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                     		PostxMordem Presents

Name of game:   Modern Warfare 2
Type of guide:  One Man Army Perk Guide
Platform:       Xbox 360/Playstation3
Version:        1.2
Authors:        Timothy Todaro (PostxMordem)
Copyright:      Timothy Todaro July, 15 2010

01. Latest Updates
02. Purpose
03. Starting Tips
04. The OMA Arsenal
05. Sample Classes
06. Claymore Combinations
07. Tactics by Game Type
08. Legal Bull
07.5 Map Specific Strategies - Coming Soon!

01.)                        	 LATEST UPDATES
July, 15 2010 - Version 1.2 Finished
Coming Soon! - Map Specific Strategies, Tips, and claymore spots.

02.)                        	 Purpose

This is a guide to one of the most versatile and underrated perks in Modern 
Warfare 2: One Man Army Pro. The main misconception about this perk is that 
it is only good for is unlimited noob tubes. This, however is only one of the 
tricks that OMA can do. This is a guide made to reveal the tricks you can do 
with OMA, suggest some classes that can take full advantage of the perk, and 
provide tips for correct usage of the perk. The reason I am writing this guide
 is that Treyarch has revealed that OMA will not be in Black Ops. So I decided 
to share my knowledge of this perk while we still have time.

03.)                        	 Starting Tips

-Ideally to fully utilize OMA you need to be 9th prestige or higher. 
 This is so that you have the full amount of custom classes to switch between 
 (I will discuss more on this later). However, I am not encouraging boosting 
 or any similar feats. 

-I suggest creating your OMA classes in a group together. Using this guide 
 pick out which combination of  OMA classes you wish and the #.  This provides 
 ease of use in a rushed situation.

-Most of the tips and suggestions in this guide assumes you have the Pro 
 version of OMA. The speed of the OMA Pro is 3 seconds between switches, 
 while the speed of OMA non-Pro is 5 seconds. If you switch 5-8 times 
 per life as I do, that 2 second difference can really add up.

-The true secret of why OMA is so incredibly powerful is its versatility. 
 The ability to pump out the perfect solution to any presented situation is
 an undeniably amazing asset. 

-Its second reason for being such a powerful perk is that it can provide 
 excellent support for your team in objective games. I myself play SnD 75% 
 of the time…and this perk is by far my favorite for this game type (I 
 wouldn’t be writing this guide if it weren’t).

-The lack of a secondary is generally not a problem. You could simply switch
 to a class that has the secondary that you desire or, more preferably, always
 keep yourself in a situation where you will not need a secondary. However, if
 the enemy team has a kill streak up, it is your responsibility as a OMAer 
 to switch to that stinger class and take it down,unless you are going for 
 high kill streaks yourself in which case switching to cold blooded might 
 be more beneficial. 

-Switching to the same class is a great way to refill amo, equipment, 
 and secondary grenades. Out of claymores? Switch to the same class and 
 plant another one.

-If someone on your team is going for a nuke and they get a chopper/AC-130
 it is your duty to gaurd them with your life. Set up non-obvious claymore/C4s
 around thier defenseless body. For that 30 seconds the nuke completely 
 depends on your ability to defend an objective. That person dies? Its your 
 fault. If the person does get a nuke then they will remember your kind deed 
 and you just won the game. :)

04.)                        	 The One Man Army Arsenal

 | Equipment |

-Frag: This is the least common of the two explosive grenades. With a 
 combination of Danger Close, Sitrep, and precise aiming, this equipment 
 can be used for “random nading”  and destruction of enemy equipments. 
 Its two advantages over its older brother, the semtex, are that it can 
 be thrown “around corners” by bouncing them off walls and ceilings while 
 being able to be thrown further. I would only recommend this if you are 
 bored of using semtex or feel like showing off as they usually outclass 
 the frag in competitive play.
 A.K.A Nade

-Semtex: Bigger blast radius, higher damage, doesn’t require cooking,
 sticks to objects (including annoying riot shields). Danger Close is
 your friend here…as well as Sitrep. Random nading on search is fun with
 this puppy is so fun…especially on small maps live trailer park and Favela.
 Using a class with high mobility is key to timing your random nades.
 A.K.A Nade

-Throwing Knife: You might be thinking it would be absolutely stupid to use
 a throwing knight with OMA…and you would be right…unless you are looking for
 a good time. If you have a friend to play with who wants to try something
 new you can have him use a class with throwing knifes as well and perhaps
 a riot shield. After you both spawn start chucking throwing knives into
 your friend’s body. After he throws his own knife he can start picking
 up the ones you stuck into him (virtually allowing your friend to reload
 his knives off of his own body). This is a lot of fun in groups…and while
 not competitive…it really is a blast. Be warned: knives disappear off the
 map after a while.

-Tactical Insertion: I am not a big fan of this…possibly because of the
 bias it garnishes from being boosters’ equipment of choice. However, it
 has its uses. While not being able to be used in SnD it has its uses in
 other game modes. Starting the round with a tac insert means you can pick
 your spawn then switch to a class with claymores to secure the location you
 want to camp it. In capturing objectives you could switch to the tac insert
 class starting capturing the objective and drop a tac insert. Another use is
 to manipulate the enemy team’s spawn. This is useful for spawn trapping as
 dropping a tac insert in one of map’s spawns will almost guarantee the 
 opposing team will not spawn in that spot. However, I do not like this
 equipment and do not recommend it, as there are better equipments to be used.

-Blast Shield: Useless… Semtex + danger close>this. Unless you really really
 fear enemy noob tubes…don’t even consider this. 

-Claymore:  Ah the bread and butter of OMA. Remember Cod 4 when you could have
 2 claymores? Imagine an infinite supply… You are of course, only allowed to
 have 2 claymores in play at the same time. You simply can plant those
 2 claymores in two separate directions and then watch a third direction
 yourself. One blows up? Switch and plant another claymore. Helpful on all
 game types claymore are a campers dream, rushers worst nightmare, and a
 great way to cover your tracks if you are an aggressive player (like me ^_^).
 I will discuss more on this when we talk about class setups as your claymore
 class should be your most used OMA class.

-C4: As with claymores you can only have 2 of these in play at the same time.
 These are great for many reasons and are a huge part of my general OMA
 strategy. For one…it is the only “action” you can perform while switching
 classes…by double tapping x or square you can detonate the C4 remotely. You
 can combine it with claymore for a devastating effect (discussed later),
 and you can use it as a “close range” semtex by throwing it and detonating
 it in mid air with the double tap trick mentioned above. In SnD it is great
 as you can plant it on the bomb and wait until someone trys to pick it up.
 Simply detonate it and laugh. 

 | Assault Rifle Attachments |

-Grenade Launcher: Yeah unfortunately this is why OMA is considered the
 cheapest perk in the game. Creating one class with Danger close, noob
 tubes, and OMA, you can pump out unlimited tubes while sitting back with
 no skill or effort required. Your kill streaks get a huge boost from danger
 close, OMA pumps out the claymores and tubes, and the tubes rack up the
 kills. This really isn’t fair. Regardless…if you want to become a
 competitive OMAer you must take this setup into consideration.
 A.K.A. Noob Tube

-MasterKey Shotgun: Pointless. I would rather use an SMG if I were fighting
 close range. The only exception is hardcore where this attachment OWNS.
 Only use with stopping power…and stopping power isn’t really a great OMA perk.

-Heartbeat Sensor: Another semi-pointless attachment. With ninja being so
 prominent the heartbeat has become a novelty. It would be suited to a nading
 OMA class or for camping… though in both cases other primaries/attachments
 would be better.

 | Secondary Grendades |

-Flashbang Grenades x2: Great for the beginning of a round to disrupt rushers
 and corner campers. Flashbangs cause disarray to the many. The only problem
 is the relatively slow throw time. They have a wider radius than stuns.

-Stun Grenades x1: Great at finding enemies and getting kills. Get a hit
 marker and you can be sure the enemy will be in close vicinity (as opposed
 to flashes as they have a wide radius). They have a fast throw time and can
 work extremely well with a OMA random nade class as the speed of the throw
 is important to how fast you can dish out new equipments. 

-Smoke Grenade x1: I love these with OMA.Everyone gets 2 stuns and flashes.
 Only OMAers get multiple smokes. This is the ultimate in distraction tactics.
 Throw a smoke at a bomb…people will think you are planting there while you
 are planting at the other bomb site. Combine it with a cold blooded class
 and/or a thermal scope and you can run through/behind them undetected, while
 being able to shoot the target through the smoke. 

 | Second Perks |

-Stopping Power: IMO this is wasted on OMA classes. If you haven’t noticed
 the theme of OMA…it is the abuse of attachments, equipments, uncommon perks,
 and secondary grenades. Stopping power works with bullets, which honestly
 isn’t the focus of OMA.

-Lightweight: More than worthless. Great on rushing classes but since you
 can’t use marathon on a OMA class by default…that combination is null.  

-Hardline: Hoo boy! This thing wins SnD games…it is the unsung hero that
 turns the predator missile into a harrier.  Start a round with 5 kills?
 Slap on your OMA hardline class and let the predator go. Just one kill
 will net you than harrier (at 6 kills). After that simply switch to danger
 close for a more powerful air strike (or leave hardline on if you have a
 higher kill streak) Anyways, I always save one custom slot for a hardline
 OMA class simply for its unique ability to assist your team 
 (and your kill/death ratio). Normally one would have to sacrifice their 2nd
 perk for the rest of the round…whereas with OMA there is no need to sacrifice
 anything. Another less common (and argueably cowardly) method of using this
 perk (only the pro version) is to use a tac insert on a spawn point, die,
 and then respawn with painkiller giving you amply time to kill the one
 who just killed you. 

-Cold blooded: This perk also shines at the beginning of the round. It tricks
 out rushers who think they know where everyone is because of a UAV and it
 lets you plant claymores peacefully without that predator interrupting your
 trap-setting. I highly recommend using this with claymores, ump silences,
 ninja, and a smoke grenade. Deadly Silent, while being able to distract the
 enemy, use smoke as a cover, or use the smoke to obstruct their view of your

-Danger Close: You already know why this is dangerous with OMA. Random nades
 and random noob tubes. Nuff said. (see OMApropipe). It also increases the
 radius and damage of C4. This is useful if you feel your c4 traps might not
 cover enough ground.

 | Third Perks |

-Commando: Pointless. If you ever use this stupid perk you should be using
 it with marathon and lightweight.

-Steady Aim: Relatively effective if you are using it with a OMA Light
 Machine Gun camping set up. This tightens up the cone of fire for firing
 at the hip and turns LMGs into effective shotguns. However there are better
 things that you could be using and I would only recommend this if you feel
 like trying something completely new. If you are using it in hardcore with
 the combination of an attachement shotgun and stopping power, steady aim 
 becomes a force to be reckoned with. The user will seemingly be able to
 "snipe" people along great distances with this setup. Remember the
 attachement shotgun is most effective when not running as it is the only
 shotgun that has its hip fire negatively affected by this action.

-Scrambler: I have heard this called the most useless perk in the game 
 and it might be. I only recently started using this perk for fun and it
 is quite awesome. Anyone who has ever played any RPG worth its salt is
 familiar with what a “taunt” does. It forces and compels your opponent
 to attack you. This is actually quite wonderful with OMA as they will
 most likely be lured straight into a claymore or c4. Equip a fast shooting
 powerful gun with stopping power and you actually have a useful class. It
 is human nature to try to kill that noob scrambler kid. Simply prove them
 wrong. Then switch to another class so you can move freely without drawing
 attention. ^_^ (See OMAsentinel)

-Ninja: So overused…but so useful. All of my non-OMA classes have ninja on
 them save for a riot shield with steady aim akimbo deagles. I implore you
 to explore other options besides ninja though. It is a perfect fit for cold
 blooded, however.

-Sitrep: This thing is great on a random nade/ random noob tuber class.
 Where this is a claymore there is usually a camper waiting close by to
 replace it with a scavenger bag. Against teams that do not have players
 using Ninja (a highly rare instance) this perk becomes amazing if you
 have a good headset. The ability to amplify enemy footsteps by 4x is
 a huge deal. Just remember that Ninja Pro users are not affected by
 this "debuff."

-Last Stand: I’ve haven’t tried this much to be honest. It doesn’t work
 that great with OMA since it thrives when you have a pistol out (and you
 simply can’t have your own pistol out when using OMA). 

 | General Primary Weapons |

-Riot Shield: pretty much useless since the secondary weapon is very
 important to competitive Riot Shielding. I would only recommend this
 if you are already set up with claymores and c4s and just feel like
 hiding (see OMAhideme)

-Sniper Rifles: I have seen people use this and I have had it
 recommended to me. However, there are a couple things wrong with
 using OMA with a sniper. You do not have sleight of hand so your
 effectiveness is cut drastically. You also, have no secondary to
 switch to in case of immediate close range danger. 

-Assault Rifles: Infamous for noobtubes. Enough said.

-SMGs: this is probably the best choice for supporting roles with OMA.
 Easy random nades and high mobility to get to where claymores need to be.  

-Light Machine Guns: There is a very good use for LMGs in the OMA playbook.
 If you unlock extended mags on any of the 100 round mag LMGs and slap on
 OMA you will never have to reload. You get the 200 round mag with the
 “3 second reload” that OMA provides. With the RPD and MG4 hitting
 reload times of 10 seconds…you just saved a lot of time. This is actually
 a very good idea for spawn spamming. Simply fire your giant bullet funnel
 across the map at any given spot where lots of enemies run by. You might
 get a kill.

05.)                        	 Sample Classes
For the Sake of reference I will first list some non-OMA classes that I like
to chose from in different situations that demand immediate reaction. 

Sniping: This in your generic sniping class. If you feel confident in
quickscoping then by all means use steady aim. I personally can quickscope,
but I prefer the stealthyness of ninja. You would most likely switch to this
class if you are the last alive in a game of search on a big map or if you
use this class in combination with a tac insert OMA class to hold a
hard-to-get-to location (for example on top of the building in highrise).

Intervention/Barrett FMJ - PP2000/M1014/Striker
Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, Ninja
Claymore, Stuns

Speed Rushing: Personally this is my most comfortable class and it suits my
playstyle. Half of the time I play MWF2 I start the round with this class.
Get the bomb to the site fast, capture the objective fast, catch campers off
gaurd, disrupt the enemies strategy. Being able to effectively rush is a skill
that all players should get accustomed to. Switch to this class if you need to
get somewhere FAST.

UMP45 Silenced - AA12 extended mags/RPGx2
Marathon, Lightweight, Ninja
C4, Flashbangs

Anti-Air: This thing ruins people's days. I almost feel bad for them when my
stinger+sOH takes down enemy pavelows/chopper gunners in around 5 seconds.
The first disrupts the flares and the second shot destroys the aircraft.
For the AC-130 you have to have any competant teammate or just get lucky.
Switch to this class in order to save your teamates from the giant skyguns
of death. :)

Assault Rifle of the Day w/ noob tubes - Stinger
Sleight of Hand, Cold Blooded, Ninja
Claymore, Smoke

Captain America w/ Guns: There are lots of ways to play with riot shields.
This is simply my personal preference. The general idea of C4 Riot shields 
is to get to an area and then defend it. Akimbo deagles/magnums combined with
steady aim and stopping power make for easy close range kills. Pick the moment
when your opponent is overconfident then switch and spam away. You can also 
get some nice long range kills if you aim well. The c4 is great for defending
doors and tricking opponents. Riot shields are great fun but should not be
used when the enemy team is noob tube happy. Switch to this class if you are
all set up and feel like some extra defense. (unless you have a "OMAhideme"

Riot Shield - Akimbo Deagles/Magnums
Scavenger, Stopping Power, Steady Aim
C4, Stuns

Pick Your Weapon: Everyone has one of these classes. I don't care who you are.
You have a class like this. Stopping Power + Assault Rifles/LMGs = carnage.
Unsilenced most of them kill in 2-3 shots at any range. Switch to this if you
are done with your roundly duties and have nothing better to do.

Cheap Assault Rifle/LMG of Choice - Secondary of Choice
First Perk of Choice, Stopping Power, Ninja
Claymores, Stuns

This leaves me with 4-5 custom slots I can use for OMA. Now all you have to 
do is systematically stuff all the stuff into those 4-5 slots. Here are some
suggested classes for you to consider. All of the following are OMA
classes/names to consider for ease of use.

OMAstealth-more: Silenced SMG, Cold Blooded, Ninja, Claymore, Smoke
OMAhard-C4:   Gun that doesn’t need Stopping Power, Hardline, Ninja, C4, Stun
OMAnade: High mobility weapon, Danger Close, Sitrep, Semtex/Frag, Stun 
OMAsentinel: MPK5, Stopping Power, Scrambler, Claymore, Stun
OMApropipe: AR of choice+noob tube, Danger Close, Ninja/Sitrep, Claymore, Stun
OMAhideme: Riot Shield, Danger Close, Scrambler/Ninja, C4, Stun
OMAshotty: AR+master key, Stopping Power, Ninja, Claymore, Flashbang
OMAdiehard: high mobility weapon, Hardline, Ninja, Tac Insert, Stun 
OMAneverrunout: LMG Extended Mags, Stopping Power, Ninja, Claymore, Stun

06.)                        	 Claymore Combinations

Now that we have ascertained the building blocks for our OMA strategy, we can
begin formulating strategies and begin seeing how we can assist our teammates
and use this perk competitively. I personally am a specialized in rushing and 
sniping so I found using OMA to be a relatively easy thing to do. I don’t need 
many custom classes for my other tasks so I could devote a lot to using this 
perk. I also use the perks, UAV, Predator, and Harrier Strike for my kill 
streaks in SnD. This lends itself to a hardline OMA class. If you prefer a 
more linear kill streak set (I.E. 5,6,7 or 3,4,5) then you do not need a 
hardline class. However the ability to jump straight from 5 to 7 is a great 

A concept that all competitive OMAers must be familiar with is the creation of 
Claymore/C4 combinations…or as my friends and I prefer calling them: “Bouncing 
Bettys.”  For all intensive purposes that it what they are. To create one all 
you must do is plant a claymore and then a c4 right in front of where the 
claymore would explode. If some unlucky soul attempts to run past the claymore
it will detonate the c4 automatically and the c4 will hit the person running 
by the claymore. This basically gives you the power and the blast radius of 
a c4 with the hands-free-ness of a claymore. What this means for support is 
that you can bring up the rear on an assault and cover your flanks/behinds 
with these c4/claymore combinations so that no enemy could ever hope to 
flank you. On defense these things are a godsend. Simply set the up near 
a bomb site or objective and watch the kills rack up. Roughly 7 seconds to 
create a free kill? I’ll take it. Watch out for sitrep though. The second 
you see a kill cam with sitrep on it you should cease creating them. Sitrep, 
while rare, can destroy this combination.
07.)                         Tactics by Game Type

| Search and Destroy |

With OMA you have 3 different methods of killing people at their spawn/on their 
way to key locations (4 if you are using any sniper class). Random nades, noob
tubes, and random bullet sprays with extended mags lmgs. This is what you 
should be attempting to do at the beginning of every round unless the opposing
team has any form of kill streak, in which case you should be building your 
team’s defenses while cold blooded and coordinating with your team about who
is going to take out the killstreak. 

If you find yourself to be the last alive, then by all means switch to your 
most  comfortable class even if it is outside of OMA. If you have a kill 
streak that could be built upon make sure your hardline class is ready to go. 
Between rounds if you are dead you should be analyzing opposing players’ 
actions and formulating strategies for next round. Adapt your defense 
strategies and even your routes. Communicating with your team is very 
important and supporting should be your priority. If that means switching 
to your LMG class, your unlimited stun grenades, or noob tube class to cover 
their retreat then so be it. If the bomb is planted and you are defending it 
drop some claymores on/ near it or put a c4 inside the case and hide. If you 
hear a defuse detonate it. 

A tactic that is useful when you are last alive is to set a 3rd claymore or 
c4 in order to make the 1st one explode. This will lure people to your first 
claymore even though you may be across the map. Using smoke grenades 
aggressively is helpful as well. Being able to pump out one every 3 seconds 
is pretty awesome. Its noise confuses and distracts the opponent and can mask 
ugly sounds like your teammate defusing the bomb. Be careful…attention is 
usually drawn to the direction of the smoke. Use this to your advantage. 
| Capture the Flag |

Another great one for OMA users. I personally am one of my team's flag
runners so I do not use OMA here alot. However, when we are up by a good
amount and the enemy team is still trying to cap our flag then it is an ideal
situation to pull out your OMA class. You simply play "goalie." put one
deterant claymore/c4 combination directly on the flag and one perhaps on your
flank. Then simply watch the flag or another direction with a tube class out 
or a Stopping power class out. The idea is to cut your opponent's options so
that the only way they could hope to steal the flag is with 3 or more people
attacking. Be very wary of stuns and flashes. Always assume that the stun you
just heard disabled your C4/claymore traps. Access the situation and take
appropriate action. While you are playing this campy style there is no reason
to panic since you are in control.

Alternatively you can provide cover for your flag runner with an LMG/tube
class or provide claymore support near the middle portion of the map. This
runs interference for your flag runner and disrupts enemy flag runners.

| Team Deathmatch |

Ah my least favorite game mode. I simply don't like the spawns in this game.
The key here is to protect your team's flanks and build up your trapping walls
behind you. This way your team can focus on the brunt of the battle while
flankers will become discouraged from doing thier thing. A happy team is a
focused and cooperative team. A team that gets flanked alot is an unhappy team
and will not be cooperative or focused. Your position of support is very 
important since the concept of "moral" does exist. Tubes are ussually very
effective in this game mode since the rules of the game promote a campy
playstyle. Noob tubes are very "anti-camper." Protect your snipers and they
will be happy.

| Domination |

One of my favorite pasttimes is running around in domination and killing
people with shotguns. However there is a play for OMA here.
Support Support Support. Claymore up your flags and you will profit. In maps
where the fight over B is the win condition (I.E. Highrise, Carnival, Skidrow)
you will want to be noob tubing to keep the enemy off of the flag. Keep an eye
out for the flag markers on your screen (the one with the arrows). It is a
little known fact that the flag will faintly flash if someone is attempting 
to capture it. It will ussually start flickering 3 seconds before the
announcer says something like "Enemy is taking Bravo!" This is always a good
hint to send a nice little random nade or noob toob in that general direction.
Another nice trick is the tactical insertion trick I mentioned. Die once
without killing anyone. Plant the tac insert on the objective with your
hardline class on (with painkiller). Stand on the flag until you get killed
then spawn immediately and you will have painkiller to help you finish the job
of capturing the flag. Cheap but effective. 

| Free For All |

There are alot of ways you could go here and OMA probably isn't the best
choice. I may be its biggest advocate but it does have its weaknesses.
In Free For All scavenger completely outclasses OMA. With more dead bodies
lying around there is no need for the 3 second switch. Secondaries are very
important as close range situations occur much more frequently even on larger
maps. I simply would not recomend using OMA on FFA unless you are going for
OMA pro.

| Headquarters |

The class that is infamous for noob tubes in the game mode that is infamous
for noob tubes. Simply expect alot of return fire when you use yours. 
This IMO is the only game mode in which blast shield is a viable commodity.
The default class with the blast shield/riot shield is actually a nice switch
in case you need to defend a headquarters. Blast shield alone may be useless,
however, in combination with the riot shield you actually have a large 
possibility of surviving multiple noob tubes. Using claymore to defend HQs
is generally a bad idea since nades,flashes,stuns,tubes,rpgs,and AT-4s will
all be directed at said HQ. Instead focus on securing an area of the map where
there is no HQ. Build up your killstreaks and allow your team to have a
consistant spawn. Of course you could just noob tube like everyone else does.
Where is the fun in that though?


On Offense OMA is useless unless you are using an SMG/claymore class. Get to
the location and plant then secure the area with claymores. On larger maps
you shouldn't be using OMA on offense since a lightweight marathon class
is more beneficial to the team allowing you to get from bombsite to bombsite
in a pinch. 

On defense OMA is good for random nading/noob tubing to keep the opponent 
away from the bombsites. You should also claymore key spots on the map rather
than the site itself since the bombsites will be under heavy fire from enemy
explosives. Again OMA might not be the best choice since sniper fire could 
provide more consistant coverage and a rushing class provides more flexibility
in this specific game mode.


Not much to say about this game mode since I rarely play it. You could cover
your bomb or help your team's bomb runner move further and protect his flanks.
I won't pretend to be an expert on this game mode.

|Ground War|

More Bodies means scavenger is better here unless you are going the tubing
route. A sentinel class is also a nice idea. More players mean the sentinel
class has a higher chance of getting more kills faster. Alot of it relies on
your reflexes in CQC situations.

08.)                         Legal Bull

This guide has been written by Timothy Todaro aka PostxMordem.

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

If you wish to use my guide on another website, please ask me for permission
first. My Email is [email protected]  I am not looking for friends on 
Xbox live and I don't answer friend requests. If you have a question about
this guide or some correction to make feel free to email me.

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