Raising a Good Team - Guide for Pokemon Crystal

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Remember in a well-rounded team you should cover a pokemon's weakness with another 
pokemon in your party.  Dual type Pokemon(such as Poison/Ghost Ghastly) are 
nice 'cause you add more types your team is good against, but it also adds 
weaknesses to your team as well.  Try not to include more than 2 dual type pokemon 
in your roster unless they have very few weaknesses like Kingdra who is only bad 
against Dragon types.  The team shown below covers all weaknesses and has plenty of 
types it can take out.

1. Typhlosion- Fire   Good against- grass, ice, bug, steel
                      Bad against-  water, ground, rock

2. Electrode- Electric  Good against- water, flying
                        Bad against-  ground
   Double Team

3. Blastoise- Water     Good against- fire, ground, rock
                        Bad against-  electric, grass
   Rain Dance
   Body Slam (Trade from Red/Blue/Yellow with Body Slam)

4. Sandslash- Ground    Good against- fire, rock, steel, poison, electric
                        Bad against-  water, grass, ice
   Iron Tail
   Sunny Day (reduces water type attacks by 1/2 and prevents freezing)

5. Dragonite- Dragon/Flying  Good against- dragon, grass, bug, fighting
                             Bad against-  dragon, ice, rock
   Iron Tail
   Ice Beam

6. Clefable- Normal     Good against- none
                        Bad against-  fighting
   Ice Beam
(use sing and while the opponent's asleep minimize up to 6 times to increase your 
chances of avoiding an opponents' attack!)

While this team doesn't look like much, it can crush anything in its path if used 
the right way and given the proper items to hold, such as a magnet for Typhlosion or 
a Miracleberry for Clefable.  If you want to see my true team or have any questions, 
e-mail me at [email protected]  Who knows, I may even learn something from 
you.  Hope you liked this and become better Pokemon trainers!

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