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This FAQ is on my other favorite Smash Bros., Pikachu!

Pikachu is an electric mouse that is #25 on the Pokemon list, 1 foot, 4 inches tall 
and weighs 13 pounds.  Pikachu is the most famous Pokemon of all.  This Pokemon is 
able to store electricity in its cheeks and uses it to shock its opponents.  On the 
tv show, Jessie and James of Team Rocket keep on trying to steal Pikachu for their 
boss, Giovanni, but seems to always have their plans backfire.  Pikachu usually 
gets away and shocks Team Rocket to the stars.  Most of Pikachu's attacks on this 
game are electrical.

Pikachu has powerful attacks and has an amazing jumping skill that alows it to jump 
more than three times!  Pikachu is somewhat light and will be easy to knock off if 
Pikachu isn't expecting it.


Thunder Jolt (B) Pikachu sends out a spark of electicity and zap its enemies.  When 
this attack hits the ground, the electricity bounces on the surface until it either 
dies out or hits something or someone.

Skull Bash (forward+B) When you hold down the B button, Pikachu will charge up its 
Skull Bash attack.  When you let go of the button, Pikachu will go spiraling 
forward and land depending where you charge up and for how long.

Thunder (down+B) With a cry from Pikachu, a large bolt of electricity will come 
down and hit anyone who touches it.  If there is a level up above Pikachu, the 
thunder attack will not be able to go through the serface.

Quick Attack (up+B) This is Pikachu's emergancy jump move.  When you tilt the 
control stick two times, one for starting this attack and the other to move in a 
different angle, it allows Pikachu to move up to two times excluding its jump and 
mid-air jump.  If you collied into anyone during the Quick attack, they shall 
recive damage.

Forward Smash (forward+A) Pikachu will shoot out a chain of lightning and will 
shock anyone close by.  This attack can be used to finish off an enemy.

Down Smash (down+A) Pikachu will spin around in a circular motion and charge itself 
with electricity.  If an enemy gets close by, they will be spun around and will fly 
up at the end of this attack.

Up Smash (up+A) Pikachu uses its tail to smack its enemies and can be used to 
juggle opponents.

Next is Luigi! See Ya!

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