Rookie Scouting - Find Out Their Ratings Before You Draft Them - Guide for Madden NFL 2005

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When your at the rookie scouting screen,have you ever seen comments and wondered 
what they mean.Well i found a site that lists the comments and what they do for 
your player
  + means greater than the number, - means less than,  
  eg. 49- means less than (and including 49) / 80+ means above and (including) 
  but the value is more likely to be closer to the number, eg. 83 rather than 93.   
  he has an unbelievable arm THP 90+  
  has excellent arm strength. you can't ask for a better arm THP 90+    
  has a quick delivery and the arm to make all the throws THP 80-89    
  goos arm strength, sort of Kelly Holcomb type THP 80-89    
  puts good velocity and zips behind his tosses THP 80-89    
  very accurate, displaying proper placement and precision on his throws THP 80-
  had adequate arm strength, but is more effective with medium routes THP 70-79    
  this guy is a career backup with his arm strength THP 70-79    
  he might have enough arm strength to go in on fake FGs, Maybe THP 69-    
  his arm is terrible, he'll never be a starting NFL quarterback THP 69-    
  very accurate, displaying proper placement and precision on his throws  THA 
  knows how to take something off and shows great confidence in his touch THA 
  very accurate QB. He reminds me of a young Brett Favre THA 80+    
  pretty accurate for a rookie, he will improve with time THA 70-79    
  he shows accuracy and touch on all his throws THA 70-79    
  has a good touch, knowing when to take some velocity off THA 70-79    
  may need some work with a QB coach. Break down his mechanics THA 70-79    
  he has the accuracy of Kordell Stewart in even years THA 60-69    
  he'll fit right in as the third string quarterback for now THA 60-69    
  might need some work on his accuracy. Could be mechanics THA 60-69  
  not the most accurate thrower - tends to throw off his back foot THA 59-  
  he will be a dangerous  weapon in the NFL. the next Mike Vick SPD 90+  
  he scares NFL coaches and GMs with his speed SPD 90+    
  has excellent speed. he will beat teams running and throwing SPD 80-89    
  this kid is one of the "new breed" of NFL quarterbacks SPD 80-89    
  this QBs speed reminds me of McNabb or Culpepper SPD 80-89    
  has the speed to scramble, possessing a fluid stride heading upfield SPD 70-79    
  very elusive. has the speed of Rich Gannon SPD 70-79    
  as fast as Jeff Garcia. He's got enough speed to matter SPD 60-69    
  good enough speed to outrun ends or backers to the corner SPD 60-69    
  he's a classic pocket passer. Think Chad Pennington's speed SPD 50-59    
  typical pocket passer speed. Just enough to get by SPD 50-59    
  he reminds me alot of Tom Brady in terms of pure speed SPD 50-59   
  as fast as Brian Griese or Peyton Manning. Which isn't fast SPD 49-   
  he has Mike Vick ability to outrun defenders ACC 90+   
  it's scary how well he can accelerate away from defenders ACC 80-89   
  he won't outrun Derrick Brooks, but he had good acceleration ACC 70-79   
  he will not outrun defenders, but he has a small amount of juice ACC 60-69   
  he just doesn't have that second gear to outrun defenders ACC 50-59   
  he's a pocket passer. he is not a running QB ACC 49-  
  does not have the quickness to gain yardage past the line of scrimmage ACC 49-  
  creative quarterback who has impressive improvisational skills AGI 80+  
  has the body control to make defenders miss when on the move AGI 80+    
  shows good mobility in the pocket and is able to throw on the run AGI 70-79    
  has the lateral agility to slide in the pocket AGI 70-79    
  he has just adequate agility in the pocket AGI 60-69    
  has the moves of a Rob Johnson. Exactly. AGI 60-69    
  seems to have difficulties avoiding defenders during a fierce pass rush AGI 50-
  he's not going to make defenders miss when he scrambles AGI 50-59  
  he won't make defenders miss like Michael Vick. Poor agility AGI 50-59  
  does not have the lateral agility to escape the pocket AGI 49-  
  displays great presence in the huddle. A true leader AWR 70-79  
  reads defenses well and looks to check off has great awareness AWR 70-79  
  takes his time spotting targets and is never rattled by pressure AWR 70-79  
  never panics in the pocket, showing poise and composure AWR 60-69  
  stands strong in the pocket, maintaining his composure under pressure AWR 60-69  
  knows how to look defenses off to spot his secondary targets AWR 60-69  
  never panics in the pocket, showing poise and composure AWR 60-69  
  he'll fit right in as a third string quarterback for now AWR 50-59  
  it may take a couple of years to get a return on your investment AWR 50-59  
  lacks the ideal instincts you want in a field general AWR 50-59  
  has trouble reading defenses, staying on his primary targets too long AWR 40-49  
  must develop a more take-charge attitude in the huddle AWR 39-  
  knows how to hang on the ball and not take chances CAR 70+  
  he almost never fumbles which is amazing for a QB CAR 70+  
  is about average when it comes to ball security CAR 60-69  
  he will fumble. it shouldn't be a major problem, though CAR 60-69  
  he will be an average NFL QB where fumbling is concerned CAR 60-69  
  needs to secure the ball better, as he has had fumble problems CAR 50-59  
  he'll lead the league in QB fumbles if he starts CAR 50-59  
  recently diagnosed with 'severe fumbilities' CAR 50-59  
  he's a drive killer mainly due to his fumbling problems CAR 40-49  
  He's prone to fumbling when hit on his blindside CAR 40-49  
  ball-security problems lead to a high number of fumbles CAR 40-49  
  he has never learned how to hold on to the ball CAR 39-  
  he set the record for fumbles at his school this season CAR 39-  
  he will fumble two to three times a game. Not good for a QB CAR 39-  
  this is one of the toughest kids i've ever met. rarely injured INJ 90+  
  even if he's sacked as much as carr was as a rookie, he'll get up INJ 90+  
  you need a QB that can play through injuries. And this kid can INJ 80-89  
  tough and durable, he's never been knocked out of a game INJ 80-89  
  he wont have too much trouble with injuries INJ 70-79  
  he'll have the normal amount of injuries that an NFL player has INJ 70-79  
  he may see a small amount of injuries, but i wouldn't worry INJ 70-79  
  he has a propensity for getting injured. Plan accordingly INJ 60-69  
  a serious injury earlier in his career needs further medical evaluation INJ 60-
  a qb this inury prone could be a problem INJ 50-59  
  one big injury and he'll never be the same INJ 50-59  
  a QB this injury prone could be a problem INJ 50-59  
  he'll be lucky if he stays healthy rheough the preseason INJ 50-59  
  he will spend 1/3 of his career on injured reserve INJ 40-49  
  he's a prima donna that is constantly injured and whining INJ 40-49  
  he's one good hit away from a career ending injury INJ 39-  
  every time he's sacked, you'd better hold your breath INJ 39-  
Running Back    
  has blazing speed, something NFL teams covet at the HB position SPD 90+  
  has pure speed. something that can't be taught SPD 90-95    
  he was a two sport athlete in college who also ran track SPD 80-89    
  great speed to outrun corners and linebackers in a foot race SPD 80-89    
  has effective breakaway speed in the open SPD 80-89    
  more comfortable moving the chains than going for the big play SPD 80-89    
  despite his production, he lacks top-end speed SPD 79-    
  does not have top-end speed to elude in the open SPD 79-    
  has a sharp outside burst - shows explosive acceleration around the corner ACC 
  quick-switch runner with no hesitation in his initial burst ACC 90+    
  shows good seperation ability ACC 80-89   
  shifty runner around the corner with incredible acceleration ACC 80-89  
  has an above-average short burst to cut back or bounce outside ACC 80-89  
  has the acceleration needed to cut around the corner ACC 80-89  
  he is hesitant to kick it into that extra gear needed to get to the second level 
ACC 70-79    
  he lacks sudden burst out of his stance before getting into gear ACC 69-    
  can make cuts in the hole - has hip swerve needed to avoid defenders AGI 90+    
  can make defenders miss in the open with his sick juking moves AGI 80-89    
  has the lateral agility to quickly bounce outside AGI 80-89    
  has the agility to spin away from tacklers AGI 80-89    
  needs to develiop better cutting moves to avoid tacklers AGI 79-    
  more of a straight ahead runner, lacking the juking moves to turn corners AGI 79-
  lacks elusive running skills, showing little hip swerve AGI 79-    
  powerful tackle-breaker with excellent balance and strength BTK 90+    
  lowers his head and punishes with tremendous force BTK 90+    
  keeps his pad level low as he bounces off arm tackles BTK 80-89    
  explosive runner with the hip swerve to break tackles BTK 80-89   
  drives with his legs to gain yards through traffic BTK 70-79    
  has the power to gain yardage after the initial hit BTK 70-79    
  breaks tackles with a powerful leg drive BTK 70-79    
  does not have the leg drive to move piles BTK 60-69    
  has trouble trying to create a surge to move the pile BTK 60-69    
  he will generally go down from the initial hit BTK 60-69    
  he isn't going to be the back that breaks tackles. He'll have to be elusive BTK 
  doesn't have much skill breaking tackles BTK 50-59    
  he's obviously not a featured back with his inability to break arm tackles BTK 49-
  catches the ball well coming out of the backfield, extending properly CTH 70+    
  shows good hands in the short area passing game CTH 70+    
  good receiver who was a regular target of his qb in their passing attack CTH 60-
  maintains concentration going up for the ball to make the catch in traffic CTH 60-
  looks comfortable catching the ball CTH 60-69   
  decent receiver with average hands and pass-catching ability CTH 50-59    
  hands are very suspect, so he was never involved in the passing game CTH 50-59    
  liability in the passing game - does not have the hands to catch the ball CTH 49-
  generally taken out of the game on passing downs CTH 49-  
  he has the leg drive needed to move the piles. STR 70+    
  runs with authority and displays above-average power in his game STR 60-69   
  breaks tackles with a powerful leg drive STR 60-69    
  displays the vision to find the seam on the move - runs with good body lean. AWR 
  instinctive runner who sets up well and uses his blocks well AWR 70+    
  a hard worker in the weight room, playing field and class room. great kid AWR 
  he twice earned academic all-conference honours AWR 60-69  
  hits the holes with authority and has above average field vision AWR 60-69    
  lacks creativity, only taking what the offensive line gives him AWR 50-59    
  effective pick-and-slide runner with adequate vision AWR 50-59    
  has no starting experience at halfback. he played mostly special teams AWR 50-
  it's going to take him awhile to adjust to the pro game AWR 49-    
  clashes with coaches and is generally tough to work with AWR 49-    
  has a long history of off-field problems AWR 49-    
  he is quite a specimen at the HB position CAR 90+    
  he is very good at cradling the ball securely CAR 80-89    
  he securely protects the ball running through traffic CAR 80-89    
  has reliable hands holding on to the ball securely running through traffic CAR 80-
  hasn't shown a tendency to fumble the ball when hit CAR 70-79    
  protects the ball securely while runninng CAR 70-79    
  needs to protect the ball better when running to prevent costly fumbles CAR 60-
  puts the ball on the ground too often to be counted on CAR 60-69  
  small hands have resulted in fumbles throughout his career CAR 59-  
  his inability to properly secure the ball hurts his stock CAR 59-  
  does not do a good job protecting the ball in the lanes CAR 59-  
  has an aggressive blovking nature and is quick to pick up the blitz PBK 40-50  
  effective blocker who does a fine job protecting his qb PBK 40-50  
  willing blocker who knows how to use his hands to get under the defender PBK 40-
  has an aggresive blocking nature and is quick to pick up the blitz PBK 40-50    
  he is a gutty, versatile back who bounces back from injuries quickly INJ 90+  
  durable workshorse with sturdy legs and exceptional upper-body strength INJ 80-
  this is one tough kid. he should be injury free the majority of the season INJ 80-
  shows courage running up the middle and fights through injuries INJ 80-89  
  very durable and tough INJ 80-89    
  rarely misses offseason weight training workouts, keeping healthy INJ 70-79    
  he is quite a specimen at the HB position INJ 70-79    
  he not really susceptable to injuries, but he's also not that durable INJ 70-
  he's about 50/50 when it comes to injuries. he'll get hurt INJ 60-69    
  nobody's ever accused him of playing through tough injuries  INJ 60-69    
  lack of durability is a concern INJ 60-69    
  has had problems overcoming minor injuries INJ 50-59  
  needs to improve his offseason conditioning (tends to get injured easily) INJ 40-
  he will be injured more than the team wants him to be INJ 40-49  
  has major medical concerns INJ 39-  
Full Backs    
  good speed for a fullback. He has the straight ahead speed of B.J Askew SPD 70+  
  has above-average straight-line speed SPD 70+  
  has average speed for an NFL fullback SPD 60-69  
  has adequate speed for a FB SPD 60-69  
  he's not going to run away from anybody SPD 60-69  
  lacks sustained speed for long runs SPD 59-  
  works in his routes, but lacks seperation ability SPD 59-  
  gets a quick start off the ball and attacks the hole with force ACC 80+  
  shows average seperation skills running pass routes ACC 80+  
  has the sudden burst needed to get to the second level ACC 80+  
  shows an adequate burst when accelerating through the holes ACC 70-79  
  has good acceleration, showing explosion through the holes ACC 70-79  
  shows average acceleration skills running pass routes ACC 60-69  
  does not show explosion coming out of his stance ACC 50-59  
  he is a one-speed runner with no acceleration or burst ACC 49-  
  considered on of the best blocking fullbacks in college football PBK 60+  
  collision-type blocker who works hard to occupy defenders in pass blocking PBK 
  bends his knees properly to get underneath the defender in pass protection PBK 
  shows a knack for pass protection. will help give out QB a little more time PBK 
  effective pass protector who shows the ability to adjust on the move PBK 50-59  
  he struggles in pass protection and not worth a pick in my opinion PBK 40-49  
  terrible in pass-protection. He will be a liability on passing downs PBK 40-49  
  lacks consistency as a pass blocker - does not like facing up to defenders PBK 39-
  needs to be more aggresove in pass protection PBK 39-  
  he's a powerful player who is a devistating blocker in the running game RBK 70+  
  aligns and positions himself properly, leading the charge through rush lanes RBK 
  shows solid balance as a run blocker, using his leg drive to carry defenders RBK 
  will take on defenders, lowering his shoulder to occupy the rush lanes RBK 60-69  
  follows up his adequate run blocks with good balance RBK 50-59  
  he's developed into an average blocker for the ground game RBK 50-59  
  not a great run blocker, about middle of the pack when it comes to rookies RBK 40-
  he struggles as a lead blocker. he would be a liability in the run game RBK 39-  
  i wouldn't waste a pick on him. He's a terrible run blocker RBK 39-  
  shows great awareness in picking up the blitz AWR 70+  
  runs precise routes and shows good awareness working the zone AWR 70+  
  instinctive player who is a tireless worker in the weight room AWR 70+  
  used mostly with play action, flat routes and curls AWR 60-69  
  very quick study who rarely blows his assignment AWR 60-69  
  doesn't have great field vision, but we can work on that AWR 50-59  
  with awareness like this, take him in the later rounds. work on him in drills AWR 
  has average awareness for a rookie FB AWR 50-59  
  this guy seems to just forget his assignments. He could get somebody hurt AWR 49-
  shows the hands needed to reach, pluck and track the ball on pass routes CTH 70+  
  has the hands to be productive out of the backfield CTH 60-69  
  will extend, adjust and catch the ball securely with his hands CTH 60-69  
  has good hands for the short passing game CTH 50-59  
  has decent hands for a fullback CTH 50-59  
  he will have average hands for a fullback in the NFL CTH 50-59  
  he has OK hands. I wouldn't use him as a weapon out of the backfield CTH 50-59  
  a little tight in his arm extension trying to catch the ball CTH 49-  
  you won't be able to rely on him in the passing game - He drops passes CTH 49-  
  his hands do not appear natural when trying to haul in passes CTH 49-  
  he has the leg drive needed to move the piles STR 70+  
  hot-and-cold blocker who is prone to being rocked back in pass protection STR 
  hard worker in the weight room STR 60-69  
  inconsistant in his anchor against power moves STR 59-  
  holds the ball securely before running CAR 80+  
  rarely fumbles, taking pride in his ability to protect the ball CAR 70-79  
  you won't see alot of problems with fumbles. if you do, cut him CAR 60-69  
  as little as FBs get the ball in the NFL, I wouldn't worry about fumbles CAR 59-  
  not always adept at securing the ball CAR 59-  
  shows good leg strength on inside runs and the leg drive to carry the pile BTK 
  bounces off tackles well and carries tacklers on his back BTK 80+  
  has the power to dominate vs. LB's running through the rush lanes BTK 70-79  
  lowers his pads and drives with his legs to break arm tackles BTK 70-79  
  lowers his head and shives his way into the end zone in goal-line BTK 70-79  
  lowers his head and keeping his shoulders square to break arm tackles BTK 70-79  
  shows a knack for bouncing off and around the pile to find the goal line BTK 60-
  he could be our short yardage specialty with his tackle breaking ability BTK 60-
  has the ability to shake off arm tackles and emerge from the pile BTK 60-69  
  i wouldn't expect him to break many tackles on the way to the endzone BTK 59-  
  he'll break some tackles, but he's a FB. Give him the ball 2-3 times per game BTK 
  attacks defenders with no hesitation in his movements AGI 70+  
  has the foot agility and kick slide to mirror defenders coming from the end AGI 
  seeks contact and easily adjusts to moving targets AGI 70+  
  doesn't juke well. Has trouble shaking defenders AGI 60-69  
  mostly an inside runner, as he lacks the agility to get outside. AGI 50-59  
  does not have the agility to make adjustment blocks on the move AGI 50-59  
  poor outside runner with limited hip swerve and wiggle AGI 49-  
  has marginal change-of-direction agility and lateral movement AGI 49-  
  very tough and aggresive blocker with a high threshold for pain INJ 90+  
  tough athlete that rarely has injury problems INJ 80-89  
  he's really durable. tou won't have to worry too much about injuries INJ 80-89  
  he doesn't seem to have any obvious injury issues. He's normal INJ 70-79  
  he's never left a game with injuries. He's only missed one on his career INJ 70-
  don't worry about injuries. there's nothing blatant that pops out at me INJ 70-
  he'll probably be injured more than most NFL fullbacks INJ 60-69  
  he's going to be injureed as much as everyone else, he's human INJ 60-69  
  we just found out about an ACL tear he had in school. It might be an issue INJ 60-
  he has never been known as somebody who can fight through injuries INJ 50-  
  seems to have trouble shrugging off injuries INJ 50-  
  productive downfield receiver with electrifying speed SPD 90+  
  has the speed to consistently get deep and beat corners SPD 90+  
  decent 40 time for an nfl receiver SPD 80-89  
  he has ok speed. will most likely be a possession receiver SPD 80-89  
  excellant hands with proper arm extension CTH 80-89  
  all of the NFL scouts rave about his hands CTH 80-89  
  if you work on his hands in training camp, he will be great CTH 70-79  
  solid receiver, has room for improvement CTH 70-79  
  good hands. he need to work on his hand/eye coordination CTH 70-79  
  does not have natural hands CTH 60-69  
  has a tendency to bobble the pigskin. Work on his catching  CTH 60-69  
  check his vision - he seems to lack hand/eye coordination CTH 60-69  
  he worked hard at trials, but his hands are just average CTH 50-59  
  WR this bad should not be allowed near the football CTH 50-59  
  he is so good, he can create space with his acceleration ACC 90+  
  still shows deep acceleration to defeat defenders on routes ACC 80-89  
  very hard to contain after the catch ACC 80-89  
  shows the acceleration to run past defenders ACC 80-89  
  doesn't really show good acceleration heading upfield ACC 70-79  
  it's going to be tough for him to get seperation from fast CBs ACC 70-79  
  he lacks that explosive burst to free himself from defenders ACC 69-  
  has leaping ability comparable to Randy Moss JMP 90+  
  impressive leaping ability. this kid will out jump any corner JMP 90+  
  has the leaping ability to get to the ball like Joe Horn JMP 80-89  
  has above-average leaping ability JMP 80-89  
  we had his vertical right. he's in the middle of the pack JMP 70-79  
  he's not the kind of guy that will be able to go up and get it JMP 70-79  
  his vertical is better than we have, but it's not impressive JMP 70-79  
  his agility will rival Harrison or Moss AGI 90+  
  has outstanding quickness in and out of cuts AGI 90+  
  shifty receiver, who has proper shake to escape the jam AGI 80-89  
  makes initial tacklers miss with wiggle and juking moves AGI 80-89  
  straight-line runner who lacks juking moves AGI 70-79  
  has marginal change-of-direction agility AGI 70-79  
  he has great field awareness. Remarkable route runner AWR 70+  
  play maker who wants the ball in the clutch AWR 70+  
  he scored highly on the IQ test. had a great interview AWR 70+  
  has good field position awareness AWR 60-69  
  does have concentration problems at times AWR 60-69  
  in the upper echelon of smart receivers in this draft AWR 60-69  
  his interview was good. he'll improve with coaching AWR 60-69  
  has an arrogant personality that rubs a few the wrong way AWR 50-59  
  i've heard too much about this kids mental lapses AWR 50-59  
  inconsistent route-runner who lacks the ability to focus AWR 49-  
  he's been known to lose focus on occasion AWR 49-  
  scored 15 out of 50 on the IQ test AWR 49-  
  hold's onto the ball after the collision. rarely fumbles CAR 70-79  
  he will not fumble the ball when being blasted by a SS CAR 70-79  
  not too many issues with fumbling, he's OK CAR 60-69  
  he's as good as any NFL receiver at not fumbling CAR 60-69  
  i wouldn't worry. he should hold onto the ball just fine CAR 60-69  
  he might have problems with fumbling CAR 59-  
  ball security has been a problem in the past CAR 59-  
  very physical receiver who loves contact. breaks tackles well BTK 60-69  
  i wouldn't worry about his tackle breaking. It's not a big deal BTK 59-  
  average tackle breaking abilities for a WR. Not a big deal BTK 59-  
  could be the next Chad Morton on the kick return team KR 90+  
  he will be a great kick returner in the NFL KR 80-89  
  it certainly wouldn't help to have him returning kicks KR 80-89  
  he might take somebody's job away as a returner KR 80-89  
  he uses his receiver skills to be an effective KR KR 70-79  
  he's a pretty good kick returner KR 70-79  
  Not a return threat KR 69-  
  very rarely injured. This one will always be ready INJ 90+  
  seems to play through most injuries. Won't get hurt often INJ 80-89  
  he will rarely get injured. no worries there INJ 80-89  
  he's pretty good at staying healthy INJ 70-79  
  generally pretty healthy. keeps his body in good shape INJ 70-79  
  he's better than we thought, but he'll still get injured often INJ 60-69  
  he may not play all 16 games. he's injury prone INJ 60-69  
  yup, that injury assessment is correct stay away INJ 60-69  
  he has had some bad breaks with injuries in college INJ 50-59  
  had major issues playing through nagging injuries INJ 40-49  
  had a horrible injury in college. Might be a huge risk INJ 39-  
Tight End    
  has enough seperation speed to isolate linebackers and DBs SPD 70+  
  great athlete with the speed to instantly run upfield SPD 70+  
  He's as fast as Chad Lewis or Freddie Jones in their prime SPD 60-69  
  he's fast enough to be a tight end in the NFL SPD 60-69  
  he's as fast as a NFL TE is supposed to be SPD 60-69  
  his lack of foot speed makes it difficult for him to outrun defenders SPD 59-  
  he lacks the ideal speed for a tight end SPD 59-  
  lacks top-end speed to elude SPD 59-  
  shows the burst needed to escape linebackers after the catch ACC 80+  
  strongest asset is his ability to run after the catch ACC 80+  
  has quickness off the ball as a drive blocker ACC 80+  
  gets off the line with quickness, flashing the ability to get vertical ACC 70-79  
  has the speed to easily seperate from linebackers ACC 70-79  
  can seperate on long or short routes with his acceleration ACC 70-79  
  can accelerate after the catch fairly well ACC 60-69  
  he lacks the explosiveness after the catch to get past defenders ACC 59-  
  he has horrible acceleration. he's not going to break any big ones ACC 59-  
  he has the acceleration of a 400 pound sumo-wrestler ACC 59-  
  very agile for a tight end his size AGI 70+  
  has the flexibility to adjust smoothly to the ball in flight AGI 70+  
  can seperate on long or short routes with his acceleration AGI 70+  
  pretty agile athlete for a TE. was a QB in high school AGI 60-69  
  shows sufficient change-of-direction agility AGI 60-69  
  lacks the change-of-direction ability to elude defenders AGI 59-  
  tends to trip over himself when trying to get into deep routes AGI 59-  
  has limited moves to escape the jam at the line AGI 59-  
  has some lateral agility but struggles to escape the jam AGI 59-  
  one of the smartest tight end to declare for the draft for years AWR 80+  
  a student of the game and son of a high school coach AWR 70-79  
  very good route-running. has NFL instincts AWR 70-79  
  a clutch third-down receiver. Steps up in crunch time AWR 60-69  
  shows above-average instincts, finding the soft spot in the zone AWR 60-69  
  average route runner with some savvy in his patterns AWR 50-59  
  since our last workout he's improved his average awareness AWR 50-59  
  has solid character, but needs to be "prodded" by coaches AWR 50-59  
  does not quickly recognise the blitz, hurting the quarterback AWR 49-  
  does not show awareness in attempts to keep track of the ball AWR 49-  
  has soft hands and he extends properly to pluck and snatch CTH 80+  
  known for making the clutch catch in college CTH 80+  
  natural receiver who maintains balance catching the ball CTH 80+  
  catches the ball well on cross, out and comeback routes CTH 70-79  
  makes over-the-shoulder grabs looks routine CTH 70-79  
  maintains eye contact on the ball and will get to it in traffic CTH 60-69  
  good enough hands for a rookie TE in the NFL CTH 60-69  
  routinely extends to make the catch in traffic CTH 60-69  
  lacks the natural hands to extend and pluck for the ball CTH 50-59  
  still does not have natural hands to snatch the ball in traffic CTH 50-59  
  does not have natural hands to snatch the ball in traffic CTH 50-59  
  he has a history of fumbling after the catch CTH 50-59  
  tends to take his eye off the pigskin, droppinge easy passes CTH 50-59  
  his inconsistent hands are a major problem CTH 49-  
  regarded as the best run blocker at TE in his conference RBK 60+  
  i would draft him for his run blocking alone RBK 60+  
  impressive looking athlete who is a good drive blocker RBK 60+  
  shows the ability to reach and shield the opponents down field RBK 50-59  
  has quickness off the ball as a drive blocker RBK 50-59  
  stalks linebackers aggresively at the second level RBK 50-59  
  lacks explosion in his hips and legs when run blocking RBK 49-  
  shows little pop with his hands as a drive blocker RBK 49-  
  still shows adequate feet to slide in in pass protection PBK 60+  
  can reach-block, wall off and cut off in the open PBK 60+  
  more of a finessse player than a power blocker PBK 50-59  
  adequate drive blocker who uses his hands sufficiently PBK 50-59  
  can be driven back into the pocker by larger defenders PBK 50-59  
  gets run over by the larger defenders PBK 50-59    
  he struggles to get out and neutralize the edge rush PBK 49-  
  has the strength to fight through press coverage STR 70+  
  has good functional strength for a tight end STR 70+  
  has made a dedication to the weight room, improving strength STR 70+  
  he has a strong muscular frame STR 60-69  
  his strength is normal for an NFL tight end STR 60-69  
  he's just as strong as the NFL tight ends STR 60-69  
  he'll break tackles as well as 90% of the other NFL TEs BTK 60-69  
  has enough leg drive to break tackles BTK 60-69  
  runs with good pad level after the catch BTK 60-69  
  shows the leg drive needed to gain yardage after the catch BTK 60-69  
  shows the power to easily break tackles upfield BTK 60-69  
  pretty mediocre, when tackled by a safety with some pop BTK 59-  
  falls in the average tackle breaking category with tight ends BTK 59-  
  he fumbles less than the majority of TEs currently in the NFL CAR 70+  
  tends to put the ball on the ground more than we'd like CAR 60-69  
  he's going to fumble just as much as every other TE CAR 60-69  
  needs to secure the ball better before heading upfield CAR 59-  
  as long as he doesn't handle the football, he wont fumble CAR 59-  
  has never had any issues with injuries INJ 90+  
  fights through injuries and rarely complains INJ 80-89  
  i don't thnk he missed any games with injuries in college INJ 80-89  
  you won't have to worry about injuries INJ 80-89  
  takes good care of his body as a drive blocker  INJ 70-79  
  middle of the pack when it comes to getting injured INJ 70-79  
  takes good care of his body to prevent injuries INJ 70-79  
  has been plagued by injuries throughout his career INJ 60-69  
  has battled injuries throughout his career INJ 60-69  
  has medical concerns that could pose long-term problems INJ 59-  
  considered one of the best pass blocking tackles in college football PBK 90+  
  great in pass protection PBK 90+  
  shows a good hold point in pass protection PBK 80-89  
  superb pass protection technique. can play either tackle position PBK 80-89    
  shows proper knee bend and hip flexibility setting up in pass protection PBK 80-
  does not show great hand punch in pass protection PBK 70-79    
  shows good arm extension and power in pass protection PBK 70-79    
  he'll come into the NFL with the pass protection skills expected of a rookie PBK 
  i would pass on him unless it's an emergency. he struggles to pass block PBK 60-
  his pass protection skills need work. i wouldn't take him with a high pick PBK 60-
  a tackle this mediocre in pass protection could be a liability PBK 60-69    
  lacks the lower-leg drive to anchor forcefully in pass protection PBK 59-    
  one heck of a run-blocker. loves to smack defenders in the mouth RBK 90+    
  emerged as one of the best run blockers in his conference RBK 90+    
  technically sound drive blocker who excels in the run game RBK 80-89  
  road-grader type who can move out his man in the run game RBK 80-89  
  great run blocker at the tackle position. thats huge in the nfl RBK 80-89  
  he shows good run blocking skills for a tackle RBK 70-79  
  has above-average balance through the holes RBK 70-79  
  he is more of a finesse run blocker than a mauler RBK 60-69  
  he is not quick to locate and stalk the linebacker in the run game RBK 60-69  
  he has barely enough run blocking skills at the tackle position to be effective 
RBK 60-69    
  you're not going to get a whole lot from him in the run game RBK 59-  
  very strong - he will jolt the defenders on contact with his hands STR 90+    
  uses his strength to smply explode into the oncoming pass rushers STR 90+    
  needs to improve his playing strength. It's ok, but could use work. STR 80-89    
  uses his strength to create a strong surge coming out of his stance STR 80-89    
  needs to improve his strength STR 80-89    
  he lacks ideal power for such a massive frame STR 79-    
  bright student of the game with no problems digesting the playbook AWR 70-79    
  has a terrific understanding of the complexities of the game AWR 70-79    
  works well with his guards to drive defenders away from the play AWR 60-69    
  hard worker who will do anything the coaches ask. smart kid AWR 60-69    
  smart kid who has developed a nasty nature as he gained experience AWR 60-69  
  has been pretty consitant since becoming a starter at tackle AWR 50-59  
  shows inconsistency in his play reaction (slow to pick up the blitz) AWR 50-59  
  has marginal awareness for an NFL tackle AWR 50-59    
  has a documented learning disability that could pose problems AWR 49-    
  his lack of awareness has scared away a lot of teams AWR 49-    
  he will rarely be an injury problem. if he is. i'll be shocked INJ 90+    
  you certainly won't have to worry about him being injured INJ 80-89    
  he'll stay off injured reserve pretty quickly INJ 80-89  
  he keeps himself in good shape and is generallly injurry free INJ 80-89  
  tends to play with pain on the line. Pretty durable OT INJ 70-79  
  don't concern yourself with injuries with him, he's fine INJ 70-79  
  you won't have too many injury problems. he protects himself on the line INJ 70-
  he'll have some nagging injuries, but not enough to worry about INJ 60-69  
  the fact is, tackles will get injured in the NFL. he's better than average INJ 60-
  he's average when it comes to staying healthy INJ 60-69  
  tends to be reckless and absorb too much punishment on the line INJ 50-59  
  his trainer didn't provide a report, but word is that health is a problem INJ 49-
  has battled injuries throughout college INJ 49-  
  a mobile tackle who is very quick to react to stunts and blitzes ACC 90+  
  shows good initial quickness off the snap to gain an advantage ACC 80-89  
  very quick out of his stance. Will hit the d-lineman before he gets hit ACC 80-
  has the quickness needed to get into the defending coming off the edge ACC 70-79  
  big-body type with average quickness off the snap ACC 60-69  
  decent athlete who generally fails to generate a surge off the snap ACC 60-69  
  has just average quickness at the second level ACC 50-59  
  needs work on his lower body flexibility and explosiveness ACC 40-49  
  just doesn't have the burst to attack in the second level ACC 40-49  
  i don't think he has the second level burst to be effective ACC 39-  
  i wouldn't call his initial step a 'burst,' it's more like a trickle ACC 39-  
  i've heard he used to play basketball in high school some speed SPD 50+  
  very good athlete with excellent speed for a tackle SPD 50+  
  decent athlete with average speed for a tackle SPD 40-49  
  average speed for a tackle we're not asking him to chase down corners SPD 40-49  
  poor overall speed and weight problems SPD 39-  
  just plain slow. even for a tackler SPD 39-  
  wall-off type of pass blocker who moves well to seal off the outside PBK 90+  
  sets up well in pass protection, getting to the point of attack first PBK 80-89  
  plays flat-footed and can get under defenders quickly when pass blocking PBK 80-
  uses his long arms effectively to keep the pass rushers at bay PBK 80-89  
  backpedals smoothly in pass protection PBK 70-79  
  position finesse-type blocker with solid trap blocking ability PBK 70-79  
  does a good job pass blocking, which he learned in a throw first offense PBK 70-
  sets up well in pass protection, make sure he stays under control PBK 59-  
  excellent run blocker who takes on defenders with aggression RBK 90+  
  drives with his legs to get great movement for the ground game RBK 90+  
  has the long arms and technique to sustain blocks on the move RBK 80-89  
  traditional guard who has anchored his college's ground game for years RBK 80-89  
  really emerged as a talented drive blocker last year RBK 80-89  
  decent run blocker. it generally takes a while for rookie guards to adjust RBK 70-
  his run blocking is good enough to fill in this year of needed RBK 70-79  
  his run blocking is reminiscent of a young Dave Szott. Will improve RBK 70-79  
  needs to refine his drive blocking skills RBK 69-  
  tremendously powerful, athletic guard with the strength of an NFL lineman STR 
  has the leg drive to finish incline blocks STR 90+  
  flashes pop and a strong hand punch getting into the opponents chest STR 80-89  
  shows solid strength, using his power and quickness to pull and locate STR 80-89  
  uses his power to try and out-muscle defenders STR 80-89  
  he has only adequate strength to sustain blocks STR 79-  
  needs to add more strength in order to consistently anchor STR 79-  
  can anchor, recognize and react to the game action in front of him AWR 70-79  
  works well with the center switching off on blocking assignments AWR 70-79  
  plays with good awareness, quickly diagnosing stunts and twists AWR 70-79  
  competitive type who always looks for another defender to punish AWR 60-69  
  combines excellent balance with toughness and a knowledge of schemes AWR 60-69  
  locates his targets quickly and works hard to finish his blocks AWR 60-69  
  aggressive player who gives an all-out effort but lacks ideal awareness AWR 50-
  has the average awareness of a rookie guard in the NFL AWR 50-59  
  gets lazy late in games, keeping his arms short AWR 49-  
  lacks technique and experience AWR 49-  
  needs some time to digest the play book AWR 49-  
  durable lineman who won't let injuries keep him out of the game INJ 80+  
  seemed to stay injury free in college INJ 80+  
  tough, gutsy lineman who thrives in the trenches and plays through pain INJ 80+  
  above average health for a guard. he wont have too many injuries INJ 70-79  
  he has a good chance of staying healthy while he's in the league INJ 70-79  
  seams to lean into blocks, possibly an after effect from shoulder surgery INJ 70-
  there's nothing glaring, but don't be shocked when he's injured INJ 60-69  
  below average in the injury prevention department INJ 60-69  
  his body takes so much punishment that he has trouble staying healthy INJ 59-  
  has a history of left rotatory cuff tendonitis INJ 59-  
  has battled injuries during his career, but he's managed to stay healthy INJ 59-  
  has a lack of explosion as a drive blocker ACC 90+  
  shows quick hands and feet coming our of his stance ACC 80-89  
  has good initial quickness off the ball, showing an explosive burst ACC 80-89  
  shows adequate quickness and explosion coming out of his stance ACC 70-79  
  pretty quick to pick up stunts and blitzes ACC 70-79  
  generates pop and explosion out of his stance ACC 70-79  
  shows good acceleration into the second level for a rookie ACC 60-69  
  shows average speed, but is slow to come off the snap at the proper level ACC 60-
  he doesn't have ideal acceleration ability for a guard ACC 50-59  
  little to no burst off the snap ACC 40-49  
  lacks the quickness needed to be consistent at the second level ACC 39-  
  seems to be a bit quicker laterally than his straight ahead charge SPD 40-49  
  struggles to get to the linebacker in the second level SPD 39-  
  short-area player who doesn't have speed to be effective in the 2nd level SPD 39-
  lacks sustained speed to operate well at the second level SPD 39-  
  does a nice job with his base blocks to move defenders off the first level PBK 
  one of the most tenacious run blockers in college at centre PBK 80-89  
  uses his hands exceptionally well to maintain and grab the pass rusher PBK 80-89  
  sets quickly and engages with leverage in pass protection PBK 80-89  
  shows the proper leg base and anchor in pass protection PBK 80-89  
  tough blue-collar type who provided good pass protection PBK 70-79  
  good base blocker, but can be beaten by the club move PBK 70-79  
  stays after his blocks and gets underneath the pass rusher in an instant PBK 70-
  will lean and waist-band in pass protection PBK 60-69  
  decent pass blocker who could help in a pinch this year PBK 60-69  
  lacks the explosive punch needed to lock out in pass in protection PBK 59-  
  needs to show consistency maintaining pass protection working in space PBK 59-  
  has the ability to get to the second level and sustain blocks on linebackers RBK 
  has shown the ability to break down on LBs when working in the 2nd level RBK 80+  
  sustains his blocks long enough for the runner to get through the holes RBK 80+  
  one of the most tenacious run blockers in college at center RBK 80+  
  stays after his blocks in the run game, working to finish RBK 70-79  
  screens off the defenders upfield and sets up well in the run game RBK 70-79  
  decent run blocker who could take some time to develop RBK 60-69  
  trap-blocking skills that rival the skills shown by guards. Solid run blocker RBK 
  not a great run blocker RBK 60-69  
  doesn't take good blocking angles to neutralize linebackers upfield RBK 59-  
  powerful inline mauler with the strength to move off a level one defender STR 
  classic knee bender with thick legs and exceptional lower body strength STR 90+  
  generates enough of a hand punch to distract pass rushers STR 90+  
  engages with force - uses his leg strength and balance to gain movement  STR 80-
  echibits solid power to handle the bigger defensive tackles without help STR 80-
  has enough pop off the snap to consistently pancake defensive tackles STR 80-89  
  has good strength, but will need to develop more power STR 79-  
  lacks power, but uses technique to seal and wall off STR 79-  
  makes all the blocking calls upfront and has the ability to diagnose schemes AWR 
  coaches called him a great role model for the team's younger players AWR 70-79  
  keeps his head on a swivel and is very quick to pick up stunts and the blitz AWR 
  has a very good understanding of blocking angles and positioning AWR 60-69  
  gets a little lazy at times, as he stops moving his feet after intial contact AWR 
  sets quickley with good awareness AWR 60-69  
  very aware of picking up stunts, using his quickness to slide out and react AWR 
  fails to locate and adjust to the linebacker quickly while on the move AWR 50-59  
  has average football instincts, showing flashes of stunt and blitz recognition 
AWR 50-59  
  switches and picks up stunts easily AWR 50-59  
  needs to develop a nasty streak - seems almost passive at times AWR 49-  
  not a self-motivated player, looking confused and lethargic at times AWR 49-  
  routinely makes mental mistakes and is slow to pick up stunts and twists AWR 49-  
  seemed to stay injury free in college INJ 80+  
  he has a good chance of staying healthy while he's in the league INJ 70-79  
  above average health for a lineman INJ 70-79  
  seems to lean into blocks vs. defenders, possibly due to an injury INJ 70-79  
  has complications from surgery - pretty fragile INJ 60-69  
  needs to add bulk to withstand punishment and prevent injuries INJ 60-69  
  below average in the injury prevention department INJ 60-69  
  has a history of migranes that need further evaluation INJ 59-  
  gets movement off the snap with his superb knee bend and leg drive ACC 80+  
  has ideal quickness off the snap to gain advantage ACC 80+  
  has above-average burst of the snap ACC 70-79  
  lacks the short-area speed to handle pulls working in space ACC 70-79  
  shows good quicknesss for a centre ACC 70-79  
  has average quickness and burst to get to the second level ACC 70-79  
  i wish he had a better first step. He just doesn't accelerate well off the ball 
ACC 60-69  
  lacks good explosion coming off the snap ACC 60-69  
  he's not always explosive in his initial step ACC 50-59  
  fails to get consistent movement off the ball ACC 50-59  
  shows poor initial movement off the snap ACC 49-  
  lacks explosion of the snap and preferred movement on his drive blocks ACC 49-  
  good athlete who is very light on his feet SPD 40-49  
  has the ability to get to the second level and sustain blocks on linebackers SPD 
  his speed is lacking, but he's a centre. As long as he blocks who cares SPD 39-  
  looks sluggish when having to redirect to his side in pass set SPD 39-  
  don't look for him to chase down any scoring defenders SPD 39-  
Defensive End  
  active in pursuit, using his power to get through traffic well STR 80+  
  shows little power when coming off the edge, showing just a marginal push STR 70-
  needs to develop more strength in order to consistently stand up blockers STR 70-
  lack of ideal strength prevents him from gaining leverage and making a pile STR 
  more of a finesse-type rather than an all-out aggressor STR 69-  
  hit-and-wrap tackler who stays on his feet and drives through his target TAK 80+  
  technique tackler who moves forward with fervor to close on the QB TAK 80+  
  solid tackler who will wrestle ball carriers to the ground TAK 70-79  
  he's got to keep his shoulders square when stacking the pile TAK 70-79  
  hard wrapup tackler who puts all his weight behind his strikes TAK 70-79  
  average Tackler that won't scare any offensive tackles TAK 69-  
  does not have the lower-body bulk or leg drive to stay low in his tackles TAK 69-
  poor tackler that needs to extend his arms more when wrapping up TAK 69-  
  has linebacker-type instincts, quickly locating and closing on the ball AWR 70-
  well-liked and very dependable athlete - his team's unquestioned leader AWR 70-
  instinctive player who is effective at jamming the tight end at the line AWR 60-
  a relentless pass rusher, he also excelled in the class room AWR 60-69  
  very alert and instinctive athlete, showing aggression in his demeanor AWR 60-69  
  has no problems recognizing the plays and digesting the play book AWR 60-69  
  has a good feel for the game, diagnosing plays on the move AWR 59-  
  fairly quick to read and react to plays AWR 59-  
  has average recognition skills for the physical in-line run defense AWR 59-  
  has tremendous edge-quickness to gain leverage coming from the outside ACC 90+  
  best assest is his pursuit-an-chase skills, as he has a quick closing burst ACC 
  shows a good burst and power off the snap to put pressure on the QB ACC 80-89  
  plays with an effective burst coming off the edge ACC 70-79  
  very effective on stunts due to his above-average burst ACC 60-69  
  somes hard off the edge, showing good shiftiness in his attack ACC 60-69  
  has the average acceleration of normal DEs in the NFL ACC 60-69  
  struggles sometimes when trying to pursue the QB from the backside ACC 50-59  
  a little stiff in his knee bend, causing slight hesitation in his initial step 
ACC 49-  
  cat-quick defender who wrecks havoc in the opposing backfield SPD 80+  
  displays the top-end speed to get to upfield iinstantly and string plays wide SPD 
  fast enough to drop back in pass coverage, stringing the plays wide SPD 70-79  
  has the long pursuit skills to make plays at the opposite end of the field SPD 70-
  lacks the speed to beat his man around the corner SPD 60-69  
  has just enough speed to press the pocket SPD 60-69  
  lacks athletic ability (speed) and has to compensate with technique SPD 60-69  
  seems to have genetic liabilities (too slow to be an impact.) SPD  50-59  
  lacks long pursuit speed, as he gets straight-legged tracking down the ball SPD  
  durable athlete that has an outstanding ability to withstand pain INJ 90+  
  he has no history of injuries INJ 90+  
  i just got results back. It doesn't look like he'll have injury problems INJ 80-
  he plays through injuries at one of the toughest positions in the NFL INJ 80-89  
  no injuries to report. he's as healthy as they come INJ 80-89  
  he's got average injury problems. Nothing really to worry about . INJ 70-79  
  he'll be injured as much as any other DE INJ 70-79  
  he's had some problems with injuries, but it doesn't seem to be a trend INJ 60-
  he seems to miss too many plays with silly injuries. Headaches, dizziness... INJ 
  his history of medical problems has caused him problems planting INJ 59-  
  has excellent rip skills to fight through through the double team STR 90+  
  will strike and explode into blockers STR 80-89  
  has the leg drive to push the pocket on the pass rush STR 80-89  
  re-dedicated in the weight room, evident by the strength he displays now STR 80-
  defeats the isolated blocker with average strength but all out effort STR 79-  
  at times he will get locked on to the blocker and struggle to disengage STR 79-  
  has trouble shedding and redirecting off contact STR 79-  
  he's a punishing tackler that knocks QBs out of games TAK 90+  
  explodes into ball carriers when tackling TAK 90+  
  hits so hard, he flattens quarterbacks TAK 80-89  
  he once registered 12 sacks in high school as a senior TAK 80-89  
  shows the nasty nature to punish quarterbacks TAK 80-89  
  hard, drag-down tackler who plays at a low pad level TAK 70-79  
  solid hit-and-wrap tackler TAK 70-79  
  sure drag-down tackler TAK 70-79  
  must be infront of the ball carrier in order to make the tackles TAK 69-  
  good-effort type who is quick to locate the ball AWR 70-79  
  has a strong desire to punish quarterbacks once he clears the line AWR 65-79  
  reads blocking schemes with good awareness AWR 60-69  
  high-motor type who shows lots of fight and effort knifing through the line AWR 
  needs reps to learn the plays, but is coachable AWR 50-59  
  not very quick to recognize the plays AWR 50-59  
  lacks concentration at times AWR 49-  
  has concentration lapses and needs to show a better overall awareness AWR 49-  
  nose guard type with the sudden burst to be effective in a one-gap system ACC 
  has sudden movesements to get on the edge of a blocker ACC 80-89  
  knives through the line with explosion ACC 80-89  
  has a good short burst to flush the quarterback out of the box ACC 70-79  
  one-gap defender who shows decent quickness coming off the snap ACC 60-69  
  not very effective making plays behind the line due to anaverage burst ACC 60-69  
  average burst as a pass rusher prevents him from generating pressure ACC 50-59  
  lacks quickness to pursue in space ACC 50-59  
  needs to develop a quicker closing burst in order to get to the qb ACC 49-  
  makes plays in the alley due to his tremendous speed SPD 60+  
  has marginal speed, which hurts his ability to recover when beaten SPD 50-59  
  normal-to-short strider who flashes good speed SPD 50-59  
  looks slow at times when moving down the line SPD  50-59  
  labors in pursuit, lacking foot speed to work outside the box SPD  49-  
  never injured. one of the toughest players i've ever met INJ 90+  
  nasty streak prevents him from worrying about injuries INJ 80-89  
  with the wear and tear associated with the DT position, he'll be injured INJ 70-
  has average health concerns INJ 70-79  
  durable player that takes a shot and comes back for more INJ 70-79  
  he'll get hurt as much as the rest of the NFL defensive tackles. INJ 70-79  
  he tends to whine about injuries and let them control the play INJ 60-69  
  injured more than we'd like in his college career INJ 50-59  
  he'll be lucky if he stays healthy through the preseason INJ 49-  
  flashes the range to shut down the running game along the perimeter SPD 80+  
  has the range to needed to make plays in and out of the box SPD 80+  
  has the lateral agility to cut off the outside running game SPD 70-79  
  quick, rangy pass defender who covers a lot of ground SPD 70-79  
  shows decent speed on the boundary SPD 70-79  
  has the pursuit speed needed to immediately cover ground SPD 70-79  
  will struggle to keep up with speedy backs, lacks top-end speed SPD 60-69  
  does not have the sustained speed to stay with the receivers SPD 60-69  
  in terms of tackling, this OLB is in the top 5% of the draft TAK 85+  
  one of the impact players at OLB in the draft this year TAK 80+  
  extends his arms to wrap, secure and drive the opponent back on his heels TAK 
  faces up and delivers good pop and explosion behind his tackles TAK 70-79  
  consistant wrap-up, drag-down tackler TAK 70-79  
  shows solid tackling form, using his strength to shed blocks TAK 70-79  
  he's an average tackler for an outside linebacker TAK 69-  
  more of a slip-and-dip linebacker than one who would initiate contact TAK 69-  
  he's a solid tackler for a rookie OLB. he should improve with playing time TAK 69-
  seems to lack the killer instinct when tackling TAK 69-  
  does a nice job delivering a crunching jolt to tight ends in the short area TAK 
  he has that short-area burst that allows him to defeat the OL ACC 90+  
  roams the field like a DB, utilizing his quickness to be around the ball ACC 80-
  has a quick first step, making him a consistent threat when blitzing ACC 80-89  
  has a sharp closing burst on the play side ACC 70-79  
  somewhat effective getting a jump on the ball in plays in front of him ACC 60-69  
  has a marginal closing burst that allows receivers to just barely twist away ACC 
  lacks the quickness to catch the backs from behind ACC 60-69  
  doesn't have the quickness to effectively blitz from the edge ACC 59-  
  does not display the sudden quickness needed to play on the outside ACC 59-  
  Derrick Brooks-type with excellent quickness AGI 80+  
  has good lateral agility that alows him to overcome mistakes AGI 70-79  
  struggles in pass defense due to his lack of fluidity in his moves. (too rigid) 
AGI 60-69  
  excels hitting the stunts at full speed from the inside AGI 60-69  
  has moderate lateral agility AGI 60-69  
  uses his size and strength to effectively win battles STR 70-79  
  has the strength to take on the lead blocker STR 70-79  
  uses his strength to stun and jolt tight ends in the short area STR 70-79  
  gets bounced around quite a bit redireciting through traffic STR 60-69  
  he tends to shy away from the weight room. Only average strength. STR 60-69  
  frequently held up at the line due to inadequate strength STR 59-  
  shows the ability to extend, pluck and snatch the ball CTH 60+  
  has average hands to make the interception or pass breakup CTH 50-59  
  has hands that you would expect from an OLB CTH 50-59  
  lacks natural hands for the interception or pass deflection CTH 40-49  
  more of a body-catcher, resulting in lost interception opportunities CTH 40-49  
  does not have the hands to be effective picking off the ball CTH 39-  
  doesn't have natural hands CTH 39-  
  team leader who sets a good example for the rest of the defense AWR 70-79  
  he made the calls for the entire defense in college AWR 70-79  
  instinctively reacts to the pass when dropping off in the zone AWR 60-69  
  a hard worker who pushed teammates to get the most out of their skills AWR 60-69  
  tends to eye the quarterback too long in his pass coverage AWR 50-59  
  will take some time to mature in our defensive scheme AWR 50-59  
  not quick to read and react to the play AWR 50-59  
  will bite on play action and gets out of position by eyeing the QB too much AWR 
  fails to read and recognise plays very quickly AWR 49-  
  has a good body structure with solid muscle mass and thickness. very durable INJ 
  for all the contact he's involved in, he still is rarely injured INJ 80-89  
  he plays thrpugh minor injuries wothout complaining INJ 80-89  
  he's a tough, durable athlete that is never injured INJ 80-89  
  solid OLB who will work to stay healthy for the majority of the season INJ 70-79  
  he'll have just as many injuries as the rest of the OLBs in the NFL INJ 70-79  
  he has a history of letting injuries linger INJ 60-69  
  had a history of stingers through his college career INJ 60-69  
  tends to play a bit cautious, obviously concerned about previous injuries INJ 50-
  durability is a concern, having missed too much time with injuries INJ 50-59  
  injuries caused him to lose weight and adapt his work load to compensate INJ 49-  
  gets downhill quickly and shows the range to make plays in long pursuit SPD 80+  
  has enough speed at MLB to quickly recover when beaten SPD 70-79  
  displays a strong effort with great range to make opposite-field tacklers SPD 70-
  displays adequate foot speed to drop back in pass coverage SPD 70-79  
  does an average job chasing down plays at the opposite end of the field SPD 60-
  not that polished in pass protection, showing hesitation with his man SPD 60-69  
  has decent reactions, but his timed foot speed is a major concern SPD 60-69  
  he will generally lose foot races along the sidelines SPD 59-  
  the guys a madman tackler who brings it every down TAK 90+  
  this guy could pile up 18-20 tackles a game at MLB TAK 90+  
  displays the proper wrap-up tackling form TAK 80-89  
  forceful hitter in closed quarters TAK 80-89  
  extends his arms properly to stalk, wrap and secure the ball carrier TAK 80-89  
  effective tackler with the ability to wrap and secure the ball carrier TAK 70-79  
  will sink his hips, attack with his legs and extend his arms to wrap up tackle 
TAK 70-79  
  can stop the ball carrier most of the time TAK 70-79  
  it's going to take him a while to get to the tackling level of other NFL MLBs TAK 
  very instinctive, quickley knifing through traffic to meet the ball AWR 80+  
  undisputed leader of the defense - has a great feel for developing plays AWR 80+  
  shows good instincts when reading and reacting to plays AWR 70-79  
  shows good awareness of his switch-off assignments in zone AWR 70-79  
  shows awareness to sniff out the screens, draws and reverses AWR 70-79  
  recognises the plays and shows determination to get to the ball AWR 60-69  
  field smart, but struggles to recognize play action AWR 60-69  
  sometimes gets too tough in pursuit, overunning plays AWR 50-59  
  makes some key-and-read mistakes but will generally find his way to the ball AWR 
  fails to recognise the ball quickly and is usually replaced on third downs AWR 49-
  will bite of play action and eyes the quarterback too much AWR 49-  
  has decent hands to make the interception CTH 50-59  
  has good enough hands to be a MLB. but he's no Ray Lewis CTH 50-59  
  average intercepting abilities for a MLB CTH 50-59  
  lacks natural hands to make the interception CTH 40-49  
  he hands are also suspect - he lacks snatch-and-pluck skills to make INTs CTH 40-
  plays low to the ground, giving him an extra burst when closing ACC 90+  
  uses his tremendous burst to knife through to the QB ACC 80-89  
  his quickness allows him to be a disruptive force coming off the edge ACC 80-89  
  quick in pass coverage, staying tight with receivers in the short area ACC 80-89  
  has good reaction quickness ACC 70-79  
  shows a good burst to flush out the quarterback ACC 70-79  
  just quick enough to defeat lineman coming off the edge on the blitz ACC 69-  
  very impressive upper body strength that allows him to play with power STR 80+  
  type that will shut off the lights in the weight room when he's done STR 80+  
  has good strength which allows him to anchor the point of attack STR 80+  
  has average strength and power STR 70-79  
  uses his strength to easily disengage from the larger blockers STR 70-79  
  has good power at the point of attack STR 70-79  
  needs to be monitored as he is just a marginal worker in the wight room STR 69-  
  excellent blitzer who flashes strong inside gap agility AGI 80+  
  has the lateral agility to string out plays AGI 70-79  
  his fluid lateral agility allows him to string plays wide AGI 70-79  
  has a smooth change of direction, using his hands to defeat blockers AGI 70-79  
  has average balance and flexibility to pursue down the line AGI 60-69  
  has above-average balance and body control AGI 60-69  
  shows stiffness in his lateral flow AGI 59-  
  plays with injuries that would sideline any other plays INJ 90+  
  a true warrior at a historically gutsy position. plays hurt INJ 80-89  
  blue-collar typer who will play with pain INJ 80-89  
  it's not unusual to see blood on his jersey, but he's still out on the field INJ 
  has the ability to stay healthy, provided he doesn't absorb too much damage INJ 
  well-built woth good overall muscle development. rarely injured INJ 70-79  
  he has never really had a problem with injuries. He's an old school MLB INJ 70-
  one of his drawbacks is his inability to stay healthy INJ 60-69  
  injuries won't be a huge issue, but they will crop up from time to time INJ 60-
  questionable heart when it comes to playing through minor injuries INJ 59-  
  called by many one of the fastest athlete in college football SPD 90+  
  blessed with exceptional speed SPD 90+  
  has great speed allowing him to stay with the receivers down the sidelines SPD 80-
  has descent speed for a corner. don't line him up against Moss, though SPD 80-89  
  has good deep speed SPD 80-89  
  might be too slow to be an effective corner in the NFL SPD 79-  
  breaks on the ball quickly and flashes good closing quickness ACC 90+  
  has above-average recovery acceleration for a CB ACC 80-89  
  has the quickness to recover on deep routes ACC 80-89  
  does not have the acceleration to catch up to receivers on deep routes ACC 79-  
  he lacks the sudden burst in his transition ACC 79-  
  has explosive leaping ability to deflect the pass at its highest point JMP 90+  
  shows good timing going for the ball, using his leaping ability well JMP 80-89  
  uses his leaping ability to compete for the ball JMP 80-89  
  has the leaping ability to compete with the receiver going up for the ball JMP 80-
  he has decent leaping ability, but his time is off from time to time JMP 79-  
  has average leaping ability for a corner JMP 79-  
  has above-average leaping ability, but needs to time his jumps better JMP 79-  
  has sharpe change-of-direction skills to keep track of the ball in flight AGI 
  smooth in his backpedal, planting and driving efficiently AGI 80-89  
  shows a smooth backpedal with good foot quickness and body control AGI 80-89  
  can plant and drive, showing excellent body control in his transition AGI 80-89  
  is a little stiff in his hips, causing him to luck clumsy when changing direction 
AGI 79-  
  has the vision to easiliy spot secondary targets and a very good break AWR 70-79  
  in addition to his physical gifts, his leadership abilities are a major asset AWR 
  student of the game with great work habits AWR 70-79  
  works to maintain his technique - takes proper steps when diagnosing reads AWR 60-
  does an excellent job reaching around to deflect the pass AWR 60-69  
  very committed to his craft, making remarkable strides since his first year AWR 
  he seems to lack confidence in his athletic ability and play-making skills AWR 50-
  needs to be pushed on the field (lacks structure and needs to stay focused) AWR 
  he'll take too much punishment from receivers like TO in the NFL AWR 40-49  
  has had maturity problens in the past, missing meetings with regularity AWR 40-
  will bite of play action and fakes - struggles with technique in coverage AWR 39-
  he delivers sledgehammer hits that made him one of college's exciting CBs TAK 
  strikes and wraps the ball carrier securely TAK 60+  
  decent tackler for a corner. we want him getting INTs, not tackles TAK 50-59  
  hit-and-wrap tackler who stays low in his pads TAK 50-59  
  not as physical as you would like, preferring to lunge and body tackle TAK 50-59  
  not a face-up, wrapup-type of tackler, preferring to grab and drag down TAK 40-
  more of a chaser than classic wrap up tackler TAK 40-49    
  maybe you should use him at receiver. he can't tackle TAK 39-  
  spends hours in the weight room to avoid injuries INJ 80+  
  shouldn't have too many problems with injuries INJ 70-79  
  some GMs have questioned his ability to play through injuries INJ 60-69  
  durability is a concern (long injury report) INJ 60-69  
  cornerback is a position that sees alot of injuries, he'll see his share INJ 60-
  lost his starting job last year because he couldn't stay healthy INJ 50-59  
  battled back problems last year INJ 50-59    
  durability is a concern (minor ailments) INJ 49-    
  has only played one full season without injury problems in his career INJ 49-    
  he's about as fast as Ed Reed. Lets hope he's as good SPD 90+  
  he's as fast as any player in the NFL and he's a FS. What a package SPD 90+  
  has blazing speed. something NFL  gm's covet SPD 90+  
  most strong safeties in the NFL are as fast as he is SPD 80-89  
  he has the speed to line up at corner or drop back in the zone SPD 80-89  
  exhibits the recovery speed to catch up when beaten SPD 80-89  
  lacks top-end speed to stay with receivers on deep routes SPD 70-79  
  long pursuit speed is only marginal SPD 70-79  
  lacks the speed to stay with receivers in the open SPD 70-79  
  lacks ideal deep range and playing speed SPD 70-79  
  shows no hesitation when tackling, exploding behind his hits TAK 80+  
  sets up a well-times hit - victims constantly hear footsteps TAK 80+  
  attacks the ball with aggression, staying low on his pads to strike ballcarriers 
TAK 80+  
  he'll make receivers refuse to run routes over the middle TAK 80+  
  knows how to set up a well-timed hit and flatten receivers TAK 70-79  
  springs into his tackles and is very active staying in the receiver's face  TAK 
  he is tough and active with solid wrapup tackling technique TAK 70-79  
  has the tackling ability we expect out of rookie free safeties TAK 70-79  
  solid open-field hitter who has classic wrapup tackling technique TAK 70-79  
  tends to get a little sloppy tackling in the open field TAK 60-69  
  stays in control extending his arms to wrap and secure in closed quarters TAK 60-
  consistent face-up tackler who works well in space TAK 60-69  
  he tackles as well as Darren Sharper does TAK 60-69  
  he is not the best wrapup tackler you will find TAK 60-69  
  needs to become a more reliable wrapup tackler TAK 60-69  
  he generally takes bad angles and gets out of position TAK 59-  
  needs to develop better wrapup-tackling technique TAK 59-  
  he generally will grab at opponents rather than secure him TAK 59-  
  gets a little sloppy in his tackling technique, diving at ball carriers TAK 59-  
  decisive in recognizing plays and is rarely cought out of position AWR 70+  
  called a "coach on the field" by the coaching staff AWR 70+  
  plays smart, making proper checks in the secondary AWR 70+  
  he's a leader who makes big plays when the team needs them AWR 70+  
  always around the ball, constantly delivering crunching hits AWR 60-69  
  the heart and soul of his teams defense. Emotional leader AWR 60-69  
  decisive diognostican who reacts quickly to the run alleys AWR 60-69  
  has above-average awareness and playmaking instincts AWR 60-69  
  aware of receivers in his area. makes smart decisions in the secondary AWR 60-69  
  he is a man who has diverse interests and expertise AWR 60-69  
  has the field awareness expected out of a rookie SS AWR 60-69  
  hesitates at the snap and gets a late jump locating the ball AWR 50-59  
  inconsistent in maintaining concentration AWR 50-59  
  he seems to lose focus when not involved in the action AWR 50-59  
  average awareness. seems to lose focus and melt down from time to time AWR 50-59  
  at times he will just stand still, taking time to digest the play AWR 50-59  
  he will hesitate trying to diagnose plays AWR 49-  
  tends to be a quarterback watcher and will bite on fakes and play action AWR 49-  
  he's not very quick to react to plays in front of him AWR 49-  
  he will hesitates when trying to diagnose plays AWR 49-  
  has an explosive closing burst and good burst out of his backpedal AGI 90+  
  good hip snap and agility in changing directions AGI 80-90  
  displays above-average change-of-direction agility AGI 80-90  
  knows how to avoid blocks coming off the blitz AGI 80-90  
  keeps his leg base too narrow to consistently recover in space AGI 70-79  
  little stiff in his hips when trying to change direction AGI 70-79  
  inconsistant with his change-of-direction ability AGI 70-79  
  lacks ideal balance, flexibility and agility AGI 70-79  
  he will have trouble playing agile receivers AGI 69-  
  has explosiveness, flying to the line of scrimmage to stuff the run ACC 90+  
  has an effortless stride, but can immidiately accelerate to the ball ACC 90+  
  can immediately close, showing explosive acceleration in the short area ACC 90+  
  has an explosive closing burst and good burst out of his backpedal ACC 90+  
  has average acceleration but will get beat if left on an island ACC 70-79  
  has above-average short-area burst ACC 70-79  
  has the burst needed to close from the hash in the short zone ACC 70-79  
  he's fast, but he shows hesitation when trying to recover or catch up ACC 70-79  
  lacks the sudeen burst to stay with receivers on deep routes ACC 70-79  
  a bit heavy-footed trying to accelerate on deep routes ACC 69-  
  when in bump coverage, he gets beaten off the line too quickly ACC 69-  
  has the leaping ability to compete for the ball at its highest point JMP 90+  
  exhibits great leaping ability and a knack for blocking kicks JMP 80-89  
  very good leaper who uses his size to out-muscle receivers JMP 80-89  
  has great leaping ability and timing skills JMP 80-89  
  shows good rise jumping to make a play on the ball JMP 80-89  
  leaps for the ball at its highest point JMP 80-89  
  has above-average leaping ability for a strong safety JMP 70-79  
  shows good timing and leaping ability to make the intercetion JMP 70-79  
  worked on improving his timing when going up for the jump ball JMP 70-79  
  above average in his leaping ability - times his jumps pretty well JMP 70-79  
  has average leaping ability to combat for the ball JMP 70-79  
  not the best leaping ability for a player expected to play the ball so often JMP 
  not much of a jumper. Will get beaten by guys like TO and Moss JMP 69-  
  consistantly gets beat when going up to defend the pass JMP 69-  
  very tough and durable despite playing with reckless abandon INJ 90+  
  he wont be bothering your training staff too much INJ 80-89  
  very durable kid that can absorb lots of punishment INJ 80-89  
  there's a good chance he'll have a pretty healthy NFL career INJ 70-79  
  tends to stay healthy the majority of the time INJ 70-79  
  about average when it comes to injuries INJ 70-79  
  he will be injured just as much as the rest of the safeties in the league INJ 70-
  he's a tough kid, but he ends up spending too much time with trainers INJ 60-69  
  he was fairly susceptible to injuries in college INJ 60-69  
  he may not stay healthy the entire season. Are you prepared to deal with it? INJ 
  he might have some trouble with injuries INJ 60-69  
  he has had durability problems the last few years INJ 59-  
  not as durable as we'd like him to be INJ 59-  
  these players are investments. would you buy a car that wouldn't start? INJ 59-  
  puts himseld at risk with his reckless play - tends to be injured alot INJ 59-  
  soccer-style kicker who has shown very good leg strength on FGs KPW 90+  
  generates force behind his kicks KPW 90+  
  strikes with power and gets high trajectory behind his kicks KPW 80-89  
  shows the range to make three-pointers from 50 yards out KPW 80-89  
  good mid-range field-goal kicker, but rarely has kicked for distance KPW 80-89  
  lacks the leg strength needed on kickoffs. (releived of his duties last year) KPW 
  has been one of the most accurate field-goal artists in the game KAC 80+  
  field-goal specialist who has good consistency and accuracy KAC 80+  
  remains cool under pressure, showing superb concentration with kicking KAC 80+  
  has good leg control and shows accuracy on all his placements KAC 70-79  
  has above-average accuracy, especially when kicking indoors KAC 70-79  
  he needs time to improve his accuracy KAC 69-  
  one of the finest kickers in college football hostory AWR 80+  
  keeps his composure in pressure situation AWR 70-79  
  handles pressure sittuations well AWR 70-79  
  displays good snap-to-toe timing and is adept at kicking in poor weather AWR 70-
  has a hard time blocking out distractions with the game on the line AWR 69-  
  has a questionable psyche. Once wore a jazz slipper to kick AWR 69-  
  runs hot and cold out on the field. has missed some pressure kicks AWR 69-  
  gets rattled too easily AWR 69-  
  he's not going to be injured INJ 90+  
  good athlete as a kicker. very rarely injured INJ 80-89  
  very durable kicker who can take a shot and get back up INJ 80-89  
  he's one of the toughest kickers you'll ever meet INJ 80-89  
  he's a typical kicker when it comes to injuries INJ 70-79  
  he's not going to be injured very often INJ 70-79  
  he's pretty durable for a kicker INJ 70-79  
  he's bound to be injured quite often INJ 69-  
  you can't count on him to stop the returner if he's the only guy to beat TAK 20-
  don't look for him to get in the way of the kick returner TAK 19-  
  outstanding leg strength. future all-pro at punter KPW 90+  
  shows explosiveness on contact with the ball KPW 90+  
  is known for exploding with all his force into the ball KPW 80-89  
  generates tremendous force behind his kicks KPW 80-89  
  gets excellent hang time and distance on his attempts KPW 80-89  
  decent leg for a punter. I'd only sign him if I was desperate KPW 79-  
  ok leg strength. don't expect him to average 44.7 though KPW 79-  
  shows good accuracy and consistency KAC 80+  
  very accurate punter in college. Can pin teams back KAC 80+  
  good solid rookie punter when it comes to accuracy KAC 80+  
  fairly accurate. will take some time to improve KAC 70-79  
  may need some work, but as accurate as a lot of punters KAC 70-79  
  not smooth in his technique, resulting in shanked punts KAC 70-79  
  his punting accuracy is a joke KAC 69-  
  doesn't hit the coffin corner with consistency KAC 69-  
  he may take 2-3 years to get to the level you want KAC 69-  
  poised athlete who has no problems getting the ball off AWR 70+  
  always known to come through in a clutch. a Shane Lechler type AWR 70+  
  he had one of the highest scores on the IQ test this year AWR 70+  
  since he's a punter, his high awareness means that he kicks when told to AWR 60-
  he has not been the model of consistency during his career AWR 60-69  
  two-and-a-half step punter with marginal touch-to-toe mechanics AWR 59-  
  can be rattled under pressure AWR 59-  
  this is a punter we're talking about. who cares about his interview? AWR 59-  
  he's had confidence problems in college AWR 59-  
  he has a fragile psyche AWR 59-  
  very durable punter who can take a shot and get back up INJ 80+  
  he's one of the toughest punters you'll ever meet INJ 80+  
  good athlete as a punter. very rarely injured INJ 80+  
  he is a typical punter when it comes to punters INJ 70-79  
  he's pretty durable for a punter INJ 70-79  
  he is not going to be injured very often INJ 70-79  
  he's just one of those punters that will be durable INJ 69-  
  i wouldn't worry about injuries. he's a punter INJ 69-  
  punters get hurt very rarely this is not an issue INJ 69-  
  he's bound to be injured quite often INJ 69-  
  he'll knock out a returner on special teams TAK 30+  
  don't look for him to get in the way of the punt returner. he can't tackle TAK 20-
  he's not going to help you tackle returners on special team TAK 19-  

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