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Wow, Ashley Hasn't done this in a long time so now I will continue with part 2 of 
the aventure.

22)Outskirt Stand
Ah, you're back here again AND FINALLY the trade center(in phenac,downstairs form 
the center when you enter it) is open! You can NOW trade your pokemon from Ruby & 
Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf Green versions into the game!(if you don't get 
a e-mail here try going to Pyrite).

23)Pyrite Town
If you had gotten an e-mail read it and Secc wants to talk to you so go see him. 
Once you see him, he will say that Cail has saw a shadow pokemon and he will 
challenge you furret** will stay in his party until you capture it. Once done leave 
and the snagem hideout will appear.

24)Snagem Hideout
Here you can save ok. Once you past the pc, a peon will appear(this ranges from any 
shadow pokemon you did not catch from a peon) defeat the peon and move on. There is 
some items in here. Hey, some of your old friends and regular trainers are here. 
Defeat them all and when you reach the end, there will be a peon but this time 
(depending which you caught in the start of the story) one of them will be vrerde
(bayleef**) rosso(quilava**) and bluno (croconaw**).Then leave here and go to the 

25)The Under
You should recieve an e-mail from Secc, telling you to talk to nett. Find nett and 
talk to him. He will say that Gurks has saw a shadow pokemon. Find gurks and defeat 
him then he will tell you to go to the shadow pokemon lab.

26)Shadow Pokemon Lab
Here take the same route when you first came here. Then when you reach the end 
again, verde, rosso or bluno will be there. Snag their shadow pokemon! Also if you 
didn't snag the other peons pokemon they will come back and fight you(even if they 
are captured I think). Once you leave, read the e-mail then go back to the snagem 

27)Snagem Hideout
Now you're back here again and this time you will have to look out for biden
(smeargle*) and agrev (ursaring*). Now gonzap is here! Go find him and challenge 
him. Watch out for his skarmory** if you didn't catch it. After beating him grab the 
D-Disk and leave for the under.


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