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Madden NFL 2003
PlayStation 2 (2002) (North America)

Online Setup Guide

v1.0 [August 26, 2002]

written by Anthony Charles Ambrose (ACA) 

Document ©2002.  All Rights Reserved.  Full legal notice at end.

Check out: < > TimeSplitters 2 Network (GCN, PS2, XBX)

This is an alternative, for those people who want to go online with Madden NFL
2003, yet they do not want to pay (or wait) for Sony's adaptor.  This will only
work with the PlayStation 2 console, so don't go trying it with your GameCube
or Xbox.  In addition, I am writing this for the NORTH AMERICAN version.  If
you happen to get a version other than that, this might not work.

- Linksys 10/100TX USB Ethernet Adapter
- cable modem
- ethernet cable
- USB cable to connect adapter to PS2
- Sony PS2 Memory Card (400KB Free)
- Sony PS2 System
- Sony PS2 Madden NFL 2003 Game
- USB Keyboard for PS2 (recommended, although not entirely needed)

Diagram: How To Set It Up
You'll need to hook your ethernet adaptor up to your cable modem with an
ethernet cable, before you can do anything.

Next, use your USB cable to hook the ethernet adaptor up to your PS2.  This is
not complicated, as long as your cables are long enough.  Make sure the cables
you buy can reach sufficiently: you don't want the cables to tear or pull the
adaptor or PlayStation 2 apart.

Here is a useful diagram:

  +-------+            +--------+          +--------+
  | Cable +--ethernet--+Ethernet|   USB    |  Sony  |
  | Modem |   cable    |Adaptor +--cable---+  PS2   |
  +-------+            +--------+          +--------+

Getting Online
- Turn on Madden NFL 2003
- Select Features, Online
- Create a new account
- Load, dark blue screen appears
- Add new settings
- Proceed until it asks to select hardware
- Select the Linksis 10/100TX USB Ethernet Adapter
- Proceed until it asks for a password
- If you need one to connect, select 'yes'--chances are you can just press 'no'
- Your next two choices need to be 'auto'
- It's all set up, so quit
- Now go online, through Features, Online
- Make a profile, register it online
- Begin a game, making sure all goes well

- Those are all the steps you must complete, in order.  Do that exactly, and
  you will have no problems.  I take NO RESPONSIBILITY if you screw something
  up, so work on this at your own risk.

- There is a chance that you may not be able to get online, due to any possible
  reason, including your ISP not being compatible.  I will not be held
  responsible for that, either, so check with your ISP before you go out and
  spend money on these items.

- If you have problems with this, do not e-mail me.  If you e-mail me about
  going online with any question, I will ban you forever.  Ask at the message
  boards for help, but do not e-mail me.

- If you are having problems finding the right material, print this document
  out and bring it to Best Buy, Radio Shack, or another similiar place.  They
  should be able to hook you up with the right components.  It might be pricey,
  but this is the only alternative to getting online with Madden NFL 2003.

                Copyright 2002 Anthony Charles Ambrose (ACA)
                             [email protected]
                              All rights reserved

  This document was created and maintained by ACA, its author.  It is 
  the sole property of its author, whom bears the copyright and reserves all 
  rights.  It is protected by "United States Code:  Title 17 - Copyrights", 
  the "Berne Convention for the Protection of Literacy and Artistic Works 
  (Paris Text 1971)", any and all copyright and patent laws applicable and  
  International Treaties.

  This document can only appear in one of two forms:  electronic and a 
  personal printed file for private use.  The ONLY websites that can post
  this document are:

  This document may not be reproduced or retransmitted (the above listed 
  websites are the only sites exempted from this) in any way, shape, form, or 
  medium.  You shall contact ACA if you want your site to use this
  information in anyway.

  You may not alter, edit, format, remove or add materials to any part of 
  this document.  It may not be offered for money and/or compensation (even 
  if profit attempt fails) or offered as a bonus or gift for accessing a web 
  page or purchasing an item.  It may not be added to an archive of any type.
  It must always remain in the English Language.  It will not be translated 
  to any language for any reason whatsoever.  It will not appear in any 
  publication.  This document was in no way intended for commercial, 
  promotional and/or profitable uses.  This guide is limited to personal and 
  private use only.  Any other uses MUST be approved by the author, 

  If this copyright is transgressed, the violators will face immediate civil 
  and/or criminal penalties to the fullest extent possible.  Any breach of
  copyright (which includes acts of stealing, plagiarism, pirating, uses not
  private and personal, posting without permission, etc.) is considered a 
  felony, and will be punished accordingly.

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  the law is no excuse.  Also, any part of this copyright may change at 
  anytime, without prior warning.

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  If for any reason you do not agree with parts or the entire copyright, your 
  only remedy shall be to not use this guide.

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