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Table of Contents
1. Omega's History
2. Character Comparison
3. Omega's Death Moves
4. Omega's Ultimate & Dragonrush
5. Damage Percentage
6. Useful Items
7. Attributes
8. Leveling
9. Omega's Combos
10. Frequently asked Questions
11. Closing
12. Copyright

****Omega's History****
    Omega Shenron is born in Dragonball GT.  After each use of the Dragonballs,
negative energy was aquired.  In Dragonball GT, Emperor Pelof's wish for Goku to
return to his childhood state made enough negative energy so the Dragonballs became
the Black Star Dragonballs.  
      After collecting them from all over the galaxy, the Black Star Dragonballs were
scattered over the earth.  From each, a Shadow Dragon emerged.  Each Shadow dragon
was stronger than the last.  After defeating 6 Shadow Dragons, Goku faced the last
and most powerful, Sin Shenron.  During his fight with Goku, Sin Shenron absorbs the
Dragonballs and evolves into Omega Shenron.  Even as a Super Saiyan 4, Goku was not
strong enough to defeat Omega.  Even with Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta at his side, they
were no match for him.  Vegeta decided the only way to beat him was to fuse.  Thus,
SSj4 Gogeta is born.  He outmatches Omega Shenron in every way.  
     So, the only way Omega can win, is to unleash his most powerful attack, the
Minus Energy Power Ball.  Since the birth of Omega Shenron, the earth has been
covered in his negative energy.  With this attack, Gogeta swiftly deflects it back to
Omega.  He dodges it, but the attack is jetted out of the planet.  Before the
deflected the blast, Gogeta inserted positive energy into the attack, so when the
Minus Energy Power Ball left the planet, all the negative energy left the earth, and
was replaced with Gogeta's positive energy.
     As Gogeta powered up the Big Bang Kamehameha, the only move strong enough to
kill Omega, the fusion wore off, and Goku and Vegeta separated.  Omega had lost the
dragonballs, and started absorbing them back by "eating" them.  Goku stopped him, and
kept the 4 Star Dragonball.  Then Goku lost his power, and returned to his childhood
state.  He then gathered energy, returned to SSj4, and "ate" the 4 Star Dragonball. 
Thus he became even more powerful than Gogeta, and literally ripped the Dragonballs
right out from Omega Shenron.  He then "ate" them all, and fused with the dragon
(Shenron) to become Omega Goku.  More commonly referred to as "Dragon Form".  By
merging with the now purified Dragonballs, Goku became immortal.  With one swift,
crushing attack, Goku destroyed Omega Shenron.  His power was more than his body
could take, so Goku, along with the Dragonballs, were destroyed, never to be seen again.

****Character Comparison****
All of the information in this Walkthrough I have proven in my gameplay.
     If you compare Omega Shenron with the other characters, you will see why he is
the strongest in the game.  I say "strongest" because compared to Gogeta SSj4, both
are equally matched in the game.  But Omega Shenron is the strongest character
without using fusion.  Let me explain:
     Each character has baseline Ki.  It is usually the first 3 or so bars.  For
Omega Shenron, all 7 bars are his baseline.  So if you use Ki for an attack, his Ki
will recover automatically without powering up.  
	Lets compare Omega Shenron to Broly.  They both have 100% attack when you start out.
 But add 1 point in attack, Broly’s attack power is 105% and Omega’s is at 110%.  (I
used Broly because he has the second-highest attack.)
     Now lets try guard.  With guard maxed out at 20 points, I preformed Goku’s Super
Spirit Bomb on Majin Buu.  Since at 20 points in guard, all damage inflicted is
reduced to half, Majin Buu lost 610 health.  (A normal Ultimate takes away about 1000
health).  When Goku’s Ultimate was preformed on Omega Shenron with max guard, he lost
500 health.  (I used Majin Buu because he has the second-most guard with 0 points.  I
think you can see why.)
     The rest of the attribute tests are still in progress, but you get the idea.

****Omega’s Death Moves****
    Omega Shenron has two death moves, both are more powerful than normal death
moves.  Whirlwind spin and Dragon Thunder.   Yes, this is a very short segment.

****Omega’s Ultimate & Dragonrush****
	Omega Shenron’s Ultimate is the Minus Energy Power Ball.  It is a powerful attack,
and it looks really cool.  It does 1299 damage if you win the power struggle.  With
two capsules, you do 1624 damage.  If you lose the power struggle, the damage is 800.
 With two capsules, the damage is 1000.   
	Omega’s dragonrush is pretty cool also.  The best sequence of buttons for Omega
Shenron is this: triangle, square, X. I did this as many times as I could to rule out
luck, and it seems that I completed the dragonrush more with this sequence.  

****Damage Percentage****
	Ok, without a combo (PPPPE, >KPPE) this is the damage percentage.
WhirlWind Spin- 300 damage with one capsule.  With two capsules it is 375 damage.
Dragon Thunder- 400 damage with one capsule.  With two capsules it is 500 damage.  

****Useful Items****
	Here are a few useful support items that Omega Shenron could use.  I am listing
support, not items that you use by pressing X and down two times.  

Appetites of Man-  Attack power up

Shenron's hide- 10% Defensive power up

Porunga's hide- 20% Defensive power up

Shadow Dragon's Hide- 30% Defensive power up


Black Dragonball- Attack and Defense power up












Gero's Deflection R&D

Gero's Deflect-Back R&D

Gero's Energy R&D

Viral Heart Disease

Evil Grin- Reduce amount of KI used


Thirst for Earth's Destruction-  Suppress Ki Gauge Consumption during hyper mode









We Gotta Power!

We Gotta Power!!

We Gotta Power!!!

We Gotta Power!!!!

	As far as I know, level 99 is the highest level you can achieve.  That means that
you can max out 4 attributes, but have only 19 points left for the other two.  I say
other two because the last one is COM.  Let me tell you about that-or you can look at
my other in-depth guide for more information.  What COM does is when you post your
password on the internet, people can put in your password, and fight your character.
 The more points in COM, the better.  If you are not interested in putting you
password out on the internet, you’re smart.  Leave COM at zero, because when you play
against it in Duel, World Tournament, etc., it is harder with points on COM.
	Here is the best attribute setup for Omega Shenron:
COM… (0)   
	Here are my reasoning for what I put:  
If you have full health, you have 7 health bars, 7000 life.  If you max out attack,
you can double the damage you inflict on your opponent.  If you max out guard, you
reduce the damage your opponent gives you by half!  Arts is what makes your Ultimate
attack and death moves stronger. (Attack does that very same thing too-arts just
boosts that more.  Also, attack makes your physical attacks stronger.)  If you max
out arts, you boost you death move/Ultimate attack power even more than max attack. 
I gave Ki 9 because Omega Shenron already automatically uses less Ki and recovers it.
 9 points in Ki just make him do that faster and more effectively.  I gave ability 10
because it makes the power of items more effective.  Plus, more than 10 points in
Ability makes about a .001 difference than 10 points, so there’s no use in making it
higher.  And you know my reasoning for giving COM zero.  

	You can level-up Omega Shenron by playing in Dragon Arena.  My advice to you is 
equipping “WE GOTTA POWER!!!!” to Omega so he gains the maximum possible experience.
 Other than that, just fight opponents 20+ levels higher that you in Dragon Arena. 
If you can’t get “WE GOTTA POWER!!!!” get the highest you can.

****Omega's Combos****
    Thanks to MajinSweet for these combos.
Omega's Combos    
NOTE: all these combos were done on a medium sized character. 
some combos may not work on smaller characters.

These are Omega's physical attack combos.

I'll get to his specials later.

Ok lets start with Omega's most basic combos. no directionals.

The following combos are when your on the ground.

not a bad combo. 6 hits with no time for opponent to get out of it. 306 damage.

probably not a combo you should do very often. 2 hits for 122 damage.

This combo looks good at first but, the last 2 hits can be blocked mid combo. 
leaving you open for attack.6 hits 378 damage well if your opponents 
does not notice he can block it.

K,K,K,   not a great combo either 3 hits 188 damage.

this ones not bad. 5 hits for 326 damage. thats the most damage so far...

ok now we get to some more complex combos now we add directionals.

Forward is this symbol >     Backward is this symbol <

>P,P,P,P,P,P,   A pretty nice combo dealing 392 damage in 6 hits.

>P,P,P, >P,   
Not a good combo low damage and the opponent has time to block.

A combo with 5 hits. only does 280 damage but leaves juggle possibility's.

This combo has 3 hits for a measly 186 damage but can start a pursue or 
dragon rush.

This combo does 359 damage in 6 hits. Not bad, not great.

thats a good 7 hits. for 373 damage. pretty nice.

This is a pretty good combo. 3 hits for 193 damage. leave good 
juggle possibilities.

,K,K,thats 5 hits for 327 damage.
Good setup for Pursue and dragon rush.

3 hits for 217 dmg. Create pursue or dragon rush opportunity's.

4 hits for 309 damage. not bad not great.
A nice combo here.  6 hits for 431 damage.

3 hits for 236 damage leaving a chance to juggle.
If you press P to fast after the second P you will do a different combo.

4 hits for 316 damage with pursue and dragonrush opportunity.

4 hits for 321 damage. nothing too special here

Ok on to juggle combos.

These can be a little tricky to people that don't play fighting games too often 
but, with a little practice anyone can do it.

I Will place a J where you start juggling. I will give you suggested combos.

>P,>P,P,P,P, J  >P,P,P,P,P,P,  
The timing for this one can be kinda tricky.  11 hits for 608 damage.

P,P,  J  P,P,K,K,K,   
The timing for this one is not very hard but you have to wait for the 
opponent to drop a little.9 hits for 519 damage.

This next combo has a juggle within a juggle.

P, P,  J   P,P,P,P,P,P,  
thats a total of 12 hit for 636 damage.
This combo has a lot of hits good damage and is not 
really that hard to pull off.

The W in this next combo means wait.
If you press the third P to soon you won't do the correct combo.

>K,P,P, W    J   >P,>P,P,P,P,    
Thats a total of  8 hits for 488 damage.
Timing can be tricky and damage is not too great.

Ok now were on to stunning combos.
These are combos that are linked through a attack that stuns the enemy 
for a short period of time.
I will indicate the moment of the stun with a S.
Ok this first one is pretty simple.

Make sure to notice the W right after the punch then continue with the combo.

>K,P,  W  S  P,P,P,P,P,P,   
Thats a total of 8 hits for 446 damage.
This combo is not great but its easy to do.

thats a total of 8 hits for 537 damage. not bad.
Be sure to notice there's no waiting here so just try to preform the
combo as fast a you can.It pretty is easy to pull off. 

that  7 hits for  479 damage and also allows you to pursue or dragon rush.

thats 9 hits for 582 damage. This combo is not to hard to pull off.

Ok now we will try to link a stun with a juggle!

P,>P,P,P,P,   J  >P PPPPP  thats 13 hits for 697 damage.

The timing for this can be tuff to get down but its a nice combo.

You can make others on your own but, this one should do fine.
Ok now we will add some of Omega's Special attacks into his combos but, first.

I'll tell you the damage for the special attack without a combo involved.

Whirlwind spin does 300 damage while  one capsule.

With 2 Capsules equipped it does 375.

Dragon Thunder does 400 damage when using one capsule.

With 2 capsules equipped it does 500.

Here are the standard combos shown on the capsules.

WhirlWind Spin  >P,>P,P,P,P,E,  6 hits for 580 damage 1 capsule.

WhirlWind Spin  >K,P,P,E,   4 hits 536 damage 1 capsule.

Dragon Thunder  K,K,K,P,E,  this technically is not a combo
but is very hard to evade.  5 hits 633 damage. 1 capsule.

Dragon Thunder  K,>K,P,P,E,  this also is not really a combo 
but is hard to evade. 5 hits 656 damage.1 capsule.

ok lets try some Stuns with the Whirl wind spin.

This combos pretty simple.

thats 8 hit for 697 damage with 1 capsule.

Thats 8 hits for 709 damage with 1 capsule
A lot like the last combo except a little harder to pull of but, 
does a little more damage.

P,>P,P,P,P,E,  9 hits for 781 damage with 1 capsule.

This combo is not to hard to do and does nice damage.

Ok lets move on to dragon Thunder

These combo all depends on how quick your opponent is on his feet.

As I said before the dragon thunder combos  
not really combos just hard to evade.

In this combo we use the Dragon thunder As our Juggler.

K,>K,P,P,E,   J   P,P,P,P,P,P,  
thats 10 hits for 909 damage with 1 capsule.

As i said before this is not a real combo so it may not work.

There are many other "Combos" using dragon thunder but, 
I won't put them in here since they may or may not work.

Ok on to Omega Shenrons Ultimate Attack the Minus energy Power Ball.
 This attack looks cool and does good damage.
With one capsule you can do 1299 damage that is of course 
if you win the power struggle.
1624 with 2 capsule's.

If you lose the struggle the damage is only 800. 
1000 damage with 2 capsule's in a loss.

Lets try some combos ended with  Minus Energy Ball.

Remember to preform these combos you need to be in hyper mode.

If you mess the combo up and miss the minus energy ball you will lose 
5 ki gauges so I suggest practicing these first before you try them out.

P,P,   J  P+K+G+E thats 4 hits for 193 damage added on to 
either a win or a lose in the power struggle.

This next on is just a add on of the last one adding in a knee.

>K,   S  P,P,  J  P+K+G+E    
Thats 5 hits for 261 damage added on to either a win or a lose in 
the power struggle. 

Like I said earlier if you know something I don't please Email me.

Ok now lets do some combos that end in either a pursue or a dragon rush.

Its your choice just make sure if you wanna do a dragon rush at the end 
of a combo you got to be in hyper mode.

First I will tell you Omega's Full dragon rush damage.

This will only be achieved after a perfect dragonrush for the offense.
Omega does  811 damage in a perfect dragonRush.

If omega is stopped in the second stage the damage is 381. 

If omega is stopped in the first stage the damage is 281.

For the Pursue and dragon rush combos pursue damage varies.

Following damage amounts assumes you used a dragon rush.

Ok now for some combos.

ok this ones pretty basic...

thats  very easy to do and it adds 3 hits with 217 damage added.

Alright lets add special attacks into the dragon rush.

Not a bad combo at all.
adds 8 hits for 697 damage to your dragon rush.
will do more damage with 2 whirlwind spins equipped.

this  combo adds 8 hits with a extra 709 damage with 1 whirlwind spin.

this combo adds 9 hits for 781 damage to your dragon rush.
with 1 whirlwind spin.Feel free to experiment with
these combos to try and make them better.

I won't get into Dragon Thunder because I said before
its does not link up combos.

****Frequently asked Questions*****
     So far I've had a few people ask me questions about the game.  Here are some of
their questions and my answers:

Asked by just2fly
Q. Can you play with fusion characters in duel mode. Like can you pick them from the
start, if so what do I have to do to unlock them. And also who is the powerfulest or
best character to play with. Right now Iam playing with piccolo. Iam really good with
him and also like that he has those long arms. But not sure if he is a powerful
A. You can play with fusion characters in duel mode, but you cant pick them from
character select like you can pick Goku or Vegeta.  Lets assume you want to be SS4
Gogeta.  Equip the capsule to Goku or Vegeta and when in Duel mode, go SS4 and use
P+K+G+E in hyper mode.  This transformation, and SS2 Gogeta, only last a little
while.  Same with Gotenks.  
    This will work in Dragon Arena, World tournament and practice modes also.  
    The question of "Who is the BEST character" is the most asked about the game. 
You can approach this question two ways.  You said you play with Piccolo.  Not the
best character, but he has a few powerful attacks and nice offence.  Really, any
character you are good with, could be considered the "best" for you.
    The second way you can approach this question is with FACTS.  Overall, Omega
Shenron is technically the "best" character to play with.  He has the highest offence
and defense.  Like I said in my "Omega Shenron Character Guide", if you add just 1
point to attack to Omega, he already has a 110% attack power where as Broly or Goku
(or any other character) only have 105%.  In guard, add 1 point, he has a 110%, and,
like attack, everyone else will have 105%.  
    This goes for all his attributes.  His attacks are overall stronger, and he has
perfectly balanced Ki consumption, because all 7 kai bars are his base (where as Goku
in SS4 or Vegeta (SS4) only have around 5 or 6.   
    With all this in mind, there is one more thing I would like to add.  If you are
going for the ACTUAL strongest, fastest character, your best bet would be SS4 Gogeta.
 The fusion lasts for 15 seconds, but if you can pull off a 
100X Big Bang Kamehameha you can finish your opponent with ease.

Q. When boosting up your caractor what are the best places to power up on? Like
1,2,3,4 and so on.

A. When boosting up your characters levels and attributes, which one you choose to
raise first is personal preferance.  But, I would have to say, try to raise health
first.  Health, Attack, Guard, and Arts are the most valuble attributes your
character has.  
    Try to max out health, then work on attack and guard.  Once that is done, go on
to Arts.  You dont need any in COM, that just makes your character harder to beat
when you vs. it in world tournament. 

	In closing, I hope this FAQ helps you and inspire you to get a really powerful Omega
Shenron.  Once you have that, Z3 Mode will be like child’s play to you.  Other
characters that you might want to make better are Goku, Gohan, Broly, Vegeta, Cell,
Bardock, Kid Buu (or any of the Buu’s for that matter), and Cooler.  Keep a lookout
for any more FAQs I will publish in the future.

	This FAQ is my sole property.  You may use it for your personal use ONLY!  If you
wish to post it on another site, I MUST GET CREDIT!  If I do not, I will charge you
to the full extent of the law.  Also, give a round of applause to MajinSweet for
helping me with those combos and items.

Copyright, 2005, Omegaforce725 

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