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®itten By: PatManDoo
Çøpyright: 2004 by PatManDoo Email [email protected]
Last edited: january 29 2004


      The first step,

             Okay the first thing you need to do to get a GC (gold Chocobo) is 
getting about  1.4 million gil which you may think is impossible but its not. all 
you have to do is riase an ALL Materia to a master lvl and sell anywhere and youll 
have enough money now that you have to money 

            then you hop on your airship and fly to the chocobo farm go in the house 
and talk to the old man and ask him to take care of you chocobos and he'll ask you 
to rent a stall do this 6 times so you have 6 stalls once your done that have to fly 
down to mideel and capture 4 chocos then fly all the back to the choco farm and see 
if you have any great chocobos you only need two a male and a female if you didnt 
get any try again if you cant seem to  get any from mideel the wutai island has good 
chocos as well.once you have one male choco and one female fly the northern 
contenent and look for a house surronded by grass go in and you should see a 
floating purple guy buy 40 sylkis greens from him and go back to the farm and feed 
20 to each of your chocos

            then you fly to north corel and go into the gold saucer and go race 
chocobos untill both are rank S. a good stategy for raceing is to hold L1,L2,R1,R2 
and hold the O button until your stamina is 1/4 full then tap the sqaure button over 
and over until your going rather fast and if you do that the only way you could lose 
is if your racing Teioh (the black choco) even then theres a good chance youll win.

           once  your chocos are lvl S fly to Bone village and go to the area where 
the dark green grass is and walk around until you find a red dragon thing and you 
need to steal a carob nut from it do this 3 times and go to the farm and mate you 
chocobos with the carob nut ... if it worked your new chocobo should be blue or 
green then you need to wait until the next time your 2 regular chocos can mate again 
BUT BEFORE MATING THEM SAVETHE GAME just incase you get another blue or green what 
ever color you got before you want the other one (ex: you got a green choco first 
now you want a blue) know that you have both colors go back to the choco sages house
(the one where you bought the sylkis greens) and buy 40 more sylkis green and feed 
20 to each of the colour chocos 

    then you go back to the gold saucer and race the chocos until there rank S using 
the same technique as before and then you go once there both lvl S go mate them 
together with a carob nut SAVE GAME FIRST otherwise you have to wait until they can 
mate agian (note: you have to get rid of the green and blue chocos parents to make 
room or get to more stalls) 

     if that work you should have a black chocobo if you do go buy 40 more sylkis 
greens and give 20 to the black choco and go race him until hes S rank

then go to the choco tracks on the northern contenent  and catch chocos until you 
have a wonderful chocobo (you check when you move them into the stalls if not just 
let if go) then feed the wonderful choco the extra 20 sylkis greens and race it lvl 
S then save the game and mate the Black and the wonderful choco together useing a 
carob nut and if it worked you should have a gold chocobo       

please  note that this is my first FAQ ever and that i didnt bother to spell check 

    and i ask that you email me to tell me what you thought  my email is 
[email protected]

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