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Walkthrough Version

-Version 1- First time I wrote it.....(Forgot the date....sorry)

-Version 2- Includes as far as I could go on some Single-Player games.....some -
things are cool....(March 20, 2004)

Hi!  My name is METSROCK, and I am writing this to help you know the weapons and 
such of James Bond 007: NightFire better.  

[email protected] if you want to ask me anything.  IF I LET YOU USE SOMETHING, GIVE 

Ok, we all know what a first-person shooter is, right?  Wrong.  Not all know what 
it is.  It is when you can play as one person, or a car of some sort, and shoot 
others, while completing objectives or whatever you need to do.  In this game, you 
can also play Multiplayer Mode to play against computer AI bots, or your friend.  

If you really ask me, I would say play Multiplayer to practice.  Try out being 
Bond, while having 5 players on your team [between Alura, Dominque, Christmas 
Jones, Wai Lin, and Bond (if you didn't choose Bond for you to be)], and one 
Phoenix member, I prefer Phoenix Soldier.

After you play Multiplayer, play regular NightFire game parts on the Operative 
level until you become familiar with controls and stuff like that.  Here are the 
controls that I use:

Octopussy Setup
Move around= Analog pad
Shoot= R button
Aim= L button
Look up/down= C-pad up/C-pad down
Strafe left/right= C-pad left/C-pad right
Alt. Fire= Z button
Next weapon= D-pad right
Previous weapon= D-pad left
Jump= X button
Crouch= Y button
Reload= B button
Next Gadget= D-pad up
Previous Gadget= D-pad down

Weapons- GUNS
Wolfram PP7-  Handgun that delivers minute damage.  Can be upgraded to gold which 
powers up by being stronger.  Can also be silenced.

Wolfram P2K-  Another handgun from the famous Wolfram Company.  This may also be 
upgraded to gold, which gives it more firepower.  This can be silenced.

Storm M32-  Automatic gun that uses the P2K ammo, but isn't as strong as the P2K 
itself.  Use when necessary.

Winter Tactical Sniper-  Strong rifle that has enormous zoom capacity.  Use 
whenever you can as it is a deadly gun.

Deutsche M9K-  Gun that can be Single-fire or set for Burst fire.  On Single, it is 
silenced and is deadly, but if you need more strength, use the Burst part.

Covert Sniper-  Another strong rifle which happens to be the brother of Winter 
Tactical Sniper.  Use as soon as possible when playing.

SG5 Commando-  Fully automatic gun, or can be changed to a silenced, laser-
targeted, Burst gun.  I think this is only in Multiplayer, but it still is lethal.

Golden Gun-  The ultimate handgun.  Must be reloaded after each shot taken, but it 
kills in one if you are on target.  If you get this, you should never die.

Kowloon Type 40-  Can be Single-round, or Burst.  It is not lethal though, so only 
use in Multiplayer when you have to take out guys fast.  Also, if you are a Phoenix 
character in Multiplayer, and you pick up two of these guns, you will get one of 
these in each hand.  When shooting double like that, the guns are VERY lethal.

Raptor Magnum-  Strong handgun that is lethal.  Some of these can have a laser-
fire, but those will shoot very slowly.  Use on anything anywhere and anytime you 
want to.

AIMS-20- Most likely the best gun in all of James Bond history, other than the 
Golden Gun.  The has Infared Zoom, so you can see your opponents easily, plus it 
shoots both bullets, and grenades!!!  Also, this can hold up to 200 bullets per 

Frinesi Automatic 12-  The strongest in force, and most likely the biggest in size, 
this packs heavy punches.  Personally, this is my favorite gun, it can be 
automated, or it can be Single-shot.  Use it whenever you get the chance to.

Militek Mark 6 MGL-  A grenade launcher that really does launch 'em.  You only will 
find this in Multiplayer, and in one or two of the game levels.  This packs some 
punch, so use when you can.

AT-420 Sentinel-  A rocket launcher that kills in a certain radius of the blast 
point.  It is more lethal than the Golden Gun, only because you can guide the 
rocket itself.  If you choose not to guide it yourself, Alternate fire is Unguided.

AT-600 Scorpion-  Another rocket launcher that can be Unguided, or it can seek out 
an enemy from their body heat......thats right, it is also a heat-seeking rocket 
it then, the gun will seek out your teamates and kill them, but once in a while it 
will get your enemy.  Still, don't use it in multiplayer.

Phoenix Samurai-  The newest gun yet, it uses lasers to kill people.  It is lethal, 
and whats is even more lethal is its Alternate attack.  That Alternate attack kills 
in one shot, and it is like a bomb.  It covers a lot of area anyway...  This gun is 
fun (hey...that rhymes.), so use it often.


Frag Grenade-  Useful grenades that kills people within a certain radius.  It is 
fun to kill..........nevermind.....  These come up alot in the regular levels.  
Plant thems when you have to.

Smoke Grenade-  Cloaks your movement, so you can move around for a little while 
while you take down enemies or you leave, and they won't know you left.  I believe 
this is only in Single-player mode...

Stun Grenade-  Blinds you opponents and also gives them annoying noises they have 
to worry about, letting you either get away, or kill them.  Only use in the 
toughest of situations.

Satchel Charge-  A bomb-like grenade that goes off after a set time of 5 to 30 
seconds.  Kills all who are near.  Lethal.  Use when possible, mostly in 

Remote Mine-  In many levels, both in Single and Multiplayer modes.  What you do is 
set this bomb-like grenade (it sticks to anything you want it to stick to), and 
then set it off with your watch that came with the grenades.  Use it in both types 
of modes (Multiplayer and Single-player).

Laser-Trip Bomb-  A bomb that is set off when you "trip" the laser, or walk over 
the laser.  It is lethal, and kills all who were in the line of fire (the laser 
area).  Use it wisely.  It may cost you a life too.

Unfourtunately....I have one big problem.  I hate when the opponents pop out of 
nowhere, or when they start shooting me, but only in the Single-player mode does 
this happen... so, unfourtunatley I will need a lot of time to get this done.  I 
get scared to heck and back when someone shoots me, or I get all 
excited.....weird 'eh?  Sorry about this, give me a month or so and I shall have 
gotten over my fear of shooting games... by the way, the Game Boy games don't scare 
me because you can see all around you a.t once, so not as scary.  Sorry again.  
I do have some information now though...(Version 2 begins)

I play on Operative, then Secret Agent, and so on...  This is going by Operative.

Paris Prelude (if you haven't done this already)
You start out in a helicopter.  In this level, you don't have to move yet, so just 
follow the directions out loud, and shoot the enemy cars to bits and 
pieces.....Then, eventually, you will be in a car (Aston Martin V12 Vanguish).  
Press "R" to accelerate, and avoid the people...Also, hit "B" and "A" buttons for 
missiles and cool weaponry from Q.  At the end of the level, press "B" to through 
an EMP projectile at the bomb truck to disable it.  Then, watch the tipical Bond 
cutscene and you're done.

Ok...  let's talk about Multiplayer; play your friends here......also, you can play 
AI Bots.  It is very fun to do, and gives you a lot of practice since you can 
configure most of the AI Bots.  The weapons are the same, and nothing really new, 
except for the levels.  There are many levels to choose from.  My two favorites 
are: SkyRail, and Phoenix Base.  If you need some serious practice, I recommend: 
Missle Silo.  THere is no way to die on Missle Silo, except from being shot by an 
opponent.  Well....take that back....if you are a dare-devil and you dive from the 
top, you might die when you land on the ground.  

If you don't mind, I would like to tell you some great places in some levels.  

SkyRail-  Do you see the Wooden Lodge???  Go in the doorway into a room and you 
will see another two or so doorways.  The one closest to you, or straight ahead 
will work fine.  Go through, and I believe there are stairs to the left or right.  
Go up the stairs and go through the doorway at the top.  Here is where I am doing 
this from memory...:  you should be on a roof (if you aren't I was wrong, sorry, 
look around for the roof then follow the directions).  If you are, go to the side 
where you could jump on the roof and jump on it (ironic, isn't it???).  Then slowly 
move on the roof towards the other side of it...from there, if you have a sniper, 
you can easily pick-off targets, OR you could walk on the wire to the gun that is 
in that wooden booth thingy.  Depending on what weapons you selected, you could 
have a laser gun, or a machine gun, or even better you could have a rocket launcher.

Snow Blind-  This is like the first level of gameplay in Single-Player 
mode.....actually it is this level.  Ok, go to the place where the helicopter is, 
and there you should find some good Automatic guns, as well as a few sniper guns 
with ammo.  Get everything there and camp out right in the corner where the Gun-on-
the-Placement-Stand is.  From there, you can see everything, and your opponent will 
always head towards you on this level, so you will always see him.

Phoenix Base-  First of all, before you start this level, Enable the Grapple Hook.  
This trick would be a bit hard without it.  If you don't, I'll tell you what to do 
later on in this paragraph.  Ok, if you keep the weapons at the usual for this 
level, use your grapple to cling to that thing hanging in the middle of gameplay.  
It is hooked to the roof.  When you get on it, get the rocket launcher and camp out 
there.  Be very careful though, because if you hit the metal bars, yu will blow up 
too.  Also, be careful about your enemies, if they see you, they will shoot.  It is 
best to crouch so they don't hit you as often.  If you must jump, the jump and camp 
out in the corner with the Gun-on-the-Placement-Stand.

Missle Silo-  When you get the Golden Gun, go to the top area of this level.  There 
you should find a Golden Gun.  Get as much ammo for it as possible, and also get a 
sniper and Remote Mines if you could.Go the the stairs that lead to the bottom 
area.  At the top and bottom of the staircase, place two remote bombs, one on left, 
and one on right.  Go in the middle of the staircase, and sniper your opponents.  
If he/she comes to the staircase, press the Detonate Button on your watch to set 
off the Remote Mines.  After that, replace the bombs and again, camp out to kill 
your opponents.

OK....That is all I have for now.  Like I said, sorry but I will finish this 
completely soon.  Enjoy killing people with your new knowledge on this game!!!!  
Also, don't forget to e-mail me about any information.  The e-mail again is: 
[email protected]    ....ok.....also, check out my other FAQ/Walkthrough Guides:  
Super Smash Brothers (SSB, N64 System),  Super Smash Bros. Melee (SSBM, GameCube 
System), Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors Expansion (AoE2:TC, PC), and Coming Soon: 
The World Is Not Enough (James Bond, TWINE, N64 System).


                          Copyright 2004.  All Rights Reserved.

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