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Table Of Contents (or TOC)
game player lever ranks
how to be promoted or demoted to ranks
first faq explanation
second faq rank 2 help and hints n tips for level 2 rank players
potion advantages and disadvantages
radar help
new discoverys
Q and A from other cheatcode members (coming soon I hope)
special strategys
special hints
special tips
special items
how to unlock challenge mode
white pikmen other ability (was hard to find out!!!)
big enemy alerts
faq rules
Game Player Level Ranks
There are 3 rank levels first is begginer second is stratigic player and third is 
pikmen master
try to go from a begginer to a pikmen master
How To BE Promoted Or Demoted To Ranks
to be promoted to a begginer just start playing, to be promoted from beginner to 
stratigic player, manage to get your pikmen into top shape by breeding more/making 
them a flower type or wait for buried ones to convert to bud of flower/feed them 
necter/or have only leaf pikmen get 3 treasures in one day/mostly easy but still 
challenging, to be prooted from begginer to pikmen master get to the perplexing 
pool in only 2 days in the game/breed more than 1000 or 999 pikmen in 4 days/or get 
all 5 types of pikmen (excluding bulbmin)in 3 days.

to be promoted from stratigic player to pikmen master unlock challenge mode within 
2 days from becoming a second level rank player/go ten days in battle with your 
pikmen not having any pikmen deathes/or the hardest is to get red pikmen across a 
puddle of water with out any of them drowning and there cant be any blue pikmen 

(now this last way is the hardest so im gonna give you a little help first find a 
fairly small puddle of water then have louie go to the end of the puddle by HIMSELF 
and have olimar controlling all the red pikmen throw the red pikmen into the puddle 
then switch back to louie and have him call the pikmen to him, you cant use blue, 
white, purple, or yellow. good luck)

to be demoted from a pikmen master to a stratigic player you must have of lost 50 
pikmen or more in one battle/or purposely let more than 15 of you pikmen die, to be 
demoted from a pikmen master to a begginer you must have of let an enemy obliterate 
no more than 100 pikmen (or let it obliterate all your pikmen at once)and no less 
than 50/or purposely killed 30 or more of your pikmen, to be demoted from a 
stratigic player to a begginer you must have of lost 45 pikmen from one battle or 
purposely killed 5 of your pikmen.
First Faq Explaination
now my first faq was for begginers and also had some stratigic info in it from time 
to time but still any one who was dissapointed okay fine with me its not perfect so 
what who cares but ill be explaining a bit more in this faq so my last faq didnt 
tell you everything. also in the first faq the poison generaters are really gas 
pipes and the poison is still poison and can also be refered to as gas.
Second Faq Rank 2 Help and Hints N Tips For Level 2 Rank Players
alright now after doing more under ground exploring i finnaly muster up enough 
bravery to go to the Citadel Of Spiders under ground area and find out that its no 
bi deal down there sort of easy but anyway theres a very special item down here but 
im not saying but i will explain how to go thruogh the levels.

ok on sublevel 1 you have a love nugget treasure it takes 20 pikmen to carry and is 
worth 40 pokos and the enemys are 5 shearwigs and 5 skitter leafs and eggs with 
necter in them

sublevel 2 has these treasures: creative inspiration worth 100 pokos and only needs 
4 pikmen to carry it,lip service (on top of a fiery dweevil)is worth 50 pokos and 
needs 7 pikmen to carry it, paradoxical enigma is worth 80 pokos and needs 4 pikmen 
to carry it,enemys are 2 yellow wollywogs and 3 fiery dweevils, hazards are 5 fire 
geysers,items are some eggs with necter and a vilot candypop bud

sublevel 3 has a patience tester worth 130 pokos and requires 20 pikmen to carry it 
and a memorial shell worth 100 pokos and needs 10 pikmen to carry it,enemys are 3 
swooping snitchbugs and 8 anode bettles, items are some eggs with necter and a 
queen candypop bud (not telling what it is go down the level and find out yourself)

sublevel 4 has  a king of sweets worth 15 pokos (still good) and needs 5 pikmen to 
carry it a flame of tomorrow worth 10 pokos (still good) and needs 10 pikmen to 
carry it (10 pokos and 10 pikmen strange)and a time capsule worth 70 pokos and 
needs only 7 pikmen to carry it (7 pikmen 70 pokos wierd), enemys are 2 hermit 
crawmads and 3 water dumples, hazards are 5 fire geysers, items are eggs with 
necter and an ivory candypop bud.

sublevel 5 has a buried regal diamond worth 100 pokos and only needs five pikmen to 
carry and also theres a second treasure but youll need to find out that one after 
you beat the boss,enemys are a iridescent flint beetle and the boss is a beaty long 

BOSS:Beaty Long Legs
STRATEGY:Go into a birds eye view when it comes down kepp your pikmen away from its 
feet and when the sphere shaped body of it comes downward throw your pikmen onto it 
repeat this and you should beat it as long as you dont bring the beetle out it 
lures your pikmen near the feet to get stompted on any way you should use mostly 
yellow pikmen because they can be thrown high enough to reach the body even when it 
isnt bending down ward

well now that thats down now the other thing is that fiery bulbords are weak in 
fire because they arent on fire in the water but even though they maybe open to and 
attack by blue pikmen right when it gets on land it will ignite and burn any pikmen 
that touch it except red now a way to stop this disadvantage s to first lure it 
into the water then while it IS IN THE WATER spray it with an ultra bitter potion 
to freeze it and kill it it will turn into dust but leave behind a full portion of 
ultra bitter spray and also give you a treasure if you killed the one on the valley 
of repose.

another big enemy is the burrowing snagret which can burrow into the ground or pop 
up from the ground and eat 7 of your pikmin at once now the strategy to beat this 
enemy is when it starts to come out of the ground it will try sometimes be 
temperarrely stuck for 2 or 3 seconds giving you the right time the swarm your 
pikmen around its head to get in some good damage and sometimes the purple pikmen 
can hold it down a second longer or go for massive damage to it by throwing a 
purple pikmen on its head when its temporarally stuck.

Now in the hole of beasts and im not going through the levels is a big bad D*** 
huge Bulblax that is called the empress bulblax now i hae a strategy that almost 
worked but still failed due to poor timing first when you find the big girl (yes it 
is a girl and im not being offensive but its name says EMPRESS bulblax)shell be 
sleeping in a U or C shape either way first attack the inside of the curled shape 
bulblax and right when it wakes up call your pikmen to get the h*** away from it 
cause that bulblax once obliterated all 100 of my pikmen in one shoot (  3(  ) so 
now when it rolls over (and hopefully misses every pikmen) start throwing your 
pikmen on it then be sure to call them back when it starts to flail a bit so that 
your pikmen arent knocked near the middle of the bulblax (the one area your pikmen 
dont wanna be)now keep this up and once you beat the empress bulblax youll get the 
treasure called prototype detector which is worth 200 pokos (JACKPOT) and needs 35 
pikmen to carry it once you get that treasure youll recieve a treasure guage on 
your screen and when the gauge needle starts to point toward the greenish blue part 
it means that your getting closer to some treasure.
Potion Advantages And Disadvantages
now the advantage with the ultra spicey potion is that it makes your pikmen faster 
and stronger but this has happened to me countless times when i use the ultra 
spicey potion i start to get carried away and attack big enemys that are very 
dangerous then while the enemy is being attacked the potion wares off and my pikmen 
become food.

now the advantage with the ultra bitter potion is that it temporarrally stuns an 
enemy but it also only stuns the enemy for 5 seconds that maybe plenty of time but 
it doesnt prove great cause when the enemy is unstuned and lost alot of help it 
will be EXTREMELY MAD and will do anything it can to knock your pikmen down 
PERMENANTLY so becarefull.
Rader Help
now when you pause you see a rader of your level that your on and now if you dont 
take time to read the instruction booklet then you might not understand the rader 
so here is the Radar Key
Red Triangle is captain olimar
Blue Triangle is louie
Red Dot is red pikmen
Blue Dot is blue pikmen
Yellow Dot is yellow pikmen
Purple Dot is purple pikmen
White Dot is white pikmen
Pink Dot is a Bulbmin
white picture with purple in middle is ship
Red,Blue,Yellow Dos with 3 lines are Red,Blue,Yellow, onions
a big yellow hole shape is an underground entrance
a big yellow hole shape with a Red Flag is a completed (all treasure collected)

Red cone with yellow lines on top is research pod
Yellow hole is another hole leading deeper down
Blue Dot with four curved lines coming out is a geyser that brings you to the 
Olimar,Louie and the piken dots are all the same
Green Dot is a buried pikmen

to move around the rader use the Analog-Stick and to zoom in and out use the C-
New Discoverys
the new discoverys that i found out will be mentioned later on but they are how to 
unlock challenge mode, special contents (from the tableof contents), a new move and 
also the white pikmens OTHER ability
Q and A From Cheatcode Members
Until further notice there have been no questions to anwser

              This Section Coming Soon (I Hope)
Special Strategys
now say there are some fire geysers and you are under ground with no red pikmen but 
some other colored pikmen what would you do?
A. try to get around it with no hazard
B.just give up and leave then come again with more red pikmen
C.when the fire geyser isnt spewing fire attack it then call back your pikmen 
before it spews fire again
tick tock tick tock
times up
C.   is the correct anwser
dont try to get around the hazard you wont be able to bring treasure back, dont 
leave to get red pikmen giving up all the pokos and treasure you have,just count 
how long the geyser stops spewing fire until it starts to spew fire again double 
check the time then when you have the right time right when it stops spewing fire 
attack it then call your pikmen back before it spews fire again (just to add in the 
last faq i said Bulbmin could withstand fire well i dont have any real proof yet so 
if anyone wants to sacrifice a bulbmin to say then go ahead)repeat the process to 
destroy the geyser.

now say you have now white pikmen or bulbmin with you and you come to a gas pipe 
what do you do?
A.search the underground until you find some bulbmin
B.throw your pikmen over the gas pipes
C.all of the above
tick tock tick tock
times up
C. is the correct anwser
since this isnt a wall with gas suronding it but just some gas pipes you can take 
the time to search for some Bulbmin,if you dont find any bulbmin then just seperate 
olimar and louie, louie on the other side of the the gas and olimar throwing pikmen 
by pikmen over to louie this does work i have been forced to do it many times but a 
caution is that you must be in the exzact spot to have your pikmen make the throw 
all the way over unharmed and if they are harmed by the gas have louie call the 
pikmen over then repeat the process.

now electricity is a hazard not to take chances with cause one touch of electricity 
on non-yellow pikmen results in an INSTANT DEATH.

how to cross water with no blues i explained in the promotion demotion area. Top of 
Faq below the end of the promotion part in parenthesis

                                 More To Come
Special Hints
My only Special hint is that this game is really gonna make you have to think so be 
a good thinker with this game
Special Tips
never ever say that a treasure worth 10 pokos is usless cause you would be saying 
the any thing that isnt more than 11 pokos is useless meaning enemys and pellets 
are worthless remember 10,000 pokos is alot every poko counts!!!
Special Items
one is the five man nap sack which allows your current leader to go to sleep by 
pressing and holding the X button and any pikmen near you will pick you up and 
bring you to there color onion if white or purple rarly your ship or any color 

prototype detector gives you a treasure gauge with a needle that goes closer and 
closer to the greenish blue part of the gauge meaning the closer you are to 
treasure the closer the needle is to the greenish blue part of the gauge.

the key you get it from destroying the beady long legs it does somthing special for 
you.                     I'll tell you further on in the faq :P
How To Unlock Challenge Mode
Well i finnaly get to stop torchering you with the key treasure what it does is 
unlockes the challenge mode for you, i liked tormenting you with the KEY ITEM too 
well on with the faq   ;)
White Pikmen Other Ability (Was Hard To Find Out!!!)
well white pikmen can hurt enemys that eat them and can withstand gas and destroy 
gas pipes, but white pikmen can also be thrown farther than yellow pikmen but not 
by alot but they cant be thrown as high though. so good luck finding this out cause 
it was really hard to do and im not telling how to throw white pikmen that far 
unless emailed asking me.
Big Enemy Alerts
All have been mentioned in this faq but in the third faq i will say for the enemys 
that havent been mentioned.
       Sorry for this section but there isnt anything here so on with the faq
Faq Rules
The rules are the same as before only if a question is emailed that i cannot anwser 
i shall say so that i havent found out that YET and will research it when i get the 

                      Good Luck You Pikmen Fans Out There :P
                         Until Next Time Happy Gaming :P

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