Planet Travel Order - Guide for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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First of all this may be harder because you may not have some characters you might 
want(Jollie Bindo, HK-47).
Hint: if you're about to die, SAVE NOW, die then load that game. As soon as it 
loads PRESS START. Then you can bring back you're health by equiping medpacks in 
the items menu.

1. Koriban
   A. Talk to the alien that wants the spice. Take it to him (if you have a high 
enough charisma you could make the price higher). Accept to take the box to Motta 
the Hutt.
   B. Finish up the other missions and go on to the next planet.

2. Tatooine
   A. you should get a shipment of giza. DON'T POISON THEM. 
   B. Take the box to Motta. Try to get a higher price.
   C. Repeat 1B.

3. Manann
   A. Go right and talk to the pet store alien person. Get him to take the giza in 
any way possible. (Refence 2A).
   B. When you get to the option of killing the giant shark thing or destroying the 
harvester. You can do either, but if you kill the shark you'll be expelled from the 
   C. Repeat 1B.

4. Kashyk
   A. Repeat 1B.

5. The Unknown World
   A. If you're wondering which clan to side with, it doesn't matter.
   B. Don't get to close to the energy on one of the clan's turf. IT WILL KILL YOU.
6. The Star Forge
   A. When you get to the turrents in a hallway Turn left and get to the control 
room. Shut down the turrents and if you want to get Revan's old robe by 
selecting "Make custom robe".
   B.When facing Malak wait till his name turns blue and press start. Go to the 
items menue and get your health back by applying medpacks by highlighting them and 
pressing A. 

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