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Resident Evil 4


This Walkthrough contains strong violence that people may find cruel.


Resident Evil 4
Nintendo GameCube
FAQ & Walkthrough
Copyright 2005 by DeadNsleepiN
Version 1.0
January ??, 2005

Version 1.0
Chapters 1 to the beginning of 2
Enemies/Bosses (some)
Characters (some)
Weapons (some, if not all)
Credits (some, maybe all)

Some areas my be unclear until final version, I need to go through the game once or twive to get 100%
clearness factor! This one is based off memory so far, and some replay at my friend's house. I
have played my game to chapter 2-3, but I don't really remember a lot of stuff. Also,
some moments may be a little weird or slightly misleading, but for now, enjoy this!

1. Controls
2. Characters
3. Weapons
4. Enemies/Bosses
5. Walkthrough
6. Hints/Tips
7: Information
8: Credits

Chapter 1: Controls
Same (almost) as Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 1 on GCN, not sure about 2 and 3, cause I haven't played them on GCN, but on Playstation I have!

L: Draw Knife
R: Aim Weapon
Z: Map
Y: Nothing in Chapter 1, in Chapter 2 it is to tell Ashley to "Wait" or "Follow" 
X: Bring up item/file menu.
A: Action (used for various reasons as you will soon find out!)
B: Exit item/file menu; used with other buttons.

Control Stick: Move 
D-Pad: Move, also.
C-Stick: Look up or down, zoom (with rifle and binoculars)

L+A: Attack with knife.
R+A: Fire weapon!
R+B: Reload (very important to remember, no "combining" your ammo with the gun in the item menu!)
B+C-Stick: Do a 180 (not in the air! I already tried that! xD)
B+Control Stick: Another way to do a 180.

Note! In some moments during the gam (dodging, jumping, etc.) you will be asked to preform a 
button combo, such as L+R or A+B. Also, the A button will let you Knock down ladders, jump,
climb, and all sorts of stuff. Don't worry, you'll see a note at the bottom of the screen to
tell you when to use these!

Chapter 2: Charecters

Leon Kennedy: You could play as him in Resident Evil 2. He was sucked in to the Raccoon City 
tragedy on his first day on the job! He has been trained under special orders of the president
to go to Europe and rescue his daugheter, Ashley (a royal pain in the arse! but semi-hot, lol!)

Ashley Graham: The presidents daughter, who, for some reason, got herself in a postion of
needing to be rescued!

Luis Sera: The guy that looks like Viggo Mortesen (Aragorn, LOTR!) is now spanish, and in resident evil.
He was a cop in Madrid, Spain, until his "hero" idea wa ruined, and became a "ladies man" now this wuss
is with you, but he doesn't help till EHP2...

Hunnigan: Just the person you contact with the walkie-video-talkie. She would be really hot without those
geek glasses, lol!

Village Chief (the big cheese!): Some bung-hole who is really tall, and really Gothic looking,
but, he grows! You'll see what I mean.

Lord Saddler: The main meanie of RE4, he kidnapped the daughter, and sense I think you're reading this...
I won't tell you why! Lol!

I know a bunch of others, but I'm not 100% sure on there names.

Chapter 3: Weapons

All the weapons I know so far.

Handgun: The first one you get. Good for close head shots and really bad for long range, so 
I say use it while fighting one or two villagers. Takes a while to reload, and isn't very

Shotgun: Guess. Lol. Good at close range, and really good at closed ranged head shots. Use your
shotgun against 3-8 villagers that are surrounding you, or cornering!

Rifle: Only good if you buy the scope. Use ONLY at DISTANT range! You can zoom out and stuff, and
one shot to the head with this guy, blows it off! Use only if the enemy is NOT moving, and is FAR
away! Takes time to reload, and after one shot, you have to wait a second to shoot the next.

TMP: Small ingram like gun, 2x better with stock (aiming wise). Carries 30 shots, and they
run out FAST! Use only if your shotgun is out of ammo, and your handgun is just not enough!
Very scarce ammo, and like I said, it is all gone in a matter of seconds. And to add to that,
takes a really long time to reload, like the rifle.

9p: An "unlockable" weapon, which means you have to reach a certain point in the game to get it.
2x better then normal handgun, but 3x better with the stock. Only holds 8 shots, so use it when
you don't want to kill an enemy, by that I mean shot him so he/she is stunned and you can get by!

The Punisher: No, not some amazing machine gun like I thought it was when Tom talked about it. 
This is the "reward" you get for shooting ten Blue medallions, or getting far enough in the game.
Holds ten ammo, and can shoot through enemies (one behind the other) and is 2x better than the 9b
and 3x better than the Handgun. Use it as your handgun, cause it is just the same, just a lot

Rocket Launcher: I hate this thing. One shot, use it againes El gigante or whatever if YOU REALLY
NEED TO! I highly recommend you buy something else unless you just have to have it. It costs a lot
and only has one shot, so far there is no rocket shells to pick up. 

Flash Grenade: Stuns the enemy(s) for about 10 seconds, good enough to make a safe distance away
or to get your gun loaded.

Hand Grenade: Like a shotgun, but you throw it, lol! Use at a distance, and is guranteed to kill
all enemies in range (unless they are those mutant villagers!)

Incendiary Grenade: The best grenade of all! Burns those suckers ( and kills them instantly.
be stupid and through it directly in fron of you!

Chapter 4: Enemies
I'm not sure what they're called, so just recognize them by the way I describe them.

Villagers: What would be a zombie, villagers look humane, but can withstand multiple headshots,
and carry pitchforks, hatchets, torches, DYNAMITE, and other stuff you can knock out of there 
Best Weapon: Handgun is against 1 or 2...3 if you're good with it. Otherwise, shotgun!
Best Strategy: Against 1, shoot it in the head until he dies or it comes off. Or shoot it in the
head, kick it, then slice it with your knife (funner, and saves a LOT of ammo!)

Mutant Villagers: Look like villagers, BUT if you shoot there head off, this weird ass thing
comes out and swings around. So, be careful around them, they can combo you!
Best Weapon: Shotgun, handgun is just a waist. Rifle if you can do it fast enough!
Best Strategy: Shoot it in the head with a Rifle, or shotgun. Do that till it dies, these things

Chainsaw Villager: Freakin asshole! Wears a sack on his head, and if he gets to close, he'll, not kidding, lop
off your head! It is awesome to watch that happen, but still...try to stay alive!
BestWeapon: Shotgun; this is one tough guy! Takes a series of shots to kill. Do the Shoot/Kick/Slash method
but be warned, he might get up!
Best Strategy: Shotgun to the head, then do the ole shoot/hack/slash method. He might get up, and if he does,
do it again! DUH!

Mutant Wolves: Wolves, but a little less frightened of humans. Easy to kill if one on one, life
threatening if more than two.
Best Weapon: RIFLE! They will stand still if you don't get too close. So yank that out and pop 
em in the head!
Best Strategy: Stand far away, and shoot them with the rifle. Or RIGHT before they land on you,

Snakes: Snakes, duh! Not really harmful, but will bite you! Watch out what wooden boxes you cut
open, cause they can be in there!
Best Weapon: Knife, or handgun if you really have too...
Best Strategy: Oh, come on!


Boss #1: The thing from the lake IS FRIGGIN HUGE! Really easy if you have good aim.
Best Weapon: THE ONLY WEAPON! The harpoon!
Strategy: Through a harpoon at it! A lot easier than it sounds!

Boss #2: El Gigante (part 1)
Best Weapon: Rifle. rocket launcher, whatever! TMP if you're desperete!
Best Strategy: In part one, get it to look at the dog (if you did the subquest) and it will chase
it down, don't worry, it won't kill it. Shoot the hell out of it until it stops, and the
weird mutant thingy will come out of its back. RUN! I SAY RUN TO THAT SUCKER! TAP A TO CLIMB ON 
after two climb and cuts, you got him.

Boss #3: El Gigante (part 2) **Only if you go right at a certain part**
Best Weapon: Nothing, just have out your handgun or TMP.
Best Strategy: Keep ashley safe, and shoot the chains off the door. Keep going until you get to
a locked door. Then, turn back and run to get the key, and then run back. Easy, just don't get
Ashley killed, which means DON'T TELL HER TO WAIT!

Boss #4: The Big Cheese (a.k.a. Chief villager)
Best Weapon: Can someone say...TMP!?!
Best Strategy: Shoot, shoot, shoot. AND DO NOT GO UP THE LADDER! If you don't have full health,
it means instant death. He is taller (like I said) cause...well...just watch the nasty cutscene.

Chapter 5: Walkthrough

Six Years Have Passed...

After the opening cutscene, enter the house, or get used to the controls.


After that cutscene, shoot the villager in the head, kick him, and then hack and slash him
until he dies. Note! From now on, doing that will be refered to as Shoot/Kick/Slash


Well, explore upstairs for some HANDGUN AMMO and a really nasty alcove under the stairs. I HATE
maggots! Lol! Then either (A) Go down stairs and jump out the window, or (B) Go upstairs and
jump out the window! (B is cooler!)
Three Villagers will be out there, so, shoot one, run around, shoot another, and keep doings this till
there is one left, then shoot him, kick him, and hack and slash him! Wee! ~~After that, go down the rode
to where the officers where, and look down and theres a cutscene that shows the fate of the villagers.-Tom~~
Continue on down the friggin path until a wolf-dog is visible in a bear trap. HELP HIM!
He'll help you so much when you first fight El Gigante! Oh yeah, and my dog looks like him! Then
a little farther down you'll see red light, or dynamite attatched to trees, shoot the dynamite
and then look to the right and shoot the other one! Gosh darn it, thos things really bug me! Also, look in
the grass for a bear trap, I passed it the first time through, but I found it! Just shoot it to close it.
Continue you on and BOOMEH! A villager yells at you, and take him out the old Shoot/Kick/Slash method.
So yeah, explore whatever you want, until you reach three villagers lookin at you funny. They run off,
so don't worry...they won't come to kill you till Evil Hard Part One! Continue down the path, and open the gate.


Well, just run up to the tree and the (A) LOOK will appear, do so, and you'll pull out your 
binoculars and look around the village. Oh, and there's that dumbass officer who ran
the fire...
EHP1!!! The second one sees you, you'll be bombared over and over by hundreds of villagers. The
idea, RUN AROUND! They are slow, unless they run! Don't really need to kill them, so just
shoo them in the head and run to another part. Enter some of the houses in the beginning (before
you get to the tower) and in one of them is the SHOTGUN! w00t! And grenades! Take it, and run! Get everything
out of the houses and climb the bell tower for shotgun shells! more w00tness! But don't use the
SHOTGUN. After killing or after a certain time (not really sure) the bell will ring, and the'll all
leave! <<>>After Killing 14 VILLAGERS the bell will ring!Thanks to Peter, who has beaten it...<<>> 
~~while the villagers are still there, go into the biggest house and a cutscene will play, baracade the~~
~~window with the dresser and run upstairs for the shot gun. Then, jump out the window and land on the~~
~~roof. Kill all the villagers on there and run to the right of the big cabin and go down the wooden path,~~
~~at the end is a spinel! And a good shooting point.~~Tom~~
Go around into every nook and cranny and get as many items as you can, and if you get a GREEN,
RED, and YELLOW HERB, mix them to mack the ultimate healing item. Save it till El Gigante, though!
After that, go to where Hunnard told you to go, the path next to the big tower, and enter the
door a little ways from there. Explore the two cabins for some useful items, and then go into the
other cabin right next to it for an "Alert" note, which says that they knew you were coming...


Go to the tree and get the blue note, and shoot the blue medallion. Just to spoil the fun,
you get the PUNISHER for shooting ten, but you can't do that for a LONG time. But I recommend
you shoot as many as you can for now.
Go into the first big barn you see, and you'll be attacked by a few villagers, so just use
the handgun cause they don't come in groups. Then go up the ladder, and if you didn't all ready,
kill the villager up there. Then, hope out the window, and go RIGHT and jump down. You'll find
a treasure there, and it will come in handy soon (money wise). Push the bookshelf away and leave.
Again, go around and kill all the villagers (not a lot, I promise!) and explore every nook
and cranny! You'll see a well with a sparkle above it. Get close to it and you'll notice that
it is a necklace! Shoot it with the handgun and get it out. It isn't worth a lot, but hey! Go
through the gate that doesn't lead to the village, and get your mashing finger ready.


Ok, walk a little...the WHAM! The villagers push a friggin boulder on you! Tap (A) as fast
as you friggin can, then when YOU SEE IT! MAKE SURE YOU SEE IT! Press the (B) button! Or,
be a cheap-o and press the (A) and (B) button as fast as you can, and that's a gurantee
you'll surivive, unless you mess up pressing the B button!
~~My game told me to press L+R, so be careful what you press! It could mean your life!~~Tom~~
As you can tell, the boulder left a chunk in the wall...that actually is a cave! There are bats in here,
but they just fly around and leave. Shoot down the sparkles on the ceiling to get Spinels. Continue on
to the final area of Chapter 1-1!


Head to the smallest cabin you can see, but don't go in! A villager may be standing on the other side throwing
dynamite at you! It might blow up the dynamite trap in the cabin, but if it doesn't, aim at the dynamite on the
wall and shoot it. Then, slowly enter the cabin to get a spinel, then look down and shoot the bear trap.
You'll see a big cabin in front of you, and one to the right. RUN to the cabin in front of you, shoot off the lock
and go inside! If you stand out there, you'll get at least two dynamites at a time thrown at you, and it still hurts
if one explodes, and then the next one does right after! Shoot the lock off, like I said, and enter. Grab any items 
you see and slowly approach the hallway. You'll see dynamite, so shoot it. Head to the office area with the type-
writer, and shoot the dynamite you see there, too. Get all the items, then turn around and push the bookshelf away.
You'll hear knocking coming from the dresser in there, so go open it...


|Ok, watch the cutscenes and press (L)+(R) when you|
|need to. Save, cause there's another EHP coming up|
|real soon.                                        |



Walk out the room and a quick cutscene will play. Don't worry, he won't hurt you. Get the RIFLE AMMO from the desk
and head out side and go to the merchant. Sell him all of your SPINELS, the BEERSTEIN, and the DIRTY NECKLACE. Buy
the RIFLE plus the SCOPE (RIFLE) and a first aid spray if you have enough! ((WARNING!)) From now on, I'll assume
you bought the RIFLE for the rest of the walkthrough, so just buy it! Rocket Launcher isn't that great, I swear!)) 
Head out and head towards the big gate. You get a glimpse of Evil Hard Part (EHP) 2! Well, get your handgun ready, 
and head in!
Quickly turn right and do the Shoot/Kick/Slash move and then get out your rifle. Aim near the stairs that lead to 
the bridge. Shoot ONLY the guys with dynamite. If they are starting to get to close. Head to the gate (behind you)
and you can pick them off with the handgun there. Try to at least shoot the closest one in the head and then Kick
him, cause it will knock others back for precious reload time. Stay on the little cliff area until the villagers stop
coming up there.
Get out your Rifle again and shoot any villagers you see in the distance. Head down the area and go one the wooden path
and kill the villagers there. Don't shoot the red can yet! Shoot the villager on the roof, and run up the ladder. Turn
around and knock it down. Stay up there until you have a good amount of villagers around the bottom (continue to knock
down the ladder if they try to put it up) and then aim with handgun and shoot the red can! BOOM! Run to the chest on top
of the house to get the EMBLEM (RIGHT HALF). There's a hole in the roof near you, but villagers may be waiting down there.
Let any down there come up and you can easily pick them off one by one. Once they stop, jump down and get all the items.
Don't go through the door, go to the open window and jump out (you'll see a barrel) and run up the path to the cabins and
get ready for even harder area.
Ok, run behind the cabin and shoot the villagers with the SHOTGUN (only if they come in groups) then run to the ladder
and climb up on to the roof, then climb up the second ladder. Shoot the villager up there and kick him off. Then get 
out the RIFLE and shoot any villagers still coming for you. They can climb up the ladder, but you'll be fast enough to 
shoot them. If you run out of ammo, get out a handgun and jump down one level. Pick them off from up there. Once the music 
stops playing, enter the cabin and get all items. Then, run to the bridge and go across. Run down then go left up the big 
path to a pile of barrels and some other stuff. Go to the end to get the chest and get EMBLEM (LEFT HALF). Combine them and 
head back to where you were before. Open the big gate and head in. Aren't you glad Evil Hard Part 2 is over? Time to take a


Told you! Nothing at all in here, no villagers, nothing! Go take a bathroom break or eat something, then come back
and explore this area. Get any items you NEED! No red or yellow herbs! Try to make more space in your item area so
we can pick up more ammo and health items. Then, obviously, head through the big white doors!


The music is playing! VILLAGERS! This part is easy if you follow what I say. No villagers are in the first room, so
get all items and head through the door.
Villagers! Stay in that small square area and pick them off as they keep hobbling through. Kick them as much as you can,
and use your knife if you really need to. Once they stop coming, head down the hallway and jump through the window.
Stand as far away as possible from these guys! Once you enter, they both through dynamite! Use your RIFLE to pick them off.
Some will die from the dynamite explosions. Once they are dead, slowly walk up to were they were and shoot the bear traps!
Then turn right and shoot more bear traps! Go to the stoves and turn and shoot the two villagers with the SHOTGUN, it will
save you time and a lot of health. Once they're dead, go to the fire gates and open the one on the right to get a SPINEL,
and no, the fire won't hurt you! Turn to the one on the left, and aim near the bushes and try to spot the bear trap. Waste
a shot and shoot at it, it's ok if it's already closed, you have to be careful with these things! Go to the gate and open
it for HANDGUN AMMO. Turn around and go through the door.
No villagers in here, but this is the time you get that shiny mask you saw in the first room! Shoot the boarded window
with the shotgun and jump through. Get the ELEGENT MASK, it is worth a lot! Go back and get all the items, then head
through the evil little door!
Go down the ramp and do your signature move, Shoot/Kick/Slash and then jump down into the water. Get all items, and take
a quick breather and play with the fishies! They don't need to worry! Climb back up and then go to the ladder and
climb into the light!


Aren't you glad that there is no more villagers for the rest of the sub-chapter? (hint, hint!) I am! But, the danger
isn't over. Turn to the sparley over the well and shoot it to get a really valuble POCKET WATCH. Then, slowly turn and
shoot all the bear traps and the dynamite trap! Explore the small cabin for a few items, and then head up the path to
the misleading cabin.


Ok, head up the stairs and into the little hallway. You'll see a weird blue orb on the door, and it ends up being one
of the many easy puzzles. For my game, I had to turn it 'UP' once, then turn it 'RIGHT' once. If that isn't it, then
think of the Quake symbol with a little more detail...then once it's unlocked, head through.
Now do you know what I mean by misleading? Well, get the file off the bed. Then go to the dresser and get the money
that's in there. Then head over to the desk and open the drawer and get the HANDGUN AMMO. Head over to the end table
to get the KEY! FINALLY! Go through the door...and I hope you're happy!


|Well, Leon doesn't understand what he meant, but I|
|hope you do! Oh, and the Chapter 1-3 doesn't mind |
|throwing some really hard parts at you, so be     |
|prepared!                                         |



Woo hoo! You've made it this far! Well, head on down the stairs and at the bottom, do a one eighty and go into the
little bathroom. Kill the villager with the Shoot/Kick/Slash method and head out. Go into the dining room and go to
the right opening closest to the dining table. Get the GRENADE from the shelf by cutting open the glass. Then check
the little drawer for an item. Turn around then head back to the dining hall. Head to the door, but turn right and
go into the kitchen. Open the oven to get BROWN CHICKEN EGG, a really good health item, you'll need it. Turn around
and go through the door.


You read me, CHAINSAW! The first thing you see is another chainsaw villager. Get out that GRENADE, step back, and wait
for the other villagers to come, and toss it. Then get out that shotgun and shoot the normal villagers first. Evade the
friggin chainsaw dude at ALL COSTS! If he gets to close, it's off with the head for you! I know, it's gory and cool, but
you don't want to do this you? Once the other villagers are dead...aim at the chainsaw sucker. Wait until he
gets up close and FIRE! BOOM! Then, do it again...about...what? 7-9 more times?! Jesus! It's worth it, I swear! And it
makes your heart beat faster due to the fact it's either your head or his. When he's down, get the Ruby! It is worth a lot,
and by now you've picked up the ELEGANT MASK and the RUBY...that's worht 1,003,000! w00tness! But, no merchant yet!
Head down the path until you see a cabin. Get out the Rifle and aim for the lonely "Husband" and shoot his friggin head off!
Then go down and his "wife" will come screachin out! Take her down with the handgun using the Shoot/Kick/Slash method.
Continue on down the path some more and stop once you see the four villagers just sitting there. Shoot one or two of them 
with the Rifle, then get out the HANDGUN and blast the rest of them away! Continue down and get the wood board off the door,
and guess what...


Well, this isn't like the first time you came into this evil ass village! This is faster and a lot easier, trust me.
Run to the building near the tower and only shoot the villagers so you can stun them and get them out of the way. 
It takes a few seconds, but it can be dangerous if you decide to stop and shoot. Once your at the building, unlock 
it and go in.
Get all the items inside of here, and head through the door.
Stand against the wall and shoot the light to get a SPINEL. Watch out! The fire and explosion can hurt you! Open
the hatch and jump down.


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