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BOMB-OMB BATTLEFIELD - The door in the main entry way which has a star and no 
number on it.  On the left-hand side of the room.

Course 1 - Big Bomb-Omb On The Summit
Character - Yoshi (as he is the only one available)
Difficulty - **/*****
Timed Run-through - 2:20

Follow the dirt path up to the big red arrow sign, smashing goombas in your path.  
Continue to follow the path, and be careful of the chain-chomp.  Run across the 
wooden plank up the stairs and turn right at the arrow.  When you get to the next 
arrow, you can go either of two ways.  The short yet slightly harder way is up the 
grassy field.  You have to run the whole way up and jump to the level grass.  The 
easier but longer way is to turn right, avoiding the cannonballs.  Either way, you 
must follow the path winding upward to the big bomb-omb.  Approach him and talk to 
him.  When the dialogue ends, he will start chasing you slowly, throwing small bomb-
ombs.  Lick one up with your long tongue and spit it back out, so the explosion 
will knock the King Bomb-Omb down.  Make sure you don't knock the king off his 
mounntain top; as he will expell you for unfair play.  Avoid his bouncing until he 
recovers and will continue to throw bom-ombs while chasing you.  Throw back three 
bomb-ombs and he will cough up the 1st of manys stars in this game.  


Course 2 - Footrace With Koopa The Quick
Character - Mario, if not available, red cap is accessable
Difficulty - */*****
Timed Run-through - 2:30`

To start, make sure you are, or appear to be, Mario.  Yoshi should grab the red 
cap, which is on the mountain path to the big bomb-omb, then return to the starting 
point.  A few steps away from the starting point, a large turtle will be standing 
and waiting for Mario.  Talk to him and you will eventually find yourself in a race 
to the platform of King Bomb-Omb, the boss you defeated in the 1st course.  You 
know where to go.  Definately use the shortcut up the grassy slope, it will give 
you insurance time, just in case.  Make sure you don't fall, and don't stop to 
destroy enemies along the way.  Climb the flagpole at the end to win another star.  
By the way, make sure you don't lose your cap, because you'll have to start over if 
Koopa finds Yoshi at the top of the hill.


Course 3 - 5 Silver Stars!
Character - Any
Difficulty - **/*****
Timed Run-Through - 2:10

You will need to capture 5 silver stars if you want another gold star.  The 1st 
star is hovering above a tree you will pass right before the 1st wooden bridge.  
Climb the tree and jump to grab it.  Continue on as if you were headed to the big 
bomb-omb, but make a pit stop at the 1st arrow.  Chase the chain-chomp and grab the 
star at the end of his chain, staying clear of everything except the end of the 
chain.  Continue on your way to the bomb-omb's platform, but instead of taking the 
stairs, turn left and look at the touch screen.  The star nearest you will be 
moving, as a goomba has it.  Defeat the goomba that ate your star and continue on 
your way.  Before you step onto the dirt path leading past an arrow and the gates, 
turn left again.  The 4th star will be in the flower patch surrounded by coins.  
The final star can be found on the winding trail.  Take the short cut and go 
straight.  Yet another goomba has eaten a star.  Stomp the goomba and swipe the 
star, returning to the beginning of the course where you will find the golden star 
in a glass box.  Touch the glass and the golden power star is yours.


Course 4 - Bog Bomb-Omb's Revenge
Character - Anyone except Yoshi, if only Yoshi is available, Mario hat is accessable
Difficulty - **/*****
Timed Run-Through - 2:10

Go to the area where the big bomb-omb was found before, picking up a Mario hat off 
of a goomba's head on the way.  This time, you will need wits to defeat the big 
bomb-omb.  Sneak up behind him, pick him up, throw him down.  Doing this 3 times, 
again, keeping him on his platform, will earn you another star.


Course 5 - Mario Wings To The Sky
Character - Mario, Mario cap accessable by Luigi and Wario but not Yoshi
Difficulty - ****/*****
Timed Run-Through - 2:30 

From the beginning of the course, walk over to the red bomb-omb.  He will set up 
cannons.  Walk over to the cannon next to the chain-chomp's cage.  DO NOT USE THE 
NEAREST CANNON TO GET TO THE FLOATING ISLAND.  Use the chain-chomp cannon to shoot 
yourself onto the floating island.  It is easiest to aim a bit above the tree, so 
you can land in it.  From there, hit the red box and grab the wing.  Triple-jump 
off the island, through the rings of coins to aquire another star.  DO NOT USE THE 

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