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V 1.0 Completed 1-12-2014

Written and maintained by James Friel
Copyright @2014 James Friel ([email protected]) This FAQ is solely 
intended for use on Gamefaq.com forum site, and may not be reproduced or
duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it. 

FALLOUT NEW VEGAS is a game published by Bethesda Softworks 10/19/10.
Developed by Obsidian Entertainment.


  I.    Revision History
  II.   Introduction
  III.  Walkthrough

   1. The Sink Balcony
   2. The Think Tank
   3. Ulysses Point
   4. X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array
   5. The Cuckoo's Nest
   6. Higgs Village
   7. X-8 Research Center
   8. X-7b "Boom Town"
   9. Y-17 Medical Facility
  10. Z-9 Crotalus DNA Preservation Lab
  11. Hazmat Testing Ground
  12. Big MT East Tunnel
  13. Z-14 Pepsinae DNA Splicing Lab
  14. Securitron De-Construction Plant
  15. Loading Station
  16. Waste Disintegration Platform
  17. Elijah's Watch
  18. Mysterious Cave
  19. Big MT North Tunnel
  20. Y-0 Research Center
  21. X-22 Botanical Garden
  22. Magnetohydrolics Complex
  23. X-12 Research Center
  24. Signal Hills Transmitter
  25. Construction Site
  26. X-17 Meteorological Station
  27. Little Yangtze
  28. Big MT West Tunnel
  29. X-7a Left Field Artillery Launch
  30. Saturnite Alloy Research Facility
  31. Z-43 Innovative Toxins Plant
  32. Z-38 Lightwave Dynamics Research
  33. X-66 Hexcrete Archipelago
  34. X-13 Research Facility
  35. X-8 Research Center (part 2)
  36. Forbidden Dome Zone Entrance

  IV.   Last Words


1/12/2014 v1.0
- Walkthrough started
- Added Introduction
- Added Locations 1-36
- Added Last Words

[NOTE: my revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be
      noted as a .1 addition, so on the 3rd revision if it gets to that
      will be version 1.3]


This is a walkthrough for the FALLOUT NEW VEGAS DLC OLD WORLD BLUES. The 
walkthrough is part of a complete New Vegas walkthrough I have posted up on
Gamefaqs. I included it solo so that those not following my walkthrough, and
just need some help with the DLC can use it also.

During the walkthrough I will be referencing skills, stats, etc. These are
part of my regular FALLOUT NEW VEGAS walkthrough and if you aren't following
that, just ignore these comments as you play. OLD WORLD BLUES is a very fun
DLC, probably the best of the 4, and you should enjoy it very much. It gives
you a few new perks, a great new house that has uses for many items that the
normal game doesn't, and has great characters to interact with.

OLD WORLD BLUES DLC starts at the MOJAVE DRIVE-IN. If you are at the drive-in
during the night, the fallen satellite will be projecting on the movie screen
and you can click on it and interact. Once you click on the satellite you
will be transported to the OLD WORLD BLUES DLC. 

             Some Info on the OLD WORLD BLUES before you start..

)Old World Blues DLC increases your maximum level by 5, like the other 3 DLC's.
)You cannot take Companions into the DLC. Dismiss your companions ahead of
)You cannot leave the DLC until the main quest is completed. Afterwards you
 can travel back and forth from the DLC with the BIG MOUNTAIN TRANSPORTALPONDER
 but you still cannot take companions.
)You can take items into the DLC so load up ahead of time.
)In settings turn your Actor-fade to maximum for best spotting of targets,
 and turn off travel auto-saves to cut down on fast travel lockups and bad
 travel save files. 

                           HOUSE NPC ITEM BREAKDOWN

)TOASTER: can break down [TOASTERS], [CAMERAS], [HOT PLATES] and [IRONS] into
 useful energy weapon ammo.
)THE SINK:can turn various empty bottles into [PURIFIED WATER]. A nice way to
 make a little caps, or get plenty of water. Save up all your empties.
)MUGGY:can break down various [PLATES], [COFFEE MUG] and [COFFEE POT] into
 various components.
)BOOK CUTE:can turn various [BOOKS] into [BLANK BOOKS] which are used for 
 crafting a limited amount of skill books. It can also break down all
)BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH STATION: can convert various plant material into [SALIENT
 GREEN] and then can convert it back into any other plant. Various nice
 crafting or hardcore mode uses for this ability.



Clear and release your companions, get all your ammo, temporary skill books,
weapons and gear you want to take. Any excess inventory bring any of the
items that your house can break down and process. I suggest some ruined books,
clipboards, plates, etc. Fast travel to the MOJAVE DRIVE-IN and access the
damaged satellite at night when it is projecting on the screen. You will be
subdued and transported to the BIG MT.


You will arrive on the Balcony of THE SINK, the central area in the BIG MT.
Head inside the nearby door to enter the housing area. This will be your home
both during OLD WORLD BLUES, and probably after. Look around. In the bedroom
are various storage containers you can offload your stuff into. There are
various containers and misc loot about. Gather them all up and store them

You notice you aren't quite the same. You have been surgerically altered. You
can check your perks you now have the BRAINLESS, HEARTLESS, and SPINELESS
perks, along with a set of [MAD SCIENTIST SCRUBS] in your inventory which
give +5 SCIENCE when equipped.

Head to the elevators and take the one to the THINK TANK area. You want to 
boost your BARTER skill to 90+ (clothes or skill book) and intelligence to
9+ before entering the THINK TANK main room (mentat, clothes, etc) to pass
some conversation checks. Now enter the main THINK TANK room and you will
encounter the various scientists, entering a forced conversation. You will
pass a variety of stat/skill checks while conversing.

GUNS:50, GUNS:75, BARTER 25/50/75/90, INTELLIGENCE 8

After finishing quickly talk to the other robot scientists while your mentats
are still working to get various info and ability checks. Make sure to talk
about subjects multiple times in case there are other responses to your

DR. 0. You will pass SPEECH:65, INTELLIGENCE:7, INTELLIGENCE:9 checks
DR. DALA. You will pass PERCEPTION:8 check
DR. 8. You will pass SCIENCE:75, SCIENCE:75, SPEECH:50 checks
DR. BOROUS. No speech checks, but gather info from him.

After that's all done talk to DR.O. again to ask about the attack. You can now
loot the area and back rooms. When finished drop off your gear in the SINK.
The main SINK CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE UNIT is now activated in your house, it
provides the services of repairing your gear, acting as a general store, and
turning on and off the voice functions of the various house items.

You should have 3 new items in inventory. the [K9000] a unique automatic .357
gun, the [SONIC EMITTER] which is good vs robots, and [DR. MOBIUS GLASSES] 
which can find in one of the THINK TANK top rooms. It gives +10 EXPLOSIVES
and +2 INTELLIGENCE when worn.

You should now be level 31. LOCKPICK 90 and UNARMED 84.


Directly to your left are a few storage crates. Head south, you will encounter
a few LOBOTOMITES, the basic human foes in the BIT MT. Head down the stairs
and loot the 2 military trucks. Looking south there is a large rock on the
left side of the pipes (west of the 2nd truck). Climb up there and ULYSSES
POINT will register. Some misc loot on top by the satellite dish. Drop down
south to the actual cave entrance next to a locker. Enter ULYSSES POINT.


Various loot about. A [LOCKPICK:75] hard locked medikit is on the ground and
you can find 2 holotype [PATIENT LOG:17.5] and [PATIENT LOG:17.9] among the
loot. Finish looting, exit and continue south towards the large array antenna.

As you approach a few Y-17 TRAMA OVERRIDE HARNESS suits will appear and 
attack. That's quite a mouthful, I'll just call them Y-17's from now on. Loot
and continue into X-2 TRANSMITTER ANTENNA ARRAY.


This array building is protected by a trio of upgraded [PROTECTRON] robots.
Kill them off then loot the area. A [SINK PROJECT: LIGHT SWITCH 01] holotape
is on the bottom level. On the top level is a back door out of the ARRAY and
a ladder leading up to the top. Take the ladder and climb up the beam to 
take the [X-2 ANTENNA].

When you do this, DR. MOBIUS will summon ROBO-SCORPIONS to stop you. Re-enter
the array building and kill the new ROBO-SCORPIONS in it. Exiting from the
bottom level will have more waiting for you outside. Once they are dead go
back into the array and head out the back top level entrance.

You will fight a ROBO-SCORPION on the balcony, then loot the few boxes about.
Follow the cliffside walkway west then northwest, arriving at a junk area at
the end. There are some graves you can dig up with a [SHOVEL]. On the higher
ledge walk up and enter THE CUCKOO'S NEST.

You should level up to 32 soon. MEDICINE 85, SPEECH 81, IMPLANT GRX (2) perk.


Various LOBOTOMITES lair in the cave, including the named TEST SUBJECT 1. Kill
them and loot the area. 

The [SINK PROJECT: TOASTER] can be found at the "toaster" shrine. TEST SUBJECT
1 carries a [PROTONIC INVERSAL AXE], a great melee weapon especially vs
robotic enemies.

Now that you have a couple house items, return to THE SINK and install your
TOASTER and LIGHT SWITCH 1 modules. TOASTER will now upgrade any [SATURNITE
FIST] into a [SATURNITE FIST SUPER-HEATED]. For a unarmed character, this is
probably the strongest weapon in the game once you have the PYROMANIAC perk.
TOASTER gives you back the Super-heated versions at 85% durability, so never
repair the regular [SATURNITE FISTS], always upgrade first. TOASTER now also
breaks down [TOASTERS], [IRONS], [CAMERAS], and [HOTPLATES] into useful items.
Make sure to not sell these items and let TOASTER have them.

The LIGHTSWITCH 01 is just activated, we need upgrades to make her useful. 
Fast travel back to the X-2 TRANSMITTER ANTENNA ARRAY and go east towards the
large warehouse. At the junction of the pipes are a loot box and dufflebag.
Head left around the north side of the huge warehouse and enter HIGGS VILLAGE.


This strange housing area was the old home of the BIG MT scientists back when
they were human. It consists of a small central fountain surrounded by some
nice cozy houses. Search the exterior first behind the houses and on the 2
catwalk areas, there are numerous duffle bags, containers and lockers. You 
can find a [NUKA-COLA VICTORY] and [NUKA-COLA QUARTZ] about along with
[GABE'S BOWL] at the doghouse. Then search and loot the various houses.


Once fully looted return to your house and activate the BOOK CHUTE and the
JUKEBOX. Turn in your audio samples to the JUKEBOX and start having the BOOK
CHUTE making blank books. You can craft the skill books now on the workbench
when you have enough material. Have the JUKEBOX change your [SONIC-EMITTER]
weapon into the TARANTULA variant, which is vastly superior than the other
versions. You won't need anything else except the TARANTULA version which can
also has a chance to instant-kill on a critical hit.

Make up your 4 skill books (science, medicine, speech, and repair) then
fast travel back to HIGGS VILLAGE and head east. Just east of the building is
SUPER-EGO, a unique ROBO-BRAIN. kill and loot it, then continue east to a
small radioactive pool with a few loot containers. There probably will be a
ROBO-BRAIN patrol with CYBERDOGS. The nearby cabinet and dumpster have misc
loot. Head up to the small ruined building up the stairs to Y-17 MEDICAL 
FACILITY. Don't enter yet we have to come back in a minute. Look northeast
to the big satellite array. Head that direction. You'll come up to the X-8


You should level up to 33 sometime soon. SCIENCE 90, SNEAK 80, MELEE 83

Before entering, circle the building there are many loot boxes and containers
about, plus you'll probably run into CYBERDOGS or other BIG MT foes. After
clearing the exterior area and trucks, enter the research center, we have a
lot to do here.

Inside we want to clear the few robot enemies and go ahead and loot before we
start up what we need to do. To the north is the splicing room with one robot
enemy and south stairs lead down to the testing facility with a few more MR.
GUTSY type enemies. Plenty of loot boxes, containers and items about.

There is a [DOG AND ROBOT SPLICING HOLOTAPE] in the testing room. Head 
upstairs to the splicing room and access the terminal. Pick splicing robot and
lobotomite and you'll create a ROBO-BRAIN. Wait for it to explode then loot
it. Access the terminal again, clear the room, then splice dog and robot. You
will crease ROXIE. Talk to ROXIE and have her wait in the entrance room. She
really isn't useful except to guard the entrance room. 

Head down to the testing room and access the main wall terminal and start

You'll enter the school. You will exit it in another area so while
you are moving through the area looting, if you get overweight store your
items in some container, and piggy back the loot as you move through the
school. You will encounter some basic foes..CYBERDOGS, LOBOTOMITES, and 
SENTRY TURRETS. You can hack some TURRET terminals, but can't change their

There are 3 terminals you need to access to get school records in order to
finish the test. Access 2 of them, but save the 3rd for when you are done
looting everything and killing any foes about. When you access the 3rd group
of school records 2 CYBERDOGS appear at the exit door. kill them, gather all
your loot (you won't be able to come back) and exit into the next area.

X-8 Institutional Testing Area is the next section. Again, store any excess
loot in a container until we are done with this section. Accessing the nearby
terminal X-8 Observation will register a map marker. Head through the area
you'll fight a few PROTECTRON robots then see an "EXIT" sign. Don't exit yet,
instead head right into a side area. There is the KENNEL entrance (we can't
use this yet) and a long hallway with LOBOTOMITE enemies. In the back is
a terminal we can access, plus some loot boxes.

Now gather up your items and exit the door from this area and finish the test.
Take your items back to the SINK and return, we have more testing. Access the
main wall terminal and again choose the INSTITUTIONAL DATA TEST RETRIEVAL
but this time you can take the ADVANCED test. Choose it and enter.


This test is the same area as the BASIC test, though now you can access the
FIELD DISRUPTOR DOWNLOAD TERMINAL on the wall. This will allow your [SONIC
EMITTER] weapon to take down forcefields when shot. Excellent.

Proceed through the ADVANCED test the same as the basic test, though now you
can access any forcefield areas for loot and items. Finish the Testing area,
enter the Institutional testing area again and finish that. It should be much
quicker now since you have already looted most of the facility, you just need
to kill the foes about, and loot any force field area. Exit then choose on
the main wall monitor again and pick the RESIDENTIAL CYBERDOG GUARD TEST. Go
into stealth mode before entering the door.


You appear in the old housing area with GABE, a big CYBERDOG. Stay stealthed
and hidden and go around the area looting the various loot boxes, chests, etc.
GABE has bad detection so as long as you don't get close he won't see you.
Dig up GABE'S grave areas for misc loot, and in one of them you'll find the
[AUDIO SAMPLE-GABRIEL'S BARK]. Take this only when you are done looting the
other areas. Once taken, some ROBO-SCORPIONS will appear to attack GABE. Kill
the ROBO-SCORPIONS first, then loot them and kill GABE. This will trigger a
self destruct, so loot GABE fast and exit the area.

There will now be some ROBO-SCORPIONS in the main X-8 center so clear them 
out. Head to the Splicing center and splice the new lobotomite and dog. Loot
the dead bodies. We are done in the testing center for now, tidy up and head
outside. You'll fight a few more ROBO-SCORPIONS, then go west down the hill
into the ruined town area of X-7B "BOOM TOWN".

  8. X-7B "BOOM TOWN"

This destroyed town is the target range of the BIG MT artillery group. You can
search about there are various loot boxes and items within the ruins. In the
northeast part of the town a ruined house holds [NUKA-COLA QUARTZ] and [NUKA-
COLA VICTORY] on the floor. Head south back down to the Y-17 MEDICAL FACILITY.


You should level up to 34 sometime soon. UNARMED 90, ENERGY WEAPONS 82, and
take the SLAYER perk.

Entering you will have 3 MR. GUTSY type robots to take down. Loot the area
C-13] lower level, [AUTO-DOC UPGRADE: COSMETIC ENHANCE] in a cabinet. The
DR. ORDERLY robot has a [VALENCE RADII-ACCENTUATOR]. In the center of the
room in the ruined little pit with the weird box thing a [STEALTH BOY] and
[CHRISTINE'S COS RECON ARMOR] are on the ground. They are hard to see.

In the side room through the forcefield is some more minor loot and a red
[STERILIZER GLOVE]. Taking it will have 3 LOBOTOMITES enter the building and
attack. Kill them and finish looting.

You can now travel back to the SINK and activate the AUTO-DOC npc. Upload
your upgrades and choose to have a mental evaluation, this will let you re-do
your characters traits. Go ahead and pick SMALL FRAME and BUILT TO DESTROY.
You won't need SKILLED anymore and repairing weapons is easy at this point,
you have plenty of money, probably weapon repair kits, etc. Install the 
IMPLANT C-13 with the AUTO-DOC also. Exit the SINK and head east down the
walkway, staying to the right of the pipes. You'll cross a small bridge,
probably fight a LOBOTOMITE or 2, and on the left is a small ruined house with
a soda machine next to it. Enter the Z-9 CROTALUS DNA PRESERVATION LAB.


This small complex has a couple side rooms guarded by tougher-than-normal
NIGHTSTALKERS, with the main lab straight ahead with SHADIS, a unique NIGHT-
STALKER. Misc loot is about the area, and a [AUTO-DOC UPGRADE: IMPLANT Y-3]
is on a table. A DELUXE CHEMISTRY SET can give you a few stims or drugs.

Next time you visit the SINK install the Y-3 Implant. From the Lab head north-
west down the hill to a ruined building, the HAZMAT TESTING GROUND.


This multi-level ruined building houses a number off loot containers. On the
bottom level is a [HAZMAT SUIT] and [HAZMAT DARKLIGHT COWL] you can get by
disabling the forcefield with your [SONIC EMITTER]. You can actually get to
the top level of he building for more loot chests by doing this.

On the west side of the building, if your facing the building on the left are
a couple of cement pillars and rebarb bars. You can actually jump up the
pillars and rebarb bars sticking out, kinda like a ladder. This will get you
to the top floor with more loot chests.

Now head due east following the green pipes, you'll go over a hill and see a
few red train cars up ahead. Heading there you'll probably spawn a few 
LOBOTOMITES and/or NIGHTSTALKERS. Kill them, loot and continue east to the


There isn't much here. On top of the tunnel is some misc loot, you can climb
up on the right. Jumping on the red train cars at the last car is some more
misc loot. Head north/northwest towards a small building, there probably is
a CAZADORE flying about you want to kill. Loot the few boxes about then enter


This small complex has an entrance room and stairs down to the lower level
which has a main lab and some storage rooms. There are some CAZADORES about
both in the labs and in the storage rooms. Like normal various loot and
containers are about to search.

In the bottom lab a named CAZADORE, SPECIMEN 73 is located. It carries an
[ATOMIC-VALENCE TRI-RADII-OSCILLATOR], which is an upgraded version of the
regular one, just with +1 DT. A [AUTO-DOC UPGRADE: IMPLANT M-5] is on the
table. Clear the lab complex and exit. Head north to a large building the


Like most areas, watch out for spawning LOBOTOMITES, etc. There are usually
SECURITRON robots around this building also, which are more dangerous than
normal robots since they have explosive weapons which can cripple you fast.

Before heading inside, explore the exterior of the building. On the south side
as you approach is a truck holding misc loot and [SINK PROJECT: MUGGY]. The
picnic area on the east side has junk loot about. Also on the east side you
can see a large pipe above. Climb up and get on the pipe to the end and you
will get a [MARKSMAN CARBINE]. Now swing around to the north side of the plant
and an overturned truck has some loot containers. There isn't anything on the
west side so fast travel back to the entrance and enter.

This is the south entrance, a small lobby area is followed by the main 
deconstruction area which a couple SECURITRONS patrol. There is a dufflebag
on top of the generator room along with misc loot about. Upstairs in the back
is a non-descript office, and a side office with a door leading to the east
robot storage area. In the east area are more SECURITRONS along with a unique
one,  010011110110111001100101. Careful they have explosive weapons. the 
 010011110110111001100101 robot has [MUGGY UPGRADE: PARTS PRODUCTION]. 2 
duffle bags are hidden here, 1 under the destroyed elevator platform and one
behind the huge support column. Exit the facility and head back to the SINK,
installing MUGGY and his upgrades. MUGGY will convert mugs, plates, and coffee
pots into usable material. Talk to him again to install his upgrade. Make 
sure to install all house upgrades, and get any AUTO-DOC implants available.
With the stealth upgrade, you can probably move faster stealthed than normal
running in light armor at this point.

Fast travel back to the SECURITRON DE-CONSTRUCTION PLANT and head north/
northwest towards the large crane. There are 2 areas close together. Head down
towards the crane/vehicles, encountering LOBOTOMITES. You'll reach the


A truck and a few loot crates are about, this is the loading area for the
nearby platform. Once all foes are dead and the general area searched, head
up the stairway nearby leading up to the WASTE DISINTEGRATION PLATFORM.


The second part of the LOADING STATION this platform was used to handle trash
disposal, and probably loading of vehicles at the lower station. There is just
misc loot about, not much here. If you look south it looks like there is the
remains of a giant building-sized ROBO-SCORPION in the junk pile. Hope we
don't run into one of those.

Fast travel back to the SECURITRON DE-CONSTRUCTION PLANT and go around on the
north side again by the overturned truck. Now head north/northwest towards
the little valley ahead and just around the bend is ELIJAH'S WATCH.


This was ELIJAH's little camp area. There are 2 MARK IV turrets here, go ahead
and destroy them. Misc loot lies about the camp, including [ELIJAH'S WATCH
JOURNAL] near the hotplate. 

[ELIJAH'S JURY-RIGGED TESLA CANNON] is on the west side of the camp near the
one turret. If you take it, 3 SECURITRONS will appear to the southeast. Go
ahead and kill them and finish looting the camp. Head west down the hill,
staying to the left a little. There is a ledge with a loot box and dufflebag.
Straight ahead are some red train boxcars, probably ROBO-SCORPIONS also.
Kill and loot the ruined truck area. Now head north down the hill, and hug
the right wall. You will swing around to the MYSTERIOUS CAVE.


This cave area is the home of BLOATFLIES. Entering, head right down the path
you will encounter a few BLOATFLIES, and enter a small cavern with a few more.
Clear the area then continue up the path on the east side of the cavern. This
will take you to the top ledge of the LEGENDARY BLOATFLY cavern. 

The LEGENDARY BLOATFLY has a good amount of hps and hits hard, but thankfully
there is a rock pylon on the ledge that you can hide behind while you dodge
and snipe it until its dead. Once its dead follow the ledge southeast to a
small rest area with some minor loot.

Drop down to the LEGENDARY BLOATFLY corpse and loot it, there isn't much else
in the cave so find the exit path back up and exit the MYSTERIOUS CAVE. Go
directly south to a few more red boxcars and approach the tunnel, the BIG MT


This short tunnel has an OVERCLOCKED TURRET just inside, go ahead and destroy
it and enter the small storage room on the right. Inside you'll find the
[LIGHT SWITCH 02] tape. 

Disable the forcefield floor in the tunnel and head down. At the end are some
storage boxes, along with a [LAER] rifle. Exit the tunnel and head west
through the tunnel area. You'll register the FORBIDDEN ZONE DOME ENTRANCE but
we can't do anything here yet. Continue following the path west then turning
northwest you will come up to a small structure on the right, with 2 broken
down military trucks in front. This is the Y-0 RESEARCH CENTER.


The actual building is blocked and you cannot enter. There is a [BIG BOOK OF
SCIENCE] just south against the rock wall from the trucks. You can climb up
on top of the research center via the trucks and find a skeleton with a 
dufflebag, and a [RECIPES-MELEE WEAPON SKILL BOOK] nearby. 

A terminal to the left of the trucks in the rubble can give you some misc
info. Continue west to another ruined truck with some loot boxes, then turn
south. On the right in an alcove are 2 dufflebags, and you'll register the


Just east on the left is the stairwell leading up to the ruined research
building. Heading up, you'll encounter a couple SPORE PLANTS and SPORE
CARRIERS. In the building itself are a few harvestable plants, a [SINK 
PROJECT: BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH STATION] tape by the hotplate on the ground, and
up the stairs a [DRIED SEED] bag with seeds for your house.

Head back down the stairs and continue east then southeast to an intersection.
The left branch just goes back to the BIG MT NORTH TUNNEL so head right
(south) and follow until you come to a small doorway on the right, the


As you approach the door a group of large ROBO-SCORPIONS might spawn down the
path. Take them out then enter the door to the complex. Make a hard save,
there is a spot you can get stuck underwater here, so be safe, not sorry.

Inside on the left is a small office area with [SINK PROJECT:SINK] holotape.
Use your rebreather to search the underwater area, there is a lot of loot
containers, loose ammo, cabinets, and even an underwater storage room. Once
you have finished here return to your house. You should have all the basic
NPC upgrades, so make sure everything is activated. 

Your SINK npc is now active, but you need an upgrade before we can fill 
empty bottles. Check your workbench make sure you have all your craftable
skill books made (might be 1 you missed). You can activate the 2nd light-
switch, but we need both their upgrades for their mood lighting to work.

Lastly the house BOLOGICAL RESEARCH STATION can now turn plants into [SALIENT
GREEN] and back again. Turn in your first [SEED PACK]. You can make vast
amounts of [STIMPACKS] now by getting empty syringes by breaking down items
and changing plants into the correct plants to use. Other crafting items now
are much easier since you can change plants into different plants.

Head back to the MAGNETOHYDROLICS COMPLEX and continue east, you'll find a
few dufflebags, a military truck with some loot boxes, and you'll arrive back
near the MYSTERIOUS CAVE. Fast travel to the THINK TANK main entrance and
head west. The first small building ahead with a couple antenna on top is
the goal. The X-12 RESEARCH CENTER.


You enter into a small room. Further progress is blocked by a force field.
Take down the field and an enemy, the Y-17 MASTER TRAUMA HARNESS attacks. 
When you kill it, 3 more TRAUMA OVERRIDE HARNESS enter the building and
attack also. Kill them all then loot the building

The MASTER HARNESS carries a [K9000 CYBERDOG GUN] and on the bottom floor 
against the projector is the [LIGHT SWITCH 01 "SMART LIGHTS" UPGRADE]. Once
you have looted all you want leave the building.

Go east to the first walkway then north, heading to the north side of THE SINK
dome. On your map you'll see an icon for the SIGNAL HILLS TRANSMITTER, that's
the next location we want to work our way up. A little further north there 
are a couple non-descript buildings on the left side of the path. They have
some misc loot containers and vending machines. 

Head through the big smoke stacks ahead and down the hill on the other side.
You'll be fighting some LOBOTOMITES probably. To the left of the stairs down
against the first support column are a box/dufflebag to loot. Continue north
and you'll see stairs leading up on the left to the antenna tower. Don't go
up the stairs, instead go up the hill to the left of the stairs to the top.
On the other side you can drop down on the roof of the SIGNAL HILLS


You will probably run into LOBOTOMITES and maybe even MR. GUTSY type robots
that are at, or north of the location. Dropping down on the building roof you
will see loot about including [ELIJAH'S ADVANCED LAER], [TORN JOURNAL PAGE],
and [LAER MOD-PRISMATIC LENS]. Drop down, clearing any foes about and enter
the TRANSMITTER building.

Inside the 1 room building are [AUTO-DOC UPGRADE: HAIR STYLING ENHANCEMENT],

Exit and head northeast towards the canyon. There are pipes and bridges that
will take you to the top parts of the canyon. From the TRANSMITTER pipes run
north (will take you to top of BOTANICAL GARDEN) but those don't lead anywhere
we need. Instead go northeast over the fallen tower, there is a wooden box
on it. On the other side is a fountain SPORE PLANT garden. Kill the 2 SPORE
PLANTS and loot the area. [DRIED SEEDS] pack 2 is on the ground, a [VALENCE
RADII-ACCENTUATOR] is on a skeleton in the fountain, and one of the SPORE 

From here head north across another pipe (watch out for the frag mine) and
on the other side is a 3rd SPORE PLANT to kill, and the 3rd [SEED PACKAGE].
When you stop by your house again drop them both off at your Plant room NPC.

Head back to SIGNAL HILLS TRANSMITTER then go west past the rocks, you'll see
a military truck. Search it for some minor loot boxes then head northwest
towards the large crane. You'll come to a large depot, the CONSTRUCTION SITE.


This large workzone has numerous PROTECTRON robots guarding the equipment,
including a CONSTRUCTION ZONE FORMAN. Take them all out then loot the area.
There are footlockers and boxes on the outskirts and also in the trucks, and
9 crates on a pallet in the center of the workzone.

The [SINK UPGRADE: WATER PRODUCTION] holotape is by a fallen sentry tower to
the north. If you get on the huge crane and run all the way up its tower you
can find a [VALENCE RADII-ACCENTUATOR] and a box at the top. From the top
of the crane, look west. You can see up in the hills a bunch of storage 
containers high up on the rocks. We can get up there at the hillside near the
bulldozer at the southwest part of the camp. There are 6 crates up there. You
also can climb all the way up to the top of the huge west mountain but there
isn't anything there.

With the SINK npc upgrade, you can fill any empty bottle and turn it into
[PURIFIED WATER], a great way to get tons of it, plus make a good profit
selling it or using for crafting.

Once you are finished looting head east from the Construction area over the
hill towards the big warehouse like structure, and drop down upon the roof of


Arriving on the roof there is some misc loot about, and if you approach the roof
elevator, 3 [Y-17 TRAUMA OVERRIDE HARNESS's] will appear and attack. Kill and
loot them then enter the elevator to the interior.

Inside, 3 MR. GUTSY type robots guard the place including IRONBELLY. Kill them
and loot the building. Up the stairs in the office you can find [BIG MT
SNOW GLOBE] and a [MAD SCIENTIST SCRUBS]. If you don't see the snowglobe try
searching near the duo spot lights in the corner, sometimes due to a bug you
can't see the snowglobe, but can hi-light it and pick it up anyway.

Activate the nearby terminal to turn on the weather test. Then turn it off. 
Now underneath the model village on the ground floor the dirt has been washed
away, revealing a [SOGGY DUFFLEBAG].

Exit the building, fast travel to SIGNAL HILLS TRANSMITTER, and head south-
west. You'll go past the military truck you looted earlier and up the hill is
a prison site, a watch tower is on the left. This is the LITTLE YANGTZE camp.


Head up the watch tower you'll find [ELIJAH'S ADVANCED LAER] along with some
boxes of ammo. Head inside the tower and you'll find misc loot along with

Exit the tower and go to the top of the hills on the left (south) side of the
camp. On top are 2 unique Ghouls, NUMBER 34 and NUMBER 27. Head back to the
tower and enter the camp. Some GHOUL survivors will spawn, go ahead and kill
them and loot the camp. One tent has the [RECIPES-SURVIVAL SKILL BOOK] under
a bed.

Out the west gate you'll encounter some SENTRYBOTS, plus a military vehicle
you can loot, along with a few loot containers in the area. The ruined house
on the north side of the camp has a few loot containers, plus on the top
level is [CHRISTINE'S COS SILENCER SNIPER RIFLE]. When you pick it up 3
LOBOTOMITES spawn and attack.

From the camp head south to the red box cars and railway track. Follow the 
track west towards the train tunnel. There might be some SECURITRONS to the
north. Enter the BIG MT WEST TUNNEL.


A few PROTECTRON type robots guard this small tunnel system. Once you enter
a small storage room on the right has [RECIPES-UNARMED SKILL BOOK]. you will
come to a main room where the CUSTODIAN robot is. Finish killing any foes and
loot the area. A hard [LOCKPICK:75] door is in the back leading to a back
tunnel system where a [SATURNITE FIST] lies next to a skeleton.

next to a duffle bag. Exit the area and fast travel to the CUCKOO'S NEXT and
head due west towards the big artillery guns. You will reach X-7A LEFT FIELD


A strong SENTRYBOT patrols the area, RY-589. Kill it then search the area, 
there are lots of loot containers, in trucks, on catwalks, all about. Between
the 2 large cannons is a platform that you can test fire one of the guns. You
want to do this once.

A small 1 room building contains misc loot and the [RECIPES-EXPLOSIVES SKILL
BOOK] holotape. After firing the cannon, fast travel to X-7b BOOM TOWN TARGET
ZONE and search for a open explosive crater with a footlocker at the bottom
at the north side of the area. Inside are [ATOMIC-VALENCE TRI-RADII-

Fast travel back to X-7A LEFT FIELD and head due north. At the ledge north of
LEFT FIELD, slightly down to the right is a military truck and a small
building. Drop down and head there to a couple loot crates in the truck. Enter
the rear doors to SATURNITE ALLOY RESEARCH FACILITY. This location will not
register yet here, but soon.


You'll enter the facility from the warehouse door. The facility is divided
into 2 parts, the main entry area, and the sub-tunnels. Clear the main entry
area of the few MR. GUTSY type robots about and loot what you want. You can 
exit the small office area outside to register the location and then re-enter.
a [LIGHT SWITCH 02 UPGRADE: MOOD LIGHTING] is in the main facility.

Various loot crates and boxes lie about so search if you wish. Once finished
with the entry area, head upstairs and the hallway will take you to the sub-
tunnel area. Head down the stairs and roam about looting the various boxes
you can find. Continue down the stairs and you'll encounter a force field you
need to take down to continue. In the last pit area are 2 more MR. GUTSY type
robots to take out. Search and loot the area then head out of the facility.

You are in the modular city area now, keep an eye out easy for NIGHTSTALKERS,
etc to jump you pretty quick if your not paying attention. Head north from
the RESEARCH FACILITY and you'll see a building on the left with a soda
machine. Enter the Z-43 INNOVATIVE TOXINS PLANT.


You will enter the plant into the small office. In the next factory room are
3 Y-17 TRAUMA HARNESS'S, so attack and take them out. In the office is a
[CORROSIVE GLOVE] which will spawn 3 more Y-17 HARNESS'S when picked up. Kill
them also, then you can loot the office/factory area.

A small back room holds a [HAZMAT POD SECURITY CODE] holotape but we don't
need that. The stairs lead up to some misc loot about. Exit the plant and
we want to head southwest now to the next building. Before entering circle the
building for some various loot boxes, and items in the rear dumpsters. Then
head into the front entrance of the Z-38 LIGHTWAVE DYNAMICS RESEARCH.


There are no foes in this small building, just a couple roaming holograms. 
Other than various misc loot, on the catwalk area upstairs a [RECIPES-ENERGY
WEAPON SKILL BOOK] is under a monitor. On the ground floor a [VALENCE
RADII-ACCENTUATOR] is in a light beam. 

Finish looting what you want then exit the Research building. Head north into
the center of the strange buildings to register X-66 HEXCRETE ARCHIPELAGO.


This strange mini-city is made up of modular blocks forming towers and 
buildings. For some reason you get the notion that they can be used to create
quick structures and towns/cities when needed. Keep a eye out for any roaming

Look to the northwest, you'll see a gaudy blue building loaded up with lights
and antennas. Head there to the X-13 RESEARCH FACILITY. Search behind the
building for some loot boxes. You can actually get on top of the building
by getting up on the pipe that goes above it and dropping down. A [LAER] 
rifle is up there with a few ammo boxes. When done enter the X-13 RESEARCH


You should level up to 36 near this time. MELEE AND SNEAK 90, ENERGY WEAPONS
85, and UNSTOPPABLE perk.

Ok, we have a lot to do here. In the entry room access the terminal to get
some info. Take down the force field to the side storage room and loot, you
will find the [X-8 KENNEL KEY] in a suitcase inside, plus a hard [LOCKPICK:75]
cabinet. The next hallway has a average locked door supply closet, then 3
stealth labs where you can find 3 pieces to the [STEALTH SUIT MK II] which
will assemble itself when all 3 pieces are gathered. Each lab also has a
terminal you can access to read some info. A [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] is
on the floor in the 3rd lab.

   NOTE: Sadly the [STEALTH SUIT MK II] was designed as medium armor, not 
   light armor normally worn by stealth players. Its decent armor when fully
   upgraded, but it negates any of your "light armored" perks and abilities.
   For my playthrough as a light armored unarmed character, its useless.

Before we start the tests we will clear out the surrounding areas. Take the
stairs down, to the kennel areas. You'll come to a main kennel with a tunnel
in the back. At the rear of the tunnel is a storage area, entering will spawn
about 5 stealthed NIGHTSTALKERS, 3 in the tunnel area and 2 upstairs. Sweep
the facility and kill them. The north hard [LOCKPICK:75] door leads to a VR
room where a [VR SIMULATION NOTE] and a [PROTONIC INVERSAL AXE] are located.
Now activate the main room security terminal when you have the STEALTH SUIT
on. The test doors will unlock. Enter the observation section.

The observation area is the 2nd area of the test center. It consists of an
upper level of observation rooms, storage desks and containers and terminals
to get info and items. The lower level is the actual test section. At this
time you can explore the test area, there are gun turrets and guard robots
about, but they are not hostile unless you are taking a test. Go ahead and
take some time and explore the entire complex, there are many rooms and loot
to pick up before we start the STEALTH SUIT tests.

   NOTE: in the upper observation area there are vents on the wall you can
   reach by jumping on the small ledges. They hold various loot.

Explore the bottom test area also while no tests are going on, the perfect
time to loot the area, sneak kill any robots and gun turrets, hack any laser
tripwire emitters (dozens about). Read all terminals, check all vents. The
various loot you can find is...

IMPLANT Y-7] all in observation terminals. [RECIPES-LOCKPICK SKILL BOOK] in
a vent in the observation areas, you need to walk on the wall ledges to get
to it. [RECIPES-SNEAK SKILL BOOK] in bottom test area between 2 fridges. Once
you have completely destroyed all turrets and robots, and looted what you want
we can start the tests. Head downstairs to the starting test terminal.

You have to get some documents from the main office. Since you have already
killed any robots simply enter the test doors, go right, pick the door lock
and head to the main office safe and get the documents. When you do this, 
ROBO-SCORPIONS will appear in the facility. Go ahead and clear them from the
test area, and from the entrance area. Report back to the starting test
terminal and get your reward from the reward safe. Access the test terminal
again and pick the ADVANCED test.

after. Enter, right, pick door, head to main office, loot safe. Access reward
safe at the test terminal. Now, access the test terminal a 3rd time and pick
the EXPERT test.

EXPERT INFILTRATION TEST: Same, but now you have proximity mines. Nothing to
worry about just quickly run the same pattern as the previous 2 tests you can
just run to the office safe and loot long before any mines go off. Get your
reward and then pick the final test on the test terminal.

ROBOT COMPLIANCE TEST: You have 3 new ROBOBRAIN robots that you need to sneak
up and disable from behind. Careful, there are proximity alert devices about.
You can either disable them if you see them, or you can sneak up, disable a
robot, then fall back to safety. Once all 3 robots are disabled the test is
done. Exit and claim your last reward [CHINESE ARMY TRAINING MANUAL] from the
safe. Your [STEALTH SUIT MARK II is fully upgraded, giving you +25 SNEAK and
PERCEPTION +1, AGILITY +1. it say it gives 20% movement boost, but it is
bugged and doesn't boost speed.] 

Now head back to the X-8 RESEARCH CENTER.

  35. X-8 RESEARCH CENTER (part 2)

You should level up to 37 soon. Get BARTER, ENERGY WEAPONS, EXPLOSIVES, GUNS,
and MEDICINE to 90, REPAIR to 89. 

Fast travel to X-8 RESEARCH CENTER. Head downstairs you have the key to open
the KENNEL doors. Enter and fight off a few NIGHTSTALKERS. Access the terminal
and release the UNUSUAL SPECIMEN into the test center. Get the [FIDO] 
schematics on the table. Now you want to take the BASIC TEST again, this time
you will have NIGHTSTALKER foes. Go through like normal, access the 3 school
records and exit into the next area. Near the end before you exit you want
to head right and enter the KENNEL door, this will lead to the top of the 
Kennels, you can drop down on top of the cages to get the [NIGHTSTALKER AND

Finish the test and exit. Access the terminal again and take the ADVANCED
test. After it is done, access the terminal again to finish the quest and get
a perk bonus vs NIGHTSTALKERS. Head to the Splicing lab on the other side of
the facility. Splice the ROBOT and UNUSUAL SPECIMEN. After it dies, loot it
and we are done with the Facility. Head back to the SINK and heal up, rest, 
sell and buy, make sure all your upgrades are implemented, all your implants
are bought, all your house NPCS are fully upgraded (you still have 1 upgrade
left to do with the JUKEBOX).

Make sure you have your [SONIC EMITTER] and go to the THINK TANK and talk to
first Dr. BOROUS and talk about GABE. Pass a [SPEECH:45] check then finish
the quest. Next talk to DR. KLEIN to finish up your quest with the THINK TANK.
Pass [REPAIR:75] and then [MEDICINE:85] checks to finish.


You should level up to 38 soon. SPEECH 100, REPAIR 90 and PYROMANIAC perk.


Of course you probably will encounter some ROBO-SCORPIONS in your journey. 
After you kill them enter the FORBIDDEN DOME. DR. MOBIUS activates a huge
ROBO-SCORPION to kill you. Quickly head fight into the tunnel area and use
the 2nd terminal to access and activate the security drones. While the GIANT
ROBO-SCORPION is distracted, keep going right and up the stairs into the 
next catwalk area. Use this terminal to destroy the generators. Now finish

Once it is killed loot the area, there are various catwalks, and other rooms
you can loot. There are a few GUN TURRETS you can destroy for a little bit of
experience. One very hard terminal [SCIENCE:100] you can hack for some 
experience. Just before the door to DR. MOBIUS'S lab area is the [AUDIO
SAMPLE-MOBIUS' ROBO-SCORPION] holotape. This is the final house update item.

Head upstairs through the top door into DR. MOBIUS'S lab area. Before talking
to him you can loot the various side rooms and tables. [DR. MOBIUS' GLOVE] is
on a table in the main room, [DR. MOBIUS' SCRUBS] is in a trunk. Now talk to
DR. MOBIUS, you don't want to attack him, just milk him for information. You
will encounter a number of stat/skill checks. 

65/GUNS 75 (you can get all 3 by repeating the speech conversation line 3
times. Then INTELLIGENCE:7 again.

Leave the conversation then go talk to your brain on the top level. Pass a 
MEDICINE:55 check then try and join back up with your brain, passing 2
SPEECH:75 checks. Once you have your brain talk to DR. MOBIUS again to try and
figure out how to stop the THINK TANK. They aren't evil, so we will try to 
convince them to do what needs to be done. If you want you can kill DR. MOBIUS
now, he will summon some ROBO-SCORPIONS. You won't be back so might as well
get the experience.

Finally head back to the THINK TANK and talk to the scientists who are waiting
for you. Convince DR. KLIEN that you are in fact DR. MOBIUS [SPEECH:75] then
[MEDICINE:85] to have them release you. Again, now you can kill them you won't
be talking to them anymore if you want. You're done with everything in OLD
WORLD BLUES, you will only be coming back to your house once in a while to use
the various devices. Head back up to the SINK and you will see the final 
cutscene of OLD WORLD BLUES. Afterwards you can put your original body parts
back in with the AUTO-DOC, do so your organic parts are better than the
mechanical. You can now travel back and forth to the SINK with your [BIG
MOUNTAIN TRANSPORTALPONDER] which you can find in your weapon inventory. Exit
the SINK and use the TRANSPOR.. well the TRANSPONDER to send you back to the

You will level up to 39 soon. UNARMED 100, SURVIVAL 100, LOCKPICK 97.


Hopefully this walkthrough might help someone looking to do OLD WORLD BLUES
and getting the most out of it that they can, or might be stuck in certain
parts. The DLC is very fun, lots to do, great rewards and is probably the 
best Fallout New Vegas DLC. 

This walkthrough wasn't designed for you to find every item, or to tell you
how to do every action. Instead its to find and do most locations, have fun, 
and get the most out of your gameplay. I wouldn't suggest doing the DLC 
unless your over level 20. Its a little tougher even at higher levels. You
usually can access the DLC early on due to its closeness to Goodsprings, but
I would come back to it later in your normal game.

You of course will not level up exactly as I state in the walkthrough,
because of random fights, exploring and other things, but you will be in the
general level range. Its laid out as a guideline, not a plan.

Feel free to email me with problems you might catch, such as directional
mistakes, spelling, a skill book that is in an areas that i didn't mention,
you get the idea. Don't email me with "why did you do this first, or that".
This is my walkthrough, not yours. You don't have to do the areas in the
order I put them in. 

Now that you have played and learned the game, the next time you play you
can make it a little tougher or different. Play on hard mode. Stick with a
unique template for roleplaying (Cowboy, Night Stalker, etc). You have to be
careful on hardcore mode, since your companions can die. Due to glitches, 
bad programming, and other reasons this can happen easy. Save a lot.

That's about it. Hope you had fun with the game, and good luck on your next

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