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     Chapter 4: Creepy Stepple 
          When you enter the town you find it is under a curse. Many of the 
villagers are pigs! At the gate, the gatesman won't let you pass without permission 
from the mayor. Once you get to the mayor he's a pig, but so is the gatekeeper. 
Walk past him and you'll find a tree is blocking your path at the end of the road. 
Shoot Koops under it to grab the key there to the storeroom in town. In the 
storeroom is a Black Chest, the is in the shack right outside town. Once you have 
the tube powert from the chest, roll under the tree and blow the hay away and enter 
the forest. Once at the steeple roll under the gate and enter. Push the star statue 
forward and hop back up (you need to so you can ecsape later) Go through the door 
that's on your right as if you looking at the star statue. Hit the switch at the 
end of the hall once then enter the door. Go up the stairs and get the key. Go 
through the other door and hit the switch twice. Go up the stairs and open the 
door. Fight the ghost (easy) but at the end he'll steal your body and you'll be a 
purple outline. Go back to town (when you fight the ghost in your body just run) 
and find the superbomomb. Vivian will jion you and you hav to listen to the birds. 
After that go to the steeple and jump down the well. At the steel gate push it up 
and then go into the shadow and it will slide over you. Go throught the path and 
you'll find a parrot. Go into the shadow and he will say that the ghost is Dooplis. 
Get the "p" from  the chest and fight dooplis at town. (just type his name) and 
he'll run to the steeple. Beat him and you finish the chapter.

     Chapter 5:Pirate's Grotto
          Once you're at the island  you have to fight a ghost. Once you have, take 
off to find the missing saliors. Bobbery will cover the ghosts while the saliors 
escape. Go back to the bridge and pass it to find Bobbery in at tree being circled 
by ghosts. Beat them and hit the tree with your hammer to get Bobbery down. He'll 
want the cola that he had and Flavio has it. Flavio needs something to replace it 
so get a coconut. Give the soda to Bobbery and he'll die. (actually he's 
pretending, hit him with your hammer to wake him up) Go to the refuge and talk to 
Flavio. Take him to the skull rock and take a look at the rock. Take Flavio's skull 
gem and put it in the rock. Spin jump on the short statue 3 times and hit the tall 
onbe with your hammer 4 times. Use bobbery to blow the rock up and enter the 
grotto. Jump on the half sunken boat and get the crankshaft. Then, Go past the 
spikes using vivian and use the crankshaft on that chain reel. You'll come to a big 
locked door. Climb up the cliff and use Bobbery to blow the switch. Beat the bullet 
bill blasters and you'll come to a room with a switch. Blow it up and hurry to lift 
and get the key. Open the big door and roll under the spikes there. At the end of 
the path enter the ship and beat the ghost to get the Black key and the boat power. 
Use it at the waterfall and go down the falls. Go down and when you can't go down 
any more go right. Dodge the waves and enter the place with lots of toads. Hit all 
the switches and free the toads. Go throught the tunnel and you'll find Cortez's 
ship. Cortez isn't that hard, use Power Smash, Shade Fist and Gale Force at the end 
to blow the weapons away. 

     Chapter 6: Poleshy Heights
          Once on the train, Talk to the toad at the very back of the train. A 
theif will have taken a pot of stew (cough cough room cough 1 cough 1!) After you 
bust him, go to room 6 and talk to the penguin. Talk to the bombombs in room 8 and 
bub will want a gift. Talk to him two more times for hints and then talk to the 
toad right outside to find he wants an enginer autograph. Talk to the conductor for 
one and give it to bub. Talk to all the people that lost things(toad at back of the 
train, waitress, toad in room 2) and then go to room 4. Hide in the shadows and a 
ghosts will appear and will want his diary. It's in the baggage at the back of the 
train.Give it to him and then give the blanket to the toad. Sleep. Go to room 6 and 
find that there's another mystery. Go to room 1 to find a paper. Give it to 
Penngington and go to your room. Hide in the shadows and Zip Toad comes out. After 
you bust him you arrive at a station.Talk to the toad near the bridge for the key 
and enter the station. Roll under the gate and hit the switch. Up the stairs and 
move through the machinery. Use Koops to get the key and go back to the door. Go 
through and go down the steps and blow away the posters to reveal a door. Roll 
through the maze and beat the goombas through the door. Hit the switches and get 
the Spring boots. Use them to get the key and open the elevator. Hit the switch and 
board the train. Talk to the conductor and the train will be attacked by smorgs.Go 
to the baggage and fight off the smorgs. Go out and run through the smorgs (you can 
just run straight through withuot worrying about the smorgs) At the end you will 
fight a giant smorg thing. First use Earth Tremor,Tattle then Spring jump,headbonk 
then Earth Tremor, Swap(Bobbery) then Spring, bomb then Bomb, heal then spring, 
bomb. Then you should have defeated the Smorg and saved the passengers. Got to the 
santum and find the star and the chapter is over.

                See you next time I'll make part 3 as soon as possible

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