to keep in the middle, and zigzag back in forth to try and dodge everything. 
Remember after you see the blitzballs, the bird will be shortly after. So try 
to look out for them. It gets harder the closer you get to the finish line 
because you cant see the birds and blitzballs until the last minute. Keep 
trying if you lose and good luck! You'll eventually get it, trust me. Shouldnt 
take longer then 10 minutes tops.

"Catcher chocobo."Now for the last challange you have to race the chocobo 
trainer. Its easy to just win the race, well kind of easy, but there is another 
challange here. If you beat the chocobo challange and finish with a time of 0.0 
or you'll be rewarded the Sun sigil for Tidus. Its the other key item need to 
power up Tidus' ultimate weapon in this game. I know you may be thinking, 0.0? 
Thats impossible. But actually it isnt. You have to collect all the ballons you 
see in the race while racing the chocobo trainer. Also you have to win the 
race. Dodge the birds to as in the end they will add points to your final time, 
the balloons will subtract from your final time. Get enough balloons and you'll 
get a perfect score. Good luck, as this is one of the hardest challenges in the 
game! It may take well up to a good Hour of practicing. But trust me, its well 
worth it in the end!

After you have completed all of the chocobo challenges, talk to the chocobo 
trainer and choose "Let me ride on!" to start riding a chocobo. Now head all 
the way to the opposite side of the Calm Lands. In the upper left portion you 
should see a little side path. Take it to get into the monster arena.Talk to 
the old man here and he will tell you you can fight monsters here for a small 
see. But the monsters all got away. He wants you to catch them for him because 
he;'s too old to do it himself. Choose the option "All right ill do it!" Check 
out his weapons and by whichever ones you want. Preferably the Taming sword, 
for Tidus, the Catcher for Wakka, and the Beastmaster for Auron.You can also 
but items here. Now time to start catching some fiends!

There are a total of 9 different species here in the Calm Lands, however, you 
cant find them all by running around in the same spot. try moving around in the 
Calm Lands. Hence, the Exit, the Entrance, the middle, the left side, and the 
right side.Ill list the different fiends you need to catch here.
1.Skoll                   6.Ogre
2.Nebiros                 7.Coeurl
3.Flame Flane             8.Chimera Brain
4.Shred                   9.Marlboro

After you have collected all 9 fiends, the arena will be back in business, and 
you will be rewarded will 60 Farplane winds. now fight the area conquest 
Chimera.(If you think your strong enough...)

After this exit the monster arena. Head north to find the exit to the Calm 
Lands.At the next section, save your game to the right, and coninue on along 
the path.You'll run into more Guado. Arent they the persistent ones? Looks like 
they actually got some fire power this time!
Defender X
Alright, this battle can get rough. First have Auron do Power break to lower 
his Haymaker attack. Then Have Tidus cast haste on the entire party. Have Auron 
use Armor break to lower Defender X's defense. Now lay in to him. Watch out 
though, as each physical hit you give him, he'll counterattack with Blast 
Punch. This move halves your life.(Cuts it in half.) But it cant kill you. 
Defender X's physical attacks do around 1800 damage. So keep your Hp above 
2500. Watch out for Haymaker. It does around 3700 Hp damage! His Hp should go 
rather quickly. If anyone dies throw a phoniex down on them immediatley.The 
only bad thing about this boss is that he hits hard. Other then that its not so 
bad.If worst comes to worst bring Yuna out, and have her cast protect on your 
part members. This will halve Defender X's attack. Then summon some aeons to 
finish it off.(Water magic works good on this boss if you use Lulu.)After the 
battle you'll get 9100Ap, and 2 Lvl 2 key spheres.
After you toast Defender X, head down into the valley below(Where he came up 
at.)Use the save point to the left.Now head all the way to the right where the 
crusader is training at the end. Look behind him to see a sword. grab it to get 
the Rusty Sword key item.Now head back to the save sphere. From here go 
left.Here Lulu will explain there is a Fayth inside the Cavern. She'll also go 
on to tell you the summoner she used to guard died in here! So if you enter be 
careful. The monsters arent too tough, but they are everywhere. You get into 
alot of random battles in here, so keep your guard up.

You are now inside the Cavern of stolen Fayth. Head straight and you will 
notice a teleport device. Head right from it and continue onwards.Note that in 
here you can encounter magic pots. If you hit the right eye on the magic pot, 
he'll say "Bingo" and throw you a rare item. But if you hit the wrong eye he'll 
blow up in your face! Dealing 1500 damage to each of your characters. So if you 
dont want to be bothered by the trouble, just use Tidus' Flee ability.Take the 
upcomming side path to the right for a hidden treasure chest with a megaelixir 
in it. Then head back and continue down the path.

At the next opening, watch the cutscene for some insight on the Fayth here. 
After that keep going straight. You'll come to a intersection. Head right for a 
hidden chest.Then head back and go left.Follow the path as it curves right, and 
keep going.You will come to another intersection, go straight for another 
hidden chest containing a Fortune Sphere. Now head back and take the left 
path.Follow it as it curves to the right, and you will be at another 
intersection.Grab the chest infront of you for some Mega-potions. Then head 
right. Save your game at the save sphere. Then follow the path as it curves 
left.At the next intersection you will have a cutscene. Looks like Lulu's 
previous summoner is clutching on to life! End her misery now.

She'll summoner the aeon of the Stolen Fayth Yojimbo. So kill it.
Yojimbo's Hp:32000

After winning step on the teleporter and head left. Grab the chest here for the 
Flexible arm for Rikku. Now Step back on the teleporter and head back where you 
previously were. Now step back on the teleporter and go right. Grab the two 
chests here for the Mp sphere, and 2 X-potions.Now go back to the previous 
area. Step on the teleporter and go straight to get to the Chamber of Fath.

In the next area, Yuna will pray to the Fayth. Yojimbo's Fayth will appear and 
ask you what you want of him. Choose the option "To defeat the most powerful of 
enemies." You must now pay to get this powerful aeon. He will start off with 
his asking price at 250000 gil.Whoa!? Too high? Well it is possible to haggle 
him a bit lower, but not much. The lowest i have ever got him down to was 
200000, and that took about 35 minutes of haggling! The best and quickest way 
to get him is to do the following.

Give him half of what he is asking for,125000. He wont accept it. 
Go back into the Chamber of the Fayth and offer 125001. He will then say, 
"225000.Do we have a deal?"
Then offer 125002. He will then say 
"205000.Do we have a deal?" 

Take the offer, as it is as low as you are going to get him for unless you 
spend hours upon hours haggling him for only about 5000 dollers cheaper. You 
will now have the secret aeon Yojimbo. The only bad thing is you have to pay 
him each time in battle to attack! What an asshole right?If you pay him all 
your money he will use his overdrive, which shows him chopping the enemies head 
off. This is the most powerful attack in the entire game. But you have to have 
ALOT of money for him to actual do it.(Its a 5 out of 100 percent chance.) So 
dont feel comforted.

After you get Yojimbo, step on the teleport device and warp to the entrance, 
exit to the right.Now save your game at the save sphere, and head back up to 
the bridge above. Cross the bridge and wave good-bye to the Calm Lands.
[05X]Part twenty three- The sacred heights of Mount Gagazat.

Run up the tunnel to enter the snowy Mt. Gagazat.As you get to the opening, a 
cutscene will appear. After that head forward. Save your game at the save 
sphere. Talk to the Ronso in the lower right hand corner for items and 
weapons.Then head north. Upon passing the Elder Kelk Ronso, Biran and Yenke 
will try to buddy up with their best friend Kimarhi.Its finally time to settle 
this beef!
Biran and Yenke
Hp:Varies depending on the development of Kimarhi.
This is a fixed battle. If you use Kimarhi, then Yenke and Birans strength and 
hp will be alot higher then if you dont use Kimarhi. Personally i dont use 
Kimarhi, so their Hp for me was 1870 each. Also you can Steal/Mug lvl 3 key 
spheres from them, so injoy! Next use Lancet on Yenke then Biran. Using 
Kimarhi's Lancet ability, you can learn the abilities Thrust kick, Self-
destruct, and Doom from Biran. And the abilities Fire breath, Aqua breath, and  
Stone breath from Yenke. After you do all that, take this jokers down one by 
one. If you try to attack one of them while they are standing next to each 
other, they will each jump in your path and protect one another with Guard 
status. So wait until they use Bulldozer, and are seperated. Then hack away at 
their Hp. They are nowhere near Kimarhi's level, so this is a easy win.After 
winning you will get 9000 Ap.And 2 return spheres.
After taking care of business, Biran and Yenkes attitude changes dramatically 
towards everybody. Now keep heading up the mountain. Just as you start to enter 
the challanges of the mountain. Biran and Yenke appear once again. And sing the 
song of the Fayth for Yuna. The Ronso now have your back.

Continue north. take the first side path to the left for a hidden chest. Then 
keep trudging north.You'll see a pile of rubble on your right. This is 
a "Grave" for the summoners who have tried to challange the Mountain and 
failed.Head left from there.Follow along the path as it curves right.At the top 
part of the next slope, take the side path to the right. There you'll find 
another Jecht Sphere.After theat, head back and continiue up the next slope.

Now head right. You'll see another pile of rubble. Head paste that, anf the 
[ath should split ywo ways, straight and left. Head straight and around the 
corner for a chest containing the Defending Bracer for Auron. Now head back and 
take the  path to fo down the slope.Whever you get to the bottom, head south.
(Towards the screen.)You'll find Wantz. This is O'akas brother. Its seems that 
Yevon imprisoned O'aka for helping traitors!(Yuna.) Thats pretty shitty. 
Anyways, just look over his wares. And stock up on any items you may need.The 
equipment id grab it is the Shimmering blade for Auron, the Tetra shield for 
Tidus, the Blessed bracer for Auron,and the Tetra Armguard for Wakka. After you 
have everything you need, continue on the path.

Keep heading south, then head left.Then follow it to the right. At the next 
path head right up the slope.When you rwach the top here, HEad left and you 
will find another summoners "Grave". They came all this way just to fail. That 
sucks.Anyways the path splits up into two ways here. Straight, and left.Head 
left up the slope.Continue up the slope and you should find a save point. Save 
your game here. Now id suggest you do 2 things before going farther.

First i would level up a bit. Get everyone about 8 sphere levels. That should 
be fine. Next get every single aeon a overdrive. Then get Tidus, Wakka, Auron, 
Kimarhi, Lulu, and Rikku a overdrive. A very hard boss battle is comming 
up.After you have done all this, save your game again and continue north past 
the Save sphere.,After you get over the next rocky area and into a clearing a 
cutscene will trigger. We are almost to Zanarkand. But wait, looks like Semour 
wants some more! Also it seems like he completly wiped out the whole Ronso 
race. Who tried to stop him from climbing the mountain after Yuna! Punish him, 
and make him suffer!
Seymour Flux         Mortiorchis
Hp:80000             Hp:4000
This battle is the hardest battle so far. I hope your prepared. Seymour will 
cast Zombie on your characters, and then Full-life. Meaning one character is 
instantly dead, unless you have Zombie proof.Also Seymour Banishes your aeons 
immideatly after you summon them. So you only get 1 turn for each summon you 
make, then they will die. But one turn is all you need. The biggest thing to 
watch out for is Seymours move Total Annilhilation. You can tell whenever he is 
about to do it because it says "Auto attack mode."Then "Ready to annihilate!" 
Whenever that happens, cast Silence on Seymour to prevent this deadly attack.
(Silence Buster with Wakka works well, but only lasts for 1 turn.) Total 
anihhilation hits about 4200 to all your characters. So watch out. Start out 
with Wakka, Auron, and Tidus. Have Tidus cast Hastega on the party. Have Auron 
Use his finisher Banishing Blade, have Wakka use Attack Reels.The Mortiorchis 
is previous from the Mortibody in the last fiht with Seymour. You cant heal it, 
as it will just suck Hp from Seymour himself to regenerate. So done even worry 
about him. After you have unloaded your overdrives, bring out Lulu and use 
Thundaga Fury. Switch her out and bring out Yuna. Summon all your aeons and use 
there overdrives. Seymour will Banish them, but you still get that 1 turn 
needed for the Overdrive. Whenever a aeon dies out, have Auron hack on Semours 
Hp for his turn, and Tidus heal anybody injured. Then keep summoning all your 
aeons. Whenever you get to Bahamut, Seymour should barley be clasping to life. 
Finish him onve more with a Mega-flare for the overkill. Then sit back and take 
a breather. I know you've been on edge throughout this whole battle. If you get 
a game over keep trying, as sometimes Seymour can be a real pain in the ass and 
kill all your characters super quick.You;ll get 15000 Ap and 2 lvl 4 key 
spheres whenever you beat him.
After the battle, Tidus will spill the bad news about Sin being Jecht.Auron 
insistes they move onward. Head into the trial straight ahead.Youll find a save 
sphere here, so save your game. Then continue onwards. 

At the next area, you will get a cutscene showing alot of Fayth being "used". 
What kind of entity could weild such power? You will soon find out. Then Tidus 
will blackout. He will temporarly be back in Zanarkand.

Once you come too in the "Dream world" head straight then right, followed by a 
quick left. And enter the door below the stairs.You'll run into the same little 
biy that appeared at the very beginning of the game. Seems like he is a Fayth! 
And he's telling you that you are just a dream! Follow him outside.Run up the 
stairs to the top of the boatand talk to him.He'll explain.Get ready for some 
serious shit!

After the dream, Tidus will awake. Continue along the path with the Fayth.Once 
you get to the end of the path you will be in a cave. HEad up to see a save 
sphere. Save your game now. Then from the save point head directly left.Head 
all the way to the bottom of the path.Now you should come to water. The party 
will split up into the "Water group" Which consists of Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku. 
Once in the water swim straight ahead. The fiends are kind of tough, but you 
should be able to make it to the other side.At the next screen the path slits 
up going left and right. Go left(which is technically straight).Once on land, 
follow the path to the very back. Here you will encounter the First Trial of 

For this challenge just have Wakka throw his blizball to the very center of the 
rotating sphere.(In between the moving walls.) You have to time it just right. 
It looks hard, but really its fairly easy. After you get it the light in the 
middle should turn red. Now head back to the water way.Now get back into the 
water and swim back to where you first got into the water. Switch your party 
members back o the way you want them and head back towards the save sphere.

The path to the north of the save sphere is now open. Take it.The path will now 
split in the directions left and right. Head left, then down the lower path and 
you will have to go for a swim again.When in the water head north. At the next 
screen follow the watery path until you get to the end. Here you will have to 
complete the Second Trial of Gagazat.

For this trial all you have to do is have the right character go in the right 
hole. You know which character goes which by the colors glowing in the hole. It 
has to correspond with the characters sphere grid. Get it? If not ill tell you 
what to do.

Rikku:Green hole(Upper right.)
Tidus:Blue hole(Upper left.)
Wakka:Orange hole(Bottom.)

After you get that out of the way, grab the treasure chest that appears and 
head back in the direction you came.Once your back on dry land, switch back to 
your usual members. There is now a new path leading up just to the left of you. 
But first head south. Once you get back to where the path splits again, head 
right this time. Get back in the water and swim north until you get to the next 
screen. Swim around the corner and jump back on land and grab the two treasure 
chests.One will give you the Recovery ring for Yuna, and the other will give 
you a Return sphere. Now head back to where you seen that new path emerge to 
the left of you.

Take the shell rocked path up to the very top of the cave. Once you get there, 
you'll see a save point, and a cutscene will be activated. Again theres two 
suggestions im going to make. First get everybody a overdrive, and also Yuna's 
aeons overdrives too. Then level up a bit. 5 spheres levels for each person you 
use should be good enough.

Whenever your ready, save your game, and exit the top of the cave. Here, Lady 
Yunalesca has sent a powerful fiend to test your strength. Annihilate it.
Sanctuary Keeper
This guy is smart. He only has 40000 Hp, but his defense is really high. Have 
Auron use Armor break first hand, Tidus should use Hastega on the party. The 
Sanctuary Keeper will start off with Photon Wings. This is a very annoying 
attack. It puts Curse on you, silence, darkness, and confuse. Use a remedy to 
cure all the statuses except curse with whoever is still sane in the party. 
After that bring out Yuna adn have her use Esuna to cure the Curse spell. Now 
lay into him with Attack reels, Banishing blade, and Energy rain to take out 
most of his Hp. Quickly bring out Yuna and have her cast reflect on the 
Sanctuary Keeper.Why? Well it uses Curaga whenever its health gets below 10000. 
But you have to kill it quick now because like i said earlier, this boss is 
smart.His next turn he will cast reflect on your party members! So you have to 
be quick, hack his Hp quickly with Auron and Tidus, then summon Bahamut and use 
Mega-Flare to put this boss out of his misery.You'll get 15000 Ap after the 
fight, and a Return sphere.
After the cut scene you will now be at the Summit of mount Gagazat. Head left 
up the path to find another cut scene. After that grab the sphere that fell out 
of Yuna's pocket.Listen to Yuna's words, then continue on up the path.At the 
next scrren follow the path up, then around to the left, then all the way down 
to the Zanarkand Ruins.After that, run up to the party for another cutscene. 
Familiar with this one?Then save your game at the save sphere to the left. And 
enter the Zanarkand Ruins.
[05Y]Part twenty four- A city dead for a thousand years, Zanarkand.

You are now on the outskirts of the legendary city Zanarkand, although it 
doesnt look as pretty as it did before. Head straight over the broken path, you 
will fight some semi-tough monsters here. They get tougher though once you 
actually enter the ruins. The only one to really worry about here is Behemoth. 
You'll know him if you see him.But he's not really even tough. So dont worry. 
Whenever you see the path start to curve to the left look on the left for a 
treasure chest containing a Fortune Sphere. Now follow the path to the right, 
then to the right again for a cut scene.

After the scene keep on moving forward, up ahead there should be a little 
sidepath to the left, take it to get another treasure chest. Keep following the 
path until you reach the next area, this is Dome. The "entrance to the ruins."
Head forward for a scene. Now enter the ruins.

Head forward through the ruins, you may encounter some Defender Z's along the 
way, they are mch like the defender X battle from earlier, but not quit as 
tough. Just use rmor break on them and take them out with some normal attacks. 
Whenever you get to where the path has a roof over top of you, as soon as you 
get to the other side, walk to the right side and back to get ontop of the 
roof, now head slightly backwards and brab the treasure chest. Now press on. 
Head up the path and follow it as it curves to the left, rest up at the save 

Head forward and you should get a scene with Seymour and his mother. These are 
his mothers memories, hinting on why Seymour is so corrupted. From  here there 
are three ways you can take, head to the path across from where you are 
standing for a treasure chest, the head to the path on the left side of that. 
Follow the path to the right, run across the bridge to see "memories" of 
Braska, Jecht and Auron run past you. After you cross the bridge take the 
broken off road directly to the left down and across the lower bridge to get a 
treasure chest with a lvl 3 key sphere. Its hard to see but just run up and 
push X,  its there.(Is it just me or are lvl 3 key spheres harder to find then 
lvl 4?) Anyway head back up the bridge and run up to Braska and them for 
another scene.

After the scene head through the circular doorway to the next screen.But before 
that i would recommend gtting abunch of sphere levels. The minimum of 10, i 
would shoot for 20, but if your too lazy go for 15. And if your too lazy to do 
that, then i guess go for 10. But it'd be the best to go for 20, i had 22 for 
Tidus, 19 for Auron, and 23 for Wakka. Not to mention an extra 7 for Yuna. If 
you cant beat Defender Z's with ease, then i would seriously think about 
leveling up a bit. There are some hard bosses commng up. Be sure your hitting 
at least 6000 or higher with Wakka and Tidus, make sure Yuna has gotten to the 
Curaga ability, and make sure Auron is hitting all 9's, if not at least 9000.
(Thats my strategy at least, you might have your own.)Once in the door head 
straight, there is a chest to your right laying in the ruins, so nab it, then 
keep going. Watch the scene and save your game. The cloister of trials are 
ahead so be prepared. This cloister is kind of tricky, and i cant give you a 
walkthrough of it as it canges from game to game. I will help you as best i can 
though. Whenever your ready, head into the room.

Okay, walk forward and you should step on a green glyph, which will start the 
puzzle. You will see the screen across the room is now turned on, and it has 
different color pieces on it. Im going to refer to the "pieces" as "glyphs". 
Alright lets get to work, you see little white dots around the floor? These are 
glyphs. The basic meaning to this puzzle is to remember the colors shown 
whenever you touch the screen, and actually touch them all wheneer they go 
away. You CANNOT however touch the wrong glyph on the floor, or it will reset 
the puzzle. Dont worry its the same puzzle though. It starts off quite simple. 
So go forward and touch the screen, dont touch any of the dots on the floor 
just yet, if you accidently do and it doesnt go away, just run over to another 
one until you eventually get the wrong one and they will all disappear. When 
you touch the screen it will show all the glyphs you need to touch on the 
floor, but they will disappear quickly, so be sure to remember where they are! 
The cool thing is whenever all the glyphs are lit up, you can pause the game to 
get a longer glimpse at the glyphs, this makes things so much easier.
(Especially if you have a bad memory.haha) Whenever you got it down run up to 
each glyph and touch it, you will know if you touched the wrong one, as they 
will all disappear the minute you do. Dont worry, you dont have to touch them 
in a special order or anything. After you get the puzzle you will see six 
statues come out. Three on each side of you. Then the door will open up, now 
the dots in this room are inactive, so you can walk freely. Now pick a statue, 
and push it into the wall, i would start with the upperleft one, as it is the 
easiest puzzle(or at least it was for me) you will get a scene showing that 
there is now a puzzle on the screen in the next room. So lets head there, again 
avoid the dots on the floor for now. Touch the screen and it will show you the 
puzzle pieces again. Except this time they will disappear before they all get 
on the screen, so the pause technique wont work.(damn...) Here is three ways to 
approach this, you can a.) Trail and error. Keep on trying it until eventually 
you get all the right ones imprinted in your brain, which sooner or later it 
will happen, or b.) Get a piece of paper, and draw out all the dots on the 
floor.(They dont have to be perfectly lined up or anything, just so that you 
can tell which dot is which) To get a good view of all the dots simply step on 
the wrong glyph, and it should take you to a overhead view of the puzzle, now 
whenever you can see all the dots, pause the game, and draw them out. Now go 
touch the screen, whenever it shows some of the glyphs, right before they start 
going away, pause the game, and label them on your "map".(The one you drew.) 
Then unpause it and wait for some new glyphs to come up, and the old glyphs go 
away and pause it again. Draw out where the new glyphs go, then unpause it. You 
can repeat this strategy as much as possible until you get all the glyphes on 
your paper. Then simply go and touch them, you have them all on your paper so 
you dont have to worry about remembering them. This is extremly useful, as once 
you start getting to the last puzzles it get pretty hard. Or you could c.)Touch 
the screen, and memorize like 3 glyphes then go and touch them, now go back and 
touch the screen again, it will show you all the glyphs again. Now memorize 3 
more glyphs, go and touch them, and repeat this process as much as need. 
Touching the screen wont take away any the glyphs you have activated, so you 
can do this as much as you like. This is the easiest, and quickest strategy i 
have for this cloister.(This is the one i used.)Just dont step on the wrong 
glyph, or you will have to restart all over. Pick your method and solve the 
first puzzle. Now, once you get the first statue completed you will notice a 
glyph appear on one of the platforms in the middle of the room. The goal is to 
get all 6 glyphs to appear. Go back to the other room now, you will see that 
the statue below the one you just did needs to have a sphere in it, its all 
good, just skip that one for now and go to the one under it.(The bottomleft 
one.) Push it in and head back into the other room. Repeat the strategy you 
liked best and solve the second puzzle. You'll get your second glyph, now its 
back to the other room. Now touch the statue on the bottomright of the room. 
Then slove the puzzle in the other room, its a tad bit harder, but nothing to 
worry about. You'll get your third glyph when you completed it. As you go to 
push the next statue you'll see it to needs a sphere, so the two statues in the 
middle on each side of the room need spheres. So just skip it like you did the 
other one. The only other statue left to choose from is the upperright hand 
one. Push it in and solve it. Its by far the hardest one, so it may take you a 
few minutes. After you get it done you'll get your fourth glyph. Now you need a 
sphere...hmmm... Lets take the Kilika sphere in the second room.(Its the one on 
the left side of the screen, its orange.) Wow, lights out! Head back to the 
first room and put the sphere in the statue to the left. You'll get your fifth 
glyph, only one more to go!(whew) Now head back into the second room and grab 
Besaid sphere.(Its the blue one on the right of the screen.) This will cut off 
the power to the screens. Go back and put it in the statue on the right for 
your sixth and final glyph. You'll now see that the floor is glowing white, and 
that the screen in the first room is going berserk. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR 
GAME before entering the next room. Now lets take care of the final test shall 

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