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                                hey anyone seen this 
hot dog hot dog hot dog, i said with mustard, make it 2, mustard mustard mustard

Pikmen 2 you got the wits to command a small army that can tear down enemys destroy 
walls and help you pay off debt? you can now!

Table of contents
faq main idea
giant enemys discovered so far
enemy name corrections
new enemys
enemys to take caution with
special items (continued)
techniques for annoying enemys (still researching others)
new enemy species
new discoverys
funny fact
helpful tips
Q and A explination
new tip for throwing your pikmen farther (not including whites they are different)
enemys that may seem troubling
how to use an enemy against another enemy
faq rules
Faq Main Idea
the main idea for this faq is for pikmen masters to get some tips or for lower 
ranks to see the troubles they could face, this faq also lists my discoverys from 
actually studing enemy not using any piklopedia and also tells about a treasure 
that can protect you from a certain elemental hazard.
Giant Enemy Discovered So Far
right now i have discovered the Burrowing Snagret, Beady Long Legs, Giant Breadbug 
and, this isnt really a new discovery but also the Empress Bulblax, o was suprised 
at how dumb i was not realizing that the thing can only stand and roll left to 
right so i think anyone who hasnt faced this beast before i hope they arent as dumb 
as i was.
Enemy Name Corrections
Ive gone over the enemys names and saw that i made a couple of mistakes in the 
names sorry for this but these are the name corrections

Fiery Bulblax
Spotty Bulbear
Dwarf Bulbear

       sorry for this accidental screw up :( but so what lets get on with the faq 
alrady :P
Enemys To Take Caution With
these are enemys to take caution against and some arent mentioned until later on in 
the faq :P anyway these are the enemys
Fiery Blowhog
Watery Blowhog
Decorated Cannon Beetle
Cannon Beetle
Fiery Dweevil
Volatile Dweevil (its sucidel)
Toady Bloyster
Yellow Wollywog
Wollywog(i hate it it attacked me in a suprise and made me abort a mission)
Creeping Chrysanthemum
Red Bulbord
Hairy Bulbord
Orange Bulbord
Dwarf Red Bulbord
Snow Bulbord
Dwarf Orange Bulbord
Dwarf Bulbear follow spotty bulbears cause they are the children of a spotty bulbear
Water Dumple
Bulbmin (the big parent not the little children)
Puffy Blowhog
Withering Blowhog(hazerdous to flower pikmen (will change flower pikmen to leaf 
Hermit Crawmad
Careenining Dirigibug
Giant Breadbug
Special Items (Continued)
well in order to even advance across the game you need to have these special items 
Spherical Atlas Geographic Projection
in order to have your leader fall asleep you need the special item called a Five 
Man Napsack
to unlock challenge mode you need the special item The Key
to get the Treasure Gauge you need the special item called the Prototype Detecter
and now for your leaders to have electric resistent suits (they arent harmed by 
electricity anymore)you need the special item Dream Material it looks white and 
blue and is gotten from a giant breadbug the dream material is really only an 
Techniques For Annoying Enemys
troble with breadbugs well first let them grab somthing to drag to there hole but 
before they get to the hole have your pikmen grab what it is dragging have the 
pikmen carry it back to a onion or the ship do this twice to a breadbug to kill it, 
tired of crushed pikmen from all those type of cannon beetles well first off what 
you need to do is attack the thing and usually it will hurl your likmen in front of 
it well now to prevent this from happening call your pikmen back afetr 2 seconds or 
even 3 then have them attack it again but say you failed and they were hurled in 
front of it dont worry just call back the hurled pikmen because the pikmen will run 
toward the boulder that was shoot toward them and if this dosent work then and your 
pikmen are crushed then o well thats so sad for them :P
New Enemy Species
in a cave in the perplexing pool i have discovered a new species of enemy the 
enemys are floating jelly fish that suck up your pikmen and somtimes you into there 
body where the pikmen will die or injure the enemy on the inside and if the captain 
is sucked up he will eventually come out maybe unharmed or have gotten 1/3 of 
damage done to him, this new species i have only encountered to different enemys of 
this species the first is a Lesse Spotted Jellyfloat and a Greater Spotted 
New Discoverys
Ive made a great yet horrible discovery some enemys can self recover so far its 
only the big enemys but i dont know every enemy that self recovers o and also that 
one small fling enemy but anyway these are the big enemys that can self recover 
that a know so far more are to not hopefully come Creeping Chrysanthemum, Fiery 
Bulblax, and an Orange Bulbord, i think that Spotty Bulbears might self recover but 
it will be hard to find out since they always chase me o and i also think that the 
Beady Long Legs and Burrowing Snagret might self recover butim not so sure yet.
Funny Fact
remember in the beggining of the game where louie falls out of the ship well when 
your in the valley of repose or the level where you first begin the game go to 
where loiue was in the beggining you should see a little hill that you can go over 
that has a circle type area there well in the middle of the circle is the mark 
where louie left HAHA so funny it probably went SPLAT HAHA ok so it maybe not that 
funny but still its kinda funny.
Helpful Tips
for now my helpful tips are scattered across this faq so search for them it could 
help you think in a stratigic way when playing pikmen 2.
Q And A Explination
Well yall im gonna be taking out the question and anwser section soon if somebody 
doesnt ask me a question for me to help and people if you do ask a question tell me 
your cheatcode nickname and ill post it next to the Q that you asked me and that i 
gave you an A.
New Tip For Throwing You Pikmen Farther
now first you need to hold your pikmen by pressing and holding the A button then 
while your running let go of the pikmen by letting go of the A button now instead 
of droping the pikmen it will be thrown only farther than usual and i have done 
research and tested this so i have profe that it isnt just a trick well a chap 
trick that makes you think they went farther when they really didnt so dont worry i 
wont lie.
Enemys That May Seem Troubling
Well right now the only ones i have are newly discovered enemys which are/is 
Bumbling Snitchbugs that insted of grabing pikmen they grab Olimar and Louie and 
the other enemy is a Armored Cannon Beetle Larva that can shoot boulders ut the 
boulders are really fast but they dont turn.
How To Use An Enemy Against Another Enemy
now so far i only know that if you have a cannon beetle, decorated cannon beetle 
then you can direct the boulders they shoot at you to another enemy or the enemy 
that fired the boulder at you.
Faq Rules
My rules are the same but some messages ive gotten are already in my junk mail well 
dont worry if i approve of the question or comment then ill make the adress okay 
for my inbox or safe mail list so dont worry.

Happy gaming and also dont forget to pray for the people who lost their lives on 
September 11 just take a moment of silence for them all.  3{  (a men)  3{

this faq was made on    September 11,2004.  3 years after the bombing happened

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