Pokemon Platinum

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Poke Radar Pokemon

Here are the Pokemon that require the Poke Radar:
Vally Windworks Mareep
Eterna Forest Nincada
Fuego Ironworks Aron
Mt Cornet Loudred
Rt 227 Torkoal
Lake Verity & Valor Wobbuffet
Valor Lakefront Ninorino / Ninorina
Rt 201 Nidoran (both)
Rt 202 Sentret
Rt 204 Sunkern
Rt 205 Hoppip / Slopoke
Rt 206 Baltoy
Rt 207 Stanler
Rt 208 Smeargle
Rt 209 Kirlia
Rt 210 Miltank / Tauros / Bagon
Rt 211 Tyrouge
Rt 212 Grimer
Rt 213 Swellow
Rt 214 Poochyena
Rt 217 Piloswine
Rt 222 Flaaffy
Rt 225 Primeape / Mankey            

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