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                           LUGIA & Ho-oh               version 2.0     

1. Introducing me
2. version history 
3. recemended moves
4. training tips
5. Legal info
6. credits

Hi! I am LugiaMaster. This is my first guide. If you have any tips to making a good 
faq, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

2. Version history
1.0= First Version!
2.0= Added more training tips

 These are the moves I used to make my unbeatible Lugia & Ho-oh!

 LUGIA Lv. 100
1. Ancient power ( Lv. 88)
2. Fly ( HM 02)
3. Recover
4. Endure ( TM 20)

 HO-OH Lv. 100
1. Ancient power ( Lv. 88)
2. Fire blast ( Lv. 44)
3. Earthquake ( TM 26)
4. Protect ( TM 17)

 These are some tips to make training easy:
1. Mystery Gift a friend. Now go to the battle building in Viridian City. There you 
will battle the person you mystery gifted with controlled by a computer.

2. Try going in areas with high level Pokemon and beat them.

3. Rebeat the Elite 4 and Red.

4. Leave them in daycare. Note: The man and woman will choose the moves they learn.

5. battle trainers

6. Trade into another version( Pokemon grow more quick in other versions)

7. Fight a Gym Leader

8. Battle wild Pokemon

9. Keep on battling!

 5. Legal info

 This guide is copyright by me, LugiaMaster. If you would like to post this guide on 
your website, E-mail me first, then wait for a reply.

 1. To me, for writing this guide.
 2. http://www.cheatcodes.com/ , for letting me post this on their site.

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