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9)Pyrite Cave
Just try to find as many boxes as you can if your pokemon is hurt try healing it and 
save the game at a pc. There are four pokemon but I(Ashley) will tell you about the 
boss pokemon later...I will tell you the trainers pokemon along with the shadow mark
(*) twan has meditite* zalo has swablu* and sosh has dunsparce* when you find Miror 
B. hope you saved... talk to him and he will battle you. Finally a little advice 
from his team by me... well he has four ludicolo's two have the swift swim and rain 
dish ability so they summon rain to turn them on. but the big catch is thet you have 
snag sudowoodo* but when one of their pokemon uses leech seed switch out to stop 
your pokemon hp from draining! Try NOT to ko his pokemon-it could come to good 
use... After you beat clowny man err. Miror B. go through the door and talk to 
plusle then you will be taken to Dunking's place so you can get plusle and you are 
back in Pyrite Town plus Dunking will ask you for your pda number afters leave the 

10)Pyrite Town
when you are about to leave talk to Fateen. After you talk to her go to Agate 

11)Agate Village
Boy talk about old people living here... so anyway go see your sidekick's 
grandparants (the house is the big tree)also try finding items here... and once she 
tells about what happening to Eagun her grandfather... someone comes in and says 
that there is trouble in the relic forest and he dashes out... the go to the relic 
forest.when you are in the passageway beat the three trainers then go into the 
forest. then you will see Eagun battling Skrub which has a hitmontop* by the way as 
Eagun sends out his pikachu...poor pikachu you didn't have a chance... now you get 
to have a chance to fight skrub snag his hitmontop* and you will be taken back to 
Eagun's house. while you talk to them the grandmother will try to find the the small 
tablet while she's looking to talk to Senilor about celebi yes celebi after talking 
to him go back to the house and talk to him then he will give you the the small 
tablet. NOW you can use the stone from the forest to purify the shadow pokemon which 
you SHOULD HAVE one by now! then Eugan will ask you for your pda number then you 
will get an e-mail from Dunking read it and it says that mt.battle is taking over by 
thugs leave and go to mt. battle.

12)Mt. Battle
go in the door and the woman will try to stop you but since she sent the message you 
can go through beat the 9 trainers while healing your pokemon at the center and 
saving there too. save before battling Dakim then battle him. Oh boy here goes 
another one... his strategy is the protect&earthquake moves try using espeon's 
reflect to cut down the attack power(i think quagsire should do the trick) BUT don't 
let entei* get KILLED in this battle. after you beat him he will leave and leave the 
F-Disk behind. then vander will give you the time flute (finally) then go back to 
the Agate Village. BUT before you go to the village go to pyrite town.

13)Pyrite Town
go to the jail place and talk to sherles and he will ask you for your pda number NOW 
go to the village.

14)Agate Village
if you know where the tree is talk to the guy and he will say that someone built a 
lab a little while ago. then leave to go to the lab.

15)Mystery Lab
when you arive here you will get an e-mail from sherles thes says that they caught 
two miror peons and wants you to come over. go back to pyrite town.

16)Pyrite Town
to to the jail place and go to where you see the two girls then open the door and 
the girl that is sleeping take the elevator key and go to the building and the door 
that leads downstairs use the elevator key to go to the under.


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