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Need For Speed: Most wanted respawning guide.

Kendall Sorenson


1. General guide to respawning
2. Respawning during pursuits.

1. General guide to respawning:
Respawning causes your car to reset itself and flicker on screen. During the
few precious seconds that you are flickering, you are able to pass through
movable objects such as signs, other cars and trucks, and other racers. You
cannot pass through solid objects such as large trees. 

One thing that is possible is to stay flickering by passing through another
car and staying "inside of it." Its a good way to have a little fun.

To respawn, press the "Select" button. your car will automatically reset 
itself if your car flips over.

2. Respawning during pursuits.
Now, if you have a controller like mine, and you have big thumbs like mine, 
then you might have had a few moments where you accidentally press the select
button when you really meant to press, say, the right directional button. on
my controller, those two buttons are right next to each other.

I've seen several hints on various cheat sites that say not to respawn during
pursuits, because you will be instantly busted. I have been experementing with
the select button(with the power button on my dvd remote at the ready), and 
have discovered something which may be of great use. 

If your Busted/Evade meter is inside of the busted area, anywhere on the left
side of the screen, or in the middle, you will be busted if you respawn. 
However, if you respawn while the meter is anywhere on the right side of the
screen, you will not be busted, and take off again. This is EXTREMELY useful
if you are a long way ahead of the cops but have crashed into one of those 
trucks that carry wood. Just make sure you press the respawn button BEFORE
your meter goes back to the middle or left side.

I have used this trick to let the cops catch up to me if i am a long ways away
and i'm supposed to have a longer pursuit time. It is HIGHLY UNRECOMENDED to 
use this trick if you are in heat level 4, 5, or 6, as the cops will surround
you almost instantly and you will not be able to escape before you get busted.
You might be able to use the trick in these heat levels if you have 3 cars or
less on your tail.

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