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Creatures that can be killed another way
Large to Largest
Pikmin abillitys and ways to use them

Creatures that can be killed another way:

Firey Bulblax:Kill with blue pikmin?Yes Just make it fallow you into water and 
it's flames will go out.Thats your chance to kill it with blue pikmin.

Decorated armord cannon beetle:kil with no pikmin?Yes Since it's shots are 
homing it will fallow you.Just try to make the boulder hit itself to kill it.

Sherebug:Kill with water.Yes just make it fallow you into water and it shoul 

Dumb dweevil:When I explored a cave I discoverd a new species of dweevil called 
the violate dweevil.If it sees you it will go to self distruct and blow up.It 
does his to try to kill your entire  squad of pikmin.
Large to largest:
I thought Beady long legs was the largest creture i was going to fight.But when 
I got to the final sublevel in Hole of Heroes, there was a creature named 
raging long legs.It was gest like Beady Long  Legs Exept It was 3 times piger 
and armor but 3 times slower.

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