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How To Handle Prince Marth Like A Master

Well, all of you guys out there should know by now that Marth is one of the best 
charecters in the game, and heres a few Reasons:

1)He's Fast, Strong And Effective
2)His Costume Is Cool
3)He's From THE Greatest RPG EVER, Fire Emblem
4)He Has A Wicked Theme Song
5)He's THE Showstopper
6)He's Easy To Unlock.

First Of All, You Have To Unlock Marth. Just Use All The 14 Original Charecters In 
VS Mode Or 1P Mode Once, Or Play VS Mode 400 Times.

You Can See By The Fight He Puts Up While In he Battle To Decide If He's Unlocked Or 
Not, He's Downright Awesome.
Marth's Basic Moves
A=Basic Slash (2-6%)
A(Second)=Counter Slash (3-6%)
A(Dashing)=Raid Chop (6-12%)
A+-> Or <-=Sharp Edge (4-13%)
A+Up=Anti-Air Slash (4-12%)
A+Down=Low Stab (4-10%)

Marth's Smash Moves (All Can Be Charged)
A+Smash -> Or <-=Dragon Killer (7-27%)
A+Smash Up=Justice Sword (4-24%)
A+Smash Down=Whirlwind Blade (6-21%)

Marth's Air Moves
A=Double Slash (2-13%)
A+ Forward=Ariel Swipe (4-13%)
A+Backward=About Face (4-13%)
A+Up=Luna Slash (4-13%)
A+Down=Half Moon (4-13%)

Marths Throw Moves
Z Or R+A=Grab (0%)
A Or Z=Knee Attack (1-3%)
Forward=Bounce Throw (2-4%)
Backward=Throw Away (2-4%)
Up=Emblem Toss (2-4%)
Down=Slam (2-5%)
Special Attacks
B=Shield Breaker
B+ -> Or <- Dancing Blade (Can Be Used 4 Times In A Row To Make A 4 Hit Graceful 
B+Up=Dolphin Slash

Dancing Dolphin Slash (2 Hit)=Use Dancing Blade And Then Use Dolphin Slash
Super Dancing Dolphin (3 Hit) =Use Dancing Blade To Hit 2 Times, And Then Use 
Dolphin Slash
Super Duper Dancing Dolphin (4 Hit)= Use Dancing Blade To Hit 3 Times, And Then Use 
Dolphin Slash
Mega Sword Slash Dance (5 Hit)=Use Dancing Blade To Hit 4 Times, And Then Use 
Dolphin Slash
Mega Juggle (Works Until Opponent Retreats Or Flies Off Top Of Stage) Throw Opponent 
In Air, CHarge Up Your Justice Sword Smash Attack And Then Release When Opponent 
Comes Down. Repeat As Nessicary.

Hints And Tips For Marth
Choose Marth (Or His Partner Roy) Hold L+R  And Select One Of The Hyrule Stages 
(Temple Or Great Bay)
You Will Now Have The FIre Emblem Theme Song Playing While You Fight. (Also Happens 

Marth Vs Roy
So You Say Roy Is A Copy Of Marth, Eh? WRONG! I Have Experience With Both And They 
Are Quite Different. So Heres A Chart To Prove:

Jumps Better
Weighs Less
Less Powerful
Non Fire Attacks
Easier To Use

Worse Jumps
Weighs More
More Powerful
Fire Attacks
Harder To Use

As You Can See, They Have Their Pros And Cons, But Their Both Good Charecters. I 
Find Marth Slightly Better Though.

 Note To Reader
All Of These Techniques With Marth Work With Roy As Well.

So All In All, Marth Is The Best Charecter In The Game.

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