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Pokemon TCG for GameBoy Color English Walkthrough/FAQ

By cooolo (arhedeen for Instant Massager)

Date 7/30/02


This walkthru guide was made by cooolo. If
you're going to put it on your web site, do so without my
permission, but you must give me full credit.


Walkthru Part 1: Beginning
This is the English version of the Pokemon TCG for Gameboy Color. So, the names will 
be the same as the game, and the story, and the cards, etc.

The game starts out with you at the Pokemon Dome (you’re computerized thru this 
part. You read about the grand masters, the legendary cards, and how anyone can 
inherit them. You decide you want to play to!

Then, you run to Mason Laboratory and tell Dr. Mason you want to start playing with 
Pokemon cards ASAP. Dr. Mason calls Sam over to teach you how to play. Then you 
follow his steps to figure out the Pokemon card game.

Afterwards, Dr. Mason gives you a choice of three decks to start your adventure (it 
doesn’t matter which one you chose, it doesn’t matter). Sam and Dr. Mason give you 
advice to get you started and then you go out to start collecting those medals!!

Part 2 coming…


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