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Sorry but I(Ashley) will have to put the boss's pokemon (including the shadow 
mark '*') so you can understand better.

5)Construction Lot
Just stop and leave this place.

6)Pyrite Town
After you see the two people talking to each other and one leaves go to the 
colosseum and talk to the person and he will tell you that Cail has a weird pokemon 
and leave the place and talk to Cail and snag his furret* and after the scene about 
the colosseum go to Dunking's home talk to him then go to the bookshelf and press 
the button and talk to the people then leave.Then you will see Silva getting angry 
and leave.Then go to the windmill place and learn what happened then leave the town 
and go to the lot.(hey go back to the jail place grab the key and free the red hair 
person and grab the tm46)Also there is a duel square with 6 shadow pokemon(I will 
give you the person's names for you to talk to diogo has flaaffy*,vant has 
misdreavus*,nover has noctowl,lon has slugma*,leba has skiploom* and divel has quag 

7)Construction Lot
Find the gear and go back to Pyrite.

8)Pyrite Town
go to the windmill place and put the gear back in place then Dunking will tell you 
to enter in the next colosseum battle to find out what is going on.Enter the next 
colosseum battle and win.After you win go outside and you will see a person taking 
you into a building and when they find out who you are Nore will battle you with his 
yanma*then beat everyone in there then go outside.(there are hyper potions, revive, 
and great balls in this place)go in the building and snag reath's remoraid* and 
ferma's mantine* then go outside and snag doken's quilfish*.


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