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1:Copyright Info
3.1:Basic Manuvers
3.2:Basic Fighting
3.3:Sands of Time powers
4:Sand Creatures
5.1:The Manarajin's Tresures
5.2:You Have Unleashed the Sands of Time
5.3:A Secret Passage
5.4:The Sultin's Chambers
5.5:Actavating the Pallace's Defence Systems
5.6:The Courtyard of Doom
5.7:Try to Find a Way in!!
5.8:The Tower Wearehouse
5.9:The Zoo
5.11:The Baths
5.12:Deybreak at the Mess Hall
5.13:The Tower's Platform
5.14:I'll meet with you later. Go!!
5.15:Underground Caverns
5.16:The Palace Reservoir
5.17:Inside the Sultin's Harlem
5.18:Hall of Learning
5.20:The Coutyards and Ramparts
5.21:Decent into Prision
5.22:Round-Up at the Hourglass
5.23:Trapped in a Tomb
5.24:Farah, Come on Back!!
5.25:The Tower of Dawn
5.26:Shodown on the Tower of Dawn:The Vizor
6:Contact Info
1:Copyright Info---------------------------------
This is property of Cosmo Game-Guides Inc. Any copying or use of any of this 
Walkthrough is stricly prohibited by law.

2004-2005:Cosmo Game-Guides Inc.
All Rights Resirved
3/25/04:Went up to Rope Swinging in Basics.
3.1:Basic Manuvers---------------------------------
MOVING PRINCE:Use the Left anaolg stick to move the Prince.
CAMRA ANGLE CHANGES:You can change to Landscape or Prince's point of veiw. Move the 
camra with the Right analog stick.
WALL RUNNING:Press R1 while running on an angle twords the wall moving fowrwards or 
run directly twords a wall while holding R1.
WALL RUNNING+JUMP:While running on a wall, press the "X" button to leap off. To 
continue leaping up, each time you get to the other wall, hit "X" again.
BAR SWINGING: When under a bar hit the "X" Button to jump onto ti in a hanging 

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