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Guide: up=(^)  right=(>)  left=(<)  down=(\/)  tap the control stick=SMASH

If you love Jigglypuff, the balloon pokemon and want to learn to use it effectively, 
then this is your forum. Jigglypuff can be deadly, but most don’t know it, advantage 
People tend to think that JP is weak because it’s not as fast as c. falcon, as 
strong as DK, as nifty as link, as quick as fox, or doesn't have as quick of a dodge 
(\/ L) as Kirby. The list goes on and on.
But it can pile up damage, keep people off balance, and is my favorite character.   
 	Use quick attacks:
Like (A) jab, (>+A) roundhouse kick, and (jump+A) jump kick. Just use them casually 
as it can be sent flying.
 	Keep people off balance and set them up (for any KO moves) with:
With (>B) the very accurate and damaging pound (after slight hesitation, the quick 
yet long lasting punch is one of her best moves, the best off balance move, so use 
it and don’t leave yourself open!), or dash and (A) (it’s quick, but then she falls 
on her face and leaves itself open) can hit low on the ground or in air. With these 
you can set your opponents up for sleeps (\/+B) or other KO moves, the pound and 
dash attacks will send them overlapping you when they have very low damage, which is 
the best way you can hit with a sleep. The jump (\/+A) is good when trying to pile 
up hits, (^+A) when trying to hit someone over or behind you, (\/+A) to hit quick 
with distance and is also a low move (though not an accurate low move), and plan 
carefully to use sing (^+B)(use when you jump out of the way of an attack, enemy is 
doing a sliding attack, missing you or something to where they’ll end up9/10 times 
next to you w/40% while sleep).
	Some all around good attacks are you’re up, and right or left  aerial 
(A). Some do more damage, some hit far, and others are quick.
 	Jigglypuff is offensive because it can dish out damage and keep them off 
balance, but is always sent flying, so what will really make you great is combine 
above skills with an average dodge (>, \/, or < L) or let them send you flying. The 
(<>L) is good for letting you and the attacker go passed each other. Use moderate. 
The (\/L) is good for dodging stand still attacks and grabs. Use least. Shielding 
(L) is the best, except for against grabs. Get good at blocking and dodging to be 
invincible (Get good at it, just don’t concentrate on or overuse it, as Jigglypuff’s 
strong point is offense, so be aggressive). It has a good grab & throw also (L+A) 
that’s good after dodging or shielding (L). When you throw forward, it makes a clap 
sound and anyone touching Jigglypuff goes flying. With her throws down and up, it 
leaves them off balance for an ongoing beat-down. Throw down can hurt others around 
you. Throwing them back can be OK.
 	Go for the kill with KO moves:
SMASH (>A)-get some space and you should take care of them (73% or up). JP’s smash 
attack that hit's with the most distance.
SMASH (\/A)-when some one’s near the edge, time this right and they’ll go straight 
away or down instead of up. Also use when in a fray (close-up fight). JP’s quickest 
smash attack.
SMASH (^A)-a very powerful attack. Use when next to you or (preferably) when they 
are one Jigglypuff above you. JP’s most damaging smash attack.
(B)-Roll out-when in multiplayer and there is a fray, but you’re not in it use it. 
When you’re not close enough.
(\/B)- sleep-use it when people get to close or when in a fray. It sends them flying 
and if you look closely, on fire. Clusters of people help spread fire! Be on the 
look out for when you dodge into someone, vice versa, or dodge and someone attacks: 
anything that overlaps you with some one else, that’s when you use sleep. Or… do it 
on command. Jump on someone over lapping you and them (when they’re sleep or 
defenseless), otherwise it’s hard to land.
I also have a secret air technique that only Jigglypuff appears to be good at. You 
see, Jigglypuff’s being light makes her great in the air and after you’re hit with 
her, not only do you have more speed, but also more control than other characters. 
Right after you’re hit, even with a lot of damage, press the L button and it helps 
if you press it more, but watch out as it may cause you to dodge for no reason which 
can be fatal, but that should keep JP at a stand still position facing the camera (I 
hardly ever die!). Sometimes it automatically does this or you can just press the 
control stick in the opposite direction that you’re flying to. You can also press 
down and if sent close enough (doesn’t have to be too close) to the ground you can 
press (\/+L) right before she slides to recover. Tip: you can press any button to 
slow you from dying, but L works the best and be careful because you might recover 
in air before you press a button and mess yourself up with a move. Practice up. 
Remember can’t always hit far, and is often hit far (which can be advantageous: it 
gives you space from others). Space=good. JP can dish out damage and keep others off 
balance, Good luck and I hope my forum helped you.

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