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                       Performance Tuning
  Performance tuning is modifing a car to do the abilities you want to do. To axcess 
performance tuning you press start, and go right two times then then you will open 
up the option called "Performance Tuning". Once you do that you will see something 
similiar to this:

       Ride Height-------+-------

    To tune your steering you have to buy a suspension kit. Tuning the steering will 
determon the steering sensitivity of your car.

    To tune your handling you have to buy a suspension kit. Tuning the handling will 
tune how well handling is of your car.

 Ride Height:
    To tune the ride height you have to buy a suspension kit. Tuning the ride height 
can make your car go lower or higher.

    To tune your brakes you have to buy after market brakes. Tuning your brakes will 
determon the effectiveness of your brakes.

    To tune your aerodynamics you need to buy a spoiler. Tuning you aerodynanics 
will make the wind flow off your car easier or more resistant.

    To tune your nitrus you need to buy nitrus. Tuning you nitrus will change the 
effectiveness and legnth of your nitrus. Examples: More will make the nitrus more 
effective but it will be only for a breif moment. Less will make the nitrus less 
effective but it will be for a longer peroid of time.

    To tune your turbo you need to buy a turbo kit. Tuning yur turbo will modify how 
your turbo will perform and sound.

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