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**********Ok are you here because you like to read or because you like Marth*******
*NOTE*go to bottom to find instructions on how to unlock Marth if you don't have him.

A:Ok your answer is probaly because you like Marth. Well if thats true you came to 
the right spot. Ok here is some facts about Marth then we'll get started:

1.Ok Marth is a Prince....Prince Marth
2.He is very easy to use on the game and he is powerful.
3.I'd say he's eather a heavy weight or normal.
4.His sword attacks are very good.
5.Lets get started:

(1)Ok (B) is his shield braker, pretty good I'd say.Just hold (B) and he will 
unleash his mighty powers.

(2)left or right on the control stick whatever way your facing.Ok that was just 
telling you what to do here is the attack ← or →(left or right) on the controller 
and (B) at the same time.That is powerful after done a couple of times it will be 
easy for you to perform.

(3)Taunt....Ok this is easy well it gains your points if you can do it when someone 
is about to die.It gives you a bonus called "Fighting stance" well atleast that 
should be what happens, that is what the original super smah bros. does ok this is 
what to push for a taunt ......↑(up) on the control pad its very simple.

(4)ok i don't really know what the move is called but alls i can say it is a sword 
attack i think it is a special ...maybe ok this what you push ↑(up)and(b) at the 
same time it helps if you are falling off the cliff or something.

(5)Ok here is another sword trick.(C)ok that only works if you are playing on VS. 
mode.Its sorta powerful and will help of you like to fight.

(6)R....thats a shield bubble thing it only lasts for limited amount of time.But is 
very helpful.

(7)X then push L ok i think that is a shield like thing i will X-plain what it 
does.Ok when you jump push L it makes you fall but when your falling if something 
haits you it will protect you.Ok thats what it mostly does.My comment is that not to 
get attached to that move its sorta dumb and won't help you unless your desprit.

(8)(A) i think this is a sword trick it helps goodly.Try it.Just 1 button thats  A 
nothing special.

(9)Ok heres another one.(combo like trick)← →(left or right)on the control stick 
depending which way your looking and (A) at the same time.Its a special you hold it 
(left or right)and a at the same time and its real helpful.

(10)Up A ok hold Up and a and it does this like Upper sword slash it is a special 
heres a tip:If someone falls on you i suggest you do this trick.

(11)Down A=this is a good slash.Its a special try it.

(12)Down B=Don't know what the heck kinda trick this is but it might do something 

******HOW TO GET MARTH***************************************************************
To unlock Marth you must beat classic mode with ALL default characters.Then he'll 
put up a tough fight when you battle him.

Well hope you enjoyed my list.Those are the basics.I know theres probaly more tricks 
but.....I can't think right now.
Well try it out .This is 100% real and will help you.Oh yah !! By the way he'll put 
up a pretty tough fight up at the end when you are about to unlock him so i suggest 
you should use someone powerful for the battle.

More info*

Marths colors are white,black,purplish blue,and green.

Opinion: you'll get attached to him real fast.

Marth has a theme song. Once you get Marth is theme song will be playable on VS.mode.
Go to hyrule(temple) push start then right-a-way hold R+the L button until the match 
starts you'll notice a change in the music.

Ok well thats all hope you enjoyed all of profile doesn't lie LoL well i 
got it already planned for my next faq but its gonna be long in a way so you better 
hold your horses......Cya and enjoy the "todays" faq.

     Byebye, sayonara, later, Cya,B-bai, ^______^

 * SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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