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Here are some tips for powers.

Sword- Sword is one of my favorite powers. It is an Automatic power, and it has a 
good range. Strength is decent, too. It is good for use in Kirby Melee, and 
Destruction Derby, and races, too.

Needle- This power is decent, too. It is pretty strong and can keep enemies away. 
It is best used in Destruction Derbies.

Freeze- Freeze is similar to Needle, except it freezes the enemy and has a lesser 
ability to keep enemies away. It can be used well in Kirby Melee.

Wheel- Wheel increases your speed, but depending on the vehicle you were in, your 
control will diminsh. It's best used in races.

Sleep- The only advantage this gives you is that if someone else touches you, they 
will fall asleep, too. Better avoid this.

Plasma- This power is cool, but it takes a long time to get rid of. Do spins to 
charge up quickly. It is also annoying when you have a fully charged up shot and 
when you shoot it, you can't see anything in front of it.

Wing- Depending on the ship you are in, your speed may increase with Wing power. 
Don't just glide upwards or you will "stall" in the air.

That's all! Bye!

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