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pppppppppppp    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII          KKK        KKK    M         IIIII   N
ppppppppppppp           I                  KKK       KKK     M           I     N
ppppp    pppp           I                  KKK      KKK      MMMMMM      I     NNNN
ppppp    pppp           I                  KKK     KKK       M  M M      I     N  N
ppppp    ppp            I                  KKK    KKK        M  M M      I     N  N
ppppppppppp             I                  KKK   KKK         M  M M    IIIII   N  N
ppppppppp               I                  KKK  KKK          M  M M
pppppppp                I                  KKK KKK
pppppppp                I                  KKKKKK
pppppppp                I                  KKKKKK
pppppppp        IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII          KKK KKK
                                           KKK  KKK
Table Of Contents
how to call pikmen out of onions
pikmen abilitys
pikmen strentgh and weakness
camera hints
pikmen hints
6TH pikmen strentgh and weakness
how to get the 6TH pikmen
rules for faq
web policy for faq
Contact info
C stick controls your armyof pikmen
A button lets you throw your pikmen
B button calls your pikmen and louie or olimar back to you
R button changes camera view from medium to close to far
Z button makes your camera go to a birds eye view
L positions camera behind player
Y switches to loiue or olimar
X desmises pikmen (causes them to group to seperate groups depending on what pikmen 
is desmised)
Analog-stick moves character
D-Pad up sprays ultra bitter potion which temperarally paralyzes enemy
D-Pad down sprays super spicy potion which makesall the pickmen that you controll 
faster and stronger (use sparingly unless you have alot of the potion)
How to call pikmen out of onions
Step 1:first stand below a onion in the light until you here a noise and see rings 
of light coming from the onion where your standing

Step 2:press the A button when under the onion to make a mini screen appear in 
front of your player screen

Step 3:push up to show how many pikmen of the onions color you want to return and 
push down to show how many of the pikmen of the same color as the onion to come out

Step 4:push the A button to confirm this

Hint when the pikmen are sliding out of the onion press the B button to make them 
jump off the onion and down to you (usually used when in a hurry)
Pikmen Abilitys
Red pikmen can withstand fire but nothing else 
Yellow pikmen can withstand electricity and be thrown the farthest
Blue pikmen can survive in water and any idle blue pikmen that is near a pikmen 
that is drowning will play lifeguard and save the pikmen that was drowning by 
throwing it out of the water
Purple pikmen are really strong and heavy they are as strong as 10 pikmen and as 
heavy as 10 pikmen and when thrown they smash the groung when they fall
White pikmen can see buryed treasure and dig it up also they can withstand poision 
gas and destroy the generaters that generate poison gas
Pikmen Strentgh and Weakness
Red pikmen are the second strongest pikmen and can also attack any fiery monster 
without getting burned and also they can put out flaming guisers but they are 
vulnerable to electricity and water and poison
Yellow pikmen can destroy electric fences and attack any monster that uses 
electricity but are vulnerable to fire and water and poison
Blue pikmen can attack monsters that are in the water but are vulnerable to 
electricity and fire and poison
Purple pikmen can wake a monster good when thrown on top and can also hold down a 
burrowing snagret (that bird/snake monster that comes from the ground) and are the 
strongest pikmen in the game but they are also the slowest pikmen in the game and 
are vulnerable to electricity and water and fire and poison
White pikmen are the weakest pikmen and smallest but they are the fastest and can 
survive poison and destroy poison generaters and can find buryied treasure and dig 
it up but they are vulnerable to fire and water and electricity P.S. they can go 
faster than olimar and loiue
Camera Hints
when battling a dwevil always go to a birds eye view and throw pikmen on the top of 
when you want to see far swith the camera to a far away distance
when you want to see your area of view more detailed than go to far away view and 
to birds eye view
if you press and hold the R button you will get a third person view of olimar or 
loiue and there pikmen 
when ever you cant seem to tell if somthing like that big web thing is starting to 
appear always go to a close up view for closer inspection or closer view of your 
pikmen beating the heck out of an enemy
when coming to a narrow crossing bridge board ect then always go to close up view 
in birds eye view
Pikmen Hints
ever notice those blocks that you need to balance well then first bring your pikmen 
and one purple now toss the purple onto the block that is above you then throw all 
of your other pikmen onto the area your tring to get to then once you have about 9 
8 or 7 pikmen left with you you should go up with the blck and the purple will go 
down with the block

want to carry an item to an onion or your ship faster then white are the best for 
example a 1 pellet is picked up by 2 white pikmen then they will out run you unless 
your whistle is close enough to reach them but a 1 pellet being carried by one 
white pikmen youll be a bit faster

wanna break down that electric fence or that wall then before you send all your 
pikmen on a full pledge attack to break it down give them a super spicy potion and 
they will break that wall down faster than if they were all flower pikmen

Hint in pikmen 2 yellow pikmen CAN'T pick up the bombs that are dropped you run 
away unless you wanna see a pikmen death parade Hahaha heh yeah maybe it isnt 
really funny but still KA-BOOM :P
6TH pikmen Strenght and Weakness
yep thats right theirs a 6TH pikmen called a bulbmin its a pikmen parasite that 
infects a red dwarf bulbard it can withstand poison and fire and water and 
electricity very good indeed you can even throw them and they can also help carry 
and they are the 3RD strongest pikmen in the game
Caution: you can only get them from underground and they DON'T come to the surface
How To Get The 6TH Pikmen
now usually the 6TH pikmen are found following there parent which is a big Bulbmin 
which will try to eat your pikmen kill the big Bulbmin and then call the scattering 
little Bulbmin they will respond and come to your army of pikmen, Bulbmin can be 
either a leaf type or flower type they cannot become a bud type
now your probably thinking how can there be more tips well easily 
first off you need to have the red pikmen and purle and white pikmen to get the 
yellow pikmen and you need the yellow pikmen to get the blue pikmen

now to get the red just call them in the first level and have them kill the Red 
Dwarf Bulbard 
to get the purple and white pikmen throw any pikmen color into a plain white or 
plain purple flower five pikmen for flower before the flower withers away

now to get the yellow pikmen have at least 1 purple pikmen with you now in the 
perplexing pool go left and stay on land youll fing 2 blocks first throw your 
purple pikmen onto the block thats above you then throw any other pikmen you have 
to the area that your tring to get to once you have under 10 pikmen in your 
controll (due to throwing to other once to the area your tring to reach) your block 
will go up and the block with the purple pikmen will go down then use red pikmen to 
kill the fiery bulboard protecting the wall then have your white pikmen break down 
the wall and destroy the poison generaters then call the yellowpikmen at the branch 
down to you, hey you now control 4 different colors of pikmin one more to go

to get the blue pikmen you need to be at the Awakening wood level from there gather 
your yellow pikmen and maybe some purple and white (just incase) and head right to 
the area that has the two big flowers ten when you reach an area with a paper bag 
blocking your way have 20 purple pikmen to toss on and on red or yellow or white to 
toss on to flaten the bag then youll see an electric fence at the top of the area 
your tring to get to now toss all your pikmen up there but away from that colored 
thing in the ground then go tward the paper bag you just flattened and to your left 
is some water cross it once you get to the the ground on the other side of the 
puddle call your pikmen to attack the colored thing that is a monster in disguise 
then have your yellow pikmen break down the electric fence then call the blue 
pikmen and ta da you controll all five colored pikmen now congrats you cheerful lil 
kid or teen or adult

Im still working on hints and tips well not really but if you have any dont tell me 
post them yourself i gotta game to beat but if you have any comments then wait 
until the end of the faq for my e-mail
Rules For Faq 
fell free to print this faq but not post it on any other website only cheatcodes 
keep this faq no other web site YOU HEAR ME NO OTHER WEBSITE       B(
Web Policy For Faq
Cheatcodes is the only web site that may keep this posted on the web no other web 
site may have this posted
Contact Info
if there is any mistake of flaw in any of these ideas or a mistake that can prove 
very bad for a pikmen 2 player please notify me immediatly and if i ever get free 
time like this again i'll fix up the flaw when givin time to my E-mail is 
[email protected] any thing that may include spam an unneccesary compliment (this 
faq sucks for example) or sending me any unwantfull info i will consider the E-mail 
addres as junk mail.  These are new rules because I've benn getting alot of 
unneeded E-mails and im sick of always cleaning my mail box out because its full of 
unneeded comments so please respect this rule thank you and again my E-mail is 
 \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
                             [email protected]
                       hope you liked the faq 8) bye now

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