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• Pallet Town, Route 1

Starting The Game

 Welcome to the world of Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen. This is a 
remake of the original Pokemon RPGs, so many things are alike. The game starts with 
a cool intro that is almost exactly like the intros in the original games. It then 
prints instructions on which buttons does what. After reading what the game has to 
say, you'll see Professor Oak (Prof. Oak from now on), talking about Pokemon. He 
first wants you to know if you're a boy or a girl, and then allows you to choose 
your name. Then you'll choose your rival's name. After a bit of talking with the 
Professor, you'll find yourself in your bedroom in the peaceful Pallet Town.

 The first thing you want to do is go to your PC at the top-left hand corner of your 
room and take out the Potion. This restores 20 HP, and will be helpful real soon as 
you're about to find out. Go downstairs, talk to your mom, and go outside. Go north 
into the grass area. Prof. Oak will come to tell you that it's dangerous to go on 
without a Pokemon. He'll take you to his lab, where your rival (known as Gary from 
now on) is waiting. He asks you to choose a Pokemon. Go to the table with the three 
PokeBalls and choose the Pokemon of your choice.

Choose Your Pokemon

#001: BULBASAUR (Grass)
A cute little frog-like Pokemon that can launch powerful attacks. This is the best 
choice for beginners, as it can take on the Pokemon in the first four Gyms easily.  
#007: SQUIRTLE (Water)
A turtle loaded with gallons of water. The level of difficulty of choosing Squirtle 
is medium. It has certain advantages in the beginning, but begins to have 
disadvantages faster than Bulbasaur.  
#004: CHARMANDER (Fire)
Little fire-breathing salamander. The hardest Pokemon to choose because of the many 
disadvantages in the beginning. However, it will become very powerful later on.  

Each Pokemon has its own advantages in the game, so choose wisely. It is suggested 
that beginners choose Bulbasaur, since it's a Grass-type and is strong against the 
Pokemon in the first Gym, which are Rock-type. After choosing your Pokemon, Gary 
will come over to the table and choose his Pokemon, which will have an advantage 
over your Pokemon. For example, if you were to choose Bulbasaur, Gary will choose 
Charmander. He'll talk to you afterwards, and as you leave, he'll challenge you to 
your first battle.

Be careful during this first battle, as Gary's Pokemon is stronger than yours, even 
though you both have lv. 5 Pokemon. The Potion may come in handy now. During this 
battle, you'll constantly be interrupted by Prof. Oak's tutorials. The good thing 
about this battle is that you get some money if you win, and your Pokemon's level is 
instantly raised to 6.

Now leave the city and go North into Route 1 and towards Viridian City.


Route 1

Try to level up in this route. When you get damaged, be sure to either go back to 
your house for a free healing from your mom, or to the Pokemon Center in the next 
city. Talk to the first person you see for a free Potion. Sooner than you think, 
Route 1 is coming to an end.

Locations (Route 1) 
• Viridian City, Route, 22, Route 2, Viridian Forest
The First City

The first thing to do at Viridian City is to go northwest into a narrow corrider. 
You'll find an Itemball there which contains another Potion. There's not much to do 
in this city right now. Go to the PokeMart now, and the salesclerk will give you 
Oak's Parcel for Prof. Oak. Note that you cannot purchase anything for now.

There isn't much else to do in Viridian City. After you get Cut later in the game, 
you can cut a tree in the southeastern part of the city to get to a fat guy. He's a 
Move Tutor, and will teach your Pokemon Dream Eater. But you don't have to worry 
about that now. For now, go back to Pallet Town. For a quicker way to get across 
Route 1, you can jump over the ledges to avoid wild Pokemon.


Back In Pallet

Once you're back in Pallet Town, go to Prof. Oak in his lab, and hand him the 
Parcel. Gary will come in the lab again. Prof. Oak will then give both of you 
PokeDexes, essential tools to identify Pokemon. Prof. Oak will then give you five 
PokeBalls for you to catch Pokemon.

Leave the lab and go to Gary's house, which is the one that's right next to yours. 
You'll find Gary's sister, Daisy, sitting at the table. Talk to her and she'll give 
you a Town Map. After that, it's time to leave Pallet Town forever (well, not 
really) and head to Viridian City.

Battle On Route 22

Go west once in Viridian City to get to Route 22. Here, you'll be able to fight Gary 
once more. His Pokemon (two of them now) are a little tougher than before, so be 
careful when you battle him! The good thing is that you gain a lot of experience 
points after battling his Pokemon.

Locations (Route 22) 

After the intense battle, you may buy things at the PokeMart or heal your Pokemon at 
the Pokemon Center. After making sure that your Pokemon are at least lv. 10, head 
north towards Route 2. Before you go there, an old man will first show you how to 
catch Pokemon. After catching a Weedle, the old man will give you something called 
the Teachy TV. Watch it when you need answers and help with certain things.

Route 2/Viridian Forest

Route 2 is quite short, and cannot be fully accessed until later in the game when 
you have the Cut HM. After walking in Route 2 for a while, you'll soon reach the 
Viridian Forest, a maze of trees full of bug Pokemon and a few trainers hoping to 
battle you. It takes a while to get through this large forest, as many trainers and 
wild Pokemon are itching for a fight. This is when a Charmander, Pidgey, or Spearow 
comes to good use. After catching a few bug Pokemon (and maybe even a Pikachu), 
finding a few items, and having a few intense battles, you'll arrive in Pewter City.

Locations (Viridian Forest) 

• Pewter City, Route 3, Mt. Moon, Route 4
Your First Badge

The first thing to do when you arrive at Pewter City is to heal your Pokemon, and 
buy some Potions and other useful items to prepare for your first gym battle. When 
you've got everything taken care of, you're ready to get your first badge.

Go into the Gym and you'll first fight a trainer. He uses Rock-type Pokemon, just 
like the gym leader. After that, save your game and fight with Brock, the leader of 
the Pewter Gym. All he has is a lv. 12 Geodude and a lv. 14 Onix, but you're going 
to have a hard time with a Charmander. Using Bulbasaur or Squirtle is a peice of 
cake. After you beat Brock, you will get TM39 - Rock Tomb and a TM Case. This is a 
Key Item that can be accessed to view a list of your TMs in order to teach it to a 
Pokemon. Of course, he'll give you what you really came for: the Boulder Badge. From 
here on, there's seven more badges to go.

Now what do you do? Well, there's really not much to do now in Pewter City. The 
museum here is a waste of time and precious money; it'll only be worth a visit later 
in the game when you get Cut. You can then Cut your way into the house next to the 
museum, and obtain an Old Amber, which can be ressurected into an Aerodactyl. Leave 
the city through the East. Before you can leave though, one of Prof. Oak's aides 
will come up to you and give you a pair of Running Shoes! Hold "B" while moving in 
any direction to speed up your traveling.


Route 3

On Route 3, you'll meet a whole bunch of trainers waiting to crush you with lv. 10+ 
Pokemon. Luckily, if your Pokemon have high levels, you'll be able the crush them 
instead. Although there are many trainers, there are plenty of them that you can 
avoid. However, I would suggest that you get a lot of experience early in the game 
by fighting every trainer you see.

At the end of Route 3, you'll see a Pokemon Center. Go in there and heal your 
Pokemon. Inside, a guy will sell you a Magikarp for $500. Even though it'll soon 
evolve into a strong Gyarados, I suggest that you don't buy that, and fish for a 
Magikarp later instead. After going out of the Pokemon Center, you'll be at the foot 
of Mt. Moon.

Locations (Route 3) 
Nidoran (F) 
Nidoran (M) 


Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon is a maze with a few trainers and some good items. None of the starters 
have a good advantage in here, as the Pokemon here are of many different types. 
Here, you'll find TM09 - Bullet Seed, TM46 - Thief, two Moon Stones, a Rare Candy, 
and other less important items. Note that there are many hidden items that can be 
found in boulders that look different from surrounding boulders. Among the trainers 
you will battle are a few members of Team Rocket, trying to mess around in Mt. Moon. 
If you are lucky, you'll find a rare Clefairy.

When you've finally reached the end of Mt. Moon, you'll see two shell-shaped 
fossils. One is the Dome Fossil (which can be turned into a Kabuto), and the other 
one is the Helix Fossil (which can be turned into an Omanyte). A trainer owns both 
of them, and he will fight you. Beat him, and he'll share a fossil with you. You can 
only take one of them, not both. After taking your fossil, it's time to leave Mt. 

Locations (Mt. Moon) 


Route 4

There isn't much on Route 4 except TM05 - Roar and two Move Tutors who teach Mega 
Punch and Mega Kick. After you get through this route, head on to the next city.

Locations (Route 4) 

• Cerulean City, Route 24, Route 25, Route 5, Route 6
The City of Water

After a long walk in the wilderness, you finally arrive in civilization. This is 
Cerulean City, home of the second Gym. Heal your Pokemon and stock up on items. You 
won't be battling in the Gym first. Your rival, Gary, is waiting patiently for you. 
Let's not make him wait too long!

The Battle With Gary

Go north from Cerulean City towards Nugget Bridge, on Route 24. Gary will come and 
greet you, and will challenge you to a battle. He has the following Pokemon: lv. 17 
Pidgeotto, lv. 15 Rattata, lv. 15 Abra, and lv. 18 of his starter Pokemon. This 
should be a much more challenging match than the last one. A Pikachu (can be caught 
in Viridian Forest) would help out a lot if you chose Charmander as your starter. 
This is because both Pidgeotto and Squirtle, the toughest Pokemon on Gary's team, 
are weak to Pikachu's attacks. 

After one real tough battle, Gary will give you a Key Item known as the Fame 
Checker. This is used to identify trainers whom you've previously battled. Go back 
to town now and heal your Pokemon, and continue traveling on the Nugget Bridge.


Route 24

There are six trainers on Nugget Bridge that you must fight to get past. The sixth 
trainer is actually a member a Team Rocket. Beat him, and he'll give you a Nugget 
that you can sell for $5,000. At the end of the route, you'll find TM45 - Attract. 
The fun on this route hasn't ended, although you can choose to go on to the next 
route. If you do feel like battling, however, then challenge the trainer in the 
grass area. After that, go on to Route 25.

Locations (Route 24) 


Route 25

There are tons of trainers waiting to battle you on Route 25. Behind one of those 
trainers you will find TM43 - Secret Power. But that isn't the main reason you've 
come upon this route. You want to meet a scientist named Bill. Go all the way to the 
end of Route 25, and you'll arrive at a house called Sea Cottage. Go inside, and 
you'll see a Clefairy. It turns out that something went wrong with Bill's 
experiment, and the Clefairy is actually him. Talk to him, and he'll go inside his 
machine. Press "A" against his computer, and he'll be transported to the other end 
of the machine. Finally, he'll come out as Bill, a human scientist. Talk to him 
again, and he'll give you a S.S. Ticket for the S.S. Anne in Vermillion City. Now 
that that's taken care of, it's time to go back to Cerulean City and challenge the 
gym leader!

Locations (Route 25) 


Water War

Cerulean City is the city of water. Naturally, Water Pokemon are what the trainers 
in the Gym use. There are two trainers you must battle before battling the gym 
leader, Misty.

Misty uses a lv. 18 Staryu and a lv. 21 Starmie on you. A Charmeleon under lv. 25 
without any assistance would most certainly lose now. Of course, it's a totally 
different story with a Ivysaur. After beating Misty, she'll give you TM03 - Water 
Pulse and the Cascade Badge.

Now you can leave Cerulean City by going to the house with a policeman outside in 
the north-eastern section of the city. 

Battle With Rocket Member

The house is a mess inside, because a Team Rocket member in the backyard has dug 
into their house. Fight that Rocket, and you'll get TM28 - Dig. It not only is a 
decent ground attack, but also takes the place of an Escape Rope.


Route 5

Now that you're on the other side, go south, and you'll find a house. That's the Day 
Care Center. The old man inside will raise your Pokemon's level ($100 for each 
level) if you leave it with him. The only bad thing is that your Pokemon might learn 
some unwanted moves, and delete moves that you want. The good thing is, if you were 
to leave a weak Magikarp with him, and walk for a while, it'll be able to evolve in 
no time into a powerful Gyarados! I highly suggest that you catch a Meowth on Route 
5. Meowth is a special Pokemon in that once in a while an item mysteriously attaches 
to it. Many times the item is a Berry, but the items are not just limited to 
Berries. The entrance to Saffron City is closed, so you'll have to detour through 
the Underground Path to the next route.

Before entering the Underground Path, talk to the little girl if you want to trade 
your male Nidoran for her female Nidoran. You'll walk a long walk in the dark 
Underground Path. Soon, however, you'll see the daylight of Route 6.

Locations (Route 5) 


Route 6

Route 6 has six trainers waiting to fight but you can get by with fighting only two 
of them if you want. There's a lot of grass but no new Pokemon. Head to Vermilion 
City since once again the entrance to Saffron City is closed. Go all the way south, 
and you will arrive at Vermilion City.

Locations (Route 6) 

• Vermilion City, Diglett's Cave, Route 11, Route 9, Route 10, Rock Tunnel
Things To Do At Vermilion

The house at the north-western corner has a Fisherman who'll give you an Old Rod, 
which allows you to catch Magikarp. Go south a bit, and you'll find two houses to 
the left. One of the houses is where you can trade a Spearow for a Farfetch'd. The 
other house is the Pokemon Fan Club. Talk to the chairman inside to get a Bike 

In the Pokemon Center, talk to the girl standing in front of the counter for a VS 
Seeker. This device allows you to rechallenge trainers who have trained their 
Pokemon to be even stronger than the first time you battled them. To activate the VS 
Seeker, simply stand around a couple of trainers and select the item. Trainers who 
are hoping around are the ones who will battle you again.

Now go back to Cerulean City, get yourself a bike from the Bike Shop, and come back 
in style!

All Aboard The S.S. Anne!

The S.S. Anne may seem small, but it's huge inside. It can be found by going south 
of Vermillion City, and "flashing" your S.S. Ticket to the guard. If you explore 
each and every room inside, you'll find tons of trainers and quite a few items. A 
girl in the second room from the right on the main deck can heal your injured 
Pokemon. In the ship's kitchen, you'll be able to find your first Berries, three of 
them to be exact, in the trash cans. From now on, all Berries will be stored in your 
new Berry Pouch. To end your stay at the S.S. Anne, fight Gary on the second floor.

After beating him, go up to the captain's cabin. He's seasick and puking. Rub his 
back and he'll give you HM01 - Cut. Now leave the ship. When you're outside, the 
ship will sail away. Remember: if you don't get Cut, the ship won't leave. If you 
want the S.S. Anne to stay, lose to a trainer after getting Cut. Now teach Cut to 
one of your Pokemon, and you're ready to go to the gym.

A Shocking Battle

Cut the tree blocking the path to the gym and go inside, where you'll face a few 
trainers who use Electric Pokemon. Now comes the hard part: Lt. Surge, the gym 
leader, has put electric locks on the door that leads to him, so you'll have to 
solve a puzzle. There are a bunch of trash cans. Press "A" on every one of them 
until it says that you've found and flipped a switch. You need to flip two switches 
for the door to open, so you'll need to find the second switch. The second switch is 
always either is always either above, beside, or below the first one. If you get it 
wrong, the switch will be reset, and you'll have to do everything over again. This 
is a very tricky and sometimes annoying puzzle, but hopefully, you'll get it sooner 
or later. And when you do open the doors, it's time to fight Lt. Surge.

Lt. Surge has the following Pokemon: a lv. 21 Voltorb, a lv. 18 Pikachu, and a lv. 
24 Raichu. Beating him with a Ground-type Pokemon is as easy as tossing a PokeBall, 
and catching one is easy too. You can catch a Diglett or even a Dugtrio in the 
nearby Diglett's Cave. If you beat him, he'll give you TM34 - Shock Wave and a 
Thunder Badge.


Diglett's Cave

If you go east from Vermilion City, you'll find Diglett's Cave on Route 11. This 
cave is no maze. It's simple to go through since there's only one road. There are no 
items to pick up. The only Pokemon you'll find are Diglett and the occasional 
Dugtrio. Head inside and go to the other end to go back to Route 2 for some 
important business.

Locations (Diglett's Cave) 


Back On Route 2

After you exit the cave, you'll revisit Route 2. But this time, it's the other half 
of the route that you weren't able to explore before. Go south, and you'll find a 
house. Inside, a guy is willing to trade his Mr. Mime for your Abra.

The next house has one of Prof. Oak's aides in it. If you've collected ten or more 
Pokemon he will give you HM02 - Flash. It's used to illuminate dark caves and 
tunnels. Keep on going for two items.


Route 11

Go back through the cave and go east when you get out. You'll be on Route 11. There 
are many trainers, many items, and a whole lot of grass. When you reach the gate, 
one of Prof. Oak's aides will be upstairs. If you have caught up to thirty Pokemon, 
he'll give you an Item Finder. This item helps you detect hidden items that cannot 
be seen. There's also another trainer that'll trade you a Nidorina for a Nidorino. 
You can't go to the other side since there's a Snorlax blocking the way. Now go back 
to Cerulean City and cut the tree that was blocking the way. Then you'll get onto 
Route 9.

Locations (Route 11) 


Route 9

On Route 9 you'll be battling many trainers. Here, you'll find TM40 - Aerial Ace. To 
reach the end of this route, just keep on going east, where you'll arrive at Route 

Locations (Route 9) 


Route 10

Route 10 is short for now. You'll see some water. When your Pokemon learns Surf, it 
can surf to the Power Plant, just south of Route 10. Make sure that you have taught 
one of your Pokemon the Flash HM in order to enter Rock Tunnel.

There's a Pokemon Center for you to heal your Pokemon here. One of Prof. Oak's aides 
is here. If you've caught at least twenty Pokemon, he'll give you the Everstone. Let 
your Pokemon hold the Everstone, and they won't evolve.

Locations (Route 10) 


Rock Tunnel

Rock Tunnel requires that your Pokemon know Flash, otherwise, you'll only be able to 
see a tiny bit. Like Mt. Moon, Rock Tunnel is a maze. There are items, trainers, and 
new Pokemon here. Here, you'll meet a Pokemon every eight to ten steps, which is 
more than normal. Use Repel if you don't want to meet too many wild Pokemon. After 
you exit the tunnel, you'll fight a few trainers, and will then be heading to 
Lavender Town.

Locations (Rock Tunnel) 

• Lavender Town, Route 8, Route 7
The Ghostly City!

Lavender Town has no gym, so you won't be able to do much here. Later though, you 
can catch Ghost Pokemon in the Pokemon Tower when you get a Silph Scope. Without it, 
your mission in the tower won't be complete, and all the Ghost Pokemon won't be 
identified. For now, you can battle Gary in the tower on the second floor. Gary's 
team now greatly varies depending on who you chose for your starter at the beginning 
of the game. Once you get the Silph Scope, you'll find Mr. Fuji at the top of the 
foggy tower, and he'll give you a PokeFlute that's used for waking up Snorlax and 
other Pokemon.

Now, visit the Name Rater if you want to, who'll be able to change the name of your 
Pokemon. Then shop for new items in the PokeMart. Finally, go west to Route 8.


Route 8

Route 8 has trainers and new Pokemon. On Route 8, you'll have your first two-on-two 
battle with the Twins. Saffron City still can't be accessed, so go inside the 
Underground Path.

Locations (Route 8) 


Route 7

There's not much to do in Route 7. The guards are still thirsty, so go on to Celadon 

Locations (Route 7) 

• Celadon City/Lavender Town Pt.2
A Huge City

Celadon City is the largest city in this game. Its PokeMart has six stories; no 
wonder it needs an elevator! They sell all sorts of things. You'll be able to buy 
TMs and normal items (such as Potion and Antidotes) on the second floor. On the 
third floor, you'll see many people playing Game Boy Advances. Talk to the person at 
the register, a Move Tutor, and he'll teach one of your Pokemon the move Counter. 
The fourth floor has many evolution stones you can buy to evolve certain of Pokemon 
(ex. Eevee) for $2100 each. On the fifth floor, you'll be able to buy items such as 
X Attack and Calcium. These are items that modify a Pokemon's stats so they can do 
better in battle. Finally, you'll reach the rooftop, where you'll find three vending 
machines and two people, including a little girl. Get a Fresh Water, a Soda Pop, and 
a Lemonade from the vending machine, and give it to the little girl one at a time. 
She'll give you TM16 - Light Screen, TM20 - Safeguard, and TM33 - Reflect, 
respectively, for your drinks.

Celadon Mansion

There is huge building to the right of the department store that's nearly empty 
inside. Talk to the old lady who's surrounded by Pokemon on the first floor. She'll 
give you Tea, which you can give to any one of the Saffron City guards so they can 
let you through. You'll also find the game's programmers in this building, one of 
which will tell you to return after getting all the Pokemon. He'll give you a 
diploma for catching all the Pokemon.

Now leave the mansion, and go in through the back door. Go all the way to the 
rooftop, where you'll find a small building. Inside you'll find a person and a 
PokeBall on the table. Pick it up; it's an Eevee!

Other Stuff

The restaurant south of the Game Corner has a man who'll give you a Coin Case to 
carry your coins. There is an old man to the left of the Game Corner, and van be 
reachede only by surfing across the water. He's a Move Tutor, and can teach your 
Pokemon Softboiled.

Game Corner

Now go to the Game Corner, a place full of slot machines and people on them. Team 
Rocket made it, and you win or buy coins in order to trade it in for Pokemon and TMs 
in the building to the right of the Game Corner. A few people will give you free 
coins, and there are invisible coins scattered on the ground that you can pick up. 
At the top of the Game Corner, battle the Rocket member, and push the button on the 
poster. A staircase leading to the basement appears.

Team Rocket's Hideout

After that, you'll be going through four floors, battling Rocket members and 
collecting valuble items. There is a spin maze on the second basement floor (B2F). 
The arrows in the maze will toss you in whichever direction the arrow points. Here, 
you'll pick up a few items including a Moon Stone and TM12 - Taunt. On B3F, you'll 
find TM21 - Frustration and Blackglasses, which boosts the power of Dark Pokemon. 
There is another spin maze on this floor where you can pick up a Rare Candy. Head to 
B4F, where you'll find TM49 - Snatch. Battle the single Rocket member at the top, 
and he'll drop the Lift Key for the elevator. Take the elevator on B2F to B1F. 
Battle the Rocket member, and take the elevator again to B4F. Go all the way to the 
left, and pick up the Calcium. Head up to the two Rocket guards and talk to them. 
They'll fight you, and after you're through with them, they'll open the gates.

The Boss

Walk through the entrance, and you'll face Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket, in an 
intense match. He has a lv. 25 Onix, a lv. 24 Rhyhorn, and a lv. 29 Kangaskhan. A 
Grass or Water-type Pokemon would work out fine fighting this guy. However, beware 
of his Kangaskhan, as it can be very powerful. After beating Giovanni, he'll 
disappear, and leave behind a Silph Scope. This is used to detect Ghost Pokemon.

Gym Battle!

After beating Giovanni in the Game Corner, head to the gym by cutting the tree. Here 
you will battle Erika and other trainers (many of which you can avoid, who all use 
Grass-type Pokemon. Erika is the trainer in the middle between the two trainers 
inside the enclosed area. She has a lv. 29 Victreebel, a lv. 24 Tangela, and a lv. 
29 Vileplume. If you choose a Fire Pokemon as a starter, then beating her would be 
very easy. Even if you didn't choose a Fire-type starter, a Psycic or Ground Pokemon 
would come in handy, since Victreebel and Vileplume are weak against those types. 
Beating her earns you TM19 - Giga Drain and the Rainbow Badge! Next, head to 
Lavender Town's Pokemon Tower with your Silph Scope.


Pokemon Tower

Once you get to Lavender Town, go into the Pokemon Tower. Head up the stairs, 
picking up items and battling scary looking women. Right before you reach the stairs 
that leads to the top floor, you will be stopped by the ghost of a dead Marowak. It 
was a mother of a Cubone, and was killed by the evil Team Rocket. Defeat her to calm 
her spirits (you cannot catch her).

At the top floor, you'll be fighting three Rocket members. They will leave one by 
one after you defeat them. At the end, you'll find an old man, known as Mr. Fuji. 
Talk to him, and he'll transport you to his house, where he'll give you a PokeFlute.

Locations (Pokemon Tower) 

Now go back to Celadon City, and head west to Route 16.


Catching A Big One

Cut the tree and battle the two couples in a two-on-two match. Head through the 
building to get to the other side and then go into the small house. Inside, a little 
girl will give you HM02 - Fly. Go back and cut the tree again to get back to the 
other side. A fat roadblock, a lv. 30 Snorlax, is blocking the road to Saffron City. 
Save your game, press "A", and the PokeFlute will begin to play. Snorlax soon wakes 
up, probably angry at what you just did. Try to catch this Snorlax, which can be 
quite difficult. Even if you accidently made him faint and you didn't save the game, 
there's one more Snorlax in the game.

After either capturing or defeating the Snorlax, go through the Guard House for an 
Amulet Coin from one of Prof. Oak's aides if you've captured at least fourty 
Pokemon. After that, go to any Guard House that leads to Saffron City. The guard 
will drink your Tea, and then will let you through.

• Saffron City
Rockets In Silph Co.

The first thing you'll notice when you get to Saffron City is that it's a pretty big 
city. The next thing you'll notice is that everywhere you go, you'll find Team 
Rocket members. The first problem to take care of in this city is Team Rocket. To 
get Team Rocket out of the city, go to the Silph Co., the large window filled 
building with a member of Team Rocket next to it. Now you must go through eleven 
floors, fighting Team Rocket, and in the end, saving the company's president.

The first floor is empty. Go up a floor by taking the stairs at the top-right 
corner. Remember, your goal is to reach the top floor and save the president. 
However, you cannot go directly to the top floor. Also, keep in mind that you will 
be finding warp squares on the ground. Stepping on them will take you to different 
places in the building. If you want to go through all this faster, then take the 
elevator to the 5th floor. However, I suggest that you go up the floors one by one, 
as you may miss out on valuable items.

Once on the 5th floor (if you chose to go there right away), go left and down all 
the way until you see a warp square. Step on it, and it'll take you to the 9th 
floor. Step back on it, and you'll return to where you were. Proceed by going to the 
right, where you'll find an Itemball containing the Card Key, which is used to open 
any locked door in the Silph. Co. Now that you've gotten this important item, you 
can explore the Silph Co. by battling Team Rocket and picking up a couple of items, 
including TMs. There's even a Move Tutor who'll teach your Pokemon Thunder Wave on 
the 2nd floor. Open all the locked doors just for fun, and because you simply can, 
and try every warp square. If you ever need to heal your Pokemon, you can do so on 
the 8th floor by sleeping on the bed.

When you're done exploring, head to the 3rd floor, and open the door on the left 
with your Card Key. Take the warp square in the first room, and you'll be teleported 
to a room on the 7th floor. Here, Gary will challenge you to a battle. As usual, 
Gary's team has gotten stronger, and hopefully, your Pokemon can take care of him. 
After defeating him, talk to the Silph Co. employee in the same room and he'll give 
you the Pokemon Lapras. Use the other warp square to get the the 11th floor. Go into 
the enclosed area, and Giovanni will challenge you to a match.

Giovanni has the following Pokemon: a lv. 37 Nidorino, a lv. 37 Rhyhorn, a lv. 35 
Kangaskhan, and a lv. 41 Nidoqueen. After defeating him, Team Rocket will leave the 
building and the city. Go to the old man sitting on the sofa, and talk to him. He's 
the president of Silph Co., and he'll give you the Master Ball. There is only one 
Master Ball in the whole game, and it catches Pokemon 100% of the time. Now that 
this problem is taken care of, get out of Silph Co. and head north to the Fighting 

Fighting Dojo

You'll be challenged by four trainers inside the Fighting Dojo. They all use 
Fighting Pokemon, who are weak against Psychic and Flying Pokemon. After challenging 
the four trainers, the leader, who has lv. 37 Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, will 
challenge you to a match. After defeating him, you will be able to take a free 
Hitmonlee (left PokeBall) or Hitmonchan (right PokeBall). After this, it's time to 
go to the real gym to get your fifth badge.

Mind Control

The real gym is right next door of the Fighting Dojo. The trainers here use Psychic 
Pokemon, so Dark Pokemon/attacks will be quite effective here. This gym is filled 
with warp squares that take you to different rooms, and in order to get through them 
quickly, follow these steps once you reach the first room.

Take the only warp square. 
Take the bottom-left warp square. 
Take the bottom-left warp square again. 
Take the top-right warp square. 
Take the bottom-left warp square. 
You should be in the gym leader's room. 

Sabrina is the gym leader, and she has powerful Psychic Pokemon. You'll be battling 
a lv. 38 Kadabra, a lv. 37 Mr. Mime, a lv. 38 Venomoth, and a lv. 43 Alakazam. All 
these Pokemon are female, even the Mr. Mime! After defeating Sabrina, she'll give 
you TM04 - Calm Mind and the Marsh Badge.

There are two ways to reach the next city, which is Fuschia City. One way is to 
start from Celadon City and go through Routes 16, 17, and 18. This will take you 
through the Cycling Road, and is the prefered route for most people. The other way 
to get to Fuschia is to start at Lavender Town, and go along the coast through 
Routes 12, 13, 14, and 15. 

• Route 16, 17, and 18/Route 12, 13, 14, and 15

Going through to Cycling Road is the faster solution to getting to Fuschia City. To 
begin, go west from Celadon City onto Route 16. Go through the Guard House, and 
you'll be on the Cycling Road (you must have a bike!). On this road, you go 
downhills, which means that your bike will move by itself without any action from 
you. However, if you try to go up the hill, you will be going very slowly. There are 
many Bikers that you can fight on this road, which takes up Routes 16 and 17. After 
a long bit of biking, you'll reach Route 18.

Go through the Guard House after reaching Route 18. A trainer on the second floor 
will trade you his Lickitung for your Golduck. Route 18 is real short. After a few 
steps, you'll arrive at Fuschia City.

Locations (Route 16) 

Locations (Route 17, 18) 


Route 12, 13, 14, and 15

Some people may choose to do things the harder way. The other way to get to Fuschia 
is slower and longer. To begin, fly to Lavender Town. Go south onto Route 12. Go to 
the second floor of the Guard House, where a little girl will give you TM 27 - 
Return. For the rest of the route, you'll be battling Fishermen. You'll also be able 
to fight two lovers in a two-on-two match.

Around halfway through Route 12, you'll encounter another sleeping Snorlax who's 
blocking the road. You must use your PokeFlute to wake him up and catch it or defeat 
it. There's a house on this route with a Fisherman inside who'll give you the Super 
Rod, which is the best Rod in the whole game. After that, you can cut a tree, fight 
the trainer that's enclosed, and pick up an Iron. After going on Route 12 for a long 
time, you'll soon begin traveling on Route 13.

Route 13 is mainly a maze filled with trainers. This maze is quite easy to get 
through, and most of the trainers can be avoided. Route 13 ends when the maze ends, 
and marks the beginning of Route 14. Route 14 is simply going south. You'll have 
another opportunity to have a two-on-two match with the Twins. After a short Route 
14, you'll get to Route 15. You can find TM18 - Rain Dance by cutting the tree and 
going all the way to the end. Here, you'll be able to fight in another two-on-two 
match with Fighting Pokemon. One of Prof. Oak's aides is in the Guard House that 
marks the end of Route 15. If you have captured at least fifty Pokemon, he'll give 
you an Experience Share. This is a very useful item in that it shares battle 
experience with all the Pokemon on your team. Finally, you'll arrive at Fuschia City.

Locations (Route 12) 

Locations (Route 13, 14, 15) 

• Fuschia City
Home of the Safari Zone

Fucshia City is the home of the Safari Zone, an area filled with capturable wild 
Pokemon. Right now, you can visit the Move Deleter's house, which is located right 
next to the Pokemon Center, to delete an unwanted move. Visit the house next to the 
house with the mailbox for a Good Rod. We'll visit the Safari Zone later. For now, 
we need to fight the gym leader of this city's gym.

Invisible Walls

It's time for you to get your sixth badge in the Fuschia Gym. However, getting to 
the gym leader may not be as easy as you think. The gym is filled with invisible 
walls. You have to walk around and figure out which areas you can go through and 
which ones you can't. Start on the right side, with the trainers serving as markers. 
Although they are invisible, a close observer would see that white dots mark the 
outlines of the walls.

Soon, after trial and error or by getting around the dots, you'll reach Koga, the 
gym leader. He has two lv. 37 Koffing, a lv. 39 Muk, and a lv. 43 Weezing. Psychic 
Pokemon will work best against Koga's Pokemon. After beating four tough Pokemon, 
Koga will award you with TM06 - Toxic and the Soul Badge. In order to leave, you 
must go through the walls again.

Now that you've defeated Koga, you're only two more badges away from eight! For now, 
put the thought of getting the last two badges away, because we need to go into the 
Safari Zone for some item searching.

Enter The Safari Zone

Go into the Safari Zone, which can be found in the northern part of the city. It'll 
cost $500 to get into the Safari Zone. They'll give you thirty Safari Balls, which 
is used exclusively to capture Safari Zone Pokemon. Your mission now is to find the 
Surfer's House, which is deep inside the Safari Zone, and get HM03 - Surf. Your 
other mission is to find Gold Teeth. You have 600 steps before your time runs out; 
good luck!

Important items contained in Itemballs in the Safari Zone include the Gold Teeth, 
Leaf Stone, Protein, TM11 - Sunny Day, TM47 - Steel Wing, and TM32 - Double Team. 
After finding the two "mission" items listed above, head to the Warden's house (the 
house with a mailbox next to it) in the eastern part of the city. Give the Warden 
the Gold Teeth, and he'll give you HM04 - Strength. Teach the new HM to a Pokemon, 
and move the boulder that's blocking the Itemball. Then pick up the Rare Candy.

Locations (Safari Zone) 
Nidoran (F) 
Nidoran (M) 

Your trip to Fuschia City is over. Now that you have Surf, you'll be able to catch 
two legendary Pokemon: Articuno and Zapdos. 

• Route 19, Route 20, Seafoam Islands, Route 21
Route 19 and 20

To catch Arituno, you must go south from Fuschia City, and go west through the sea 
routes of 19 and 20. There are many swimmers waiting to battle you. You'll get past 
them pretty quickly. Soon, you'll arrive at one of the two Seafoam Islands.

Locations (Route 19, 20) 


Seafoam Islands

Once you enter, go right and push the boulder into the hole using Strength. Go to 
the other side (past the first ladder you see), and push the other boulder into the 
other hole. Go back to the original hole, and fall into it. Keep on pushing the 
boulder and following it (falling into the holes with the boulder) until you reach 
the water. Once you do, the current will take you to another level. Go up onto the 
land, left, and down all the way for an Ultra Ball. Take the only ladder to another 
level. Follow the path south and you'll find a puzzle involving a few holes and 
plenty of boulders.

Push the only boulder that you can push left all the way left so that it doesn't 
block your way. Next, push the single boulder into the hole. Now you'll have to work 
on the last two boulders. Push the one on the right all the way up, and find a way 
to push the other boulder into the other hole. Now jump into that hole. You'll reach 
another level. Surf up, and you'll meet Articuno.

After the encounter with Articuno, go onto land and take the ladder. Go down 
afterwards and take another ladder. Go right and pick up the Pearl. Go right to take 
another ladder that'll lead you to a Water Stone. Come back, go up the steps, and 
take the ladder. Push the boulder that you've pushed in the beginning into holes and 
follow it. Do this until you reach water. The current will be blocked, and you'll be 
able to go onto land. Follow the path, and soon, you're out of the Seafoam Islands!

Locations (Seafoam Islands) 


Power Plant

Before you go to catch Zapdos, make sure that you have plenty of Ultra Balls, Great 
Balls, and preferably, a Pokemon that can put another Pokemon to sleep or paralysis. 
Fly to Route 10, go north from the Pokemon Center, and begin surfing in the water. 
Surf all the way south until you reach land. You have reached the Power Plant. Deep 
inside here, you'll find Zapdos.

The Power Plant is filled with Electric Pokemon and many Itemballs. Some of these 
Itemballs are actually Electrode trying to trick you into picking them up. The most 
they'll do is some damage. Don't be afraid of running into an Electrode; try to pick 
up every Itemball to make sure that you don't miss any items, especially TM25 - 
Thunder and the Thunderstone. The Power Plant is pretty easy to navigate. Soon, 
you'll find a lv. 50 Zapdos. Here's a tip that a trainer must always follow: save 
the game before fighting it, and restart the game to catch it again if you make it 

Locations (Power Plant) 


Route 21

Fly to Pallet Town, and go south onto Route 21. Surf all the way south. Soon, you'll 
reach Cinnabar Island.

Locations (Route 21) 

• Cinnabar Island
Volcanic Island

Cinnabar Island is a small island that's packed with buildings and full of things to 
do. On this island, you'll find the typical Pokemon Center and PokeMart, a gym, the 
Cinnabar Mansion, a research center, and two people standing outside. The first 
thing we'll do is go into the Pokemon Lab.

Fossil Resurrection

You received either a Helix Fossil or Dome Fossil earlier in the game in Mt. Moon, 
and an Old Amber too. Now you can bring these fossils to life in the Pokemon Lab, an 
oval-like building. Find it, and go inside. The first room has two people who'll 
trade Pokemon with you. The old man will trade you his Electrode for your Raichu 
(what a bad deal!), and the lady will trade you her Tangela for your Venonat. 
There's a Move Tutor in the second room who will teach Metronome. Talk to the 
scientist in the third room, and he'll resurrect your fossils. Wait for a while and 
come back. He'll have an ancient Pokemon ready for you after a bit of walking.

Pokemon Mansion

You'll notice that the Cinnabar Gym is locked. The key that'll unlock the door can 
be found in the Pokemon Mansion.

The Pokemon Mansion is an old mansion just above the Pokemon Center. Once you're 
inside, head straight and then up the stairs, which will take you to the second 
floor. You'll find Zinc and Calcium on this floor. After picking up the items, head 
to the northwest corner of the floor, and take the stairs to the third floor. Go all 
the way right and pick up the Iron. Go back and press the switch on the statue. Go 
down, and you'll see a scientist. Go past him and fall through the larger broken 
floor. You'll then fall into another section of the first floor. Fight the Scientist 
and go near the stairs. Pick up the Carbos, and go downstairs into the basement.

In the basement, go into the room to your left, and switch the Mewtwo statue so 
that's its eyes aren't glowing. Head up into another room to pick up TM14 - 
Blizzard. Flip on the Mewtwo statue in the other room to pick up two items. One of 
them is the Gym Key, which unlocks the Cinnabar Gym; the other is TM22 - Solar Beam. 
Now that you've gotten what you came for, it's time to leave this mansion and go to 
the gym.

Locations (Cinnabar Mansion) 

Quiz Time At The Gym

Before you fight the Gym Leader of Cinnabar Gym, you must go past six trainers. You 
will either answer a question right to get pass them without a battle, or you'll 
have to battle them. To answer a question and get to the next room, you must go to 
the Quiz Machine, and answer "Yes" or "No" to the question asked. Here are the 
answers to all six quizes: Yes, No, No, No, Yes, No.

The gym leader's an old, bald man named Blaine. He uses powerful Fire Pokemon. Use 
Water Pokemon to put Blaine's Pokemon out. He has the following Pokemon: a lv. 42 
Growlithe, a lv. 40 Ponyta, a lv. 42 Rapidash, and a lv. 47 Arcanine. After 
defeating Blaine, he'll give you TM38 - Fire Blast and the Volcano Badge.

• Viridian City Pt. 2, Route 22, Route 23, Victory Road
Back For The Final Badge

You're back in Viridian City. You were here when you first began your journey; now 
you're here for your eigth and final badge. Go into the Viridian Gym, where you'll 
see a familiar maze. You've seen this spin maze in Team Rocket's Hideout in the Game 
Corner, and you're about to go through another one. This maze is pretty easy, and 
you'll wind up with the gym leader somehow.

The gym leader is Giovanni. As you know already, he's the leader of Team Rocket. He 
uses a lv. 45 and lv. 50 Rhyhorn, a lv. 42 Dugtrio, a lv. 44 Nidoqueen, a lv. 45 
Nidoking. Water-type attacks can take care of his Pokemon pretty easily. After 
defeating Giovanni, he'll give you TM26 - Earthquake, and your final badge: the 
Earth Badge. Afterwards, he will leave, and so will you.

Now that you have all eight of your badges, it's time to go to the Pokemon League, 
where you'll face the Elite Four, the toughest trainers yet. Now you must heal your 
Pokemon and head west from Viridian City onto Route 22.


Route 22, 23

Gary will come to battle you in the same spot where you battled him on this route 
last time. The last time you fought him here, his Pokemon were weak. Now, however, 
you should really watch out. All of his Pokemon are near or above lv. 50, so your 
Pokemon should be trained to about the same level. After beating Gary, follow the 
road and head west into the Pokemon League's Front Gate, which takes you to Route 
23. You'll go through eight guards, each checking for one of the eight badges. After 
getting past all eight guards, you'll reach the cave known as Victory Road.

Locations (Route 23) 


Victory Road

Once you get in, you'll see a boulder. Use Strength to push that boulder to the 
ground switch on the right. Now head up the stairs, and go on until you see two 
other stairs between a trainer: one on the left and one on the right. Take the 
stairs on the right for a Rare Candy and TM02 - Dragon Claw. After getting the 
items, take the stairs on the left, and go up the ladder.

Go down and push the boulder onto the switch. Go up the stairs, and head east. If 
you choose to go down the stairs, you'll find TM37 - Sandstorm. No matter what you 
do, you'll need to go up the ladder located at the very end of this level. Before 
you take the ladder, be sure to pick up TM07 - Hail above the ladder.

Once you reach the next level, push the boulder you see up two times, and all the 
way west onto the switch. The Itemball you see contains TM50 - Overheat. Now head 
back to where you came from, and go up the stairs. Go all the way west, down the 
stairs, and all the way east. Push the boulder down the hole, and jump in with it. 
Push the boulder to the switch on the left. Head up the stairs, and then the ladder. 
Then you'll encounter a two-on-two Pokemon battle. Take the other ladder, go right, 
and you'll find a Move Tutor who teaches Double Team. Finally, you can exit Victory 

Locations (Victory Road) 

After all that, you'll reach the Indigo Plateau, where you'll fight in the Pokemon 

• Indigo Plateau (Pokemon League)
Pokemon League

You'll definitely want to heal your Pokemon once you get into the Pokemon League 
building. Go into the PC, and draw out any Pokemon you want to use during battle. 
Stock up on some essential items, such as Full Restore and Revive. After that, save 
the game in case you lose, and talk to the official standing by the entrance. Go 
inside, and get ready to battle the Elite Four!

The first member of the Elite Four is Lorelei. She uses Ice and Water Pokemon. Her 
Pokemon are listed below:

lv. 52 Dewgong 
lv. 51 Cloyster 
lv. 52 Slowbro 
lv. 54 Jynx 
lv. 54 Lapras 

The second member of the Elite Four is Bruno. He uses Fighting and Rock Pokemon. His 
Pokemon are listed below:

lv. 51 Onix 
lv. 53 Hitmonchan 
lv. 53 Hitmonlee 
lv. 54 Onix 
lv. 56 Machamp 

The third member of the Elite Four is Agatha. She uses Ghost and Poison Pokemon. Her 
Pokemon are listed below:

lv. 54 Gengar 
lv. 54 Golbat 
lv. 53 Haunter 
lv. 56 Arbok 
lv. 58 Gengar 

The fourth member of the Elite Four is Lance, also known as the Dragon Champion. He 
uses Dragon Pokemon. His Pokemon are listed below:

lv. 56 Gyarados 
lv. 54 Dragonair 
lv. 54 Dragonair 
lv. 58 Aerodactyl 
lv. 60 Dragonite 

After battling the Elite Four, you might think it's over. But it's not over the yet; 
it's time to face the real champion: Gary!

Gary's the champion. He has a full team of strong Pokemon. Defeating him requires a 
lot more strategy than the Elite Four. Below are his Pokemon.

lv. 61 Pidgeot 
lv. 59 Alakazam 
lv. 61 Rhydon 
If you chose Bulbasaur, then he has a lv. 61 Exeggutor, lv. 63 Gyarados, and a lv. 
65 Charizard. 
If you chose Charmander, then he has a lv. 63 Exeggutor, lv. 61 Arcanine, and a lv. 
65 Blastoise. 
If you chose Squirtle, then he has a lv. 63 Arcanine, lv. 61 Gyarados, and a lv. 65 

The Hall of Fame

After defeating Gary, Prof. Oak will come to talk to you. After a short 
conversation, he'll lead you into the back room, and enter your Pokemon and yourself 
into the Hall of Fame. You are now a Pokemon Master!

After you and your Pokemon have been honored, you, Gary, and Prof. Oak will leave 
the building. Immediately afterwards, the credits will start to roll, and you'll be 
running home. You've completed the game. All you have to do now is sit back and 
watch the ending. Well, if that was what you thought, then you're wrong! The game 
isn't over yet!

What More Is There To Do?

The game will restart itself, and you'll be back in Pallet Town. If you've captured 
more than sixty Pokemon now, Prof. Oak will upgrade your PokeDex, along with Gary's. 
After the upgrade, you'll find a "National" section, which can display up to 386 
Pokemon. With this PokeDex, you can explore the rest of the Sevii Islands and catch 
Johto Pokemon (Pokemon that appeared in Gold/Silver/Crystal versions).

Of course, that's not all. After defeating the Elite Four, the legendary beasts from 
Gold/Silver/Crystal will appear randomly in Kanto. The legendary beast that will 
appear will depend on the starter Pokemon you chose. Either Entei (Bulbasaur), 
Suicune (Charmander), or Raikou (Squirtle) will appear. They are all at lv. 50, and 
are very hard to meet and catch.
• One Island, Kindle Road, Mt. Ember, Two Island
One Island

Right after arriving on the first Sevii Island, also known as Knot Island, Bill will 
take you to the Pokemon Center and lead you to a huge machine with his friend, 
Celio, standing next to it. Bill tells you that the machine is broken, and he needs 
you to find the parts to fix the machine. He gives you a Meteorite from Mt. Moon, a 
Tri-Pass for ferries to get the One, Two, and Three Island, and a new addition to 
your Town Map that contains a map of the Sevii Islands.

Kindle Road

Heal your Pokemon and get out of the Pokemon Center. Surf in the northeast 
direction. You'll reach land almost immediately. In this area, known as Kindle Road, 
you'll be battling trainers and catching Pokemon. There are Itemballs behind 
breakable rocks, which can be broken using Rock Smash. Head north and enter the 
Ember Spa. Inside is a hot spring where you can heal your Pokemon by dipping 
yourself in the water. Talk to the old man next to the waterfall to get HM06 - Rock 

Locations (One Island) 

Capturing Moltres

Head north from the cave with the hot spring, and you'll reach a beach. Surf north, 
and you'll reach Mt. Ember. Here, you'll be able to catch Moltres.

After going inside the mountain, head left and push the boulders away using 
Strength. Follow the path and smash the rocks. Next, you'll see three sets of 
stairs. Take the the left or center stairs and go left. Fight the trainer, and go 
into the entrance right up ahead.

There's only one way to go in here, so it's pretty easy to navigate. Once you get 
out, take the stairs up. Go to the left side for a hidden Fire Stone in a boulder 
below the stairs. Another Fire Stone can be found by solving the easy boulder puzzle 
on the right side. After getting both Fire Stones, head up the stairs again. Now 
you'll face another puzzle, this one a little bit more difficult than the last one, 
but still isn't difficult at all. After getting through the puzzle, a lv. 50 Moltres 
awaits you.

Locations (Mt. Ember) 

Fly back to the island's Pokemon Center from Mt. Ember, and go south. You'll reach 
the dock where you first arrived at the island. Take the Ferry to Two Island.


Two Island

Two Island, or Boon Island, is simply a small village. Once you get onto the island, 
go east into a nice looking tan colored house with a blue roof, the Game Corner. 
This Game Corner isn't like the Game Corner in Celadon City with slot machines; this 
place let's you play mini games called Pokemon Jump and Dodrio Berry-Picking with a 
friend. A little girl's father will ask you to save his daughter, Lostelle. This 
rescuing is all done on Three Island. For the guide on Three Island, click on "Next" 

For now, you can go all the way north to the Move Tutor's house, located in a small 
region called Cape Brink. This Move Tutor teaches your starter Pokemon moves for 
free. She teaches one of three moves, depending on your starter Pokemon: Frenzy 
Plant (Grass), Blast Burn (Fire), or Hydro Cannon (Water). These moves all do 150 
damage, which is a lot. Be sure to have your starter in the first slot before 
talking to the Move Tutor.

Locations (Two Island) 

Now you'll need to go to Three Island to save the man's daughter.

• One Island Pt. 2, Four Island, Icefall Cave
Back On The Knot

In order to truly finish the game, you'll need to explore all of the Sevii Islands. 
To begin, go talk to Celio, Bill's friend on One Island. To get there, take the 
Ferry from Vermilion City. If you forgot, Celio's in the Pokemon Center. Celio asks 
you to help him find a gem that'll make his Pokemon trading machine work. Go to Mt. 
Ember to find the gem.

In Search of the Gem

Go to Mt. Ember, and go right after going up the stairs. You'll find two Rocket 
members talking to each other about the secret passwords ("Goldeen need log"), 
blocking an entrance. Go up to them and battle both of them. They'll leave after you 
defeat them. Go inside the cave and follow the path. You'll go through a boulder 
puzzle, and then reach a fork in the road. Take the south road; the other road takes 
you out. The next room is full of Braille messages. Go on to the next room.

Pick up the Ruby in the center of the room. Leave Mt. Ember, and go back to Celio. 
Hand him the Ruby, and he'll want you to go onto another mission. You'll hand him 
your Tri-Pass, and he'll give you the Rainbow Pass, used for exploring the rest of 
the islands. Now take the Ferry to Four Island.


Four Island

Once you arrive at Four Island, also known as Floe Island, Gary will first come to 
talk to you. First, go north a bit and break the rock. Keep going north for a Star 
Piece. Return to where you were and go to the house next to the PokeMart. Talk to 
the person inside, and he'll apply a Hall of Fame Sticker to your Trainer's Card. In 
the upper-right hand corner of the island is a house with a Move Tutor inside. He 
teaches Body Slam. Next to that house is the Day-Care Center. Leave your Pokemon 
here to let them breed or raise their levels. Next, you surf across the pond for a 
Stardust, and then surf to the other side to enter the Icefall Cave.

Locations (Four Island) 

Icefall Cave

Once you're in Icefall Cave, surf across the water and go deeper. In this room, 
you'll find a puzzle with many blue ice tiles. They are just thin pieces of ice that 
crack the first time you step on it, and break the second time. This is a fairly 
easy puzzle. You want to get to the bottom-right corner of this room, where you'll 
find HM07 - Waterfall. You want to fall through certain holes to get to the HM, and 
after some trial and error, you'll get to it.

After getting the HM, teach it to a Pokemon, exit this room and go up the waterfall. 
Go up the ladder, into the entrance, and you'll find Lorelei defending the Pokemon 
of this cave from Team Rocket. She'll then drag you into the argument, and you'll 
have to fight a Rocket member. After the battle, the Rocket member tells you that 
they've kept the stolen Pokemon in the Rocket Warehouse on Five Island. The Rocket 
Warehouse requires two passwords, and you only have one from eavesdropping on two 
previous Rockets. Instead of going to Five Island now, you'll need to first go to 
Six Island to find out the other password.

Locations (Icefall Cave) 

• Six Island, Green Path, Altering Cave, Ruin Valley
Six Island

Six Island is also known as Fortune Island. This is a pretty large island, and takes 
some time to explore. First go behind the Pokemon Center for a hidden Leppa Berry. 
Then head north into the Water Path. After that, you'll find yourself in the Green 
Path, and soon, the Pattern Bush. Your final mission is to find the second password 
to the Rocket Warehouse.

Locations (Six Island) 

Green Path, Altering Cave

Pattern Bush is a part of Green Path. It's a sort of forest with a ton of wild 
Pokemon and trainers. You want to go to the southwest corner of Pattern Bush to get 
out. After you do, surf north. You'll be going through a group of islands called 
Outcast Island, and soon you'll reach a cave with a Rocket member standing outside. 
This is the Altering Cave, and the only Pokemon inside are Zubat. However, the 
Pokemon changes if you use Mystery Gift. There isn't much to do here except for 
catching the Pokemon in the cave. Now either fly back or walk back to Six Island.

Locations (Pattern Bush) 

Locations (Altering Cave) 

Go east and then south into the patches off grass. Look around in the empty spots in 
the grass for Berries. Surf straight down for a Dragon Scale. Surf up a little, go 
on land, head west, and you'll be in Ruin Valley.

Ruin Valley

Ruin Valley is pretty short, and is easy to get through. Eventually, you want to get 
to the place shown on your left. Use Cut to open the door, and you'll get into the 
cave, called the Dotted Hole. The first step is to jump into the hole. Afterwards, 
take the north hole, west hole, east hole, and south hole to reach what you've been 
searching for: the Sapphire gem. After getting it, a Team Rocket scientist comes, 
takes your gem, and tells you the second password: "Yes, nah, Chansey". Now that you 
know the other password, head to Five Island.

• Five Island, Lost Cave, Memorial Pillar, Cerulean Cave
Five Island

Five Island, also known as Chrono Island, is where the Rocket Warehouse is located. 
However, before you start messing with Team Rocket, there's other better things to 
do. Surf west into the Water Labrynth, and you'll find an old man on land. Talk to 
him, and he'll give you an Egg that contains Togepi. Next, go east in the Water 
Labrynth to reach the Resort Gorgeous section. You'll reach another peice of land 
with some trainers and an empty house. Continue east and you'll reach the Lost Cave.

Locations (Five Island) 

Lost Cave

This is a confusing cave filled with fog, and exits that never seem to go where you 
want to go. Follow these wise steps to navigate the cave: Go right, up, down, down, 
right, left, down, right, and up. After that, you'll reach Lady Selphy, who'll 
battle you with two lv. 49 Persian. After defeating her, she'll take you to her 
house, which was the empty house you passed by earlier. Go talk to her when you have 
the Pokemon she wants to see, and she'll give you a Luxury Ball. For items in the 
Lost Cave, go back and follow these steps for the items you want (begin at the 

Lax Incrense - right, down
Max Revive - right, up, down, down, right, right
Rare Candy - right, up, down, down, right, left, down, left
Sea Incense - right, up, down, up

Locations (Lost Cave) 

Rocket Warehouse

After taking care of all that, it's time to face Team Rocket. Either fly or walk 
back to the Pokemon Center, and go south from there. After a while, you'll reach 
Rocket Warehouse. Go inside, and you'll see that familiar spin maze. Play around 
with the maze, and as you do, be sure to pick up important items such as TM36 - 
Sludge Bomb and Up-Grade. You want to reach the Scientist in the upper-right hand 
corner. Fight him, and he'll give you back the Sapphire. Be sure to press "A" 
against the box in this room for a Nest Ball. You're finally finished with the 

Now exit the Rocket Warehouse and surf west. Go up and pick up the PP Up. Now surf 
east a little to get to Memorial Pillar.

Memorial Pillar

Battle all the people on the strip of land, and surf south a bit more. You'll reach 
a larger island with a huge stone in the middle and a Metal Coat on the left. The 
huge rock is the grave of the trainer's Onix, Tectonix. If you leave a Lemonade 
there, the trainer will give you TM42 - Facade.

Now that everything's taken care of, go to One Island and hand Celio the Sapphire 
gem. With that, the machine is fixed, and now Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire can be 
traded to FireRed and LeafGreen. In addition to that, you'll be able to fight the 
Elite Four again, and will also be able to catch Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave in 
Cerulean City. If you fight the Elite Four again, they'll have stronger Pokemon, and 
you can do that on your own time. Now, it's time to catch the strongest Pokemom: 


Cerulean Cave

To get to the Cerulean Cave, first take the Ferry to Vermilion City, and then fly to 
Cerulean City. Go north into Route 24, and surf south from there. After a short bit 
of surfing, you'll find the entrance to a cave. This, is the Cerulean Cave.

The Cerulean Cave is filled with the strongest wild Pokemon. It's quite an 
interesting place to navigate, because it feels like you'll never reach where you 
want to go. As you go towards Mewtwo, you'll pick up many items and meet many 
powerful Pokemon. After going through a maze like structure several times, you'll 
find Mewtwo between two rocks.

Mewtwo is a lv. 70 Psychic Pokemon, the strongest Pokemon in the game. This is the 
time to use your Master Ball, and hopefully, that wasn't used already. If your 
Master Ball was used on some other weaker Pokemon, then you better prepare for the 
hardest Pokemon capturing ever. Mewtwo is nearly impossible to catch. However, it is 
possible, and you'll need many, many Ultra Balls and a Pokemon that'll lower 
Mewtwo's HP to nearly nothing and to put it to sleep. After catching Mewtwo, you 
should be proud to be the owner of the most powerful Pokemon in the world of Pokemon!

After getting Mewtwo, go back to Vermilion City and go to the port. Now this 
walkthrough will take you to the last Sevii Island: Quest Island.

• Seven Island, Sevault Canyon, Tanoby Ruins
Seven Island

Seven Island is the last of the Sevii Islands. There are two places to visit: the 
Trainer Tower and the Tanoby Ruins. Once you get to the island, go north to check 
out the Trainer Tower. Here, you must go through eight levels of trainers to reach 
the top and claim your prize. Battling the trainers here will neither give you 
experience nor money. These battles are timed, so try to do your best. The level of 
the Pokemon here will match the level of your highest level Pokemon.

Locations (Seven Island) 

After having some fun in the Trainer Tower, fly or walk past Seven Island's Pokemon 
Center, and start going south. Once you reach the bridge, talk to the guy with the 
blue hair. He's a Move Tutor, and will teach Swords Dance. Keep on going south, and 
you'll soon reach Sevault Canyon.

Sevault Canyon, Tanoby Ruins

Just follow the road and you'll know where to go. First, you'll battle two 
Cooltrainers. Go down the stairs to their left, and enter the cave called the Tanoby 
Key. Here, you'll solve a puzzle, shown in the screenshot to your left. As you can 
see, there are a total of seven rocks, three on top and four on bottom. Using 
strength, push the top middle boulder all the way up onto the hole. Next, push the 
other two boulders to the corresponding upper left and right holes. Then push the 
bottom row of the bottom boulders to their corresponding holes, and do the same with 
the last two. After all the boulders are in their place, there will be an 
earthquake. Now Unown will be available to catch in the Tanoby Ruins in the South.

Leave the cave and continue to go south. Along the way, there's an Itemball 
surrounded by rocks and boulders. That turns out to be a King's Rock. After that, 
you'll find a small house. Inside, talk to the man so you can dance the "Chansey 
Dance" to heal your Pokemon. The item on the table is Lucky Punch. Go south a bit 
afterwards, surf, and you'll reach the section of Seven Island known as the Tanoby 

The Tanoby Ruins are composed of seven mini-islands each containing a few different 
types of Unown. There's even two new Unown (! and ?), making the total number of 
Unown twenty-eight.


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